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The speakers discuss the importance of la clarity and negative words in Islam, as it is difficult to convey the need for social work and prevention of evil. They also touch on the topic of the social work of Mr. Morrow and Mahir Mancha, the importance of preventing hunger and homelessness in society, and the use of Islam in schools and the lack of support for it. The speakers stress the need for justice and transparency in publicity and setting boundaries for one's behavior, while also highlighting the importance of honoring individuals and setting boundaries for one's behavior. They also stress the need for learning and bringing about social change to stand up for one's opinion and caution against using negative language.

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A lot of other human hamdulillah alameen wa salatu wa salam ala mousseline Muhammad Rasul Allah Holly while he was at Silla, there's even a theorem cathedra from Babu and other sisters. We are on the stories of the Quran. And we are looking at the wisdom of laquan alayhi. Salam, as I mentioned to you before, this is the wisdom that allows you to handle data, consider it important enough to

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to enshrine it in his beautiful color, Kareem in sort of the last man

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and Allah subhanaw taala reminded us about the wonderful wise things in the wonderful wise pieces of advice that vinyle ceram gave to his son.

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And unless Renata cause that to be passed down to us across the century, this is also a very

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big evidence of and proof of the fact that whoever Allah subhanaw taala wants to keep whatever Allah Subhana does, wants to maintain the legacy of Allah subhanho wa Taala does that in his own way, and nobody can detract and distract from that. It doesn't matter. Look Marilee Sarah was not a great king Marley's Salaam was not a wealthy human being, one miserable an ordinary man. But Allah Subhana Allah granted him that status where we call him alayhi salam, and Allah subhanaw taala caused his beautiful words his beautiful advice to last centuries and centuries alone. He knows how many

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after he had passed away, and his advice on Hungary law is as good for today's times as it was on the day that it was given to his son. My brother and sisters we come to the next part after Salah, where he said he will be live in a shed on the regime. Yamuna Aki salata, wa murrayville Mao houfy one ha Anil moon curry was Vir Allah ma sabak in the early camen as we move which means all my son established Salah, we have gone over this in a lot of detail I asked Allah subhanaw taala to accept

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whatever we have learned and enable us to pray in a way that pleases him gela gentle and to enable us to pray

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in a way that he will accept from us inshallah.

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And then he said, Oh, my son, Kimmy, Sarah established the salah. And then

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one more bill Murphy one our honeymoon car.

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One hand in one car is that enjoying and order and promote

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Alma roof everything which is good and permissible, promote this and forbid and prevent and discourage people from Alan Carr which is all forms of evil

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was spear Allah ma sabak. And bear with patience, whatever befalls you bear with patience, any trials and siba and any difficulties that might be follow as a result of these things, which is establishing of salah and enjoining, a good and forbidding of evil. And then he said these are some of the most important commandments ordered by Allah subhanaw taala with no exception, in Ehrlich, I mean as mill.

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Sisters, Islam places a huge premium on reforming society, on the promoting of good in society and the prohibition of evil. Now, Islam does not permit us to simply sit by as spectators and watch the fun. Obviously, Islam does not permit us to participate in anything which is evil. So definitely that is out of the question. But even just to sit silently and watch it happen, this is not from Islam. Islam does not allow us to do that. We are supposed to

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actively work towards promotion of good and against the commission of evil.

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you might wonder why there are apparently few examples of Social Work meaning in terms of bar in the modern sense that is like NGOs and so on.

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In Islamic history in Bern, if we reflect on the whole concept of Mr. Morrow and Mahir Mancha, we realized that not only is there a very powerful focus on social work, but on its fundamentals in society, for example, we praise those who feed the hungry and Alhamdulillah This is good, we should we should feed the hungry, then what must you say about a system that abolishes hunger and poverty? Wi Fi, we have a system, which creates poverty, which creates hunger, which creates homelessness, and then we praise people who help the homeless who help the hungry? Or what about having a system where there will be no hungry people, there will be no homeless people, what do you say about that

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system? And I would say that is a far better system. Because this is like plugging holes. Every time there's a hole you plug the hole, but how about having a hell for the ship? which is which cannot be punctured? Right? Every time there's a fire, we put out the fire. But how about prevention of fires, our creating a system where there will be no fire? How about fire proofing the entire building, so that even if somebody wants to light a fire, even if they try to light a fire, it will not catch fire, the building will not burn. This is the the

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focus on Islam.

