Mohamad Baajour – Names of Allah #01 The importance of knowing Allah’s attributes

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of learning about the Hadith and its significance in cultural history, particularly in relation to the title of Islam. They emphasize the value of memorizing the names of Islam and the cultural significance of "na" in relation to the culture. The conversation also touches on the confusion surrounding the names of Allah's name and emphasizes the importance of respecting and creating love in relationships. The speakers stress the need to understand the meaning of "has" and "will" in relation to "will" in the conversation.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Smilla hamdulillah salat wa salam ala Rasulillah Loma Linda main fauna when finally my alum Tana was Edna Illman Dr. hamre I mean, we ask Allah subhanaw taala teachers would benefit us benefit us from what you told us and increase us in knowledge mean your ability mean? I ask Allah subhanaw taala to put Baraka in this gathering and make us from the people at the end of the gathering, they will be told Kumu MacFarlane, let them get up, all your sins are forgiven. Another narration, all your sins are switched into good deeds. Like I always repeat and I have to repeat it now because we are in the beginning of the season, even if you know everything I'm about to say. Just sit down to get that

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reward and be surrounded by the angels and Allah mentioned and praises you to the angels.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala showers us with His mercy and Allah subhanho Salah send the tranquillity upon us all that in the Hadith Rasulillah Salam, he promised that he will ever sit in the masjid and learn about the deen of Allah azza wa jal, all these five things will take place. So may Allah make us from these people in sha Allah? I mean, you're behind me.

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Like I just mentioned in the introduction.

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This is one of the Gabriel camera hamdulillah said, this is one of the most noble

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knowledge ever, is then of Allah azza wa jal maarif. Atilla as a call to share knowledge Allah, knowledge of Allah and His names and attributes is the most noble and the best of all knowledge is because the level of honor, the level of honor of any kind of knowledge has to do with the object that you're studying. What about if the object is Allah azza wa jal, so that that is the most and most beneficial and most noble knowledge ever, is to know Allah azza wa jal. Why Why should we study the names and attributes of Allah azza wa jal

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we all know the Hadith by heart. And we were told this hadith when we were young,

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that Allah subhanaw taala had this in Bukhari and Muslim Yeah, anima Tata con la highest level of authenticity, that Allah has 100 names 99 names 100 names minus one.

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Whoever saw her and this is what the main word in this whole Hadith I saw her the halal Jana, from SR and we're going to explain what does ESA mean the halal agenda. So not one of the first and main rewards of knowing Allah azza wa jal is entering Janna. So what does the word I saw her I mean, we were taught when we were kids, I saw her means memorize it. Say it in the morning. Say it at night. Jana in your pocket, right? Who Hola Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Hey, Yoda, Yoda. All right, which is good, because this is one of it. One of them. Unfortunately, we stopped right there. One of them. One of the alpha, the meaning of alpha is to know it and memorize it. One of them. And many, many

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made up.

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Stories are mentioned about the names of Allah, which are the majority are not authentic. I don't know if you ever seen this book.

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Very small book, it has the 99 names of Allah. As a matter of fact, one time I saw a brother Michelle was Pamela how we you know, it's so beautiful when you tell somebody that and they stop right away when they know that hack is so beautiful, compared to somebody who's going to sit down and start arguing with you.

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A small book about the names of Allah unfortunately, still being circulated. That book, it mentions with every name, a story.

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For example, I'm just guessing, if I remember it says if you have problems having children, say l Mateen. 99 names are three o'clock in the morning and 55 names. When you when you before you sleep, and drink some milk and say and Mateen 10 times and two weeks your wife is pregnant.

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Similarly, you name a problem. There's a name for it. Where do you come up with these things? Well, where do we come up with this? These are the names of Allah azza wa jal and if there's any reward

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Did with any number of saying it

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was flawless and some of them would have definitely told us if you say this, this would happen if you say this, this would happen. So we have these things that are more cultural than has anything to do with the deen. So what does the word Saha mean? First, like we said, memorize them. Memorize the name of Allah azza wa jal, or before we say that, let's explain one thing. Are, are the names of Allah 99?

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Are the names of Allah 99. And unanimously all donor Matt agreed? The answer is no. The answer is no. It's not. The hadith mentioned, Allah has 99 names. If you saw her, you will enter genuine like I would give you an example. I have $99 I am giving it to sadaqa does that mean I only have $99 I have 99 horses, I'm gonna send them to a battlefield that means this

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number is for that cause. Okay, those $99 for this kind of sadaqa for this orphan for example. Similarly, if we know these 99 names you will go to genuine sha Allah, but does Allah only have 99 names? No. What's the delille

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what's the evidence? Very famous.

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seems to know it

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what's what's what's the name of the iron? But what does the diet starts with? Hola. Hola.

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Hola many Abduch Ibnu Abdic IGNOU ametek na CIT B adic matherne V hockomock Adlam Fiachra bulk? As I look at the Quran, lisman who Allah, the DUA that Allah said and said, Yeah, one, please listen carefully. If any one of us brothers or sisters have any problem, have any grief, have any stress, have any sadness loss, Allah says salam said if you say this dua not only the grief and the sand, the sadness will go, but what did he say then? It will be switched into joy.

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It will be switched into happiness. Allahu Akbar. Anybody wants that after I will give it to your child. So Allah Subhana Allah Susannah said he said this to our in this dua what we need for today's class is a Luca be policemen who are like Ya Allah, I ask you by all your names, what are the names that mentioned in the Hadith? Keep in mind, as I said, I'm saying this, because listen, whoever submitted he never said, You named yourself out and Zelda who V Kitab IK or you have revealed it in your book out unlimted who

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I hadn't been helping, or you taught it to any of your creation, and the last one which is our delille I will start Sarutobi fi Mila up in the UK, or your Allah, you kept it secret in your knowledge of the Unseen. That last part indicates that the names of Allah subhanho wa Taala or the names of Allah are only known to Allah azza wa jal, and they are not limited to the number 99. As a matter of fact, the Hadith that mentions that Allah has 99 names, and mentioned all the names. Many of the unimat said that the hadith is weak.

