The History of Early Islam in India

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sloth hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah who Allah Allah He was so happy he died. Today let's do something different a shallow Tada let's do a little bit of history in sha Allah, this is from memory. So if I make some mistakes, then names or dates inshallah then just corrected on the video, I guess in sha Allah, I gave a hoot about Islam in India. It's useful for us to know the origins of Islam in that land. And when was the first time that Muslims came in what was the story and what happened? It is mentioned in our books of history that even in the time of the holophone rush, you don't remember hottub and Earth mundo de la Juan, there were skirmishes with Indian naval

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forces Earthman in particular, that aroma Rhodiola Han did not want any Muslim naval force. But there were some ships going along and perhaps some minor battles took place, but there was no actual invasion in that timeframe. It is also mentioned that maybe in the reign of war our way because our the loved one was the first one to have an actual naval force. It is mentioned in some books that Medallia rhodiola, one might have had a small port in what is now the Macron province, a small port, where, you know, the ships would go and get their supplies, but not military conquest. He just had that port as a basis. The first invasion is all of us Indian box and user aware was by Mohammed bin

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Qasim, this was the first invasion. What was the story of this invasion. So in the time of the qualifier, and the early OMA years out of this has already begun to travel for the sake of T Java. And they already had communities in small islands across the Indian Ocean. And they had communities in what is now Sri Lanka. So our merchants were buying and selling trading. And so there was a small group of Muslims as expatriates as foreigners, not as locals or whatnot. And they had married intermarried. And they had children from these marriages. It so happened that they didn't go back to Arabia for a long period of time, and they all died and their children remained Muslim. Their

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mothers were from locals and their parents, their fathers are from out of lands. So the king of Sri Lanka decided as a gift as a gesture to the OMA yearns to send these children these boys and girls back to the Muslim lands as a gift that you know, we respect women to have good relations, so that Sarang can King did this he sent a ship and the ship had the young ladies and the boys of these Muslim merchants. Pirates from India pirates intercepted the ships and took these young ladies you understand why. news reached the OMA yet caliphate. And the OMA yet caliphate sent a message to the local Raja, the local king, his name was daha or die hit. The news reached the Omega Khalifa and he

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sent a message to the closest king. You have to hand these young ladies back to us. They are our children. They are our you know, OMA, you're not allowed to do this. Roger says I'm not doing it. This is the pirates. And I have these pirates are rebels. I have tried so many years to fight them. I can't fight them. Whether it was real weather was an excuse, we don't know. But he refused to get involved. And so I'll hide judgment use of the governor. He became so enraged, he sent his own nephew Mohammed bin of Kasim Kasim is from the tribe of Durban, South Africa as well. He sent his own nephew, Mohammed bin Qasim, 17 year old military general, and he armed him with everything, gave

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him everything that was needed. And he said destroy this Raja destroy, he did not stand up when we needed to. So now you need to just get rid of this person. So Muhammad Qasim then landed at the table, and the table is a drive away from Karachi. You still have the remnants of the table to this day. I'm not sure an hour or not. If anybody's been there, they can tell me but I think it's an hour away from Karachi. 45 minutes from Karachi. So he landed a double and this is when the expansion began. And Allah subhanho wa Taala blessed that generation it was, I have no doubt in my mind, it is miracle after miracle. If you read how the Muslims conquered that region and the Hora son and

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marijuana and you know the the Sassanid Empire and the Roman Empire. There's no question that generation was blessed by ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada there. Emonda

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Taqwa the baraka of that generation, we have never seen it you know ever since then. So Mohammed bin Qasim begins conquering, conquering daybell Sorry, Raja daha attacks. His famous battle took place in a city bruh mana BOD Brahmanda does the city back then. So in that city, the river Indus was was flowing next to it. And one of the Muslim archers threw an arrow with the fire at the end of the era. You know that that fire that comes and it hit the elephant of Raja daha. So the elephant fell into the river in this with Raja on it. So Raja fell into the river, and then the Muslim began attacking until the raja was killed with the death of the raja Dahir. Obviously, monsoon.

