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The speakers discuss the confusion surrounding the names of the Prophet sallahu alayhi wa sallam and the use of the "has been revealed" meaning "has been revealed" in the Quran. They emphasize the importance of finding a compromise and being a member of the "has been revealed" meaning "has been revealed" meaning "has been" in the Arabic system. The transcript also touches on the definition of "has been" and "has not" in the Quran, as well as the importance of "has been" and "has not" in the context of "has been" and "has not". Finally, the speakers emphasize the importance of worshipping other than Allah's actions in achieving Christian belief.

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mentioned in some reports he would begin a longer pm will lay with these two students as well and before going to sleep as well that he would recite so little cartoon and blow it on himself. So these are all multiple times that a Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with reciting Catherine and philos together and suitable Catherine and a class both of them together are both called Surah Tei and in class the two sewers of a class and turtle Catherine in particular also has other names as well or other descriptions as well. Over them is Surah Al Bara, which is also the name of Surah Toba pseudotyped. Bara amines, this surah will protect you from Cofer and even Mr. Root said this was

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also called a very interesting name Surah tell me Shakshuka which is that it is going to separate the Muslim from the cafe. But of course the common name is so little cartoon. As I have mentioned in my previous lectures, the names of the sutras are typically derived from the Sahaba and Tabby rune. Our Prophet system generally did not name the sutras the sutras there are some names in a hadith, but most of the sutras are named by the Sahaba and Tabby rune. And that's why there's always a spectrum over almost every single surah in the Quran. So little cafe rune. There is no authentic hadith about its blessings. But there is a version in which our Prophet system said and there was a

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slight weakness in the chain that whoever recites caffeine on every single night shall be safe from a kafir and there's nothing wrong in acting upon a hadith error for dialogue animals that have encouragement in them. Anyway, we're supposed to recite Catherine before going to sleep anyway, it's a protection for us. So did Catherine is actually the 17th or 18th Surah revealed in order of revelation, it's one of the earliest revelations of the Quran. And it story goes that one day our Prophet system was doing to off around the Kaaba, and a delegation came to him composed of the seniors of the Quraysh. Or where do you live in Oklahoma, Yeoman Harloff, and others, and they said,

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look, let's reach a compromise. This was in the very beginning of the tower, very beginning when there wasn't much persecution, the actual physical persecution had not begun. So they said, Let's reach a compromise. Why don't we worship your God one day, and you worship ours the other day, or some of some versions say one year and one year so the point is, they did not want to negate their gods, they don't have a problem not worshiping the gods for a while, but then they need to worship them after a while. The problem was, the prophet system was telling them you cannot worship these false gods so they said this reach a compromise one day or one week or one month, we will worship

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Allah alone. And then the next week or day or month, all of us worship our false idols. So our Prophet system then it was revealed Surah tell Cafe rune, in which this compromise was shown to be no compromise, who you will Cafe rune say yeah, Rasul Allah. So Allah is speaking directly to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then he is saying you tell all of these Kuffar and this is a means of raising the rank of the process and because Allah is speaking to him directly and telling him Your job is to tell all of these people so by the direct Kato by the direct pronoun, our profit Profit System is being raised up of above them, and he's being saved, told your job is to convey

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this message, say all you who have committed gopher and of course, the term Gopher is one of the most important terms in our religion, understanding Islam and call for Eman and Cofer is the most fundamental of all fundamentals. And this is a deep theology class, believe it or not, it's not that simplistic. Our groups and our sects and our systems have differed over this issue. And it was because of the definition of Eman and Cofer that the first group split away from the Sahaba and that is the Hardy giants and every single theology that has come they have tried to find that fine line between Imam and Cofer. And even within our Sunni tradition, believe it or not, it's a fine line.

