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As a lead among the evil hungry layer below me concert was southern Russia from the evil misery. Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Almighty, He won't only he was able to sell them

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from Morocco, my brothers and sisters, I remember a beautiful story of

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sufficient authority to lolly. When he was passing away when he was doing,

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his friend gave visiting,

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and his friends are by him by his bedside.

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And he asked him, he said,

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if Allah subhanaw taala gives you a choice, when you meet Allah, if He gives you a choice, and says to you, he has

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a choice I give you is that either,

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if you like I will get I will let your mother be the judge in your case, meaning your deeds and your life.

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Whether you would have done or not, will be decided by your mother.

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And the other choice you have is that I will be the judge.

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So this friend says that if Allah gives you this choice, that either your judge on the Day of Judgment will be your mother, or Allah subhanaw taala himself will judge you, which will you prefer?

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So if you're not sorry about that, I said, I will ask Allah and I will say, you will be my judge, not my mother.

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His friend was surprised and he said, Why would you reject that? You know, your mother loves you? And

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why would you reject this opportunity? And where

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not tomorrow Tara is giving you this opportunity to Egypt by a mother instead of being just by himself. And the option is that you are judged by Allah subhanaw taala.

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So far, as I said, I will say this because Allah subhanaw taala is a photo Rahim.

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My mother is not for him. He said, I will say this because Allah subhanaw taala is the most merciful, and the most forgiving,

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the most forgiving, and the Most Merciful is Allah not my mother. So I will choose Allah over my mother. Now this

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beautiful statement

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reminds me and I asked you to think about it,

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of the special relationship of the outdoors.

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And this relationship is the essence of Islam.

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ramappa love to genuine insight OLALIA Luna, Allah Serbia NorCal created the gene and the human beings except to worship me that worship refers to this relationship,

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to build a relationship of such complete and total trust that even for his for to be a judge

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over the slaves deeds. The slaves chooses Allah, that this is not going to happen in practice, Allah will not give us a choice. But I'm saying that Hamdulillah that Allah subhanaw taala will be my judge that I will be presented before Allah is and should be a source of comfort for me.

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Right should be comfort for us. Something that we may have fear, but it's a source of comfort for us. And this will happen only if we have that

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level of trust, and you're clean on Allah. How do you have the trust and by knowing Allah subhanaw taala by being aware of the glory and majesty and power of Allah.

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See, the thing is,

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this think about this, I was talking to a very dear friend of mine who

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has recovered humbler completely from a stroke. And she's a fairly young woman. And the stroke itself was a huge shock. And like she told me, she said more than the physical issue

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was the mental issue. And after I had to mentally deal with this thing that that I had a stroke, which is the most unusual, unexpected kind of thing. Nobody expects you to have a stroke, especially when you're young.

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And she said, What helped me and what came to my head was to accept and understand that Allah subhanaw taala is in control that Allah is in control of my life.

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Now I said to her that this is the value of this understanding the value of this awareness that Allah subhanho wa Taala is in control of my life. So this thing has no value it is it is something which is completely priceless.

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No one can put a value on this and say

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How much is it worth? This is completely and totally priceless. Because when the slave understands that Allah subhanaw taala is in control, it means that he never has any figure, any worry any concern after that. His job is to watch the home, watch the fun, just play the role. The script of the play has been written by the playwright, which is Allah subhanaw taala. Your job is to play your role at the role that has been given to you that's it.

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Imagine that our life and I'm saying imagine meaning, have this desire or that have the awareness of that this is the reality, this is the truth. So it's not imagination as that sense, but to have the awareness of that.

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So think about this, that

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our life. Take the contrast again, supposing Allah subhanaw, Taala had said,

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I give you a choice, either I give you control of your life, right? Do whatever you like, I'll give it to you in your control, whatever you like will happen.

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I am in control of your life and I will remain control of your life. What will you choose?

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Now those who do not know Allah subhanaw taala, who do not believe in Allah, who do not have an awareness of the glory and magnificence all those who do not have an awareness of their connection with Allah, they have no connection with Allah. They will say give it to me. Let me run by life. Right. Now, what is the issue with that?

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That sounds nice. But what is the issue is that the issue with that is that we do not know the effect of our choices.

