Mirza Yawar Baig – Eid – 3 Bases for celebration

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The importance of Islam is highlighted, including the foundation on trust and passion for everyone. The success of Islam as a source of faith and pride is also discussed, with emphasis on the importance of forgiveness and embracing " anger of Allah" to improve one's life and achieve great rewards in the future. forgiveness is emphasized as a time for healing and finding who they want to eliminate from their life. The speaker also discusses priorities to improve one's lives, including reordering, making their lives more productive, and embracing " anger of Allah" to alleviate suffering and bring relief to others.
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Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Allah Allah Allah Allah. Allah.

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Allah. Allah. Allah. Now.

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Hi Lola Hello

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Allah Akbar Allah Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar.

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Allah Hello, welcome. Hello welcome Walker.

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah shadow pmba will mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallam doesn't even get here on kathira mavado takala dodda in Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah Nabi yeah you are levina avanos Valley was a lotus diva Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad in wild Alabama solid all over I'm Ali Ibrahim in the Gambia and Majid Aloma Vedic Allah Muhammad Ali Muhammad, come up Baraka Allah Ibrahima. Voila live raha in the garbage and what do you call it? Allah? Yeah. Are you under the Ravana taco la casa de todo 911 to Muslim en la casa Yeah, are you under Deena Avenue taco la

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colo colo Anza Dida UCLA hi la Kumar Malika. We have good luck on the rover come, Baba, Utila Rasul Allah who forgot faza Hosanna Ziva, my dear brothers and sisters.

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First of all, let me wish all of you are either Barak kulu Armando machaelle, may Allah subhanho wa Taala accept all Yoruba that your worship your tilawat record on your ethika your fasting your charity, and reward you in keeping with his majesty and grace. We thank Allah Serrano data for enabling us to do all these things in safety and enabling us to keep our Masjid open. With all COVID protocols in place. We thank Allah subhanaw taala for enabling us to have our eat celebrations in this beautiful and big expanse of biggie. We thank the city of Springfield, the mayor, and the authorities of Biggie and all those who facilitated this. This is a symbol of all that is beautiful

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about this great country, the United States of America, and the first of its states, the state of Massachusetts, meeting of diverse cultures, not just face to face, but in the words of my friend, Reverend Jason same or the president of the greater Springfield interfaith Council,

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face to face, not just face to face, but faith to faith, mutual respect, and accepting difference is what builds harmony and promotes peace and understanding between people. That is the message of Ramadan, and Islam.

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Islam preaches a Universalist compassionate doctrine. It preaches universal brotherhood,

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and Sisterhood of all human beings, irrespective of their religion,

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a symbiotic nurturing relationship with all creation, Allah subhanho data, his Rabbul aalameen not just rubber muslimeen He is the Creator, the Sustainer, the maintainer, the nature of the worlds of everything in creation, and to whom is all our return. Our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Peace and blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala beyond him, and his family is Ramadan Lila. alameen. He is a mercy for all the world's not only for the Muslims.

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The Quran is the book of guidance for all of humankind, who the leanness Islam is predicated on the fundamental principle of the relationship between Allah Subhana Allah Jalla, Rollo, the great and the glorious and the magnificent and us, between God Almighty and humankind. Ramadan comes, to reiterate, to emphasize, to

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rekindle to renew to strengthen that relationship and helps us to renew that relationship. The basis of that relationship is obedience, which builds faith. Obedience before success is the principle of Islam.

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with anger law Serrano data for our dear brother, half is Abdullah Al hottie half is Allah May Allah Subhana Allah protect him for his beautiful recitation of the Quran. May Allah subhanaw taala make the Quran firm in his heart and reflect its know its light in his life. milosavljevic the Quran an intercessor for him when he meets a

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Luck And may Allah subhanho wa Taala accept that intercession in his favor. He spent his month with us away from his family and land for which we are most grateful to him and his family. And we wish him everything good in this life and the next. We are all struggling to learn to live with the new norms of social distancing and masking in the post COVID lifestyle. This gets even more emphasized on this day of age when our normal custom was to embrace not just to shake hands, but we don't do that now. Thanks to the

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thanks to the Coronavirus. We are moving from BC to AC before Corona to after Corona, we ask Allah subhanho data to help us and to ease this difficulty and to deliver us all from this test. As I speak. We are also very conscious of all those brothers and sisters and elders who left us casualties to COVID death is preordained, and those who died with Iran, they attend Shahada martyrdom, and will be in Jannah inshallah, but the pain of their party, the empty space, the left in our hearts cannot help but bring tears to our eyes. We accept the color of Allah, we accept his decree with the quantity and thanks and say Alhamdulillah he Allah Cooley Hall, all praise and all

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thanks to Allah subhanho wa Taala in every condition that we have, that we may be in, but we miss our nearest and dearest, last and not and by no means the list. We are most conscious of and most grateful to help professionals and the front end frontline warriors who knowing Better Than Anyone Else, the danger that they were exposing themselves to went to work every morning, only to help those in need to help the sick without asking what religion they followed to help the sick without looking at their skin color, or whether they were rich or poor or anything else. Some of those were cured, others died alone. But for the doctor or nurse who stood there by their side to hold their

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hand as they started their final journey. We salute you, we pray for you and bless you. We have no words to adequately Thank you. And so we ask Allah subhana wa Jalla gelato, the glorious and the magnificent to reward you in keeping with his majesty and grace. You are the real heroes. And I hope that when all this is over, people will continue to remember and honor you for what you did for us all. I remind myself and you my brothers and sisters, that there are three bases for the celebration of April 5, three bases. The first of them is gratitude, sugar.