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It's a spectrum. But nonetheless, it is a spectrum as well, what is the line that causes a person to leave? And of course, entering is much easier you say the shahada and then you're considered to be inside the fold of Islam, but what must you do to remain inside? This is as we said, a spectrum of opinion even within a halal sunnah theology. The finer details are beyond the scope, but you should just be aware, of course, obviously, somebody who doesn't believe in Allah is clearly a cover. We're talking about the gray area. For example, the gray area comes under the one who never does anything of Islam. No prayer, no Salah Nausicaa no Hajj, no Ramadan. Yanni. Can you imagine somebody does not

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ever fast in his life, but he's born in a Muslim family does not ever come to the masjid and pray Juma? But he says, Yeah, I guess I'm Muslim. Is this person a Muslim or not? That's the gray area. So hamdulillah the gray area is very small. Generally speaking, somebody's

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says that he is not a Muslim, there is no question. He's not a Muslim, a Jew or Christian or Buddhist or Hindu, this person is not a Muslim. So, Cofer technically the technical definition of Cofer is new in Islam IE, when Allah revealed the Quran, the term Kaffir did not mean one who rejects faith. This is a Quranic terminology. The term Kaffir meant the one who covers or also the primary meaning of Kufa, pre Islam is the one who is ungrateful. This is actually the term Cofer pre Islam. And why is the ungrateful and covering together? actually technically, Jonnie pre Islamically? gefallen means to cover up and cover also means to be ungrateful. Why is this linkage

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between covering and ungrateful? Because when somebody does something good to you, and you ignore it, you don't repay it? You don't thank him, you have covered up his goodness. That's why the ungrateful is the one who has covered up okay, so originally golfer means to cover up and then pre Islam, it meant to be ungrateful. And in the Quran, the term Cofer also means ungrateful in my Shakira, ima California. All right, from an yes good for India, my Ashkenazi woman Kafala for in Allahu La Nina and Kareem. So in the Quran, the term Cofer is used as ungrateful as well. So, Cofer is the opposite of Shakur, in one sense, and in that sense, Cofer means to be ungrateful to a

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blessing given to you and the height of ingratitude is to be ungrateful to Allah subhana wa Tada and therefore, the catheter is called the catheter for both reasons, the covering up and the ungratefulness. As for the covering up, the catheter has covered up his own fitrah the catheter has covered up what his inner soul is telling him is true, which is that Allah exists and Allah deserves to be worshipped. This is the reason why the coffee is called the coffee that he has covered up what should be coming out what should be coming out your inner soul, your fitrah that Allah created mankind upon every child is born upon the fifth floor. There are prophecies some said his parents

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change him into another religion. But the default is the fifth era will guide you to Islam. The fifth era is conducive to Islam, the kaffir comes between his fitrah and between expressing it so he's covered up the fitrah also, the golfer is an ungrateful person to Allah subhanho wa taala. The ultimate height of ingratitude is to not give thanks to the One who created you the worst gopher in the sense of ingratitude is to be ungrateful to your Lord, your Creator, your robe. Yeah, you are not.

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Under the Russian was summer Ebina. And so all of these blessings Allah has given you and then you say I don't care, that is the height of cover. So the kaffir is both covering up and the calf is also the one who is ungrateful to Allah subhanho wa taala. Now from the technical definition, therefore, Gopher is the absence of iman. And there is no middle category between eemaan and kufr. Right, who will let the Halacha come famine cannot men on women conquer fear? There is no middle category, you are either a believer, you're either a Muslim, or more men or you are not. And if you are not, this is called gopher. And this needs to be said, because in our times there is this new

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understanding which goes against the fundamentals of the Kalima, and that is that there is a category in between Islam and Cofer and these are, let's say the ALI Kitab has one opinion that they say that all the highly Kitab are not actually Kaffir. No, they are highly Kitab technically are clearly under the term of Cofer, but carfit has categories Kaffir has categories and the best category within Cofer is allocator but they're still covered in the Latina Cafaro mean little Kitabi well Masha Nikki, this is explicit in the Quran, those who have committed Cofer from the ALI kitab. And from the machine again, Allah differentiates, Cofer can be allocated. And if you allocate up,

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you have some perks, you have some privileges as the Quran mentions, but it doesn't mean that they're no longer golfer. And one of the reasons why this term becomes quote unquote problematic in the minds of some is that it is true that Muslims have sometimes use this term in a very derogatory manner in a slur but it's not meant to be an academic term. It's not a pejorative, it's not an insult to somebody who says I don't believe in Allah, well then you don't believe in Allah and our terminology that is cool for so when this terminology became a pejorative and negative some people became conscious Oh, we should not call the people around us, you know, counterfeit, we should call

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them something else. But what are they then what is this middle category? Technically, either you're Muslim or you are a Kaffir. Now another point here, does it mean if somebody's a catheter that you treat him in a bad manner again, this is a mr.