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We don't know what a certain choice will end up in one of the one of the things that is very commonly and easily visible. And I'm sure every one of us has this example of one or the other of our friends or relatives in our lives, who are into bad marriages, who have had marriages who are married and who had either they got divorced, or they are living in a in a bad marriage. So this is the result of your choice, that obviously,

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whoever marries somebody marries them because they chose to marry them. I'm not talking about someone who got forced to marry somebody, but anyone who married someone out of choice, they choose to either so here was the person you married because you like the person. So now what happens

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because we don't know the effect of our choices. Think about all this choices we make. And then, you know, for many people, they make that choice and then they regret it. I've said this many times before that there are very anyone with who reflects on their life. And if they've lived long enough, if you're in your 50s 60s I'm sure we all have

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you can recall things which we wanted to have

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in our use, which Allah did not give us. And today thinking back on it with Rila

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Allah subhanaw taala did not give me this thing which I wanted so badly. So if Allah give our lives into our hands, and if Allah said, give them as you want, then we would have a certain track we would have a certain life pattern. And there's no guarantee that this would lead anywhere. Good is a matter of fact, if we go by the Quran, the Quran says in the NAFSA LA Marathon de su Illa Mara.

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And so this of the Quran says that truly my enough's. My my own desire, leads only to harmfulness leads only to sin leads only to something which is harmful, except for those who Allah has mercy on.

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So if I read by my choices, then the chances are that my life will go downhill and to a bad place. But on the other hand, if I leave the choices to ALLAH SubhanA done and again, I said this is not in adequate control lies in losing control, whether we like it or not, but when we understand this, it creates this enormous amount of peace in our hearts, and takes away all the stress and all the anxiety. Because who is in charge? The one who is in charge knows the future, the one who's in charge knows the consequences of the choices. The ones who were the one who was in charge has complete and total control over everything, including my future, ignoring each other. And on top of

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that, the one who's in control loves me.

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I love that abroad Rama for himself. cutterbar Abu Comala Nasir Rama, Allah subhanaw taala roared for himself mercy

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He is the Most Merciful, He is the one who loves his creatures and is good at his creation. So all that I need to do is to obey Him

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and leave the choices to him. So if I obey him and leave the choices to him, then there is no chance of Allah subhanaw taala making a wrong choice, because Allah never makes wrong choices, and second eldest loves me, so he wants the best for me. And if he wants the best for me, then he's going to do something which is the best form,

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he will choose the best for me, and he has the power to make that choice happen. Whereas if I choose something, I still don't have the power to make it happen. I don't have power, I don't know what that choice is going to lead to in the future. But Allah subhanaw taala none of those uncertainties apply. So he has all the power and authority, authority and control over Allah Coalition for this. He knows what is

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hidden and he knows what is visible.

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He knows the future of things, and he's the one choosing for me. So when we have this connection with Allah subhanaw taala His glory and majesty fills our heart that's very important. Who are you connected to? You must know. And what is the nature of our connection was to who we are connected to is the Creator of the heavens of the Earth is the one before we will be presented on the dividend. He is the one who gave us life he is the one who will leave his death. And that's the reason why.

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The Quran says okay for that for Avila. How can you deny Allah

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kendama word and vehicle you were dead and he gave you life. So my way to come somebody Heiko, then he will take your life away, then He will resurrect to give you a life back again. So my lay it all down, and then you will go and return to Him. So how can you deny the existence and deny the greatness and the glory of the magnificence and deny obedience to and deny worshipping? The one who gave you life?

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The one who will take it away? And the one who will give it back to you? And towards whom? To whom is your return? How can you give it a call? And how is it possible that you refuse?

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In another place? I love this question that people are asking

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all that Russolo whom I feel he should convert there is some table here the URL commonly of the federal law come in do know become your hero. Camila jelly Musa, their messenger said, can there be doubt about Allah, creator of the heavens and the earth? He invites you that He may forgive you your sins, and He delays your deaths for a specified term.

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It is this your kin that Allah subhanaw taala is the Creator of the heavens and the earth, including myself and to Him is by return. This is the essence of Islam, the essence of Talaq Mala. This is the whole point of knowing and understanding the laudium Magnificent Allah's model and understanding your connection with you. When we have that, then we have the light because free for all stress and all anxiety and all fears. And we say I am in the hands of Allah subhanaw hamdulillah and Myra doesn't drop a catch. If I am in his hands, there is nothing there is no option, but to be safe.

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And so therefore I will be the safest person in the world. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to get disciplines and understanding and to fill our hearts and souls with peace and harmony and with His love and with mercy and forgive and we ask Allah to forgive us. And to entrust entrust in general the physical survival is up in the company of Muhammad Rasulullah

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sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa Sahbihi member All right