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Hussain Yee
AI: Summary © The speaker gives guidance to those who have passed away or those who are not yet Muslim, and gives guidance to those who are not yet Muslim. They encourage everyone to honor their neighbor, guest, and their neighbor, and everyone who is not yet Muslim to honor their neighbor, guest, and their neighbor, and everyone who is not yet Muslim. They give guidance to those who have passed away and those who are not yet Muslim, and encourage everyone to honor their neighbor, guest, and their neighbor, and everyone who is not yet Muslim. They give guidance to those who have passed away and those who are not yet Muslim, and encourage everyone to honor their neighbor, guest, and their neighbor, and everyone who is not yet Muslim. They encourage everyone to honor their neighbor, their guest, and their neighbor, and everyone who is not yet Muslim. They give guidance to those who have passed away and those who are not yet Muslim, and encourage everyone to honor their neighbor, their guest, and their
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in Alhamdulillah llamada who want to start when to start a funeral? And I mean surely unforeseen was say? Lena Mija de la hufa Medina. One minute lil Fela de la Chateau La Ilaha Illa law wahoo la sharika why shadow Mohammed Abu rasuluh

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Hello brother and sister in Islam Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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May Allah, peace, mercy and blessing be upon us all. I mean,

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and once again, we like to remind ourselves and all the brothers and sisters, wherever you are, let us start to change. And it's time for us to change. We believe that all of us want the best. And if you want to be the best, no one

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wants to live in this world and successful. They want to be successful people. They want to be the best people. We know that in Islam, always start with the best. Even Allah subhanho wa Taala remind us in the Quran, if you want to eat anything, you must eat the best food

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and if you want to do anything you must do the best deeds, the Australian the Quran, Allah is telling us that he himself is very selective, every time and Allah Taka deeds. He is saying amalan solea meaning Allah only except deeds that follow the way of Prophet Muhammad sallahu wa sallam. The righteous did not just any day, even food and drink Allah say yeah you Hannah's kulu. Me ma fille de Hannah lon? Eva. Allah is calling upon not only Muslim, he is calling upon fellow mankind. Everybody whether you're Muslim or non Muslim, is it all mankind eight what is halaal and after Allah, Allah de vida, the best food

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not only hallford Allah want us to have the best food.

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So what Allah is telling us that we know by nature, we like to be the best.

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And Allah said to us in Allahu Allah, you must be calm in Hatha Yoga Rama be unfussy him, Allah will never change the condition the situation of a person until he or she start to change.

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Hello, brother, and she says Now, when we talk about changes, we always pinpoint others. I want you to change. I want changes. I want you to be fair, but you got to answer everything within yourself. That's why we're reminded by people knowledge, me

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enough see through my element.

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Every time you want any changes, you ask yourself or have used that to change. Now before you want to call people to change, you must ask yourself, have you changed?

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Have you become a better person now? Have you been a hard working person? Give me an example. We talk about people who like to gossip about people have these top gossiping about people. We like to say that this person is very judgmental.

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Are we just mental to other? We got the answer. Sometimes we want the best from other but we ourselves don't change you know I give an example. Islam, Allah subhanho wa Taala The first thing that he wants us to change is from the stage of sherek toto hate. That is the first changes Why? Because allow one to enter Paradise he do not want to end to *. The profits and loss I'm glad that hallucinogen had that to me, oh, Allah See, none of us can enter that pattern as of a law and then he become a believer. So if you are not yet a believer, let's change to become a believer. If you are passive, let us change to be more positive.

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If you are very destructive, let us change to be constructive. You do some changes here and there.

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I believe that example today everybody is blaming the government. Why this government is so corrupted why he is so unjust. You ask yourself, are you not corrupt?

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Are you not unjust to yourself and to your family, to your friends? And so you might ask yourself, definitely Islam Allah Subhana Allah Xena ama know who amphastar como de canara? Oh, you who believe in a law?

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save your soul? Save our surface, then we must save our immediate family. Before we talk about other people. We want other people to change your answers. How have I changed myself to become a better person? A more responsible person. If I talk about being a son example, you want your parents to love you. But have you tried to love your parents self, your parents

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who have raised you up and give you everything? have you shown your love or respect towards them?