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Understanding because of this negative connotation of the term golf it is a technical definition has 50 rulings about marriage, about divorce, about inheritance about burial about treatment, and theologically, we leave the affair to Allah subhanaw taala. Even though we speak in generics, as I've said many times, generically, Yanni speaking mostly for Moses in Arabic, not specifically, the one who is upon Cofer will not enter Jannah but there are exceptions as I have clarified in other places. So Paul, yeah, a U haul calf you don't say all you who are careful. And as I said, this includes every single group that is cool for even though this verse was revealed, for them, we

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should record that

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I am not going to worship what you are worshiping no matter how good you are worshipping, alert, you will worship when it was they were worshipping Hubble, you're worshipping all of these false gods, I am not going to worship what you are worshiping. What are unto my baby doing, neither are you going to worship what I am worshiping. Now, this might be slightly problematic in that they did use to worship Allah Subhana Allah Allah, right. This is something very clear. The Quran mentions it in over a dozen verses. The Quraysh believed in a law as the God that created them, whether insult Muhammad halacha home, the Quran, Allah this is very clear the Quran she believed in Allah subhanho

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wa Taala and when they really needed their doors answered, they were turning to Allah for Iraqi boo for full ki Tao Allah meclizine Allah Who Dean further manager and will bury either whom you should record when they're about to drown in the ocean, they call upon Allah directly, what Allah saves them, they committed Chinook, and this is something that what I mentioned in many verses, so then how can it be said what until

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you are not worshiping what I am worshipping response is very clear. When you worship Allah based upon schicke you are not worshipping Allah. When you worship Allah along with another god, that is not considered to be worship. And that is why Allah says in the Quran, that in certain Anam that Formica delighful you'll see there should again we'll make sure to go for their sweet love, they will present to Allah they will present to the gods, Allah says, that which they present to the false gods does not reach Allah subhanho wa Taala and that which they present to Allah, that is as if they are giving it to their false gods. This is XClusive in the Quran. So to think that you are

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worshiping Allah, when you're worshiping other gods, you are not worshipping Allah subhanaw taala and it will not be accepted of you Schick is so dangerous and so evil and so corruptive that 1% of sugar destroys 99% of Tawheed you cannot have to hate 99% You must have to hate 100%. So, Allah is telling the process to tell the kuffar your worship of Him shall not be accepted whether until now it is repeated well,

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but to water until

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this repetition, what is the wisdom of it? There are multiple opinions. Number one, the first opinion which is very common in tipsy literature, is that it is merely for emphasis

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on water

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and water and to me I would do number two. So this is a double repetition for emphasis. And this is something that in the Quran, there is there callus over to Allah Moon through McCullough sofa to Allah moon, and then other verses as well, we find the same repetition. I just recited sudut ramen, and you know, 32 times in the Surah phobia? Yeah, that will be quite tricky. The demon there are repetitions in the Quran. However, this does not seem to be the strongest opinion because the phrasing is different. All your careful law will be done. It's not exactly the same. So our scholars have said there's probably another reason for this repetition. So the second interpretation, is that

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the first

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one and two, the first is about the current state. I am not worshiping and you are not worshiping right now. And the second is about the future state. I'm not going to listen to this compromise. What a and b DOMA. Neither will I in the future, worship your gods, what are unto my Buddha, I would neither you in the future will make a class to Allah subhanahu wa taala as all four of these who came to the process and they died in Kufa and should this was a prediction for them. All four of them did not embrace Islam. So Allah is telling them, neither now, nor in the future, will you worship Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and Allah is telling the Prophet system you are worshipping

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Allah now and you will continue to worship

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Mullah in the future. So this is a hard one was stackable. That is the second connotation of the repetition. The third connotation of the repetition. And this is advantageous interpretation. It's a very good one. And our 20 of our scholars appreciate this one, that the first time for the Alka for Allah.

