Moutasem al-Hameedy – A Thematic Commentary On The Quran #31 Surah al-Anam

Moutasem al-Hameedy
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala Ali he was happy he has remain warm welcome to the Friday halacha in which we try to take a more of a thematic semantic approach to the Quran.

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We take sort of a glimpse on each Surah to look at the central theme and how the other sub themes connect to the central theme.

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We have reached the beginning of Surah Al Anon which is surah number six in the Quran. And interestingly if you look at the sources that we dealt with the five swords that we dealt with salted Fatiha, the beginning is actually a macu surah. It was revealed in Makkah before hijra,

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then we have a look at Imran and Nisa, and then Makhija all of them are Madani Surah they were revealed after hijra, their long surah is the biggest source in the Quran.

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And now here we come to a Mechi sore. So we're returning here to a Mackay Surah Surah of the Quran starts briefly with the Maquis Surah then there is a long stretch of Madani Saurus which is about

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six Jews and, and a quarter of Jews six and a quarter of the Jews. And that's that's quite a lot. And then it goes back to Mechi. So we have sorted and I'm McKee McKee and Surah. Number seven, which is an Aleph also is a mucky Surah So let's look at Sultan and I'm in general, what does it reveal? What does it talk about, just like all of the others, Mancuso on to give you a glimpse on or an idea of what mucky sore is deal with and they have a lot in common. Look at the majority of the sorrows, the short sores and unmanaged Tabata catches 30 Just 29 you will find a lot of them talk about Allah about articles of faith about the day of judgement about the Quran about the validity of the message

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of Prophet Muhammad wa salam that it's an authentic message, that he's a real prophet and messenger and about the about the consequences on the day of judgment, and about our covenant and agreement with Allah subhanaw taala. And the reward for the believers and punishment for the disbelievers. Salah Al Anon is no exception. It just emphasizes the concept of Tawheed, the Oneness of Allah, the worship of Allah subhanaw taala. There is something that consistently appears in the Salton Anam, which is it emphasizes the validity of the message of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, there's a lot of argument and debate with disbelievers as to why the message of Prophet Muhammad SAW Salam is

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the real one. Sometimes it appears in the form of a logical discussion. Sometimes it appears with more of threats, with what what the consequences long term consequences are going to be on the day of judgment. And that's the hellfire, the punishment of Allah subhanaw taala for the for disbelievers.

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And also, it talks about the reward obviously, for the believers. And sometimes it actually

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turns their attention to the creation of Allah in the in the universe, and how it actually points to the Lordship of Allah that he's the creator is the sustainer, who is the is the Almighty, and that we came from him. And it necessitates logically that since he created us, we came from him, and we are dependent on Him, we are in need of Him for everything, and we are going to return to Him, that we actually turn our hearts towards him that we worship him. It's just it's a very, it's a very obvious, it's a very obvious logic and it's already embedded within us. It's built in the human psyche in the form of, of a federal additional lot of

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utilization of this natural concept within humans, then Allah shows how the people who don't pay attention to this and people who refuse to appreciate this and give it a chance that they are actually deaf and blind.

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So let's start

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with so today is some sort of an introduction to the surah and I will try to maybe covered the first

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five pages probably the first five pages are on the first five pages so I lost one of the stars to the solar with praise of hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen, just like Surratt so the Vatican hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen. This one is a is a different version, Al Hamdulillah. He led the Halacha sama what you and Allah wa Jalla Bulu Mati when Nora Thumbelina Cafaro Bureau Bohemia de lune unhemmed

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We spoke about previously, it's been a while so it's good to talk about it here again, we usually translated as praise but unhemmed is far far more than praise, praises, just, I would say part of it, it's a small outcome of what the meaning of unhemmed really means. And Hamed means you acknowledge and you celebrate that

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the perfection of Allah subhanaw taala himself, he's perfect in himself. He's perfect in his attributes is perfect in his actions and in what he does.

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So when you say hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen you're saying everything with Allah is perfect.

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Everything with him is perfect. Everything about him is perfect. His name is perfect, his attributes are perfect, He Himself is perfect. There is there's nothing wrong there is no blemish, there is no imperfection at all when it comes to loss and everything is just perfect.

