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Tafseer of Surah Taha. Ramadan 2017 by Shaykh Abdul Wahab Saleem, 2017-07-10

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The transcript describes the physical and spiritual blindness of Islam, with physical blindness being the most common form and spiritual blindness being stronger than physical blindness. The "will" of Islam is explained, with a emphasis on the "has" phrase. The transcript also highlights the importance of remembering signs of blindness to protect oneself from physical and spiritual blindness.

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salam wa ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ajmeri Allah Hama, aluminum and Pharaoh now on fire now Bhima antenna many are calling from beshara Saudi recently Emily melissani Tony Robbins in a man or business in a man are visiting Alma Allahumma salli ala Moana director who Salah has not either Cheetah Sarah, Welcome everyone to another episode of the seal sutopo ha we are now approaching almost the end of the sutra and we are in the middle of the story of Adam Elisa story of Moses and I'm is completed and the benefits that Allah Subhana Allah wanted to share with us from the story of Musa alayhis salam have also been completed. And also the beginning of story story of

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Adam alayhis salam is also done now. We are now right in the middle, right at the climax. When shaitan says to Adam Alisa yeah Adam, Adam and Adam Carolla show Jonathan Haldi.

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When will be liable? Ah Should I not tell you of the shadow to hold? Should I not tell you of the tree of eternity the tree which is going to lead you to becoming a permanent dweller within? Jenna? Should I not tell you of this one tree that if you have ferments fruits, if you have from its fruits then what will happen is you will become a permanent resident or a permanent dweller of Jenna.

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Well, Monica Diabla and also what's what is going to lead to is it's going to graduate Kingdom a Dominion which is not going to come to an end belly so we have law. A soap a cloth ended up becoming Bally What that means is it started to grow old You know how sometimes a cloth becomes just so worn and torn that that now even if you don't actually tear it, it starts to look like it's torn up right? So that's what Betty I have lambing. Now sometimes that happens also to kingdoms as well actually all of the time that happens to kingdoms have people right? There's no Dominion except the dominion of Allah azza wa jal, which lives which outlives the test of time. There is not a king who

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will not

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100 years from today, there is not a king, who will still remain a king. There's not a kingdom that will have some sort of major adjustments within the next two or three centuries, right? So every single move, every single Dominion has some sort of changes that it goes through accepted Dominion of Allah as origin. Why? Because he's the Malik al Mohler. He's the owner of all dominion, right? So he said to him, should I not tell you have a shadow and hold, should I not tell you of something that's going to make you live forever, and it's going to also give you a dominion, that's forever as well. And those are two things that people want within this life as well. If you have dominion, and

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if you have power, the one thing that everybody wants is so that they don't lose that power, somehow, they do something that will lead them to continue to be in power, continue to be in fame, perhaps continue to be on top, perhaps right, and that they don't lose that power. But in reality, that power is going to come to an end, even if you're a musician, you happen to be a singer, you're in the top 10, right, you're one of the top 10 artists of the day. And just a few days later, or a few months later, you're not going to be considered from the top 10 you happen to have the best selling book, you're a great author, just a few months from today, you're not going to be the best

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seller any longer. You happen to be a very great motivational speaker, you're not going to be for very long, because a lot didn't allow for milk to be forever, a legend allow for Dominion to be forever, you happen to be a king, you happen to be a president, there's going to be an empty return, you happen to be a king assaulted, there's going to be, you're going to cease to exist. Even if you have your monk forever, until you die, you will cease to exist. And perhaps someone will overthrow whatever you had developed. And now no longer does your Dominion remain just as you don't remain as well. So everything comes to an end, everything has a moment that is decreed by Allah as the origin

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after which it ceases to exist. However, shavon realized that one of the things that the children of Adam and Adam at is that I'm being the father of all of us have been created to feel the need to have is a Dominion that does not cease to exist a Dominion which continues, which doesn't disintegrate, which outlives the test of time. Also, the fact that we would like to live longer than what's been allotted to us, every single person who's been given a certain age wishes to die.