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And the next one Well,

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the first time is about the actions of worship, that I am not worshiping your gods, you are not worshiping My God. And the second time is about acceptance of that worship of all that I'm not agreeing to worship your gods, you will not agree to worship my Lord. So the first is about the outer action. And the second is about the Cabal or the inner acceptance of those actions both are negated by Allah subhanho wa taala. This is another reason why there is the Quran or repetition. And one other point we will say and there's one or two more, we will just finish with this one in terms of repetition. One other point that will say that the first time

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the first one is about the actions of worshipping Allah subhanho wa Taala the fact of worshiping other than Allah versus Allah. And the second one is about the methodology because the phrasing is what a and b Don't. You could easily translate this as neither am I worshipping the way that you are worshiping. So the first is about the act of worshiping other than Allah. The second is what are you guys doing? You're presenting things to the idols you're doing the lafer on the idols, you are Yanni clapping and whistling Wanaka Salah to them and they take the Mocha and what does the you are not doing what I am doing in terms of actions, I am praying, I am fasting, I am doing hygiene, this and

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that you are not doing that. So the first time it's about the actual Allah versus their false god. And the second time is about how the worship is done. Neither are you worshiping the way I worship, nor am I going to worship the way that you are worshiping and this is probably the only the I'm not gonna say the strongest. They're all valid. They're all valid, but this is a very beautiful one, because it tells us we do not follow the rituals of the pagans. We do not follow the ways that pagans worship their gods. We don't import them to our religion. We have our way and they have their way. And this is how the surah concludes Lacan de NuCalm Walia, Dean. And of course, the Arabs know

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here that when you have the Gambia before la comme de la cumbre de St Dino Kamala Khan, Allah says lecom Dino come, Walia, Dean. So the pronoun is put before and that implies exclusivity. This is something that is not understood in English unless you explain it. In other words, if Allah said do you know Kamala Khan, do you know Kamala Khan, this would imply you have a way I have a way and that's great. What Allah is saying Lacan Dino Khan, he is making a clear distinction. You alone, have your religion, nobody else has it with you. There is a clear demarcation being given lecom Dino comb, your deen is only for you that only comes because the law can come before Dinoco me understand

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this point here. If Allah had said Dino comb Lancome, it could be yes, this religion is yours and other people's as well. But when Allah is saying luck, whom do you know, just like in the Quran, we say Iyar cannot avoid not not Boudicca. Now, Gu Dukkha means we can worship Allah, and we can worship other than Allah. This could mean from the verse Now Boudicca but when you say er, can I but you take the pronoun Damir and you put it before the verb or the action in Arabic, this what do we call hustle? You make it exclusive you make it solely for that object so er cannot be translate says what you alone do we worship? We don't worship anyone but you that would not come with Naga Dukkha.

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That meaning does not come same over here. If we said Dino Kamala Khan, it doesn't mean that it is a crucible when you say lecom Dino come Walia? Dini, you have your faith and only you have your faith, no one else is going to be with you, or Christians or Jews or Buddhists or Hindus and wishing you all are unique to your faith, no one shares in it while the dean and I have my own Dean. Now Dean, of course you should all know as well. It has two primary meanings in the Quran. Quranic terminology, the first of the primary meaning is way of life or faith or set of laws that we follow. And this is what Dean is in Medina in the law in Islam. And that is clear in this verse. There is a

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second meaning of Dean, Maliki omit Dean and Dean over here means judgment. Dean over here means hisab. And so you can also say, Look, come Dino come you shall be judged in accordance with what you have done while you are Dean and I will be judged in accordance with what I have done. Both of these meanings are actually very clear, and you can derive them exactly from this verse. So this is a short summary of Surah tell Katherine

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I pray that insha Allah Allahu Taala that there has been some benefit so that when we recite these suitors in our Salawat we will benefit from them. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us are the people of Eman and save us from Cofer and I forgot to mention the prayer timings have changed so salata acid will be at 415. The other prayer timings are all the same. Xochimilco said I'm wanting more

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to be Duna

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