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Brahma NABARD was conquered. It was then called Man surah. Okay, mon surah. So the city of mon Surah became the original capital of the Muslims of the Sindh province, Karachi, the Sindh province. So the city of mon Surah became that capital and a number of other cities were also created or renamed my Fula was one of them will tan as well came under Muslim control. So four or five cities were then created in this region, what is now the province of synth. Now, one of our problems as historians and as people who are researching this era is that we don't have original documents of that timeframe. We do not have the details of what happened. And the next 300 years are very, very murky.

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There are no large volumes written about the Muslims of India of that timeframe. We literally have pages that is it. Why? Because the action for most of the historians is in Baghdad, it is in Kufa, it is in Damascus it is in Makkah and Medina, this small province of Matsuura and my father and Macron and will turn who's writing about that. We have little references in the big Arab history historians al belladati, autobody. We have a paragraph, a small sentence and that's it locally over there. We do not have any preserved histories from eyewitnesses. The earliest history that we have, it is called the church nama. This is the earliest history that is written of that timeframe. The

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church nama was written in ancient fantasy or medieval Farsi. And it was written around 405. No, sorry, it was written 1300 CE. So that's 700 1300 ce 1300 CE. So what Hijra is that 700? Hijiri 700. Right. So 1300 ce 700 hegi. We have the judge nama being written that starch novel was written in Persian. And the author alleges that he discovered a manuscript in Arabic that was written by an eyewitness under Mohammed bin Qasim. But this is a legend. And the stories are so romanticized and put into flowery language that we don't know what to believe what not to believe. So the charge Nama is something that is used, but at the same time, there's an element because it was written for a

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king. And anytime you write something for a king, anytime you write something for ruler, what's going to happen, you know, you give it some leeway, some extra whatnot. So this is our main problem here. Now we know that the OMA yards, continue to send governors to these provinces, but the OMA has lost the word to their buses. The buses lost interest in that region. It was too far for the buses. They sent a governor or two they sent a particular governor that Governor died and so an insurrection took place. And one of the locals basically declared himself to be the soul fawn declared himself to be the governor, not the soul, Don, and he said I am now going to rule on behalf

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of the Abbas's, and his dynasty became the longest dynasty of this timeframe. It is called the habited dynasty, the Habad dynasty. It ruled for 170 years, the Habad dynasty its its base was Matsuura and it was called the habito dynasty, a very interesting story, the fifth generation ancestor of the founder of the dynasty, he was by the Hubba, Eben a sweat they've been abducted, her body been more positive even. I don't remember his full name. How about Eben motive something. He was a second cousin of Khadija. He was a second cousin of Khadija bar. And he was in the time of the Prophet system and he was an enemy of Islam. Once a no but the Allahu Anhu wanted to migrate to

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Medina. He was the one who stood in the way and took his arrow out and wanted to shoot at the camel. The camel reared back and it is said that Xena but the Alanna was pregnant. And so she fell and she miscarried because of her bar. And that is why when the conquest of Makkah happened, there was a list of people the process was that these people shall not be forgiven have been

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His name was on there. But Allah had willed that his descendants would be the first dynasty of what is now Pakistan. So how Barr accepted Islam, hid himself came to the process and begged for forgiveness. And the Prophet says and would forgive anybody who asked for forgiveness anybody. When Hubbard asked for forgiveness, the process of forgive him five generations later because Allah's plan has to take place. His fifth generation descendant was in the city of mon Sora. And he founded the Habad dynasty for from 150 Hegira to around 300 Hegira. That was the Hubbard dynasty until Moodle has never became Moodle, most of us know he came and then took over from the Hubbard dynasty.