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After that age, if you had the opportunity, you would say that only slightly higher, perhaps I'll do something good, send me back, or a law or build your own. Even afterwards, people will say, oh, Allah or Lord, return and return us back to the first life, perhaps we may do something good, right? So everybody wants to get more of life, and everybody wants to get more of dominion and more of office. And if they have that office, and that dominion, and that power, and that fame and the Dory and whatever it may be, they want to continue to keep it. So she thought understood this particular weakness, and he went the other way around from this angle. And he said to him, should I not tell

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you have a Dominion that will be forever, all those angels, they're going to live forever, and they're going to be in Jeddah forever, you don't happen to be from the angels. I've been here before you, I know the ins and outs of this place, let me give you our end, you eat from that tree, you're going to be here forever.

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When will kill Diabla that's the same thing that shavon does to the children of Adam as well. Right? deludes us for a very long life. That's the only that everyone has, that's the money that everyone has. That's the false hopes that people have, because of which they end up doing all sorts of wrong things because they think that oh, well, if I didn't do it in my 20s I can do it in my 30s if I didn't do it in my 30s I could do it in my 40s if I didn't fix myself up in the 40s and I still have the 15th if I didn't fix myself up in the 60s, then there are a lot of people that live to see 70 as well. And you know what? The average lifespan of people in my country is 77 my country's 81 I live

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in a very, very, you know, a place in which lifespans are very, very high, perhaps even in the 90s there are places in the world like that as well, certain cities, so I will probably be living anyways. I can fix myself up later. What are the chances of death for me, right? They're not very high. That's what shavon tries to. That's what that's how shavon tries to persuade mankind away from the correct path. That's what he did to other Elisa Lam as well. Well, mulki lie of law. I've got these buildings I've bought I've got these houses have bought my cars. there okay, bank bank, my bank balance, it's just unbeatable. Even if I go even if I even as the economy falls down and breaks

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down I've invested in gold already. I don't need to worry about all that stuff. But everything will definitely have assurity come to an end and Allah subhana wa Tada. wants us to be reminded

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That. So we turn back to his book, a lot continues and he says facula this fat is called fat and fancy ha, the fat, which ends up summarizing a number of different passages in between. So shavon ended up persuading them and he said, um, and when he ended up persuading them, and he said, I'm Adam alayhis salam disobeyed Allah as origin and eight, that's what the fire is representing. And as for acana, Adam and his wife Hawa, and our mother minha.

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from that tree, so that's Luna, so are two humans. So their private parts suddenly became became apparent before them, right? Because one of the things that this tree would do is if you eat from it, and one of the things one of the signs of the, of the fact that Adam and his wife will no longer remain here is that they will suddenly lose their clothing as well, because a lot told them that they're not going to feel hungry they're in, nor are they going to suddenly become beer of clothing. But when they disobey a law, they will feel hungry, and they will suddenly become beer of clothing as well. They'll become naked. Well, unlike a lot of notifii how Allah told her you neither will you

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feel the heat they're in, nor will you feel thirsty. But all of those things when Allah commanded Adam and Hawa to descend, all of those things are now felt but Adam and the children of Adam and extension, unlock ingenuity said further that's no human to human. Well Paseo de la Hema Moroccan Jana and they continue to try to cover themselves up with agenda with the leaves of agenda what I saw Adam and Adam, he ended up disobeying his Lord filho and because he does always disobeyed his Lord, he ended up Hawaii, he went through who I am, okay. He became misguided because of this particular disobedience of Allah azza wa jal in that particular context. By the way, this doesn't

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mean that Adam alayhis salam, this doesn't mean that prophets are permitted by Allah azza wa jal to disobey Him. That's not what that means. There's a couple of things to note over here. Firstly, Adam alayhis salam, Allah subhanho wa Taala said fantasy or William, William nigeria who Asma Adam, Allah, ceramic forgotten, and we didn't it didn't appear to us that he was. He was very, he was doing this deliberately. He was very keen on doing this. So that means that

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Adam and Eve Salaam wasn't doing this deliberately and that he had forgotten and allows messengers all along, while he was sending him said that Allah has forgiven for my, for my nation, a couple of things that one of them is when a person does something forgetful. So it wouldn't be considered Seon, except metaphorically, it wouldn't be considered a disobedience except metaphorically, because

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the metaphor there is that he did not fulfill the commandment. So we called it a Seon we called it a maaseiah. But since he did it because of forgetfulness, then it can't be Masia for which a person is considered sinful. It's simply a mistake. That's all it is. Why I saw them and in addition to that, remember that gender was not a place of the kleef when Adam Ali Salaam was in Jannah, he was not vocal enough, the hereafter hellfire. jedna is not the time in which you are granted the belief by Allah azza wa jal in which you are granted the in which you are obliged to follow commandments and and stick to certain limits and so on and so forth. That is a time to enjoy it or that is a time to

