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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the upcoming " handyman" Christmas celebrations in India, including the " handyman" or " handyman" celebrations in the UK and the " handyman" or " handyman" celebrations in the US. They stress the importance of permission from the inner circle for the Janessa, praying with the right person, finding the "hasha" in every culture, praying together for a period of time, and praying with the god-uses' names. They also discuss the importance of social selling and bringing up the hand during praying, emphasizing the importance of not missing a party and not missing the person in charge.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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spin now hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah Allah Melinda Maya and fauna on fan of Mr. Olympia Anna was at night Illman hammer I mean, we ask Allah subhanaw taala teachers would benefit us, benefit us from what you told us and increase us in knowledge. Ask Allah subhanaw taala to put Baraka in this gathering, and make us at the end of the gathering from the people who will be told como for and let them get up all your sins are forgiven me in Europe let me

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go lunacy.

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Go coluna see

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every soul will test ask Allah to make our last deeds our best deeds and job I mean.

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So Hamdulillah we are going with the series and we have reached the salatu Janaza the actual prayer of the janazah

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and what is required

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before the salaat we mentioned last week that it's preferable if it's prayed in a masala and there's nothing wrong if it's prayed inside the masjid

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to prepare for that slot

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just like

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any other salad we have

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praying in Jamar Serato Janessa is performed in Jamar what is the minimum drummer for Serato Janessa

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43 people

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settle Janessa can be performed with three people. What's the deal? Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. There was a Sahabi I think his name is Abu Taha. He was praying on his son that passed away. This was excellent prayed I will tell her behind him and until her behind the butanna that was the minimum of Salat al Janessa and this is the Sunnah is to play slotland Janaza in India Imam

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Imam unknown to him Allah He said there's no difference amongst all the scholars that it is permissible to preach and as an individually, but the Sunnah is to pray in Gemma.

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Like we said last time, let's say I missed it in the masjid and I the janazah left already got to the graveyard I can pray in the graveyard alone if I want to chama but is in general. So Gemma is in salata. Janaza is in Jamar and can I can be prayed, it can be prayed alone. Now somebody might say

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how come that are soulless Isilon? There was no amount

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we all know that the slaughter Janessa that was performed for a suicide Salem, how was it done?

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Individually everybody by themselves right? This is a unique case.

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Specifically for a solo salon because they felt like nobody should be an Imam, on on the body of Rasulullah. So this is a unique case. We cannot take PRs from that case. This is only for a sword allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who leads the solid who leads Salah click Imam.

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The Imam of the masjid is the one who leads strategy now. The Imam of the masjid is the one who leads Salat Lima. What's the lead

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lead for Salah Salem is that no one can lead someone in his

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home. There's some fun there Amen.

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I must have some fun here.

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When you go to may pray in the masjid Janessa, the Imam of the Masjid. He is the one who will

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pray, pray Assata Janessa. Now,

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someone might ask like what happened in the last slot here that the person wrote in his rasiya I want my son, I want my father, I want my brother to lead Serato Janessa.

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The person has to take permission from the inner,

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not just because the deceased wrote in his rasiya that I want that person, that person automatically become the one who is deserving to lead. But if he does not know how to break this apart completely, but still even if he is a chef,

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even if he's an Imam, he is not the Imam of that Masjid. He has to take permission from the Imam of the masjid where the Janessa is being prayed. And subhanAllah this is exactly what happened with the brother garmont. I just saw him coming on. When he asked for his uncle, the brother of the deceased to lead the salah. He came and took permission from the Imam. Now let's assume the Imam is not here. Then you go. According to the same Hadith where a source Salam said Accra, the one who is half is the one who is closer to the sun. And the theme that came from that hadith applies also for Salam Janaza now

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number of people in the salon

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now the more people pray in salon Janessa, the better for the disease they're one that's why I'm Dr. Bellamy and we have a couple of groups and mashallah the people are very active, always

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notifying each other, that there is a Janessa The more people who will attend in sha Allah the better for the deceased. What's the deal? There are two Hadith one of them that said and the hadith is in Muslim and Muslim Rasul as I said, and said man in May it so suddenly I lay on a terminal Muslim Moon middle Muslimeen Yeah, Blue

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Lagoon, Amina couldn't love him. Yes, for own Allah, Allah Shu, filthy SubhanAllah. No, whenever the group of Muslims numbering 100 people in a Janessa all of them interceding on his behalf.