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So therefore Think about this. We praise those who feed the hungry. What about our system which will prevent hunger? We praise those who help the oppressed, or what about a system in which there is no pressure, there will be no oppression, if you follow that system, there will be no oppression, we praise those who give homes will give shelter to the homeless? What about a system in which there will be no homelessness? Think about that.

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Now, today, unfortunately, it's a different story that Muslims are up there with the best of them.

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Chasing materialistic goals, and sacrificing whatever I'm not

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ordered them to do. forgetting that one day they will answer to him gela Delano,

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who they decided to ignore, while abusing what he gave them and that's why I say I defend Islam. I cannot defend Muslims. This is the May Allah protect me from myself. May Allah protect you from yourself, may Allah protect us from our knifes. Anytime I speak, I always say I'm I speak in defense of Islam, I do not speak in defense of Muslims, that should not they should not be a dichotomy. There should not be a difference, there should not be a gulf there should not be a gap between

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Islam and Muslims. Who is a Muslim? A Muslim is somebody who practices Islam. A Muslim is not somebody who knows about Islam, that this is the and that's why they really should not be logically speaking, there should not be any gap between what Islam prescribes and teachers. And what a Muslim does. Because a Muslim is one who practices Islam.

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A clause that the person is a person who's wearing clothes,

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is not a person who's naked. And who knows about quotes. You don't call this person a closed person, right? Who's a who is somebody who is who is a person who has who is

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who is, you know, my like my dear friend, Bert used to say, fully fed up and fulfilled. At the end of a meal. His person is full of good food, who is a person who is

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who is

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who is no longer hungry. Somebody who has already eaten is not somebody who knows about food.

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Right? Not somebody who knows about from Muslim, Islam is the name of a practice. Who is a Muslim, the one who practices Islam, not the one who knows about Islam. Somebody might say, Well, I know about Islam, I almost non Muslim.

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But I'm teaching Islamic Studies in southern Southern University, there are plenty like this in America and in in the West. There are many so called Islamic scholars who teach Islam who teach about Islam who teach Islamic history and so on and so forth. But they themselves are not Muslim. And believe me, many of them are they're not hostile to Islam. I mean, some of them are. They like Islam very much. They teach very nicely.

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They are very, you know, number one, they are factual. They do not, they do not promote propaganda. They do not teach false things. They don't lie about Islam. They're very factual. And then they are very, very supportive and they're very respectful about Islam.

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I was telling this wonderful story. I was at this, this wonderful school, very good school in the UK called j cos Academy, J cos Academy. It is the it was a it's a Jewish

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Jewish community, secondary school. So j cos Academy in London, I wanted to see it because I had heard a lot about the school and I requested I was in the UK in 2014 to speak at the International Conference on on faith based education from Islamic education. And I requested the the head of,

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of the Association of Muslim schools, my dear and good friend, alum chef, who was the head teacher headmaster at

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at school in Harrow.

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I requested that I would like to visit the school, Jake also got him. So he arranged it and Alan, myself and my wife, and another friend of ours for was went very interesting, useful. Now what was interesting was they gave us a program designed to come we would be met, received at the entrance. And then we will go to the principal's office and have tea with the principal. And then you can tour the school and you know, any questions and so on. We have classes I have a good

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when we reach that we were met by this man or woman, both of them were teachers, both Jewish.

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The man shook hands with me. But he did not shake hands with my wife.

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He just bow to her. The woman shook hands with my wife. But she did not shake hands with me. Now I found that quite interesting. And because usually this is the issue with the witch shaking hands, where, you know, we as Muslims are not permitted to shake hands, or touch somebody who does not matter. So many times we have this little bit of an embarrassment, embarrassing situation where somebody puts out their hand and then you can't you can't hold their hand you cannot shake hands with them. And then you have through this whole explanation of saying no, we can't do this, and so on. So this in this case, this this whole thing didn't happen. There was there was no need because

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they did not put out there. So I commented I said to them, I said I find it very interesting that

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you didn't shake hands. I said to the lady, I said, very interesting that you shook hands with my wife. But you did not shake hands with me and your colleague, vice versa. What is the reason? She said the same reason why you would not shake hands with me and your wife would not shake hands. With my colleague here. We have the same laws. And this is a Jewish lady speaking to me, he said we have the same laws, we do not touch somebody who is not married to us. That is fantastic. I didn't know this. Anyway. We went and we had tea with the

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with the principal. And after that, and that that

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the to the principal and the congregation there itself is another very interesting thing, but it's not relevant. Yes, we're not going to mention it. But then what I am talking about how knowing about Islam and knowing and being a believer being a Muslim are two different things.