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You want the best from them? Have you give them the best of yours? This is just a son to a parent. How about a parent to the children you want your children to be good children? Like us a father have you show good example to your children. You don't like your children to lie to you. But do you lie to other people? Or do you lie even to your wife and your children you must ask yourself because you must remember fellow brothers and sisters, our children follow our example. So we got to change within ourselves. So Allah say qu and fossa calm. He said start within yourself, save your own soul first, then inshallah, in one you have become a better person, by people looking at your changes,

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people will follow you. I have a lot of example, here to my relationship with my fellow people who are not yet Muslim.

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One day they are freaking to example, they don't believe in anything. And then they become a believer from a different religion. And we asked him, Why do you change from a free thinker to believe in some religion? He said, because I look at that person. My friend once upon a time he is like me, a free thinker. Now when he become he belong to a religion. Now he totally changed he don't smoke hidden in Campbell. He don't drink any. They see the changes in hair, and they start to follow Him and they change. Now the same goes as Muslim. If you want people to change, you ask yourself have you set the changes?

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Have you stopped doing all the Shrek before you stop the people from doing shit? Have you start to pray five times a day before you ask people to pray? Have you been a good Muslim before? You want other people to be good? Have you learned how to smile to people? before you ask people? Why don't you smile at me? You must ask yourself is very important. For this. I would like to share with you important saying about prophets. Allah. The Prophet said well Harlequin can

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be Hello in Hanson.

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When you mix around with people,

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you must offer the best of yours to people for that people will also offer the best towards you.

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You must show kindness that what the prophecy is a humble man fill out your hum manaphy sama is your show mercy and kindness to the creation of Allah on this earth, where the human where the animals and vironment plans, then the one in the hangman was shower His mercy upon all of you. This is to show us that Islam obviously made us to start within yourself.

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I know we all want changes. We want some political reform, some financial reform, social reform, educational reform everything we want. But we forget about what is our duty, the basic thing that we can do. We must show to the public example or to the country we are a very responsible citizen, with care for our country. We care for fellow citizen, we care for our neighbor, change the environment, from anger and hatred, enemy to become loving and caring people. Change. We have been so unclean, our environment is so unclean, why not we start to clean within ourselves. We clean our house, we clean our compound

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And then we set the clean our neighbours relays, here's how we spread and then we show that let us stay clean, keep ourselves clean. This is something that I'm just trying to remind me of being a Muslim and also your fellow brother and sister, that we are not going to tell people what to do first, but we got to ask yourself what I have been doing now. Have I been a good practicing Muslim? Have I been very positive? inshallah we hope Allah subhana wa Taala will help those who help themselves because Allah has said so in a mohalla yo yo, ma be comin Hata yo yo, ma V and fusi him, Allah when they will change the condition of a home of people a group of nation until they make

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their first move. I would like to remind every one of us there, let us start something that is very simple, something that you and me can do. They we don't need to force anyone to do something that they can do but something that we can do within ourselves. Let us start to change if you are a smoker example. Let us start to stop smoking.

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May Allah help us if you have the intention? insha Allah, Allah make things easy because the Prophet said in Albania, every actions that with intention First, you must have the intention that I want to change. I want to be a better Muslim, I'm not going to destroy myself anymore. Because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wasallam said a good person is a person who will stay away from anything that do not benefit him.

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What do smoking benefit you is destroying your health, your family and the environment

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is one example.

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I would like to call upon all the Muslim brother and sister who are still doing this, who do not care for himself or herself. Please be charged to yourself your body has right upon you the prophecy. well enough Sika alayka

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and you yourself have right upon you and your body have right upon you. I think this is simple. If I call you to do something within your means you cannot you can say what can I do? I have no authority, but this is yourself. I'm sure you can do that inshallah. Those who are involved in gambling, stop gambling, Brother, you know is around

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those involved in backbiting, stop backbiting. You know all these haram let's talk good about people. Why must we talk that our people, when we ourselves are not perfect?

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We want the best from other, we give them the best. This is important.