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And it's the absolute form of perfection and everything about his actions about what he does what he creates, is perfect. So that's when this when you say hamdulillah so you sort of acknowledge the greatness and the perfection of Allah. And then you acknowledge the outcomes of the since Allah is perfect, His names are perfect, his attributes are perfect his the things he does are perfect. Everything he does he does it perfectly.

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You realize there's no mistakes in this universe really you realize a there's nothing is going wrong, everything is just happening in the best way according to the perfection of Allah subhanaw taala Yes, there is pain Yes, there is suffering. Yes, there is discomfort. There are things that seem to be

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against what we want and against what we like and against our conveniences. But again, this is our perspective. The reality is everything that comes from Allah is perfect.

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As the prophets of salaam says in the Hadith will Jairo fie Daiki addresses a las Panatela he says to Allah, O Allah, and goodness is in your hand. Everything is good from Allah. And everything from Allah is good is perfect. So this is why there is a meaning of praise here. And there is a meaning of, of gratitude here we also saying, like, I'm grateful that Allah is in charge, that he is the Lord, that everything comes from, I'm grateful that he is the creator ungrateful that he is the sustainer. I'm grateful that he is the one who wrote the other, and the destiny and how things are going to happen. I'm just so thankful I'm so grateful

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that this is the case. So this is a very basic meaning of the word Al Hamdulillah. And let the Halacha Sama, what will God who created the heavens and the earth, the skies and the earth, and he's the one who created a volume that when nor the darkness, and the light, darkness and light, all of them are the creation of Allah, everything's the creation of Allah subhanaw taala, the word Jana and the Arabic language, sometimes it's translated as to make, but Jala oftentimes, is also used as to create out of nothingness bring into existence, or design something out of existence.

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So Allah subhanaw taala. Basically, if you look around what is the universe, it's the heavens and the earth, that's the creation, the heavens disguise and the earth. So they include everything that we know about the universe as we know it. And one of its aspects is the light and the darkness. And this is just a secret of the Creation of Allah.

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I mean, people who are into physics into quantum physics and into the

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they could actually, they could draw a lot, just from the simple thing, like the nature of light, and how it relates to time, right. And we know that light is not just as simple as we know it, even no matter how sophisticated our knowledge of light, physically speaking is. Still, there is so many mysteries, the connection between again, light time, even gravity, matter, and energy and light. What is the connection? There's a lot of secrets out there, even quantum physics tries to uncover some of that and has uncovered some, but there is so many secrets in the universe. And what we humans managed to get to, is actually a very small fraction of the reality of what Allah subhanaw

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taala created. And Allah says, After all of this magnificent creation, after all of this perfection of Allah subhanaw taala. Right. And thus he created the heavens and the earth and the darkness and the night, then definitely, all of that is a perfect design is a clear design, perfect design in the sense that it serves its purpose because sometimes people say, you know, but if you look at the universe, there are natural disasters. So how is that perfect will there is a purpose for which Allah created and designed the universe, and the universe is perfectly fulfilling that purpose. So that's what perfection means. Now, we cannot hijack the purpose of the universe and say, Oh, it had

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if it doesn't meet our expectations, or our preferences, it's imperfect. So this is a very subtle point, but it's very good to be aware of it. Then Allah says already halacha complaining to Mikado agile and agile Musa Melinda who tomentosa

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Not only is the One who created you from clay,

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and clay is this moist dirt because it's, it holds itself together. And it's, it's it can be molded, it's flexible, it can be shaped.

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And that's our origin. That's our element. And that's the element of our body. Because humans are made of two elements, and that's the body which is from Earth, dirt, it's made of dirt. And it has its own characteristics. So the concept of desire, the concept of,

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again, aggression and anger, the, the concept of that we are attracted to base desires, that's a function of the fact that we are created from the element of this earth. But the other element is the soul and the soul. As the scholar said, it's a heavenly creature. It's, it's, it's it comes from, from the skies from above, so and it displays the characteristics of Heavenly Creatures.

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And that's, that's where the test of humans actually is. And this is where you human nature is very interesting. And it's very intricate. So Allah says, He created you in terms of physically from clay. And then Allah has set a time or an appointment. And that's basically there's there's some words from the scholars as to what exactly so there is two appointments here, there is two sort of deadlines here. Allah says the Mikado, ajilon will agilon Muslim and Endo. So the first appointment there's two reference to two appointments, who first one is actually it seems to be it's the death.