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Their intercession will be granted by Allah azza wa jal, all of them intercede, what does all of them intercede? We're going to come to it but let me explain, Inshallah, that when they made the DUA, and that's why we always say, one, I always remind the people when they're praying Janessa and this is a great time to do that.

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Sometimes you have no clue who the person is, right? You have no idea. We just heard the dishes and as we are coming, number one, to do our duties for our brother or our sister as a hack, number two to get the pleasure, right? But Allah here, one, please, from now on, at least, maybe most of us are doing it already. But from now on, make it as if it's your father, your mother, your son, your daughter, that is their this is what's meant by his and when they made the DUA Muhammad Allahu Allahu Allah Manaphy he, they really made it from the bottom of their heart.

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Sometimes, we say it quickly or we're just looking for the treasure only looking for the ash there's nothing wrong with it. hamdulillah all we do is look for treasure. But please make the art sincerely from the bottom of your heart. So insha Allah Tada This, or the other da mammon, Raj selenium woodfire como la or Burien. There you should call them Allah he she and Alicia found Allah huffy. I don't feel sorry, Muslim. Whenever the Muslim man dies, and 14 men pray over his janazah none of them is a mushrik. None of them is joining partners with Allah, except Allah will grant him intercession. So the DUA that we make, let's make it from the bottom of our heart hoping that Allah

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subhanho wa Taala will send the somebody that will pray for us when our turn comes that he will make the drought from the Art of Charm. I mean, you're an island.

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how can I increase the number of people praying in my Janessa

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you attend a lot of Janessa.

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You yourself while you're still alive, go attend as many geneticists as possible. Be in Allah. The number of people praying your Janessa will increase the vanilla compared to the two that

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Subhanallah you were very sincere on looking and seeking where's the Janessa?

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Sun sha Allah to Allah, because you did that your brothers and your sisters ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala in sha Allah Allah, Allah will fill up the masjid, in your in your Janessa

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Now here comes

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a very important issue, arranging the roles.

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Keep in mind, we said that the better place is the Musala. Right? Okay. In the masala when we save some what does that mean? Like outside, right for example, right? It's outside,

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the rows

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are unlimited, there's no end,

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right? There's no end here, the row will end here, and it will end there or at the wall on the other wall.

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Outside I have control to make the number of rows I want because it's not a masjid. Right? It's not open. Otherwise, if I leave an open space, I might only have one row, what's the end of that row? There's no end.

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So I can tell the people make three rows make five rows, whatever. Now in the masjid.

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Here, the scholars differ.

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The scholars differ.

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Should I fill up the line? Or should I make more rows?

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Clearer or let me explain more. Let's say that the two lines are full.

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And the measured two lines are full. And somebody said stanza Shaka Imam. Let's make sure we have to make three rows as soon as three rows.

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Is it better to fill up the rows or to make three rows in the masjid outside I can do whatever I want because I'm I'm not limited this open. I could make three rows guys, we have 50 universe let's make three rolls. 555 Okay hamdulillah in the masjid.

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If everything on the regular salad applies to this salad, that means I have to fill up the rows because imagine now we have one row full and another row half full and then some brother came and made the two people made the row by themselves is that okay? In the regular salad is not okay. Right. Now in certain Janessa there are different some said no, you have to complete the rows and follow the follow the Sunnah, and this is better. Some automat said no. Even inside try to make three rows. Divide the people to three rows and what's the deal they used when Rasulullah cisilion had seven people

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to pay Janessa What did he do? Three to two,

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three to two

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and they trade the organism. Now keep in mind this is very, very important. This is a sunnah if you do it hamdulillah if it's not done, there's no problem with this if you just want to compete the rose hamdulillah brown Amenia one do not I repeat every probably every class. This is not a time to argue no let's make this let's make that let's fill up the line. This is a bit this is not the time to do that. The person the Imam Hello the Imam whatever the Imam says the Imam said make three rows make three rows. It is authentic. Okay, the Imam said No Let's fill up the lines. Yes sir. Now, it's not a time to tell the Imam No. Especially if there is a delay in that this can be done. We do not

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sit down and argue it's not a time to argue. Okay, both of them are okay. Now listen to this.