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So we went for, for a walk in the school, this lady who met us was a person she was teaching.

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She told us just walk into any class you like, and you know, see. And she said my class also is there. So as we were walking around, I walked into one class, and this is small children. These were children who are about eight or nine years old.

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It so happened it was his class of religious studies. So when we walked into that class, the teachers met the teacher, the children all greeted us, we beat them.

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The teacher said, if you would like to ask them any question, please do that. So I asked, I said,

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Can anyone tell me what do you know about Islam?

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I said I'm a Muslim. And I'd like to know and these are all useful. So I said, Can you tell Can anyone tell me what you know about Islam? So one of the little boy put up is and I said yes, please tell me. He said Islam is a religion, which is based on a book.

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Islam is a religion, which is based on a book. I said which book he said it is called the Quran.

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I said, What do you know about his book? He said, this is the revelation from God.

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This is the word of God.

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Now you can imagine my stablishment that this is a random child. This is not a it's not a stage performance. They didn't even know I was going to walk into that class. They didn't know what questions I was going to ask. So this boy is just saying what he has been taught.

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So I said, I'm extremely happy to hear that absolutely 100% correct. Everything you said, that I said, anyone else would like to tell me anything else about Islam or the Quran or so on? So one little girl pulled over?

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I said, Yes, please. She said, This book is holy, it must be treated with respect. And it must be kept in a high place.

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I hear you what this children

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who are being taught

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correct things about Islam. So this is this is a dual school. So they are not being taught a bunch of propaganda, they are not being said they have not been taught to say here is this caranas Quran is wrong. No. The issue however, is that still they are not Muslim, even though they know about Islam. Now, I can take you to amrish mal, for example, the head of in Howard, she was the head of Islamic Studies. She's written a very good book on on the seal, among many other things. She was a scholar of Hadith. She obviously fluent in Arabic. The point is that practicing Islam is what makes you Muslim.

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So if there is a difference between Islam the doctrine and Islam the practice, then the fault must lie with the person who is practicing.

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There is a difference between the practice and the doctrine because the one who's practicing is not practicing the full Doc, he is practicing whatever he likes to practice. And this is not acceptable in Islam in Islam, there should be no gap between the walk and the talk. And this was not the case with a pseudo Salah. And that is why this issue of our bar of an Al Moncure Islam promotes a way of life, which is based on justice. And where there is justice, therefore, there cannot be hunger, they cannot be poverty, they cannot be homelessness, there cannot be oppression. Because if any of these things exist, these things are symptoms of the disease, which is in justice, where there is justice,

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these symptoms cannot exist.

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Now this is the

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last rant that I made this clear in his book, where

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Allah said that all of humanity are losers, except people with four qualities.

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well as three, Allah took the oath of time, and law took an oath by time and he said, Well, Ashley, in Nell in Santa Fe, was allowed to get out of time. Then Allah said, verily and truly which is another emphasis, in bellinzona, Laffy hos, again an emphasis unless it truly and really, all human beings are truly And verily, in Ross, they're all losers in London, except those among us who have a man who have belief and faith

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Well, I'm you know, Sally hat and who do good deeds, what are so bill Huck, and who invite two words could What are so we suck and who behave with dignity and fortitude and with patients when they are faced with adverse circumstances.

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So Allah subhanaw taala gave us this

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the give us the this example. And as I told you, it is this sort of the laaser confirms and it's it's a proof and delille for the itin, so to look man, which I decided before you were lokmanya salaam give the same advice to his son

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for Salah is proof of Eman either Latina Amman one we decided that among the I'm gonna say the best and most important of them is Salah, once we get to those seven. Now I brothers is this. Winning is not what we call winning, which in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala is the worst of losing. You know if I asked you to name for me, three of the most successful people in the world

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three of the most successful

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For people in the world, right, whoever the name

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you will name for me three billionaires.

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The actual names were differ.

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Somebody might named Jeff Bezos, somebody might named Warren Buffett, somebody might name Bill Gates,

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and so forth. But you will name for me three people who have made a lot of money three billionaires.