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It's, it's your, it's your birth into this world, and then the time of your death that's set by Allah, that's not going to change, by the way, so already been set. So it was written 50,000 years before the creation of the heavens and the earth. And it's going to happen,

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according to the plan, and the script of Allah subhanaw taala.

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And then there is another appointment, and that's when you are resurrected. And when you stand before your Lord on the Day of Judgment for the account. That's the second appointment, all of that is designed by Allah. So look at that, like your environment, your home, the world in which you live is designed by Allah for you in preparation for your existence for your, for your Advent, into this world. And then Allah subhanaw taala created you and Allah also appointed made appointments, everything has been set, these appointments have been set, everything is set up. And you as a human being, no matter how intelligent you get, or how resourceful you become, and how much technology you

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manage to develop, you will never be able to change those basic facts about life and about reality there is there's a certain there is small range where you can play where you can play with and use your intellectual capacity and your science and your development and your civilization and, and your mind and your power, whatever Allah has given you these resources, but they are just a small limited range as to the set facts of life that don't change. They're in the hands of Allah and you are just a

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you are an object upon which these forces will act as they are designed.

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From Anton tantaran. Allah says then after all of this, you're doubting the existence of Allah. Again, this shows again, the futility of this

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atheistic argument or way of thinking today, that shows that it's basically it's more of a trance, it's a very

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it is how can I say it's a trance on it on a huge scale. And humans are open to this kind of hypnotic hypnosis they are. They're open to this kind of influence. Humans unless they awaken within themselves, that fifth one, that sense of responsibility, and they start searching for themselves and really looking for the truth, nothing, nothing but the truth.

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Unless they do that. It's easy for them to be programmed, to be brainwashed to be hypnotized by the culture or by the media, by any kind of influence, especially when momentum is created among the masses. It's very easy just to flow with the tide. So Allah says, then after all of the this is so clear, then after all of this, you are doubting, you're doubting. And here, Allah left it open, you're doubting, you're doubting what many things at the time of the Prophet SAW Salem, they were doubting the Oneness of Allah, but he's the only one who has the right to be worshipped. There were doubting some of them were doubting, as will will be apparent in the soil and solid and some of them

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were denying that there will be a next life. Some of them were doubting the message of the Prophet SAW Selim that he's really a Prophet from ALLAH SubhanA wa. So it was left open to to cover all of these types of doubt. And today is as we see it more than any time in the north in the in the end

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The known history that humans in great numbers, the right people who espouse and embrace, in the denial of the existence of Allah altogether in this scale, then Allah says Whoa along with his similarity within all the animals, similar Komodo, helicoil mimetics, even, he's the only one who deserves to be worshipped because Allah has a name. It has a meaning there is semantics behind it. And what that means.

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Allah means the only one who has the right to be worshipped because Allah means an elf, which comes from either her or Allah, Allah has to worship, and Isla, the one who's worshipped the one who's the only one who is worshipped in truth. And that's Allah subhanho wa taala. So when Allah says, And He is Allah in the heavens, and in the heavens and the earth, that means he's the one who's worshipped in the heavens and the earth. In truth, he's the only one who was worshipped in any other gods because people worshipped many things, people worship cows, ARATS dogs,

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people worship statues, stones, trees, and people worshipped celestial bodies, that's from the heavens, right sun, the moon, stars, planets, etc.

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So Allah says, no one is actually worshipped. All of these are creation of Allah, no one is worshipped in truth, the only one who was worshipped in truth, anywhere. It's ALLAH SubhanA wa taala. He knows what you hide, he knows the most intimate secrets that no one knows about. And what's interesting as well, that he actually knows the secrets in you that you yourself are not aware of. Because as humans, again, we are a mystery to ourselves, we don't know ourselves very well, we go through this life figuring things out about ourselves. So it gets to a point where we know only so much, but there are so many things, so many secrets about us, that we don't even know.