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have eternal difficulty because of that sins that you've committed in this dunya. The dunya is Donald Duck leaf. So it would be it would make sense if he had done something wrong in a law called it Malasia in this world for us to understand it as a true disobedience for which a person is considered sinful. But since he had forgotten and he was in Jannah there which is not Donald at least so it's not considered a matsuya

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literally speaking, right, metaphorically, it is a lot continuously said so much Dada horombo Fatah. alayhi wa hada. After that a lot ended up a lot ended up choosing him now he's granted the prophethood before he wasn't granted the prophethood Okay, so that's another factor prophets after prophet are considered infallible before Prophethood is a different story. So Allah subhanho wa Taala said so much about hora boo fatawa Allah He alayhi wa Harada. So Allah then chose Adam alayhis salam, and then Allah forgave him and Allah guided him at that moment to the right path on a law said in real time in Hajime ha,

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the sand them and his wife, Adam and Hawa descend from it all together, all of you. descend, then descend your wife. descend.

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baldachin rebounding, I do some of you are going to be enemies for for the other. And we know that from the story of our family Saddam's children from the very get go, that some of them ended up becoming enemies for the others. So Allah subhana wa tada told us that some people in this dunya are going to be enemies for others. So you have to understand who your friends are and who your foes are, who your enemies are. There are people who are definitely going to be the enemies of Allah as the origin, the people who obey Allah as the believers, and we have to recognize them for who they are Allah said Babel commonly Bowden or do, some of you are going to be enemies for others. And

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sometimes people even have the same faith may become enemies for one another.

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And that can be included within biochem Lee Bowden, I know some of you are going to be enemies for others, but Allah said the solution to decrease that animosity within mankind within the people is this for MIT and Nikon F Yachty. And

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if my guidance comes to you, if any form of guidance definitely another shorty comes to you. Even though he started off with an F Allah said yet the inner comb, it comes to you have a surety of definitely uses the Nola tokita. subpoena, the noon of emphasis, the one that is extremely emphatic, right, the one that has a shutdown on top of it uses that loaded tokita subpoena to tell you that that is not an F of a lot being unsure. Allah is short, that guidance is going to come to you. So it's almost as if when that guidance comes to you and surely will come your way then what do you do family, Buddha, fellow, the newer Lashkar, now whoever, when the guidance which will definitely come

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comes your way, then whoever follows that guidance will not be considered misguided while is our and nor will he be in distressed within this life. What is nor will he be in distress, but I only know what is neither will he be misguided within this life, nor will he have distress in the hereafter. And that leads us back to right in the beginning of the surah right. Flip a few pages in your mind and if you're using the foreign flip view pages, right to the beginning of this surah Allah Azza wa menzerna Allah can Khurana Etosha

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baja and we have not revealed to you the Koran so that you may end up going through distress, a loss and the way you don't go through distress is how feminists die. Whoever follows my guidance, that is the one who does not go misguided. That is the one who does not have distress. So it's not fear than people for people to quote that verse out of context, which we've been going back to again and again and say that, oh, this particular verse is showing us that it's leading to distress then it must not be the law of God. Allah subhana wa tada says, When my my guidance comes to you, if you follow it, that's going to lead you to not having this guidance in this life, and no distress in the hereafter

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as well. Woman out of on victory. And the opposite is also true as well. Those people who seek to decrease their distress and stress within this life, through disobeying Allah xojo. Allah says, Whoever turns away from my mention, and whoever turns away from my remembrance for inola humeri schatten banca is going to have two things. The first of those things is that he will have a very difficult life a constrained life, a restricted life, a very, very tight life, right for in Allahumma schatten bonka, when

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tiama tiama and we will raise them up on the Day of Judgment blind.

