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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala shuffelin via mousseline, or Ali, he was having his man what?

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My brothers sisters, we talk about interior planning, we talk about goal setting.

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And we say that any career is dependent on the kind of goal you set.

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So, whatever your career is, if you set the right kind of goals, then the chances of success are higher.

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And that's easy to understand. Because, for example, if I walk out of this building,

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and then if I'm standing there looking puzzled, and somebody says, Where do you want to go?

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I say, Well, I don't know.

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Can you guide me?

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Can anybody guide me?

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Nobody in the world can get.

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Unless I know where I want to go. Supposing I tell the boss, I want to go to such and such a place, Can you guide me? And then they will say yes or no, they can't find if they don't know where it is, they'll find somebody else, and so on. But if I say, they asked me, Where do you want to go? I said, I don't know.

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Can you guide me?

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How can anyone guide you? I mean, if you don't know where you want to go, how can anyone guide you? Now, my suspicion is that that is our situation today with regard to our goals.

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We live in a material world, and we have been somehow told, and we have believed this garbage, that the only goals that matter are material goods.

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Including in the work of Dean and Dawa I mean the absolute tragedy and I don't understand why people who should have more sense have so little, even in the work of Dean and our,

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the goals or material.

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How many Facebook likes?

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How many people are watching the video?

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What kind of

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what did you rake in at your conference? How much money did you make in the conference, how many people came

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was Allah subhanaw taala pleased or not, I have yet to see the statement in any

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of these things.

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So goals are all material. Now, if you look at our beings,

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we have a material aspect to ourselves which is bodies which are sitting here,

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which is perishable, which is in a state of decline

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after you're born, and once you reach, you know your peak oil, after that there is only one slope.

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Nobody comes back up the slope in only one direction southwards.

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Yet, our entire focus is on that body,

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feeding their body looking after their body,

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finding material for their body, finding safety for their body and so on and so on. All of which are material goals, focused on something which is perishable.

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There is another aspect to ourselves which is our soul our room,

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which existed before this body and which will exist after this body.

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I challenge you absolutely go anywhere, go to any school, go to any college, go to any corporate organization. And before we go anywhere should not be yourself. I mean, those of you who are listening to this further reminder, you

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you have a the cat is out of the bag as far as you're concerned but be serious and honest with yourself and say if I told you before I said all of this if I gave you a piece of paper I say write down your life goals which one of you would have written the reader of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada

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i don't know maybe all of you are already Allah, maybe all of them, all of you would have written that wallarah

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Which of us would have written my number one goal is the reader of Allah subhanho wa Taala that Allah was very pleased with me.

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Not to say that if you write material goals, if you say that my financial goal is that I must be worth so much by age 40 I must have this kind of property. If I have an organization, my organization should be at this level. You know, physically, I should look like Arnold Schwarzenegger 20 years after he retired, at least that much. I mean, my point is that whatever you say I'm not saying that those things are all haram or false or they are useless. And so though, all of that is important also, when Allah subhanaw taala gave us his body his body is a trust.

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And therefore, to maintain the body physically, to have financial goals, to have goals for your family and so on and so forth, all of this is good hamdulillah nothing wrong with it. But my point is end of the day

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all of that, no matter how much of it you have, no matter how little of it you have,

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all of it is going to come to an end.

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Soon as I said, when a man dies, the only three things that remain

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what are they

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they do as of any pious children that he left behind. This revises reverse to biological children as well as students and so on. Because the next one is that is any beneficial knowledge that you communicated?

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And people act on it and so on. And the third one is any works of ongoing goodness, circa geria, which the person may have done well, this that hospital whatnot. So the point is that we all know this, we all know this, we all know all these bodies, we all know the references. The point is, are we living our lives like that?

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Goal setting of ourselves our whole Unfortunately, our old development model is faulty. It is seriously flawed. Because if I asked you to define development, you will define development in a material sense only.

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How many of us define development as Huso? In my salah?

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Is that a goal? That I must have concentration in my salah?

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Is it a goal that my dua should be accepted by others manager? Is this a goal?

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Whether you advise accepted or not, I'm saying do you have this as a goal? That Allah must accept my dua? What is it that I can do to make my dua accepted by Allah subhanaw taala.

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And as I said, the example I gave you when I'm standing there looking puzzled.

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Say please Can you guide me and he's a very, very want to go, I don't know. How can you be the guy to see if you have no goal itself?

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If the result of Allah is not your goal, your spiritual development? Can you ever define what is spiritual development?

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Can you even if I, if I ask you physical development, I'm sure you can divide that

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that bicep size so much.

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waist size would be so much.

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Right? Thighs so much, whatnot, whatnot.

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Financial Times you can define all that. But what about spirits? If I tell you spiritual development, everybody is not a very, very important variable. Okay. So what is the meaning of spiritual development? Please define.

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There's no clue.

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We have no clue. What is the meaning of spiritual development?

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You will have to go and look up in some book somewhere.

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Maybe you've never even just said it to somebody said

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he said it himself. What is yours?

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What is the meaning of spiritual development?