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How many of you if I asked you to name three of the most successful people will name three great scholars, three great scientists, three great research scholars, three great inventors.

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Three great social workers.

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Right? three great men of religion.

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any religion? I'm not saying that, you know, I even even even if they're not Muslim. I'm just asking you three great, most successful and advisors general question to Muslims and non Muslims.

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I don't expect people who are not Muslim to name Islamic scholars. I'm sad to say I don't even extra Muslims to name Islamic scholars. I don't think they know that. Most Muslims do not even know if I asked you name for me three Muslim scholars, Islamic scholars, and don't name the for any of the four

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demands. Or maybe for some people, I don't even need to say that because I don't think they know the name of the forums. But if I do other than the forums, because those are mostly you know, in barber shop, you're on my leg and I'm a human, I want these names to lay by by these are well known. If I tell you to name anyone other than that, there are a lot of people who will not be able to name four people three people, three Muslim scholars or Islam Scott Martin role is to really seriously we have to

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wake up and we have to learn and we must do what we are supposed to do.

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Because the worst criminals in the eyes of society are those who have been given the job of protecting society and but who instead violated it, right? Yeah, seriously what protection is there when the projector decides to harm or steep Muslim who are sent to demonstrate Islam not to destroy, but today if you see what Muslims are doing, may Allah May Allah protect us. May Allah protect us from ourselves. My brother sisters, Allah rattler described the identity and the qualities the signature of the disbelievers and those who denounce

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sinners are believers they

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identify the qualities and signature of the believers as those what is the who is a believer what is the signature of a believer? What differentiates a believer for not believing? Allah said the believer is the one who denounces evil and enjoys good and he establishes salah and he pays a cat in Surah Tauba unless Ramadan is Edwin moon our movie not bad to whom Alia bad yeah morona Bill Maher roofie when Han Arielle moon curry were up Muna salata Are you tuna sakata our UT road Allah wa sallahu wa woulda Casa Yamaha mucho la in LA Aziz Hoon Hakeem unless rantin is in the believers, men and women are earlier they are helpers they are supporters and friends are protectors of one

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another. They enjoin and they promote and they support Alma roof which is everything which is good, and they forbade and they discourage amonkar anything which is evil, and they establish a Salah they established the prayer committee salah and they gives a card appears a cat and they obey Allah Subhana Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and Allah said Allah will have his mercy on them loving will treat them with mercy will cover them with mercy. And surely Allah subhanho wa Taala is almighty and always

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another man that appraised those who enjoy and good and forbid evil, and he declared that such people must always be there in any society and that people must strive to do this work

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lesson in the long run was taco minquan oma to India The road is a Muna will narrow view and when I mean curry, but hula will move your whole unless Mandela said which means let there arise out of you let there be from among you a group of people inviting to all that is good, which is Islam, and joining Alma roof and forbidding our Moncure and it is these people who are successful.

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Last rantala specifically said that there should be people and this does not mean

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That we have just one group who is, you know, on whom is dumped his responsibility is the work of no less if you strive for that everyone should try to be that. And specifically also, if somebody is doing something that support those people, enable them to do that strengthen their hand, provide them from whatever resources they need, so that they can do this work for the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala alone. So that the work of Dawa the work of the blue, the work of teaching the Quran, the work of teaching, Islam does not get monetized, it doesn't become a means of earning a living for those people that live in the provided by society, they are doing a work which is so critical,

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so important, and which is for the pleasure of Allah, and for the benefit of all people. So let to treat them like that give them the support that they need, and also honor and distinguish the Summa, not on the basis of the of their worship, not on the basis of any ethnicity, or nationality, or race or color or anything, but on the basis of their service to society, which is the foundation of our will maruf and here Moncure services society meaning enjoining good and forbidding evil. This underlines the importance that Allah Subhana Allah has given to the reform of society. That is the reason he sent the MBL a musala. And that is the honor that the oma of the last and final Navy

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satellite seller was given as a mark of their being chosen to do the work of the unveiling of Scylla. If only we recognize this honor, and we strive to fulfill it, for will honor the responsibility.

