Haleh Banani – How to Improve Your Character In Ramadan 05

Haleh Banani
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the issue of being to face and how it can lead to a discrepancy in behavior. They suggest that individuals should be genuine and show their true values to avoid being seen as a garbage show. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of building character and values for everyone.
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Salaam Alaikum Bismillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. Today we're gonna talk about the issue of being to face. You know, there are a lot of people that we see in our communities that have one face that they show to the community, maybe when they're at the masjid when they're dealing with their friends. And then there's a totally different face that they have with maybe their spouse or their kids or their parents. And this is a problem because we really have to be genuine, we have to be sincere. And if we are having a discrepancy, there's a discrepancy between how you are with the people closest to you, versus the people that you're dealing with for about an hour or two, because

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that it's so easy to be nice and friendly, and put on a nice show. But it's those individuals who see you day in and day out. If your spouse can vouch for you, if they think that you're a wonderful person, despite all the ups and downs that they see you go through, if your kids can look up to you and respect you, then that means that you are being an authentic person. If, however, you are showing one face, you're being very friendly, very outgoing and helpful and pleasant to the community. But you're having a very different face at home, this is an issue. So what we need to do, if you sense that in yourself, which we all have it to maybe to some extent, but we have to, we have

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to really make that gap almost non existent. So that the way you are is consistent, and there's no discrepancy between the way you are And if you can keep that and keep that as a goal.

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And if you're with your family, a good way at the good thing to remember is how would you react if you had a very respected, maybe teacher, maybe if you had someone that you looked up to? If they were there, right then in there, how would you react? That is a very good way to keep yourself in line. Because many times, if guests are over, you have a certain way that you deal with your kids, by when they're not, you just will lose it and you feel like there is no limit. So try to try and pretend that someone that you love someone that you respect, is there with you. And that will keep you in line. There's also the idea of not being two faced, I hear a lot of youth struggle with this,

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that they present themselves,

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in front of their parents at the masjid has been very practicing. And then with their friends in school, they have a totally different personality. This is this is problematic. And a lot of times as parents, I feel that we're breeding this hypocrisy, because we are very rigid, and we expect something a certain way for our kids to be. And if they steer a little bit away from that we overreact.

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They overreact and it makes the kids just put on a show for their parents. And so if you're going through that, if you are one of the maybe the the youth who feel you feel that there is some kind of

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hypocrisy going on, really try to reach with it and have maybe a heart to heart talk, whether it's with your parents, or have a commitment that you make to yourself that you don't make this hypocrisy anymore, that you try to be genuine, even if it means

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coming you know and being more honest with your parents about what is going on. Stop putting on a show try to have the sincerity make a commitment, this Ramadan that you're going to be more genuine not putting on a show and not having this to face whether that's pretending to be more religious than you are or whether that is about

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or whether that's about putting on a nice

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display in front of others and being totally different. So I hope that we work on ourselves each and every day in building our character this drama God just like a locket if you liked it share it with your friends like it and let's pass this on so more people can benefit inshallah disciple aka salaam aleikum

How to Improve Your Character In Ramadan 05: Avoid Being Two Faced!

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