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I filled up four rows

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do I take the last row and split it into two so I can have five or has four rows is good

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see the idea is three rows and more. So if you have three rows columns, you have four you don't split the fourth you don't split it to five and six and seven. You have the three the Hadith mentioned the three okay, let's talk about this discuss the Hadith, ma'am in Muslim listen Jaquan this hadith is ideal. Ma'am in Muslim yeah mood for you suddenly la Salah SuFu middle Muslim in

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Illa, Odium out who fear Allah, Allahu Akbar. Whenever the Muslim dies and three lines of Muslims praise and as for him he is granted forgiveness.

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Now someone said no, it has to be odd. Somewhere in there that said three colors three is the minimum three and more this hadith indicated three and more over three, so if you have three and more, I don't start dividing the fourth and to make it five. I can do that if I want. Okay, but if you look at that 817233322 That's it. He had the three over three you want to do odd number Bismillah you want to keep it three and above Bismillah okay. So no time is not a time to to argue that

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if one person is only present with the Imam

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he should not stand foot to foot like with

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Pray in the salad as done in the proper prayer he should stand behind behind them. This is what the salah Salem did when Abu Taha prayed with him. He did not tell him pray next to me. He prayed behind them and the wife prayed behind Abu Taha Radi Allahu Han. Where does the Imam stand?

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We all know hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen I pray and behind behind Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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when he prayed for OMO cab when she died during delivery, la sua Salam stood in the middle. For a woman, you stand in the middle of the box, the chest, the tablet, and for the man you stand right by the by the head type. What if I have multiple Janaza

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somebody came in and they have a woman and a man

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or two men and a woman, two men and a woman and a baby

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honey Farah Mala and Imam Malik, they preferred to pray separate geneticists

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they preferred that every one of those people should have his own or her own janazah. But there's nothing wrong with making a one janazah for all.

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And it was done with the Shahada.

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Why? Because the more we rush with the janazah the closer we are to the sooner if I want to make one Janessa and wait for another Janessa it might delay the

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burial. So both are okay. Both are okay. And if they can be both done quickly and hamdulillah but it's going to be delayed. It's preferable to pray them all together. If we have more than one janazah at the same time, you put the man or the men first and then the woman behind them. Okay, so the women are closer to the Qibla and the men are closer to the Imam is this clear? Men closer to the Imam woman are closer to the Qibla and if there is a boy it will be in between all right

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is there a prohibited time to pray Janessa

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the same prohibited time as salad

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okay hamdulillah here we do it always after after a frog. But this is not by the way. It's not a must has to be after a foreign we do it after a fourth year because we want to get as many people as possible. That's why we do it but some people think that it has to be after God because we always play it after Dallas. They might think it's only after God no it could be after God after marriage after after anytime except those three times of Kerala it is preferable not to pray.

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salata Janaza, and these three times unless it's an emergency, yeah and if for example, the cemetery is going to close, you have to share one but we all know that the time of Kerala is how long? 10 minutes 15 minutes tops. What are the three times

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first is from after sunrise that what we wait every single day when we were making genre? Wait 1015 minutes till after sunrise. Right? And second 110 15 minutes before door and the last one is 1015 minutes before Maghrib sunset. Okay, these are the times that is my crew, the crew to perform salatu Janessa. But if it's an emergency and I have to do it, there's nothing wrong with it just like any other summer if I came to the masjid and I have not prayed as of yet, and there's five minutes or 10 minutes for Muslim I play us right because it's a it's an emergency I have to do my my salad.

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Can I mentioned the disease name? Absolutely. You can mention the Imam could say today is Janessa is so and so. When you make the dua for the disease, please mention his name. There's nothing wrong with that. Now we come to the actual salad.

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the salad according to the four modality Imam Abu Hanifa Rahim Allah Imam Malik Rahim Allah they consider Salah to Janaza as a DUA.

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They consider it as they say, this is not a salad that has recruiter or sujood in it. So there is no Quran. There's not

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In it, this is a DA.

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So they start by the center.

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Subhanallah humbug. 100. They do Salam Rasulullah Salam, and they do the DUA and the third one, and they make to the slim. Okay, this is an ephah Rahim Allah and Imam Malik Imam Shafi. He said no, this is a salad. It is a salad and there's no Salah without Tatia and Imam Ahmed, there is no salad without Fatiha. So this applies to the salad also. So you have to recite the Fatiha straight without da da. You don't have to make any drama just out of lemons chatango dream and you start with the Fatiha and he used the hadith of Ibn Abbas Saudi Allahu Allah. And when he prayed the janazah he even recited the Fatiha aloud. And when he took when they asked him, you know, why are you reciting