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We are thankful to Allah subhanho wa Taala for having blessed us with Ramadan and the ability to take advantage of it in good health. reflect on what Ramadan brought for us. Fasting to increase our taqwa rewards of deeds increased to 70x 70 times and a little corner a night the reward of worship in which is more than the reward of continuous worship for 1000 months. with anger loss we had no data for giving us our in good health and the ability to do our best to please Him with anchor lots of data for creating conditions where we were forced to reflect on our priorities to enable us to reorder them and to make them make our lives more productive, beneficial, and graceful. He gela

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gelato the glorious and magnificent gave us Ramadan with the opportunity to resolve to bring about real changes to align our lives with a blessed Sunnah, the way of Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Haile he while he was so solid, we thank Allah subhanaw taala and we ask him to be pleased with us and to reward us. The sign of our gratitude is the he is the H Salah, the symbol of obedience to Allah subhanho wa Taala not only in worship, but in all our lives in our entire lives. Salah is the symbol of Islam, the symbol of our Buddha servitude in worship to Allah subhanaw taala Salah is the symbol that when we entered Islam, we undertook to obey Allah subhanho wa Taala perfectly in everything,

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without question, as we do in Salah without question, not because we are blind, but because we see clearly who Allah is and our relationship to him as his creatures and slaves. His love is not blind obedience, but obedience with real understanding of who Allah Serrano is and who we are. Without sahra there is no Islam, Salah is the evidence and proof of Islam. Ramadan came to remind us about our relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala

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And to emphasize for us that our success in this world and the next lies in honoring our covenant with Allah by following the way of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, Ramadan came to remind us that we need Allah subhanho data for every breath we take, and in thanks, we make some rules to him and him alone. Ramadan came to remind us about obeying Allah subhanaw taala over and above whatever desire we may have. That is why we did not eat or drink and bore the hardship with patients. We control our emotions and tongues and hands, always conscious that Allah subhanho wa Taala was watching and that he didn't need our hunger and thirst but had sent Ramadan to train us how to live our lives after

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Ramadan for the rest of our lives. To this goal, we dedicate ourselves and we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala for his help.

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The second base on which we celebrate is a fifth is charity with Aguilar, serrano della for our material wealth, by sharing it with those for whom we hold it in trust. We acknowledge that wealth is not given to us to do with as we please to us in any way we like but for us to use it, as we have been commanded by the one who gave it to us and that is Allah subhanho wa Taala. Not only do we hasten to pay the compulsory charity which has occurred, but we also eagerly spend as much as we can to help others to alleviate suffering, to feel to close and to bring relief to others. with anger loss Rotella giving us the opportunity to do all this even more this year, we thank Allah subhanaw

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taala, that during all this difficult time, he and he alone ensured that we were among those who gave and never joined the ranks of those in need. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept what he enabled us to give. It was from him, and it is by his guidance that we gave it. We recognize that by giving we cleanse our wealth, we call the anger of Allah and spread goodness all around us. And by giving we fulfill the purpose of our creation, because Allah subhanaw taala told us, you were created for the benefit of all mankind, and gave us an opportunity to demonstrate that to ourselves. Finally, the third base of our celebration is forgiveness. It is a time for joining hearts. The way

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to do that is to forgive. It is a time for meeting those we have not met for a long time of healing wounds of speaking to those who are not on speaking terms with of reconciling differences and disputes of remembering that we do all of this to please Allah alone, and so that he will forgive us as we forgive others.

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forgiving eliminates enemies, not forgiving eliminates friends decide who you want to eliminate from your life. Russell has demonstrated that this this value in North America, where he forgave his worst enemies who had caused him physical harm, material loss, mental torture, only because he invited them to goodness. Yet, forgive them all. Allah subhanho wa Taala is the Most Merciful Rahim muda merciful whose mercy never ends rasuna Salah Salem is raha to lead alameen the mercy to the universe. So what should a Muslim be? Think about that? Let us ask if we reflect this mercy, which is the signature of Islam, Islam is the name of a brotherhood of faith and the Brotherhood of all

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humanity. The Muslim is the brother of every other Muslim, and the brother of every other human being. We can only do that if we learn to look at the good in people, and forgive the bad. We can only cure evil by loving those who do it enough to care about what happens to them because of that. You cannot cure drug addiction by hating addicts, much less by killing them. You can't cure cancer by hitting cancer patients. You can't cure hatred by hitting back those who hate you. You can cure anything by loving the one afflicted by it enough to help him to get over that ailment. For that, we must be willing to take some pain ourselves that is the meaning of brotherhood and that is why we

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need forgiveness.

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Let us remember let us remember this when we celebrate is our fifth or today and let us ensure that we are not celebrating it alone. Let us see how we can put a smile on the face of the homeless, the hungry and the sick. Finally, let us take stock of what we gained in Ramadan did our taco

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increase. Are we more conscious of what pleases Allah subhanho wa Taala and dedicated to changing our attitudes, behavior, decisions and responses and add our lives to reflect this consciousness? What changed in our daily routine that is likely to make it more pleasing to Allah Serrano. What are the changes that will not only make us more successful in life, but also give us great rewards in the hereafter? Ramadan came for the rest of our lives. As I mentioned my first at the beginning of Ramadan, let us ask ourselves, did I enter Ramadan? Or did Ramadan enter me

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if I enter Ramadan, and today I exhibited it and gained nothing. I sincerely hope that is not the case. If Ramadan entered me, then today I begin a new phase of my life that will be reflected in all that I think in all that I say and all that I do. I pray that Allah subhanaw taala grants us all this as his reward for Ramadan, the complete and total life makeover.

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It Mubarak to you and your families. Kula Mundo May Allah Subhana Allah be pleased with you and never be displeased or Salalah Khalid Abdul Karim, Allah Allah He was savage made that, for me was Allah aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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