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Even though he is wrong, is your duty to help him at least pray for him. Not to gossip about him. talk bad about him bad by him. You're not helping the person is just an example strategy and be more positive. Be more creative.

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Be more caring and loving. This what we want to be destroyed Islam.

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The Prophet some Muslim have remind us or one of his saying, let me know. How are you Hey, buddy, aqui my humble enough See, none of us can be a true believer. Until you love your fellow brother or sister. How you love yourself. We want the best for us that we want the best What?

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We want the best we offer them the best foot. This is just the beginning. Brandon says I'm trying to share with you something that you and me can do.

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We are not here to talk about common policies about the financial problem. No, we are talking about you and me thing that you can do.

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I give you an example. Let us start to pray. Jama.

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We have been praying But have we be praying together with our family? When we pray we invite our children together and pray? Do we encourage our wife also to pray together with just an example. When we eat we eat together? When we travel we travel together? But when we pray? Do we pray together? When we engage in doing good deeds? Do we invite all the family to participate together? When we seek knowledge do we invite our children and our wives to go and study and learn the knowledge together? So let us do thing together as a team as a family. Not as an individual. Why? Because the prophets in LA can build Gemma Gemma here, always stay and leave together like a family,

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a drama group because there's a blessing when you do things together. So

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When you do things together, you feel for each other, you will not be judgmental. You will not quickly gossip or talk bad about people because you're involved in the group is like our family. You don't like people talk bad about your family, the same thing we don't talk bad about our family, other people's family. So if you start to do that within yourself, I'm sure we can develop a better and healthier society among us. Ah, give you another simple example. Can you be kind to your neighbor?

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You know what the Prophet did say the angel Gabriel used to come to remind him about his right and responsibility with his neighbor, to the extent that the profit part that the neighbor has the right to inherit something from the profit. To the extent that's where the profits or loss of a family can, you know, build up here, value.

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Whoever belief in a law and the Day of Judgment, you must own rest. Love your neighbor.

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Whether your neighbor is a Muslim or not yet Muslim, they are your neighbor, if they are Muslim, they have to right? The right of a Muslim and the right of a neighbor.

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If they are not yet Muslim, they have one Right, right. So if they are your relative, they have three right? The right of a relative, the right of a Muslim and the right of bynner neighbor.

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Mama she was a beautiful teacher in Islam. To show that this Muslim Omar is a very caring and loving mama who feel for others who always pray for each other not condemning each other. To the extent you see the profits on awesome see

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me know below market for the creme de la who

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prophesy Eve who claim that he believes in a ma and the day of jasmine, or he after he should on love and respect his guests, his guests,

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any guests who come to you we're not local. Here's your Get ready. Here's the Muslim honor to have right upon you. You must help them, serve them. show kindness to them. Now can you believe fellow brothers if all of us start to practice this good value, we start to change not to be selfish, because we talk about genius. You just talk about your benefit you forget about the rights of others. So I hope that we start within ourselves something that you can do unto you when you meet another Muslim Mercedes example the prophecy Haku Muslim Allah Muslim Satan is lucky to allay the responsibility the right of the Muslim to enter the Muslim is six.

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Number one, if you see each other, you start with greeting them with the word of peace. Assalamu Aleikum that means you are coming to them with peace, you hope that they will respond with peace, not with hatred. Here not with bad feeling or bad thought. Because feeling is a Nikita who Salim Allah and adapt of Salah is not the only you give salam to people who you know, because the Prophet the state, one of the sign of the doom day is the Muslim will only offer their salam to people whom they know.

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Not just any Muslim to people that they know to the again, no, Islam is more than that, more beautiful than that. Because Islam teaches us to respect everybody.

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So as a Muslim, or Muslim, it's your brother. So you see fellow Muslim gives Salam Solomonic, whether you know them or not. And then they will respond to walaikum salam, because you should pray for them. You see how beautiful this value is. And if you want to practice Islam in your daily life, then you must start to change. Change the way you talk. The way you dress, the way you behave. The way you talk to your wife the way do you talk to your parent, the way you talk to your children, everything must change. So last time if you on often used to lie now no more lying, because you know the prophecy. Yeah, Kamala kz. In cassava de la futuro y en el futuro de la la.