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What is the spirit?

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Are you in touch with your spirit?

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Can you define it?

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Faster? Where is your ankle? You know that? Where's your elbow? You know that?

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Where's the spirit?

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And you know, I know that when that spirit leaves his body,

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your ankle and elbow will remain the same place.

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I don't know how many of you have given a puzzle to agenda that you must do it this is a very important thing to do. Actual bed, back to the bed, edit body.

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And if you do that, are you that also you do it without consciousness then we are alive. But if you do it with consciousness, then something very, very seriously we need to like a hammer on the head.

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To say that there is no difference whatsoever between this man who is laying in front of me and myself. Absolutely no difference except one.

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And that difference is his spirit has left his body palace. That's it. His row is no longer in this body. Mine is still in my body. So I am bathing him.

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If my row had left and his role was there, he would be bathing me.

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No different the first time I gave Mazel Tov Agera i this thing struck me so hard and this has remained with me. After the man looked like he was asleep

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that he was sleeping, nothing else.

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No difference. He just looked like he was sleeping.

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man is dead

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if the same man if I had seen him actually sleeping

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unless I concentrated to see whether it's just his rising and falling and so on so there will be no difference he would look like that he would look like he was dead

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so this rule which spells the difference between life and death?

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Do we know where it is? Do you know what it is? Are we in touch with it? Have you any understanding whatsoever when we say spiritual development

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Ruhani 30th on only alphas only words only words only words you'll get Rouhani Third, we're gonna have algo kupatana Ruka

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who's go hook Putana your worry is Google's their alpha into

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the river hooky the who in ag

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there were cases are

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you talking about a database of the row? You never had it? You don't know what it is yes though this term Ruhani tarbiyah very nice. So what what is the meaning of

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that we have the row is what you don't even know where the row is. You don't know how to connect with this row of yours? You don't know what it does?

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What is the food of the room? It's a living being No. So it needs some sustenance. What is what is it what is the food?

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What is the exercise of the room? All of these questions if I ask you about the body you will answer me

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what are the toxic substances which make the room sick

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which destroy the

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tranquility and the peace of zero which what is the toxicity and we will ask you why what is toxic to the body was just cigarettes and alcohol and drugs and this and this okay fine. Understand hamdulillah

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What about the room?

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That has toxic there is a huge element of toxicity which affects Whoa, what is that? Roxas

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My point is unless we are clear in our minds about these things

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how are you going to set developmental goals for yourself? And if you do not set developmental goals for yourself, then how is it that we are going to go in the right direction? That is the reason why it is not accident that Allah subhanaw taala did not reveal this Quran accidentally Allah subhanaw taala that is the reason why Allah subhanaw taala in Surah Vatika grow got us a DA and what is the DA is dinner Serato mystery

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guidance to the way

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what is the goal? Which direction must I go in? What is this path and that path of steadfastness because I know that if I really want to reach someplace not only must I know the right road, I must stick to the right road and I must continue to walk on the right road.

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Similarly knowing the road is not enough

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that is one step obviously you need to know the road if you don't even know the road that's a different thing. But if you know the road also

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there is no guarantee that you will reach the destination

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if I know the road and I won't sit out on the road or wherever you are run over

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what is will happen

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so just knowing the road is not enough even being and sitting on this road in Rock City on the road is absolutely a very bad idea.

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So you need to know the road I know the road I'm not sitting on it I'm walking on it.

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And then I see some you know burgundy some some side tracks somewhere looks nice. I go off.

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Somebody calls me from somewhere else then I go off, then I still want it even though I'm on the right road I still will not reach my destination because I have no steadfastness in that one day I am halfway on the road next day I'm somewhere else and then I come back and maybe I don't come back and God knows what happens. So you still will not reach the destination even though you know the destination. Even though you know the right road even though you're walking on the right road. Unless there is steadfastness and consistency of sticking to that road.

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You will not reach the destination. Now all of that series was right there as a mystery number one da hidden a Serato mystery wala showed him show me guide me to that road of righteousness and steadfastness.

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The goal is right the road is right and sticking on this road staying on this road.

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My submission is sit down and write down what are your development goals

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and see in it. What are your spiritual development goals?

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Don't just write words. Think about it.

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Think about reflect on it think about it and say what am I spiritual words? Because as the Hadith says,

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If I drop dead now

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my financial goals won't matter.

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Or my bodybuilding won't matter

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that's only somewhat more weight for the genre that people do carry

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how many children I have or don't have what matter how big my house was won't matter. That's one more thing for the children to fight over nothing else.

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The only thing which will matter is what was the condition of my spirit?

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What was the condition of my spirit? Yeah, I do have enough soul mathema in

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Allah did not say I here to help just wine or body which is no spirit. Yeah, to have enough soul motorman in Erie je la Rob big era the atom or the father holy V. Abadi vertical agenda, aligned Euro Sangha in shall

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we ask Allah subhanaw taala before it's COVID and first a comet and for us to be able to live on the path that was shown to us by Muhammad Rasul Allah He said Ali Salam, WA salatu salam ala

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