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And we will never exhaust or never reach to Allah Subhan. Allah still knows knows that. And he knows what you reveal things that you show in display. So he knows they're similar to Allah, there's no difference between what you can see or what you will reveal. He's not bound by what we are bound with we humans, we are bound by limits of time limits of

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space. Right? I couldn't possibly know what you have in your mind. Now what you're hiding in your mind. Some people have a sense of intuition, some kind of insight, they might know some, but there are so many things they don't know about you. But for Allah, he just knows he knows everything.

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And he knows what you earn way more metrics, he only knows what you earn.

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And you he knows what you are going to earn. So he knows it all. He knows it all. But he allows you instead of holding you accountable for what he knows about you, which is just going to be true. He allows you to go through the experience. So that you see for yourself and you see Allah's justice, that he's not going to tell you, I know you're going to do bad things or evil things I know you're going to disbelieve or know you're going to you're going to commit crimes. So I'm going to just give you, you know what you truly deserve. You know, still humans are very argumentative. All, as the law says in many assaults. For example, in solitary sloth, the losses were counted in internal activity

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in general, a man is the most argumentative of creatures. So people would simply will start to say, oh, but you know, I didn't do anything. Why would you? Why would you send me for example, why would you punish me? Right? So Allah says, No, we're gonna give you the full experience. So on the Day of Judgment, you are the witness against yourself.

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Then verse number four, Allah says what matter to him in area Tim in a hotel, lobby him in can one move up in any sign that comes to them from ALLAH, any verse, any sign, it can be a verse from the Quran, or it could be any sign in the creation of Allah subhanaw taala on or events, occurrences. And it's a sign and it points it's a pointer, it points to a lot points to the truth. That's what area is. So

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any sign that comes to them from their Lord,

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their attitude, the response to it is electron hamari lien, they are

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the turning away from it.

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They're trying to avoid it at all, it's to turn to turn away from something to try to avoid be avoidant of something. So they are avoiding and that shows the psychology of disbelief what leads people to reject the truth, even though part of them recognizes it, which is the football right.

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And that's basically there's an attitude.

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There is something they desire, there's something they want and when that's seems to be jeopardized by the truth by the signs of Allah.

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They sort of don't want to see it. So they pretend they don't see it, or they ignore it altogether, or they turn away from it, or they come up with an argument just to explain it away, and so on and so forth. So all of these things. Allah says, That's the attitude. So when the signs come to them, there's already

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do plenty of signs yet, still, Allah sends more signs out of His mercy

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to his people to his creation, and yet, they turn away from these signs, the signs are already there, by the way, there's no need for more signs. But again, Allah still gives more than humans really need.

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Then Allah says, so the reality of their state and this is this is a point that's going to come up many times and sorted and and is that

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there is an essence there's a human essence. And this human essence is Allah gave us choice as to how it ends up being or how, what it's going to be.

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And this essence, from this essence, every, all our behavior

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comes from that essence, all of our attitudes, all of our life, as it played out, all of our personal traits come from that essence. So Allah gave us the capacity humans to choose our essence, it's a very subtle process. But

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we're going to choose that. And so whoever chooses to be a good have a good essence, these people deserve paradise, because paradise is good, it's the place is the house of goodness. So you have chosen your destiny. Whereas people who choose to be of a bad or evil essence, there is the hellfire. That's, that's, that's the house of evil. So you're going to gravitate to the to the to the hellfire, just and we thought is a very fair

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And Allah gives humans this capacity to choose their essence. Now, everything in our life is just a reflection of that essence, it's this essence being played out. This is the reality of, you know of what we do. And this life by the way, this life does not miss guide the guided, or guide, the Miss, or miss guide that guided etc. It doesn't, what what this life does. And we mentioned, you know what this world does, it just does, and serves what it was the purpose it was created for perfectly. And what this life was designed for with everything in it. What it was designed for, is to reveal the reality of humans. What's that essence.

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It is to reveal what that essence of humans is what is the one they chose to be what kind of essence they chose to themselves. And this is a unique choice of login for humans, because angels don't choose their essence, it's already been decided for them. Same with almost every other creature. But humans, Allah gave them a choice, it's a very powerful choice is the choose either to be of a good essence, or bad essence. Because Allah gave them this again, this earthly element, which is the clay, the body, physical body, and Allah gave them the salt, which is a heavenly body. And that mixture of these two elements could potentially go either into more of a heavenly creature land

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leaning more towards a heavenly creature, where the dirt is elevated to that

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the dirt is elevated

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to this Heavenly Nature, or the opposite this Heavenly Nature is actually contaminated and completely transformed into an earthly element. So that's what this slide does. It just reveals what you truly choose deep down for yourself with regards to your essence. So Allah says, then these people what they have done the reality is verse number five, they have just disbelieved in the truth they have rejected the truth, when it has come to them. For selfie team and that will McCann will be used as the own they will receive their will come to them, what they used to make fun of and that again shows how the response of

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rejection is usually displayed in the form of ridicule or mockery.

