Tafsir of Surah Jumuah #7

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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a discussion about Islam and the importance of learning about it. The speakers discuss the motivation behind going for business and the importance of learning about Islam to help change communities. They also mention the importance of learning about Islam to help lower one's mind and convey value to others.
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okay or button sisters one possible answer is that there was a mistake that was made and there were two motivations behind it. Two motivations, both of them were bad, but whether they're as bad as each other Well, number one motivation to go and buy something from the caravan much needed food and resources. Number two motivation was just to go and see what's going on. For the sake of for the sake of it. Which one is worse? Well, the second one right to go there just for the sake of it. I mean, that's worse than going there to buy something right. So then Allah subhanaw taala says In the beginning, that what you that OTDR Alton allow one in film, do la ha. What are Cuca Kadima in the

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beginning Allah says, some of you went for the personal business some of you just went for the sake of it, and then you scattered from him, we in the process Salam towards it. Now the way Allah says towards it, la ha, he says in the feminine pronoun her is going back to something feminine, which is the feminine thing out of the two two genre Allah who the genre with the Tamar buta is the feminine one. Meaning I know that most of you went for the better of the two reasons you went for business. However, the reality is that whether you went for idleness or business, what I have with me is far better than that. See, Allah is probably saying that, I know that most of you went for the better of

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the two reasons. But the reality is, the other reason is bad. And the second of the better is also bad. Because what is with me is far better. Yeah. So the the reasons the motivations for why they went, both of them are, if you like equal in the eyes of Allah, in this circumstance, because shouldn't be done. And that teaches us Subhanallah, the significance of Joomla. And it also teaches significance of going to the hotbar to listen to hoodman, as many scholars said, it is a word upon a person, not just to attend the salah of Joomla. But to attend the hotbar. Even if a person does understand even if a person you know doesn't get anything from it. It is something Allah wants from

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you. Yeah, and it should be something that you there's nothing else out there that could preoccupy you from doing that thing. That is the message we are being told, Well, long High was a pin and ALLAH SubhanA ends it in a very beautiful way, because he says that I'm the best of Razia pin those that give risk. We know that Allah is the only one ultimately that gives risk. But obviously the ways that we receive risk is many, right? But Allah is telling us that I'm the ultimate one who gives risk. And also, I know that many of you at that time, avoid coming to Joomla for one main reason, and that is risk. You think that you're not going to get money or you're going to lose out

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financially by committing this time for me, but you know, what, I am the one giving it to you, whether there or here and I will take care of people. In particular I will take care of those that take care of my legislation. So adhere to it. And this brings us to the end of this surah Now one concluding remark I would make is that after studying the surah knowing that it is all about an Juma and in particular congregational Juma, we should learn one main thing, which is that the Juma is something amazing, which is given to us in order to help change the communities which we live in is supposed to be a mechanism of change. Just imagine, my brothers and sisters

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that Allah has instituted this Joomla. And what the Joomla does, essentially, is that it takes a young child who reaches the age of puberty up into the grave to study and learn about Islam every single week of his life. And when it comes to study Islam on that day, he is told when the this man is talking, you can't say nothing. The President would say that if a person speaks while they're managing the hotbar there is no there is no geomorphic meaning no reward of Joomla even if someone told him to be quiet, that person said be quiet would also have no reward for Joomla. So Allah said, come every Friday to listen

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to this man, known as the Imam, teach you about Islam, every Friday of your life until you die, and when you come, you can't say nothing. And when you come, you want to be in the best state possible, having a bath on that day dressing nicely perfuming yourself. So is creating the right environment for a person to learn the right frame of mind to learn, and that is a consistent, you know, learning that they will be given and also have a consistent impact on the Eman because the Eman is becoming, you know, wearing away as the days go by, but it's being rejuvenated every week on the day of Joomla. So all of this Subhanallah shows us that Joomla is a real tool and mechanism a gift from

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Allah, you know, to help change our communities for the better. And it means that we need to rethink and reevaluate, you know, the hookbaits that we are being we are giving on the member and also the you know, value of this congregation that takes place on the Friday. So with that we come to the end of sorts of Joomla and that of zero. So the Joomla We ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us the right understanding of the surah and to help us live by His teachings and also to convey to others how that also lowers in the mind and of you know, hammered while early he was Afrobeat as rain so then why do you come up Allah He want to go to