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And with responsibility comes accountability. Last rather than is it going to fire on button, or courageous leanness, that morona will marucci what and Hannah and illman curry were to Mina villa. Last round that I said, you Muslims are the best of people ever raised up for the benefit of mankind. And how's that winner, you enjoy and good, and you forbid, evil and you have faith in Allah subhanho wa Taala. I've learned just to remind myself when you let us remember this, this is a

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this is our signature. This is our Hallmark. And the reason why this is so important is because the one who who enjoys God who stands for go to stand for justice, who helps people who goes out of his or her way to promote good and to stand against evil, also automatically becomes the most beloved, the most influential of people. There are many ayat which speak of enjoying what is good and forbidding what is evil. And that is because of the importance of this issue, and the great need that exists for it. It is time for us to take stock and see what we are doing with ourselves and our children.

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So as I was saying, it's very important for us to be clear in our minds that are not with Mr. rove and Al Wonka, and joining good and forbidding evil.

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Number one is not the exclusive responsibility of any individual or group.

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It is incumbent on every Muslim man or woman, irrespective of the scope of their authority, whether they are kings and rulers, whether their employers, whether they are employees, whether their heads of families has a heads of households, or they're just individuals in their own right, to enjoin good and forbid evil, to work to bring about social change, to work to bring about

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correction in society where the correction is required to stand up for what is right to express an opinion, even if that opinion is unpopular, which is likely to be

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all of these things, to have the moral courage to stand with somebody else who's being oppressed, no matter whether that other person is Muslim or non Muslim. All of these are very important elements of

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armor when maruf when a hallmark of enjoining, good and forbidding evil, and this is incumbent upon every single Muslim man or woman.

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And that begins with our own behavior.

00:29:45--> 00:29:46

I think it's very important

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to remember this, that at the end of the day when all is said and done, what will matter, the only thing that will matter is what we did or what we chose

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Not to do,

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what we chose to do, and what we chose not to melos rantala guide us to do that which is pleasing to Him and to save us from that, which is not easy, but it is not how much we know or knew, which will make any difference, what will make a difference is what we did,

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we should know, because without knowledge, correct action is not possible. But if knowledge remains at the level of seeking, and by knowledge, we mean just what we read or what we write or what we hear and listen to, and then it remains there and does not translate into actual action, then that knowledge is not only wasted, but that knowledge of the Day of Judgment is likely to become the hotjar likely to become the argument against is likely to become evidence against the person.

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Because then the person will not be able to say I did not know, so I could not do.

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Having said that.

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Ignorance is not defense in law. So what we need to learn, we need to learn. So it is important for us to

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find out what is it that I need to learn and to then make sure that I learn it. This is very important. But having learned, then it's even more important if I can say that to apply what I know in my life. And that is the biggest and most powerful way of the of inviting towards Islam is to our class is through our behavior through our dealings through our interactions with other people.

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My role sisters, just to give you an example of the opposite of what should not happen. Our ostentatious weddings are a classic case where everyone, especially societal leaders, and they must boycott them. Because otherwise Allah subhanaw taala

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call people who have an ostentatious lifestyle who do a lot of show off.

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And these readings are really that because it's no other no other way of understanding why someone would spend colossal amounts of money and believe me there's some serious money there on

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something which is so.

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So transitory and he is just one night one evening.

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why would Why would you do that? Now except that you want to show off you think you're doing a great thing other people look at you and maybe feel jealous or something. I think anybody with any sense will not feel jealous, they will feel pity for you. They will feel sorry for you. There was a what kind of a stupid person is this? That he spends, you know, a million dollars?

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Half a million dollars a quarter million dollars on floral decorations, for example, which next morning, I want to go into the garbage. I mean, why would you do that? Instead of that that quarter million, half million, whatever it is you're spending could have been spent in something which is substantial. I always tell people I'm not even talking about charity. What I would ideally say is parent charity help people who are who need the money who need help in his life. I'm saying don't even do that be selfish is take that money, give it to your children, you're getting the merit, give that to them as a gift. Who would who doesn't want to receive half a million dollars as a gift, give

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it to them? You got the money, right? Give it to don't get me keep it when you die, it will become your inheritance somebody will get it but just like just like that spending that on ostentation, Austin, Asia, these kinds of decorations all kinds of, you know, needless food and cuisine and whatnot. A lot of that just gets wasted. This is criminal This is completely and totally criminal. And when society leaders, the leaders of society, especially when Oliver attend such weddings, they become the lead they become the roof for others to say that it is okay to do so.