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Then Allah says verse number six LM Eurocom Alaknanda OBDII him in ordinary mechagnomes with all the melanoma Killa komatsuna. Sonali, he made all our journal and our dream team for her look, now I'm going to be him one gentleman by the name of covenant athlete, Allah says, didn't they see what happened to nations before the people to whom we have given so much power, establish them on the Earth more than we've established you? And we have made rivers flow for them. And we have sent train upon them blessings from Allah. And then Allah says, because they disbelieved. They rejected the faith, they rejected the truth. We destroyed them with their sins. And then we established another

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people after them. There's so many all these previous nations from the time of nor how you said, than the people of Ibrahim Lord, all the people of the prophets who rejected the truth and we're punished.

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Allah says, so Allah Who shifts the conversation, don't they see now Allah established something then he says, Okay, maybe some kind of fear will wait

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Some people up. Then Allah says what ona Zina Lika Kitab and fuca bison fundamental will be at him Nakata Lavina Cafaro. In her industry mobian. Number seven law says, and how do we send down a book just a physical book to you or Muhammad like they saw that book descending from Heavens coming to you or Muhammad, and they touched that book with their hands physically, like, tangibly, they touched that book. Still, the disbelievers would not believe why because it's the essence that's going to be reflected. It's not a matter of, hey, there is sign we need a new sign signs are already there. It's the essence just revealing itself. So those people would still even if this miracle

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happened, they would still disbelieve and they would say, Hey, this is magic. This is not real.

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And then another point is well with regards to the fact that only the essence of humans reveals itself. What it will allow them to see that okay, Malecon Willow and Santa Monica local the Umbra from Milan Varun Hello Jana Houma La Colonia. Now what you don't want to miss now the mayor Busan.

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Allah says you're number eight and nine. Because some of them said the messenger should have been an angel so that we know this angel is from Allah. This is what some of the people of Makkah said to Prophet Muhammad, Salah Salem, Allah says, you know, had we sent down a prophet, or an angel,

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it would have been over because we send the angels to humans to deal with humans face to face when this life is over.

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And Allah says, even if we sent down an angel, without bringing the swell to an end,

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human nature would not be able to handle an angel.

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So even if we sent an angel, we would have given this angel the form of a man so that humans could communicate with that angel, somebody might say, Why doesn't Allah send an Angel and make humans capable of communicating with that angel? Still, there wouldn't be no belief but why? Because

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the essence is going to reveal itself. So it's not like we're humans, we can come up with an idea better than what Allah has Panatela already did. And this requires humility.

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But again, many of the questions that you hear today many of the objections that you hear today about people saying why doesn't Allah do this? Why didn't he do that? All of this just reflects a position of arrogance.

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Then Allah says to Prophet Muhammad, Salah seldom because the officer needs to feel bad about all of these arguments and about all of this mockery and about them not taking the message seriously and about them, rejecting it. Allah says to the Prophet console to the prophets of Salaam in verse number 10. What about this dosey doe sitting there shooting public at the Huckabee lady in Sri Ramana McCann will be here as you own.

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You know, messengers who came before you were ridiculed, they were mocked as well. And the ones who

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mocked on them

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you know, they received the news that they used to make fun of, which was the punishment of Allah subhanaw taala so don't worry about them. Like the outcome of what they do is really none of your concern because Allah says to the person I'm in another another place in the Quran in Nicoleta handyman habits you do not guide whom you love, or like in Allah handyman shirts Allah who guides

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you then Allah says Again he draws the attention of humans will zero fill out the thermometer okay for cannot acclimate to mocha Debian verse number 11. Say to them on hermit, you know, travel through the walk through the earth and see how the punishment of those who rejected their messengers, how their end was looking at the ruins and the remains.