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And it has some weakness in it

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isn't the Timothy and no measure. So Sam said, the letter sounds in a name, someone who will hear your name and he started naming them all medical producer Salomon woman mine and as you said,

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that hadith most of the animals said that the names of Allah were derived by scholars of that the early generation that took those names from the Quran and from the Sunnah, this is where they get the 99 names now, so now we go back to what does Asahi mean? And the Hadith whomsoever, as far as usually translated into, I think the most of the time they translate it into counted or memorize it, okay. But so, he means number one, memorizing it, memorizing these 99 names second, understanding their meaning, what do they mean? And this is why the class is all about understanding what is the meaning of a vial al doubt in

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Alamo Haman al Jabbar sometimes somebody's name is Abdullah. He does not know why even mean alcohol. What what does it mean? This is my rob my Illa I have to understand what does his attributes mean? What does a SIFAT mean? And when I say

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And we know the attributes of Allah azza wa jal what happens number one, we start loving him more.

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Number two, we start feeding him more.

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Number three we start hoping for His Mercy more when I see a Rahman r Rahim and we do

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what else happens when we know the names of Allah Our Eman increase our iman increase that he is other cliche in Kadir he is capable of doing anything immediately. Any worry I have in mind disappears. You know every name in sha Allah Allah is going to change our mentality and our understanding of this deen and it will increase our love to Allah and increase our love to meet Allah azza wa jal May Allah subhanho wa Taala ask him with the best of His Names, that everybody who attended tonight and their spouses and their children and their parents

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to be able to see Allah azza wa jal and in

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deep em inshAllah lubaina Raj alongside maybe amongst us there's one righteous man or woman that will say, I mean, and will include us all inshallah. And so first memorizing it, and maybe we'll make a competition at the end of the of the class who memorized it properly, understanding it bigger prize for the people who understand it. Third, acting according to that understanding,

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and this is the whole main discussion going to be how can we act?

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When I knit when I know that Allah subhanho wa taala? Is

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Allah for you? Something we repeat all the time, Allah Hafiz, right. When I know that he is unhappy, I will try to protect my children.

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I won't but at the end of the day has Allah is the Hatfield I did my best. I put them in this school. I tried to teach them the r&b I tried to teach them the Quran, I did my best. And at the end of the day, I do I do my job. And Allah subhanaw taala is unhappy, he is the protector. So we're going to take each name and explain it. So the third is acting in according to that accordance to that understanding. And fourth, which is extremely important also. One of the main reasons for learning the names of Allah Azza means who knows was the last one. So he said, memorizing it, understanding the meaning, applying it in our life and

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who said that Excellent, well, Allah, Allah a smell, Hausner, for the dough who behind Allahu Akbar, to Allah belongs the best of attributes. So ask him, imagine Allah is telling us ask me with my best names, that one, if I do not know the names of Allah, how am I going to ask? And there is for example, you want to use Rahman Rahim or have Rahimi you want to use the result? You want anything?

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You want Ceefax, a Sheffy. So you know when you understand the names of Allah azza wa jal so you know, when Allah he'll Asma UL Husna, he has the best of attributes for the Obeah

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ask Allah by these attributes ask him by these names. So one of the main, the fourth part of ASA is to ask Allah azza wa jal with with these names

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the whole

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talk in the future will be in sha Allah Tala mentioning the name, explaining the meaning the source of the word

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of that name.

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The meaning of that name? How can we ask Allah by that name? And how can that name change my life?

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This will be our structure for this class. So I'm going to be putting a lot of effort into this. And all I'm asking you is come and benefit in sha Allah Tala and whoever comes he will benefit she will benefit whoever doesn't come they are the one who's losing but if they have an excuse, for example, maybe busy maybe hamdulillah Bellamy we have the recording on online in sha Allah Tala. So if you miss it here, you could go home and sit down with your family and watch it. Like I said again, keep in mind Rasulullah cisilion for 13 years, all his teaching is now Ilaha illa Allah La ilaha illa Allah 13 years in Makkah.

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Zakat was prescribed in Medina cm in Medina has in Medina

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In all the hijab in Medina stuffing the hammer on the medina why? Because they knew who's Allah 13 years. So similarly, I was thinking because everybody asks the same question. They are share how can we raise our kids and make them you know, stronger than this Deen that let's follow the same process of for Salah Salem because like I said in the introduction, the Sahabas were babies in Islam they were nothing they didn't know anything about Islam. When Quinton complete Danny catamenial halfling you will not you did not know anything about Islam. So what was the best process and the method that Rasulillah the best chef, the best diarrhea, the best mufti, the best coder to Allah, what did he

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use the hate for 13 years? Who is Allah?

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He is the only one worthy of worship how to worship him. What does he want from us? Explaining and describing and to the sahaba? Who is Allah azza wa jal made them so strong. So when the orders came, we listen. And we obey. May Allah subhanaw taala make us all from the people of Sanjana watan, may Allah make us all from the people who listen and obey insha Allah Tala like I promised you 15 minutes exactly 15 minutes, I'm going to stop because of the time I want you to go and spend some time with your wives and go to your wives, spend some time with them talk and joke and conversate and you know, similarly the sisters go and talk have some special time with that with the spouse it

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will create love and harmony and mercy Zachman Lockyer Baraka FICO said I like it, love it.

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