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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam ala Serafina Gaben, mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi wa Raley was I will sell them this evening because

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my brothers sisters,

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I want you to think about what you consider to be your standard of success.

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Who are your role models? Who, what would you like to be

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in your life, in your career and so on? What are your measurements of success, financial career wise, academic, whatever, think about it.

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And then see what Allah Subhana Allah said with regard to success.

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Allah subhanaw taala took an oath

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and all oath is taken to emphasize the importance of what is being said after the oath.

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So, it was rather said well as

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a note took an oath by time

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to draw our attention to the fact that he's going to say something which is so important.

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In in Santa Fe, because

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now you'll see the grammar of first of all was one thing, he's taking an oath, there is a in Allah did not sell in San Jose No, in in Santa love your hostel. So the emphasis is double, triple,

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truly And verily.

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And then Allah did not say, in AlkaViva in Africa, in Africa, we know Allah is in men inside all human beings.

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All human beings in Zen

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are in loss, they are losers.

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So, if we start from the thing to say, well, you know, according to be a PhD, or a degree from this or that, or this much money, or this kind of house, or this kind of job or this kind of authority, Allah's Rhonda is saying none of those matters.

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All human beings

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are losers, they are in loss.

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And then Allah subhana Dara mentioned four things

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in Lavina Amanu except those who are human

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why me Lusardi hottie and those who do good deeds or the was or Bill Huck and those who invite towards the truth or the wasabi song

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and those who invite towards patients

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so we must understand what does it mean because as far as we are concerned as far as I'm Lila and Allah have you been

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so why the last month Allah mentioning by the love first of all seeing everybody's in loss, intelligence.

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So, what is the definition of human?

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What is even acceptable as far as our last monitor is concerned? What level of even how do we how do we just this thing

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in other places in the Quran, Al Karim, Allah subhanaw taala mentioned Eman with a quality monitor as well as in our Manasu master cover.

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People who have Iman and then whoever is the comet on the demon who are steadfast on this event.

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So it's not enough to simply say so well, I know that is the step you have to say that we have to say that we have to believe that because that's the doorway.

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But then it's the karma or steadfastness on that image means that I will then run my whole life on the basis of that Kalama river

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I will die live the uncle of Rasulullah Selim was dying.

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And I was a VR and AR

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and others

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the heads and the chiefs of the Quraysh came to see him

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so that he said to them, what is the problem with you people?

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What is the problem? What do people

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he said my interview all he wants from you is one word.

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What's the word difficult what's what's the problem? Why are you making all these big? You know difficulty for him and for yourself and all the strife and this and that. All you want from you is one word one can even

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I was events said to him.

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He said to me as a URL

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He said if your navy wanted one word we would have given him 100 words, not one. It is the word he wants. That is the problem.

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It's not one word. It is the word that he wants. This is the problem.

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If you simply want to know what we give him 100 words, no problem. But it is the word that he wants. What I imagined just I sometimes think to myself, so one of those people, they were mostly keen, except for all the rest of them that died on the ship. But they understood the essence of iman a million times better than I understand. million hunger.

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They rejected with full understanding. They knew that if you say La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, you have become the slave of Allah and is the reason you have become the slave of Allah and you follow the NIV of Allah Salah isn't

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your will is no longer your will. Your desire is no longer your desire your wishes no longer your wish. Summon our

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Savannah EULA IV here who's speaking

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Allah subhanaw taala speak

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they understood it they said no, no, no, it's not just a matter of one word this if what what what is the implication there? Their implication is we are that is why the Buddha figurine only came in Medina

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in Makkah, there were no one African good there those people they said, If we say Lila Allah, then we will have to do 100% Of what Lila in Allah means. We don't want to do that.

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Medina was the place where they said yeah, okay, fine law, no problem Allah, Allah, Allah, then I do my own thing. May Allah protect us. I'm not saying we are like that. But so Allah if you look at our lives, each one of us can decide for himself.

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But in Makkah, they were very clear.

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I was new and I was very sad. It is not the word. It's not a question of word. It is the word he wants.

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This is the power

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of Lila Hill Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah.

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They understood that

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but they didn't take the next step which is to understand that the slavery of Allah is the power over the holder of Allah

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or the creation of Allah

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the slavery of a human being is Zilla.

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That's why it is haram.

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Islam does not permit you to catch a free person and make you muslim No way It's haram

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but the slavery of Allah this is

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the understood this.

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So I remind myself and you that may be zero shadow a la ilaha illallah

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wa Shawanda Muhammad Rasul Allah that is saved with this complete and total understanding your pain

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that by my life in sala de will also be over here. Lila here.

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This is the essence of Asana right and

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that everything my rather my sacrifice my life my debt is for Allah

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noble me

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with that power

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and when you do that, the Allah subhanaw taala gives it to you.

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When we conduct a Nikka what is one another word for you guys out?

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There contract you agreed.

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So when the woman agrees and she has accepted hegemon who

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so she is now saying that I will obey you.

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Her job is what her job is to take care of her husband.

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His needs.

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He is responsible for all her needs.

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Now if she does

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her job the way she's supposed to do her job.

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A time will come when the husband will say here's the bank account. Here are the keys to the safe. Take care of those.

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It may start with this is your monthly allowance.

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If the husband has any sense he will give him the giver the safety of the first day but anyway.

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Here's the monthly allowance.

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For time will come governments don't bother me he'll take everything is during the day.

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there is that level of trust.

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When we say eyeshadow Allah, Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah, this is the

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act. This is the

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agreement. This is a covenant between Allah and by interrupt, obeying Allah.

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How faithfully do we maintain the covenant? What do we do? And for that it is essential I remind myself anew every day to take stock of our own lives and say, How did my day go today? What did I obey Allah in? And what did I disobey Allah.

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Two days ago when chef was speaking he spoke about the

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taboo in a lie, though button NASA.

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Everyday was with this.

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At the end of the day, sit down, take stock and say today, this is where I obeyed Allah. And if there is somewhere I disobeyed Allah make us different over do not go to sleep until you do that.

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And next day, never repeat the whole point of a server otherwise not worth repeating. This once you do you realize you don't

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either this is the I haven't even gone into the other parts, three parts it doesn't matter which for today this is enough. When we say image this is what we mean Eman is complete and total

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submission to Allah subhanho data generated

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in the way of his heavy officer So Muhammad Mustafa sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala they learn how to accept us into his service and to enable us to serve Him the way He wishes to be served

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and to empower us to do it in the way that pleases Him and to use us in a way that pleases Him which will inshallah be the best thing for us in this dunya rocker masala Mahana will carry Murali he was with me to come over