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Then Allah Subhana Allah instructs the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam to

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sort of have some kind of discussion with them. olema Mathisen Marathi will people look at Ebola and have Cerebral hemorrhage mana comida Yomiuri Amity, not only Buffy Alladhina Cassio on Busan formula Umino. Say Oh, Mohammed, to Whom belongs the heavens and the earth, say to them indeed to Allah and they knew that so the Arabs at the time they were pagans, but still they knew Allah but they worshipped others besides Him. And this is something they would approve of, they would acknowledge that yes, who owns this universe? It's a lie belongs to Allah, the Prophet and it says Allah wrote mercy upon himself, Allah committed himself to acting with mercy towards his creation, lineage man

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Nicomedia yo military Amity Valley, Buffy Halina Hassan Hassan formula Umino an extension or an outcome of his mercies that he's going to gather your for the day of judgment and give everyone what they truly deserve. So what happens on the Day of Judgment is complete justice and mercy. Because if there's no justice, there's no mercy. When you give bad people and good people the same kind of reward. There's no justice there's no mercy.

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So the fact that

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The evil will be put in the house of evil, which is the hellfire and the good will be put in the house of God, which is paradise.

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That's very merciful. That's what that's that's the only manifestation of mercy in that kind of scenario. And it is what justice is. So justice and mercy go hand in hand, there is no contradiction. Some people say if Allah is merciful, then he shouldn't punish? Well, again, that's a very limited and naive view of Mercy oh, what mercy means because if you have a say, to children,

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or to say to employees, you're you're you're a manager, you have two employees that are in similar positions, one of them does the work and the other person is slacking, wasting time. And you eventually give them the same salary, the same bonuses, you treat them the same treatment that person is,

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is producing a lot for the company for the corporation. And this person is just wasting resources and wasting time and is costing the organization, you treating them the same. This is not fair, number one, and also it's not merciful. Because when you equate evil with good,

00:31:10 --> 00:31:14

there's no mercy that you actually established tyranny in that sense.

00:31:17 --> 00:32:06

There's no doubt about about the Day of Judgment. Those who disbelieved those who rejected to believe they have lost themselves as the issue that shows yourself as a gift from Allah, and you're given an opportunity to live eternally in bliss. But if you reject faith, refuse faith and act with evil, you have lost that opportunity. You're going to lose yourself in the hellfire. And that's, it's not like a loss, you lost and has gone now you're going to suffer in that in that loss for eternity. And that's like, it's like scary. It is. It's even hard to have to think about how someone is going to suffer, you know, eternally. It is so painful, it is unimaginable, yet we know without a

00:32:06 --> 00:32:09

shadow of doubt, it's it's it is fair.

00:32:14 --> 00:32:33

And then here, there's an establishment of a robe Obeah the lordship of Allah, the fact that he's the Lord, He's the creator, He's the sustainer, he's the giver is the provider. He's the one who takes care of the creation, that whatever my second affiliate when Honeywell was sent me, an email, To Him belongs everything that stays quiet in the night or the day. And he's the all here either all lower.

00:32:34 --> 00:32:39

Again, this part of Al Hamdulillah, the sauna started with Hamdulillah.

00:32:40 --> 00:32:44

And the first I think the first verse is actually the central holds.

00:32:45 --> 00:32:48

Sort of displays the central theme. All of this is part of Alhamdulillah.

00:32:51 --> 00:33:04

Well, I think it'll lay a toughie the William Felter is similar it will allow you to emulate or pump will enumerate to an akuna Willamina salam ala takuna nomina machine again, there's number 14, say, shall I take a protector a guardian, Lord, other than Allah,

00:33:05 --> 00:33:42

someone to worship other than Allah subhanaw taala when he is the Originator of the heavens, that is the one who is the one who brought them into existence and brought everything in them into existence, right? How come I worship something else, because devotion is the One who created you. It's been very basic of your slot logic. Well, who you emulate. He's the one who provides he's the one who feeds you and he doesn't stand in need of any food or any sustenance. He's self sufficient. Say I was commanded to be the first to submit to Allah. And not to be from among those who associate partners will only have one so it will be either the Omaha theme, here's the element of fear as

00:33:42 --> 00:34:02

well. If that logic, you're blinded to that very basic, simple, obvious, natural, innate logic, then maybe some fear will shake, shake you shake your mind right, shake your heart and maybe awaken something in you. They say, Oh Mohamed, I fear if I disobey Allah, I fear the punishment of a very great day

00:34:03 --> 00:34:19

made use of Anhui Almighty them for control him on whether he could have been whoever is protected from that punishment of the day, the day of judgment, then this is the ultimate form of mercy. This person managed to get Allah's ultimate form of Allah's mercy, and that is the

00:34:20 --> 00:34:22

the ultimate success

00:34:23 --> 00:34:24

and the ultimate win.