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loud, he said, so I can teach you. It's not recommended to be loud. But if someone is praying behind people, what we do now is the imam or whoever is praying Janessa he teaches the people how to perform Janessa, right. So at that time, they used to make it louder so that people can hear and they follow the email. But handler Bellamy and I, you know, like, that's why we gather here. Now, it's extremely important, because to be honest with you, at the time of Janaza it's not a time for Taleem This is not a time for time, let me teach you how to create Janessa it's not a time for Taleem that we just spoke about the importance of rushing. So we have to sit down and teach the

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people how to pray Janessa it's a very simple salad that every Muslim should know how to pray it when the occasion comes, he should be or she should be ready. So Ross was asked and said, son, Luke, come on, come right to Mooney or Sunday, the standing is a must insert janazah unless someone is excused by you know, back pain or you know, he has an excuse not to pray standing. What is number of tech beer is man,

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Jim hood and the majority all of them are for tech beer. They all agreed that there was four techniques except mm. He said you can do five. And there are other innovations that reduce Hasulam. One time he did

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five and one time up to nine up to nine tech beers. But the most and the one that is has been dominant in all the ahaadeeth is that as soon as I Salam he made for for tech heroes. And like we said after the first tech Vera the different

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what's the what's the best thing to do? Follow your inner the Imam said do this Bismillah men are gonna sit down I assure you What do you mean we don't recite the Fatiha no you don't do that. Have respect to the Imam and follow whatever you say you want to recite the Fatiha on your own Hamdulillah you want to you do not know how to pray the janazah listen to what the Imam is saying of the message that you're praying in and follow his instructions.

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So they differ in the number of of tech deals, but the most the majority is of

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for tech deals.

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Should I raise the hands with every tech Biro? Should I raise the hands with every tech bill? All four agree that you raise your hand and the first tech bill, this is everybody agreed on? Now.

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The majority believe it or not said that there's no raising of the hands. The only person who said that you raise the hands, which is obviously did not bring it from his head. He is one of the most followers of the Sunnah of the Sahaba is Abdullah abnormal, he said you raise your hands, even though most of the Anima said that do not raise your hand. So what do I do? You want to raise your hands hamdulillah bang, you don't want to raise your hands hamdulillah both are are fine. But if you ask what is most of the people that had he said that for social selling raised his hand in the freedom in the beginning and he never raised them again. That's the hadith of Ibn Abbas or the

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Allahu Anhu what Allah

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with respect to the

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the Fatiha the reciting of the Fatiha then Abdullah reported I prayed behind even Abdus over a Janessa he loudly recite al Fatiha, enabling us to hear him after the prayer. I heard his hand and asked him about that. And he said I only raised my voice for you to learn the true guidance.

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In the Janaza prayer, there is citation do and tech deal should be done silently. Everything should be done silently. Now what are the phones of

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salaat on Russell

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Allah salAllahu Salam, if you do not know any of them, there are a few of them that are all authentic but the one that you know the salaat Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad can ask Allah Tala Brahim Ali Ibrahim in NACA Homido Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad Kamara Tada Rahim. Abraham Brahim in NACA Hamid, on Majeed, we all know that lambda Largan now, I really request please to memorize at least one draft there are many because sometimes the brothers stand behind the Janaza and they do not know any of the DA And subhanAllah This is a great opportunity to make that your brother or your sister so there is a

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long lumber for low what a hammer. What if he was one who were criminals? What was the long gun if you have time Allah if you memorize it, it's amazing. Mug FIRA Rama Jana saving from the Hellfire

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replacing his house with a bigger better house and all the beautiful stuff. It's that made by Rasulullah sallallahu do you expect Subhanallah so if you memorize that one would be great. There's another one also a llama fella hyena when they eat in Russia hidden Wahhabi Ebina was Serena but Kobe was a Corona with a Corona one Santa, all of those are authentic date, da

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alumna in the Fudan and you name his name, if he the medica what happened is you Eric *a he fifth nickel copper wire they have another another Allahumma Abdu cup webinar Antarctica Antarctica 120 Yuan and other there are so many if anyone is interested and would like to any get the authentic dollars I will be more than happy to give it to them. Now, what about if the person who you are training janazah on is not an adult? He did not. He or she did not hit puberty yet. You know, if he did not or she does not hit puberty What am I saying Muhammad from now? He's seven years old he's six years old. What What sins he has no sense to be forgiven. Right? So that is Allah homage Allahu