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I recall very clearly

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one of my friends, though, there was somebody who's getting married

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in Hyderabad and it was slated to be one of these very ostentatious weddings. Obviously, I was not planning to go so we didn't go but somebody else borrowed our car. So my driver went to this person to the very next morning he came back he told me you are the only person who doesn't go and nickname for me. Practically every big island that was, you know, existing in that city. Now, he said so

00:35:00--> 00:35:26

Was there So, this is a you are the only person who wasn't there as 100 This is a lot of that was witness and you are my witness before that I did not go because people say if they see you in the sea and I'm in that place, then they will say well you know, if it was wrong, why is Maulana so and so Wireshark So today, so because the share is there, it means it can be wrong.

00:35:27--> 00:35:38

So here we are saying do not do ostentatious spending. Allah has given you resources, use them wisely, spend them in something which is worthwhile.

00:35:40--> 00:35:44

And on the other hand, you've got somebody who's a religious scholar

00:35:45--> 00:35:51

who is participating in this kind of a function. What kind of impression does it create

00:35:53--> 00:35:54

other sisters

00:35:56--> 00:36:10

that is why I said mate, and people have asked me this question they said no, they've told me this they said if it was right, if it was wrong, why is so untrue there and then the naming rally? Why is the you know the this person Why was it which means that it must be okay.

00:36:12--> 00:36:17

Alice rattler clearly ordered us where he said what I want. Billy what

00:36:18--> 00:36:29

what are the hour? No, lol is me Baldwin. What taco law in the law, she didn't look up. And so the mother in law said help each other in Erbil and

00:36:30--> 00:36:35

in piety and in pleasing Allah subhanaw taala.

00:36:36--> 00:36:50

In fearing Allah displeasure, reminding each other about that, and do not help each other in sin and transgression and rebellious and fear Allah subhanaw taala Ranga Verily, Allah is Severe in punishment. In the last video,

00:36:51--> 00:37:00

I wrote this, how can we, especially in particularly women, participate in something that Allah subhanaw taala privater which is

00:37:02--> 00:37:07

Allah, Allah privated such kind of ostentatious spending our money

00:37:09--> 00:37:19

the only justification that you can have to go to a function like that is to stop it is to go and publicly speak out against it.

00:37:21--> 00:37:28

And then leave without participating in that function. Now the problem is that if you do that, you will

00:37:31--> 00:38:10

probably create a bigger fitna and conflict which could lead to even more people will get offended, people will say, why did you have to come and insult us, this is not a thought. And chatter is always there to make to make hay while the sun shines. So if you go to such a function, and you speak out again, and I'm saying that the only reason you would go is to speak out against it, and if you go there and you speak out against it, then you are going to offend a lot of people, you're probably going to end up creating more evil than good and your cure will be worse than the ailment. So that is why it is best to boycott such functions and to tell the people why you are boycotting

00:38:10--> 00:38:50

them Don't say I have you know I had a stomach upset or I have a headache, no, you would have had my head is fine. My stock is why I am not coming because of this reason. And that is very, very important. Our sisters, remember, it's cheaper to buy your DNA than to pay for free biryani on the Day of Judgment. Please be very, very careful, it will cost a lot more on the devil. Thou is a matter of practice Dawa, which is not supported by practice is not effective. The one who does not have power and executive authority must raise his or her voice against evil, no matter what it costs them to do that, even though I know you will, it will be unpopular, I know you will, you know people

00:38:50--> 00:38:58

will will not like what you say doesn't matter, let them not like it, it makes no difference, you must say because that is the right thing to do.

00:38:59--> 00:39:37

And speak out using whatever medium is available, whether it's a whether you're writing it or you're speaking out, you know, directly person, a person or whatever. And ideally speaking, I would say speak to the individuals concerned don't make videos about that speak to the individual concern and say sorry, I saw your displays. I saw you participating in a wedding which was very ostentatious, please Why Why would I do that? Why? Why we had at least let me let me ask you. And if you have done something by mistake, then please announce this. Tell your people that I did something wrong. I did. I did and I will no I'm not going to do that again. And boycott such things do not go and do not

00:39:38--> 00:39:51

participate in that thing. Met So speak out in a way that people will be attracted to listen to you. And the up because the object is to get them to listen to people and not to

00:39:52--> 00:40:00

not to be turned off as colors rather than to be pleased with you and never to be displeased ask Allah to enable us to do that which is pleased

00:40:00--> 00:40:06

to him and that which enables us to get close to him masala curry while he was happy to go

00:40:08--> 00:40:08

to LA