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A representative from a television show discusses the misrepresentation of her and her experiences with anti-American hate. They also mention a recent article on Catherine Lau's claims of Muhammad Ass typing his name on an article. The speaker questions the legitimacy of her claims and questions the public interest in her actions. They also discuss the importance of creating a "rocky image" of the Muslim population in Italy.

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Stahma Tina, me so knows that oberlo Ciao, bella. Ciao, bella. Ciao, ciao, ciao Sammartino.

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Patrick Sawyer, a senior journalist at the telegraph who produced a piece about me some time ago,

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a completely libelous piece where he misrepresents me completely. In fact, forget about just misrepresenting me he misrepresents the entire situation in Leicester, between the Hindutva and the Muslim people, let's take a look at what he looks like. Because it's already on the public record. He's got a an open Twitter account. There's no problems here. And in fact, he was showing pictures of me as well, in fact, mentioning where I live. I think he lives in Middlesex, London, just to return the favor to him, since he has tried to expose where I live, no problem. You live in Middlesex London, I think it is. Anyway, no matter, this individual, will now have to present

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himself in a court of law, because he is officially being sued. Now, whether or not he wins the case, is aside the point, the fact that you decided to misrepresent me in the ways that you have

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means now that you will be inconvenienced with a court case.

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But what wouldn't be known is that I actually gave you an opportunity to make reasonable retractions. I recorded the conversation that I had with you in kind. And in that conversation, I went through piece by piece. What exactly was Miss representative about that article? The first thing I said to you, as you can hear, or you'll be able to hear is that I have never, and will never will don't have the time or any kind of inclination to attend. Suppose it anti Jewish protests, the only ever protests I've attended, or spearheaded, or been a party to our pro Palestinian protests. And unless in your mind, the two notions are equivalent, then this is nothing but pure

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misrepresentation. And in fact, not just that. It's a clear attempt by the media

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to employ

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this kind of

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since seriousness, or to create a culture of sin seriousness

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for individuals who are activists for the Palestinian cause, by labeling them with the worst kind of labels, I have to break it to you. Not only is this unfair,

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is it illegal in this country, for you to say something like that, but also, it is something which now demonstrates your desperation, and the fact that you've lost the argument.

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The fact is this. I have had conversations with Jewish people, debates with Jewish people debates with Zionist people, countless debates, countless debates. And all of them were favorable to me. As you can see, with the hundreds, actually not hundreds of 1000s I would say 10s of millions of people who have viewed such debates, I've even produced a book on the matter of Zionist terrorism.

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And so off to the public,

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have seen this, and millions of people have been affected. And the white, the intellectual white towel has been thrown in. This is what you have to resort to now, isn't it? You now have to resort instead of trying to defeat me with facts

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as scholarly references and citations. Now it's anti Jewish. Okay.

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Even though there are unequivocal statements on this very channel of me speaking against anti semitism, but let's disregard that not even mentioned that and refer to me as anti Jewish. Does that do you think you have proven yourself to be victorious? In so doing, or is this a great defeat for you? And for all I know, you're you are an Italian man.

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You're an Italian man, you've got you've got no dog in the fight anyway. But of course, you're working for the telegraph.

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And the Telegraph has its own history.

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Secondly, you mentioned other things in the article which I explained to you I've never said you say he's a self described scholar,

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or self proclaimed scholar

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I've never made such proclamation. And I explicitly told you on the phone that that was the case you lied again, and said, Yes, I found on your website, you will not find any such statement on my website, by you may see this as a point of triviality. But it's not trivial for me, because if you're a journalist, who's Integris, the point is you're meant to be able to quote things properly. And if you're incompetent, negligent, foolish, low IQ, to the point where you can't even copy and paste things properly. Something that year 10 can do a competent year 10 can do forget about that even a year eight or nine can do in this country than what you're doing as a senior journalists in

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something like the telegraph.

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Thirdly, he actually started speaking about my relationship with my father.

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I want to know why. And he says, I spoke to a close relative. By the way, you couldn't have spoken to a close relative, because I don't have many close relatives in this country. And in fact, the ones that I do have in this country, were abroad for the most part. And it's impossible for you to have such information. In fact, if you had spoken to a close relative, can you please reveal the source? Because I'm telling you, that is practically operationally impossible. But for you to include a section on an article related to Hindu Hindutva Muslim tensions about my relationship with my father not only demonstrates the height, the epitome of desperation, shows the public the extent

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to which you

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are trying to spit smear, or you're involved in a smear campaign against me.

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But now you've become famous.

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Yes, not only inconvenienced. You thought you could put up this article, you and Catherine Lau, let's take a picture of see Catherine Lau for some reason, she is someone who's on this article, she hasn't got contacted me at all.

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She didn't do any of her own checks, checks at all. So she puts her name on an article like this. I know that she's a feminist, maybe she's agitated by my anti feminist views. Maybe she's agitated by me somehow or some reason maybe she wants to meet me maybe, maybe she's just trying to get climbed the you know, the career ladder.

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What people will do nowadays to climb a career ladder. What's next, we're going to do next foot climbing career ladder, try and smear somebody or community not mentioned the fact that there's a Hindutva problem and less, which is a far right. Radical or organization that if anybody knew, yes, if anybody knew its roots connected to the RSS, the second chief of which actually praised the Holocaust, and called for one.

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All of that has been conspicuously absent in your article, but you want to focus on Muhammad hijab and his relationship with his father.

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Do you think this is good reporting and good journalism? Is this in the public interest? I don't think this is in the public interest. But both of you collaborated on this point. So I'm wondering why Catherine Lau why you put your name to such a thing?

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Then you think it would drag you down as well? Did you think there would be no consequence to such a written piece? Did you think there'll be no legal consequence? No PR consequence, you're dealing with a public figure who has a viewership, which is comparable to the Telegraph itself?

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Are you mad? Did you think there was not going to be a response?

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How can you throw stones when you live in a glass house? Your viewership has restricted to the United Kingdom.

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Our viewership has not restricted the United Kingdom. Now you've become famous in all kinds of countries.

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You go to Malaysia somewhere else. Isn't that Patrick? Sour? Isn't that the liar? You go to any Arab country? Oh, it's not the liar. That tried to defame one of our guys.

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even if you go to Italy, you're a shame to journalism, you are a disgrace to journalism. You're a disgrace to the Italian P the Italian people, the good Italian people. In fact, you've put us in a position where you have made the people see the extent to which the new Mavericks, the new outcasts are in fact, this Muslim population in Britain. Why are you so desperate to paint them out in a bad way? Because, you know,

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you know, that Islam and Islamic civilization is something which you're trying to put your foot on. It's the sleeping giant where

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If it wakes up,

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all kinds of things will take place. You're trying your best.

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But we another resistance, the legal resistance. And I say this from a

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movement perspective. We are now like the farmers in Italy. So now we were you put us in a bad mood, Patrick south.

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And now I'm sorry to say I'm worried for Italy, maybe it's going in a fascistic direction. Hopefully it's not.

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we have become the Mavericks. Now, the anti established Mavericks, the Muslim people, and you're helping us

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create this image.

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So what I have to say to put us in a good mood

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is Stahma Tina, me so and all that oberlo Ciao, bella, Ciao, bella. Ciao, ciao, ciao sama Tina. Miss on all that ah, it's Roberto live and Vasso or party journaux Portumna. V. Bella. Ciao, bella. Ciao, bella. Ciao, ciao ciao party Janno port via kms and to d mod the