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Allah Anna said often were forgotten what ya Allah make him for us and advanced and secured reward and advanced and secured reward and you can make dua to Allah make him a reason for his family to intergender make him reason for his parents to intergender you make that for the for the parents and Chumba because as a sort of loss I send them as promised us that the people who die under age sha Allah Tala, they are not accountable. Raphael column and fellas, three people there are not countable. I'm not counted. One of them is a person who did not reach puberty to sleep. So we discussed the Fatiha we discussed the salad or samosa Salam, the DA after that asleep. Imam Abu

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Hanifa Rahim Allah and Imam Malik Malik both of to an imam Shafi, all three of them have to Tasleem Imam Ahmed is with one with one Teslin if you notice when you go to Mecca for ombre or for hush most of the Salawat a Salah to other Anwar tribal cupola. So after every salon almost up Janessa and the Imam was leading the salon. He always makes one want one to sleep. This is good. It's authentic. It has been done. And

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the rest of them that they said you make to the sleep. What do I say? You could say Salam Alaikum salam aleikum. This is good serological La Silla economical, Allah says Good. Salam Alikum rahmatullah wa barakato as Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh they are all authentic. Most of most of the or most of us say a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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Now, Imam Ahmed Rahim Allah, He said, He's of the opinion that after the fortec Veera, you make a DUA.

00:29:04--> 00:29:46

Also, sometimes you might see the Imam after the fortec Bira. He did not immediately say Salam Alikum he paused for 235 seconds. So why do I say make more at that time, because the third one after a certain period, you specify the main hit with the DA and the last one make dua for Allah McFerrin. Lil Mina? Well, what minute you could you could add that there's no problem at all. If you find out that he's staying longer make that Aloha mahalo Tana WeMo 10 Muslimeen make the hierarchy you are in salad and the salad is that strategy analysis specifically, since there is no schedule no record no nothing. This is strictly do for for the for the deceased.

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Okay, I will finish with this in sha Allah. I came late to Sebata Janessa

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I came and the Imam already in the

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Shabbat me

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What do I do?

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Nothing. Never. None of you this happened to him.

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None of you

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Okay, excellent. You know how we catch up this a lot. I came up and I catch up the second record, I caught up the second tech Vera. This tech villa is my first, right and I continue just like I got up the salad. If I come up with a salad and the Imam is in the Asia, the third recap that third Raka is my first right and I continue right. Similarly, if I caught up on anything, it could be I could have the second tech versus my first. So from the from the people who decide the Fatiha outside the fattier while he is reciting Allahumma Salli, ala Muhammad, so I catch up, whatever I missed, and I finished at four and I saved the Salaam and I am done with my summer, if I missed the slot

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completely, and the bed is not here anymore. Like I said that last week, we can do the slot in next to the cover itself. Okay, now, this is something that is we see all the time, which is I'm sure it's done out of any not on purpose, but maybe out of emotions after the surgeon has done. Then you see the person in charge whatever it is, he started raising his hand and making that again.

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There's no need for that. The whole circle Janessa is so you after you finish you start making again, you're delaying the janazah and keep in mind the Sunnah is to rush with the janazah. So if you are making too, what did we just make? We have? We did not make requests to Jude, all we did is we make dua for the maid. So what is that need for that? After that, there's no need for that. At that time, there's a lot that we did is enough. dwara insha Allah to Allah

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that's the whole chapter in sha Allah to Allah and

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next week in sha Allah, Allah kept us alive. We are actually going to the cemetery and restarting the value.

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To accident. Can the woman attend? Serato Janessa?

00:32:14--> 00:32:21

Yes or no? Yes. Woman can attend Sargeras Can we get a Can we count them with 100?

00:32:23--> 00:32:31

Yes, when we can do it, you know, nobody's gonna sit down and count but are they counted with the people ciabatta and why not? There are Muslims and they are making the apostle chama

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you have to stand on line

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No, you have to form lines and foot to foot shoulder to shoulder just like you're standing for the salad. But the only difference some people like they want to make an odd number which is there's nothing wrong with it. Over three is good to handle a lot of enemy

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No, maybe they maybe what they meant is just there's no place for pseudo recruits who don't no problem just stand where you are. Because many people start they leave a lot of space which you don't need to leave a lot of space. You just have to as long as you can raise your hand and handle a lot of bad me. Zack I'm luckier than a coffee calm so kinda Colombian handshake should allow him to and stuff when a tour with a

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