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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa salatu salam ala Sheffield MB will mousseline Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam just

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from other

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data or the only study with local

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although it has to do local

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Mevlana and work is

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kala Milla other ayat ayatullah

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laser Cora dome will

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be near this our fault

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al Kalam hola hola hola who yet the HUD does Elena

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was ALLAH who are Anana not ahead this is Allah

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he had the rattle game I was around the hole

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or the Oni

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will find a lot of year

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other federal our journey

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Matheran Vigilius

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and hakab fell lumber

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erode only local only

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asked me

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Pastor jeweler who

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I will accept I will give

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gave a mungkin nano

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Allah Allah dialer you do Isla aka bueno now when Allah

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any last emoji Alina cobbler

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Lee he the Asia's

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couple of Swan

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lism Aloka by now vanishes

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buna Raja

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Yanni who are sharks who are gonna be

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laughed out of

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one hour hold at any villain at any other

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how Wahlen are look, Alex Avena Boyden our winners. We have the mythical boy in an hour when Allah Allah Allah

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Leanna Allah subhanaw taala the whole visual Fatiha er Ghana I will do a yep and a story whereby the who Allah Subhana Allah who is in a certain story

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Lima interested that's another story him or her so on yalla Idina and the hottie

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and Julie Dyer.

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Now Nikolina had the urge.

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I Hida Illa Serato mystery

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Well, I can cobble someone either. Jacobina Robin.

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Anna, Yala, Anna, you're gonna hear about where you're gonna stay in. I will look.

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Well, Bernie, look for Bernie Ariba doc.

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And attorney, attorney, alum Danny Danny watin equally Russia. What could we do react Viet dunya insha Allah Allah ADINA, hello Lauria Philhealth De La Villa.

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analogizing me

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we are going to stay in

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NA learners alte Anna Lee is the ANA be Shakalaka.

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So Adil is gonna be laid out a lot.

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Lee has

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me wisdom of Haza is in us rotten mystery.

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One and Aloka Obatala

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has also been

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Allah subhanaw taala as it was rude oni asked me I will give you

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this is a

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in Arabic

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grammar This is a

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it's a it's an order asked me

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I will give you

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the question is how do we ask? Unless we have a connection

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if I'm a stranger right I walk into my

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office he doesn't know me he has never seen me in my life is walking there said give me this sir

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Who are you

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What do we give me this I

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know I need this I need it so what

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I don't get you need you don't need it

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so before we ask something you have to establish a connection

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I am so in zoo This is how I am related to you some way I am your father's friend I'm your brother's friend I'm your son's friend I'm somebody is something I'm from your village I'm from this I'm from that some connection

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is Oh very good friend as well from my Oh Come come come

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who do you know my father Oh of course by your father My father we very close friends and the law please go how's it now ask him something there is a reason

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I was very delighted

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a lot routers do ah what is the hairdresser was Oh Allah guide me guide us to the straight paths but before the DUA what is there

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it is the third of it is the connection. Ie I can I will the way I can say oh Allah am yours.

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I worship you. I rewatched anybody else

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I belong to you.

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You will get you created me you feed me you help me you give me everything I need in this dunya you will give me everything I need in the afterlife Everything belongs to you.

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And I don't ask help from anybody I'm gonna say I don't ask help from anyone other than

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therefore guide me

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because I'm yours you are the hottie you are the one to guide I'm asking you where

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so I want to run myself in you What do we do to build this connection with Allah?

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Because connections need effort

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every connection needs effort

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right every connection needs

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including connections of blood

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you will not have a connection with your parents if you don't serve them

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your bond to them no doubt same genes whatnot whatnot but some of the you leave the abandons I don't care you're doing your father is indeed mothers. Yeah. Okay, somebody.

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They're not living out in the jungle. So if people are there

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you get married to somebody. You don't care. You don't come home. You don't do this. You don't do that. You don't take care of anything.

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You're married? Yes. But how long will that last?

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Same thing with friendship. And those will be offered I never call you I never check anything or living you're dead. God knows what I'm supposed to be a friend what friend is

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everything needs effort, every connection needs effort. So also the connection with Allah Samantha needs effort.

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That effort at the minimum level is five times that is called Salah

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meter that is the absolute basically without this there is no connection at all.

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But that is the minimum. That is not the maximum that we can show I believe I don't know that that is the boundary condition.

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For one another half, Guevara, Gonzales,

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by now albino masala among Guevara, among other dotcover, the dividing line The line that the differentiator between us and those who are not Muslim is Salah, the one who has left it has left Islam. So this is the boundary condition.

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The one who's praying five times Allah is still at the door. I mean, he's inside. He's not outside the building but he's not here. He's not in a mirror Rob is not sitting in the front

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For some it

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needs more effort.

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And when we make that effort there is it only as valuable as merely

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so that is the question. The question is do we make the effort

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now, we'll teach you how to make.

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That weighs.

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selasa Nam

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Min nehama Tila we're

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Yomi and bacula

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Ulta selasa

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nearmap mean Nim

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attack Allah

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every day when you wake up in the morning select three blessings from the blessings that Allah has given you three not more than

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every day

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my bad

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and after that

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I'm at Allah Almighty.

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Thank Allah subhanaw taala for them

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how to do that

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the yellow

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I took B don't have YNAB

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think of your life without that never.

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If you think your child is an Emma, do this exercise actually physically if you think that your child is a Nirma of Allah look at the child in the child's face and imagine that child just died now how will your life be

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we'll just bring John as our this child we have prayed people are pretty generous our children in this budget

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they love their children just like when I love our children

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imagine life without a chance

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look at your husband look at your wife and say this is my era imagine life without a

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look at your health Alhamdulillah Allah subhanaw taala gave me a body that works along the way give me a brain that works imagine life without that

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actually do that

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as an exercise these are all

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Riyadh Rouhani

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exercises of the spirit of the rule

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do that as an exercise everyday and thank

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you gave me

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I did not ask

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and I'm helpless if you take it away I cannot do anything just so we put agenda what is Lady Mellon grant her agenda for those 4040 to 41 years old four sons

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just like that one day she will okay

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next day she's gone

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we have Carlos Rocha for

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half year

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in everything which he gives us.

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So let us do this as an Excel inshallah every three things select them that especially look at the interface

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what will life be without this

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and thank Allah

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this will build a dialogue between you and Allah

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God this is my Arab

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Child Yeah, well child your y goes on your your your health anything whatever blessing Allah has given you.

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job I got a great job wonderful. I'm getting a good salary whatnot. And then I got a pink slip

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you'll be laid off

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a I took your place

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right? You got a good business suddenly gone has the shop full of things nobody wants him.

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Now what ever believe me every single one of these things are happening as we speak in the world. Many of them have happened to people we know. Maybe something's happened was also we don't know a lot. I'm I'm just saying that I'm not talking here some outerspace stuff. This is real life.

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This happens every single day of our lives.

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So thank Allah Hungary, Hungary

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ask Allah

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to open our hearts to a sugar and to fill our hearts with His No. And to fill our lives with his baraka and to give us whatever he gives us with Apphia and to give us what we asked without fear and to give us what we did not ask how to do this, or sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa Sahbihi