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You know, what we do know is that from 150 to 300, hedge rock, that region of Pakistan what we call the Pakistan was obviously called sin back then, that region of sin, it as is always the case in Muslim history, one of the tragedies of Muslim history, it became divided amongst itself. And rather than being united under one governorship, at least five governorships were created, every city became independent from the other, every city is boycotting the other fighting the other, the same thing happened in under those exact same thing. You had 27 Mini dynasties and under those at one given time, can you imagine? What do you think is going to happen when you have 27 dynasties? Of

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course, you know, Ferdinand Isabel are going to come and conquer the entire land. Of course, that's going to happen. The Muslim disunity is our problem from day one, instead of uniting against others, they began fighting amongst themselves could lose his Mimpi malady him for the unknown. And so between these cities now, we do have one other source of information. And that is just a few paragraphs of travelers that went through these regions and recorded what they saw, not even bottled had been bottled as much later on. We have travelers that came before Ibn Battuta. We have people like even Helen, we have people like Alice study, we have a number of people who traveled through

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the lands, and they visited mon surah. They visited Moulton, and they described beautiful gardens, some of the one of them says that the people of mon Surah they dress and talk like the people of Iraq, because the conquerors were Iraqi. So 300 years later, and you have a mini Iraq, in Pakistan, mini Iraq, that the language is Iraqi, the dialect is adopted the dresses Iraqi in that region. So the traveller describes this. Also, interestingly enough for those that are students of fic. We know that the VA Haiti mud hub was predominant over there, right? And he actually writes that the there's a small group of Hanafis. But the predominant method is the VA Headey method, the VA heavy med hub,

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there were five method once upon a time, this is the fifth method. It disappeared over time, but it was common in that region until until what happened happened. Another interesting point, although this is random facts, another interesting point. So we talked about Matsuura. As for Milton, as for Milton, at some point in time, we do not know when the governor of Milton for strategic purposes broke away from the basset Empire, and he declared his allegiance to the Fatimid empire. And he became a smiley. So that city followed the thought of a strand of suit of sheer ism that is called its magnetism, right? And this is the origin of that felucca in that land. Every Indian Pakistani

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knows what I'm talking about, right? The origin of that physical where did it come from? In this time frame around 202 50 hedgerow, Moulton stopped being Sunni and converted. We do not know why. As far as we know, it could be strategic purposes that instead of speak because Matsuura always remained technically under the Busquets Sunni mon Surah gave its little bit of money and the hotel was read in the name of the Abbasid Caliphate. As for Moulton, the travelers that go through describe that Moulton reads in the name of the Khalifa of the Fatimids. Right, and this is where a group of people converted, they call themselves Hajah. At the time, it's a felucca. It's a group

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that isn't a Philipa it was an ethnicity of traders at that time, and they converted to that group. And as we know, people of that region or their descendants still they had to adopt because it's my it is and went to two different trends. You had the Boko Haram, you had the desire Yaga honey, you had the Druze and you had all three of these in that region at that timeframe. So there there antagonism increases, and it was at this point in time when Moodle has nervy for reasons beyond the scope of of these regions. Moodle has nervy decides to attack and he was the one who then destroyed Moulton as a Fatimid province and he recaptured Matsuura

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He then United that region under his famous you know has an empire and then history is recorded we do have history recorded from my mother has never one of his secretaries by name of a route to be he was a historian. So we have the history of a route to be an eyewitness of the reconquest of memorial of US Navy, pre mahmudul has Navy, which is from around so, Muhammad Qasim was 91 Hijra. Moodle has Navy is around what 400 100? Right? So from 91 to 400. This is our dark area. We don't know much because as I said, we don't have eyewitness historians. And we don't have somebody from outside writing in, we just have a little bit of paragraphs, what I have reconstructed, maybe you can add

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maybe 510 times this amount. And that's all that we know from this timeframe. Shall maybe another lecture I'll talk about more who has Nivi and then of course you have other you know, dynasties. Maybe another time we'll talk about them Xochimilco center what was