00:34:26 --> 00:34:41

Win em Cisco with all of them, fellow Kashi for Allah, Allah Who am says can be hiring for a wider Coalition for the year. This is verse number 17. And if Allah touches you with harm, we what is harmful, what's painful, then no one can remove it other than Allah and this is something that we need to know

00:34:42 --> 00:34:59

that reading otherwise might empower is Allah and the the things that we see the factors that we see in this life that for example, you have pain, you take painkiller. The fact that painkiller has an impact is by the design of Allah originally, who designed these substances brought them in to exist

00:35:00 --> 00:35:37

Since and who guided humans to know these substances, and guided humans to be able to manufacture them and make them available. So, these are causes, but these are causes, the causes are tools made by the ultimate cause or whose ALLAH SubhanA. What. So you have to trace everything back to Allah until you have so you have a balanced and a very grounded understanding of reality, you know that you should only turn to Allah subhanaw taala. And obviously, do whatever you can do physically, or EMCS can be clear in faraway locations, but they are and if he touches you with good, then he's capable of everything. That means, you know, you trace everything back to Allah and you know that

00:35:37 --> 00:35:53

everything that comes from Allah must be good. We said Alhamdulillah right at the beginning, everything from Allah is perfect. Even though from our perspective, as we said, it might be painful might not be that pleasant is just because we are stuck. We are captive to our perspective, and it's very biased.

00:35:55 --> 00:36:06

Well, who will call him off? Okay, buddy, well, we'll have him on here. And he is so mighty and powerful. He has control over all of the creation, no one, no, he's the Conqueror over his creation, no one can.

00:36:08 --> 00:36:13

No one can compete with him. This, this whole concept is non existent at all.

00:36:15 --> 00:36:49

And he is wise, and he's the All Knowing He's wise. So again, the fact that he has this, he's the conqueror, he is a power, he's wise as well, he's not he's not a tyrant, he's not going to abuse that power. He has that power. He used it with wisdom, and with knowledge, and with very detailed knowledge and grasp of, of His creation and of everything. And this basically means this establishes the lordship of Obi of Allah so powerfully that it makes your heart turn only to him.

00:36:50 --> 00:36:58

Because the heart is designed to turn to the one who has the power, who has the mind, the one who has to say, you know, when you go to a place to say,

00:37:00 --> 00:37:18

you go to a group of people, you want to influence them, you want to you want them to buy into something, who do you go to the influencer, the one who has power over them, the one who can say, one who can make a decision decision, if you are working in marketing, and you want to get a company to purchase your product, let's say or purchase a device that you manufacture.

00:37:20 --> 00:37:21

You don't go to,

00:37:22 --> 00:37:26

for example, the gatekeeper you don't go to a driver, you don't go to

00:37:28 --> 00:37:40

to any of those employees, you go to the supply chain, supply chain, manager, etc. People who are responsible for purchasing or for

00:37:43 --> 00:38:25

you know, for buying equipment and so on and so forth. So you go to the decision maker of that. That's a natural human thing, a human response. When we humans are really understand and grasp that it's Allah who's in charge, Allah makes decisions. It's the word of Allah that comes true things happen because Allah said so then we know to turn to no one but Allah. And this frees us from the worship of anything or anyone other than Allah, there's so much freedom in being the slave of Allah subhanaw taala I think it's good to stop here that was a good introduction into the solar and Sharla next week, we will carry on the surah is very, very strong and very, like focused in terms of

00:38:25 --> 00:38:38

establishing the truth of the Oneness of Allah subhanaw taala and arguing against disbelievers and exposing their their arguments to Zack I'm looking for joining us and hope to see you Inshallah, next week was Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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