Mohamad Baajour – The Prophet Guarantee me 6 , I guarantee you Jannah

Mohamad Baajour
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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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salud hamdulillah salat wa salam ala Rasulillah.

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Before our short How to know the chef just recited the the first striker

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and Aya Subhan Allah so let me know in the jersey to whom Leona Bina Saba room and Holman

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ism like

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today they have judgment Allah subhanaw taala say today I rewarded them because of their patience.

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Today they are the reason they are the successful ones. May Allah make us all among them. So Allah subhanaw taala here he said, Josie, To whom will Yama be Masada is not sages at home be my son lwvma Assam will be my head jobina He did not say what about you know, I reward them because of their Salah because of their Hajj because of their Umbra because of their fasting. He said, I rewarded them because of their patience Subhanallah why? Because all these Ibadat need patience

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all these evil that need patience to stay away from the Haram need patience, right? When you are hit by calamity You need patience. So Allah subhanaw taala he used the word patience to give the reward May Allah make us all patient when we are being tested inshallah I mean,

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so today

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a beautiful Hadith from Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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When we

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buy something

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and we hear

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that there is a guarantee on it. The guy give us a guarantee, we feel

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very confident in the product.

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Or when someone gives me a very successful person gives me a formula of success. And I can see it in him. I feel very confident of this formula. How about Yeah, one my beloved brothers and sisters

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Rasulullah SLM said,

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to do these things, and he himself saw the film. I mean, he said, I guarantee you Jana.

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I guarantee you Jana so the one who's giving the guarantee. We have no doubt whatsoever that he is truthful and honest. Right? No doubt whatsoever. What is this hadith?

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And oh by the assignment or the Allah Han call Carla Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. It manually is 10 Min. And fusi con Augmon la comunidad Jana

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was Dooku either had that were awful either atom will do either to mentum by Fabu for Raja calm. Welcome to Uppsala comm where Khufu idea

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also as I said guarantee me six I guarantee you Jana

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guarantee me six

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I guarantee you Jana and Allah He all these things are the characteristics of a true believer and they're very easy. This is like an easy path to Jannah what are the six era Salah was DOKO either had to tell the truth when you speak.

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When we speak we tell the truth the Muslim is truthful. The Muth the Muslim does not lie. Masala says salam said that Islam Buhari in a Sitka Yadi il barrel. Well there you had eel Jana, when Rajan later had the doctor and Allah so different Oh Kumbhakarna his salatu salam.

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Truthfulness, lead to piety to leads to righteousness and righteousness leads to Jannah and the person keeps telling the truth until he is written, recorded with Allah Sadiq llamas randomness of the screen. So the first one is to always tell the truth.

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No matter what.

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Even if it's sometimes against someone that is close to you, tell the truth. The truth saves you.

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So that's the first trait or Stokoe either had, we're awful either. This one we have some problems with here.

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We're awful either atom when you are or when you give the promise. Yeah. Habibie fulfill your promise.

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fulfill your promise. We're hopeful either our atom

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and that includes all business transactions.

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Like I was telling my brothers a couple of days ago and did

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It hurts a lot when I hear two brothers telling me I've only been hurt by Muslims in business

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The only people who hurt me in business are Muslims, my own brothers you know that statement is really heavy to swallow

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because this was ordered me to first give you the business to strengthen our relationship from business in business in any kind of social interaction. And then I found out that

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you are the one that is that's hurting me Jaquan let's be honest and fulfill you made a contract with this brother You told him I'm gonna do 123 Make sure you do 123

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And another form that we also have problem with is when we give a word give you a promise, Brother I'll see you at seven

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what time they show up

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then I mashallah you know the story.

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We say I'm coming at seven I show up 745 Eight o'clock and sometimes like William said, 10

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no habibi. When you give a promise that you're going to show up at seven. You come at 650

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This is especially in our weddings, Mashallah.

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Like the sister said that she I rented the whole at at nine. And I told everybody that weddings at seven

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she knows nobody's going to come to

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Soheila so what Oh, who is our atom, any promise that you give you any promise, make sure you fulfill your promise, we'll do either two minimum. And when somebody interests you with anything, make sure you keep that trust. Someone traveled to hedge left his child with you. Somebody left one two travel genre, and he left his car he left the keys of his house. Somebody entrusted you

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with a secret

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he did not tell anyone he entrusted you this is a trust.