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Stay away from lying. Because lying will bring you to something that is haram. That you will commit sin and bad thing. And later on. You're so used to it and used to hellfire. We know that we always lives of them. So it's time for us to change. Number one, like I said, you must change to be more faithful to Allah and be sincere to Allah in whatever you do, purely to please Allah subhanho wa Taala not for the sake of

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have other hidden agenda, purely Linda Allah. And the second thing, you must change your feeling towards Prophet Mohammed, meaning you must try your best to follow the Prophet sallallahu wasallam in whatever you want to do, because he's the best model and guidance for all of us. This is also very, very important fellow brother and sister. And number three is also very important for us to know that Allah subhanho wa Taala left those who engage in doing good thing in the Mahabharat sin. Allah said he loved people who are always doing good thing. While Otto cedarville are badass Lucha, and Allah do not want people to be destructive, here to talk about things that do not benefit them

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create hatred among fellow men can be very destructive to the environment. All this must stop. So I believe a brother and sister, if we try our best to change, Allah is sure to come and give us a helping hand. And you'll find the neck the blessing of the user to change because Allah subhanho wa Taala love dogs, those who repent to him, we know that we are not angels we have committed no sin. But if you want to change from bad to good, you're always welcome the door of repentance is always open. And the Prophet has remind us with the beautiful saying, hello bunny Adam, Tom hirakata in the womb,

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meaning the Prophet acknowledge the nature of Earth, beam mankind and his follower. All children of Adam the Prophet is saying, all children of Adam when they reach the age of maturity, they will commit sin. Nobody is sinless, is a matter of minor and major.

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Little of more, that's all

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by the prophet. See, the best among the sinner is those who repent

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for the law.

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So the door of repentance is always open and fellow brother and sister, Allah is always there for us. He is ready to forgive us and to accept all our Toba so why not we grab the opportunity before it's too late. Don't wait until the last minute. Only you want to change we do not know when death is going to come to us. That is always at the corner. No one knows when they call you Oh Martin agile is agile, agile openlayers kunisada Sato, one is

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Allah have reminded us, every nation, every human, yet they have the time when the time come for you to go back to Allah, not even one second Allah delay or he will confess all the right time, the Angel of Death is ready for you. So before death come to us and let us get prepared right what Allah have said to us, Xena Amano de la Walton zu nutzen ma khuddam Allah

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Allah said, oh you who believe in me, be faithful and be obedient to me. And always look into yourself What have you prepare for your next day for your tomorrow?

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What is our garden? our garden is not tomorrow here. Our hadan is life after death is up here.

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So fellow brother and sister once again, I repeat this Hades, the F's earlier, but now I'm going to repeat the full Hades the first prophecy, famine Can you let me know below in our head polyacrylamide higher on our Yes.

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Number one who ever believe in Allah then and the day after, or the year after. If you want to speak better, speak something that benefit him or her or not, silence is better. Don't just say anything you must do to change. Take care of your town.

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Take care of your word. Number two from below, you will

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file your Creme de facto who ever believe in Allah and the day after, or the hereafter? Please remember what the prophet said. You must honor your guests show kindness to them. And the third one common panda you know below your market, for your cream, Jarrah who, who ever believe in Allah and the day after or the hereafter. Don't forget to honor and respect your neighbor. They got right upon you in a time of the Prophet when accompany us, the prophet, our neighbors, who are the neighbor, the prophet, give example.

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For the house on the right for the house, on the left 40 in front and 40 in the back. And now we have all the house going upwards 40 upwards, that means you got so many houses, who is your neighbor, but we try our best to do what we can and allow me to help those who help themselves. Once again we ask Allah subhana wa Donna for his blessing for his mercy for his forgiveness, not only for you and for me, for all Muslims who have passed away and those who are still alive. And also for people who are not yet Muslim, our neighbor, our guest, May Allah give guidance to all of them. I mean yarrabilba alameen Subhana Allah Hama be Ambika eyeshadow La ilaha illa Anta Estella Furukawa

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to LA salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

A TV talk for Peace TV entitled Time to Make Changes by Sheikh Hussain Yee. This production is owned by Peace TV.

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