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Brother, you know, this is you know, I respect you and I love you as you know, it's true brother. And I'm telling you this when I speak to somebody I want to like vent and he tells you something don't go to the other brother listen to tell you something but don't tell anybody.

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I promised them I'm not gonna tell anybody. You're out.

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This is an Amana one do either tomentosum

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He entrusted you with the secret he entrusted you whatever he entrusted you with the money he gave you somebody said please keep it. That's why this was I said it was called the sadaqa. I mean, they used to entrust them with with everything they every precious thing that they have. So when we are entrusted with something we have to fulfill that trust, why Fabu Farrugia come and safeguard your chastity protect your private parts from any illicit behavior from any illicit relationship.

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And that Allah subhanaw taala told us whether the caribou Xena do not even come close to adultery or anything that might lead to adultery.

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Anything that might lead to adultery stay away from it

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because things start with this simple text message then a smiley face the neck smile with a smiley face with a heart and then let's meet we want to discuss a hadith together brother and sister

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Subhanallah and then all of a sudden things develop. We have to be very careful about the gender mixing three gender mixing, gender mixing has a guidelines yeah one and that is one of the main reason for leading to things that are haram so we have to be very, very careful. What do Apsara can lower your gaze lower your gaze?

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Allah subhanaw taala said call Lily Mina Yahoo doorman up sorry Hola. Hey, this is an order from Allah subhana wa Tada to the believing men and to the believing woman. Because most of the time we think that it's only men that are supposed to lower their gaze. No The next area Allah said to the believing woman, also lower your gaze, lowering the gaze. Do not watch anything haram. If you see some someone passed by that is not dressed properly lower your gaze and make us the fall. Allah he will teach you will taste the sweetness of Eman when you lower your gaze especially when you are alone. Not when you are with your chef you lower your gaze and when you're alone, masha Allah you

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open staring know when you're alone, and no one you know around you. You lower your gaze when you see something haram and I repeated that many, many times. Yeah, one. If you do not want anyone to stare at your wife to stare at your child, at your daughter, at your mother at your sister. Make sure you do not stare at any

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anybody else's wife or sister or mother for the law yeah fuck. Therefore the law you have and the last one is a Khufu idea come and restrain your hands. What does that mean?

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Do not let this hand commit any kind of haram

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and these days the Haram can be by texting. The haram can be by typing haram website.

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Khufu idea calm. The chef just recited in the second law. Alia woman, Timo Allah, him

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Al Leo Manak, Timo Allah him where two can live Munna ad him want you to look at your hand and Allah saying that this hand will talk this hand will talk when Allah saying Swati has seen

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this hand will park yeah Allah He used to type things and watch things and go into wrong websites. Yeah Allah he used to take bribe with me

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yeah Allah He used to sign haram contracts with me.

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Yeah, Allah He used to beat his wife with me for no reason whatsoever.

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Or, Ya Allah he used to always give some chocolate with me. He used to flip the pages of the Quran every single day with me, he used to make the speech and stuff are with me. So which one do you want? Because this hand will talk

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twill talks Allah saying that alumina team, the mouth are sealed, zip. Nothing, and the hands will talk Subhanallah Khufu idea. So yeah, one six traits who's gonna remind us of them? Bismillah

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tell the truth.

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Keep your promise.

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Masha Allah.

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Let's give chance somebody else we get three already who's gonna give me the next three

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will seem

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protect your chastity. Five.

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Lower your gaze, muscle last one.

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Restrain your hand, restrain your hand. So when six things are very very easy to practice, but this is not a promise that if you do them in one day,

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this should be your lifestyle. This should be a habit inshallah to practice all six May Allah subhanaw taala guarantee us own Jana. I mean, you're brand new May Allah make us from the people and let in SME owner cola Tammy owner Asana May Allah make us from the people who listen and follow the best of what they heard. I mean, Robert Alameen Subhanak along with Michigan De La Hoya and the staff Heruka on a tuba

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