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Whoever disobeys alarm alarm makes their life difficult. Allah subhanho wa Taala makes their life constraint. And that's why those people who attempt to try to actually increase the leisure and the ease within their life lives through the disobedience of Allah azza wa jal, they should understand that the disobedience of Allah azza wa jal is actually not going to lead you to ease in your life. It's going to lead you to more stress and more difficulty within your life. If you end up disobeying Allah azza wa jal by taking hold on loans, impermissible loans because you think that's going to actually bring you ease within your life. That no you have made a grave error, a serious mistake,

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that is actually going to lead you to more difficulty within your life, rather than ease within your life. It's not going to bring ease. Allah says for in Allahumma Asian vodka, even if you have larger walls because of the mortgage you got, at the end of the day, those walls are going to feel tighter than that small apartment that you used to live in. We're not sure who your woman chiamata Amma and we will resurrect him in addition to that, on the Day of Judgment blind. Why because when the guidance used to come to him, he was he used to choose to be spiritually blinded. So now we will physically blind him Allah subhana wa tada says

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All this person who has been resurrected blind, he will say oh my lord oh my lord Nima has shot any ama Why have you resurrected me? I'm blind, but but going to vasila and I used to be able to see before on he will say Allah will say cuz that's it karateka

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Aria tuna. Okay so this person is saying, I'll be Nina Shelton. Oh Allah, why are you resurrecting me blind, when when I used to be within this life,

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I will also be what I used to be within this life within the worldly life within the transitory life within the life which happens to be a test I used to be able to see but now you've resurrected me blind. Allah subhanho wa Taala told us of this in the Koran and he said, Man, Ghana, he has he ama, for whoever authority ama, what our loose idea that whoever happens to be blind within this life, than in the Hereafter, he will also be blind, and he will be even further misguided. He'll be even further misled. What that means is whoever happens to be blind spiritually within this life, when you grant him guidance, he chooses himself not to, he chooses not to see himself, he chooses not to

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be able to, to witness that guidance, even though he can see it. He chooses to hide the feelings that he's feeling towards it, Allah said those people will become literally blind on the Day of Judgment. And that doesn't mean whoever happens to be blind, physically within this within this life, you will become blind in the hereafter as well, physically No, whoever, whoever is spiritually blind, and that's a metaphor by the consensus of the Islamic scholars and the consensus of them of a city, that whoever happens to be spiritually blind, he will become. Now the next part Some people say he will be, he will be metaphorically blind, or physically blind. The second part there's a

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difference of opinion about whether on the Day of Judgment, he will be physically blind or, or ritually blind, physically blind or simply metaphorically blind. That said, there's a difference of opinion about that. But about this life, the blindness that's being discussed as a blindness of the hearts for in the heart of sorrow as a lesson, when I can damage the Illuminati for pseudo, For verily, it's not the eyes that go blind. It's the hearts that actually end up going blind. Right? So the blindness of this life that Allah always talks about in the Quran is the blindness of the hearts. And it's a metaphorical blindness. It's a spiritual blindness. It's not a physical

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blindness, the physical blindness is a test by a law. If a person is patient, he'll be rewarded duly on the Day of Judgment for them, right? That spiritual blindness, however, on the day of judgment, according to some scholars, many scholars can become a physical blindness, as Allah said, because this person if he's not physically blind, he wouldn't be saying this sort of being a hotshot any ama, or law, why are you resurrecting me? Physically blind? Right? Why are you resurrecting me blind? Welcome to vasila. And yesterday, I used to be able to see.

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So if it was the same sort of blindness he had in this life, then he wouldn't be able to make a case for himself. But since it's a different blindness, and that's a physical blindness, that he's able to make a case for himself. I asked a lot to protect us from physical blindness. And I asked a lot to protect us from spiritual blindness as well. For me, the spiritual blindness will lie is stronger than the physical blindness, the physical blindness can simply not allow you to be able to see the direction you're going in someone can guide you. But when you've been internally blinded, nothing that is before you, can you actually see, I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala, to protect us from this.

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I mean, your brother in law continued it. He said on kundalika tuna. He said, just like that, our signs that come to you for necesita ha, so you had forgotten the signs of ours? What karateka Leo matanza, and just like that today, you will also be forgotten.

00:23:57--> 00:24:37

Our signs had come to you and our IRS had come to you and you had forgotten those IRS and now you are going to be forgotten, because they're just minjin ceramill. Because the recompense is going to be from the same angle from which the action happens to be. You're forgetting the signs of Eliza wizard even though they happen to be right before your eyes, that Allah will forgive you forget you on the Day of Judgment. Allah said workaholic energy when a sort of lm human, be it Robbie. And just like this, as we've blinded people in this particular life spirit, just like this, since people had chosen to be blind from the signs of allows origin.

00:24:38--> 00:24:51

We had blinded them, or in the Hereafter, just like that, do we compensate any person who happens to be extravagant and doesn't believe in the explicit and clear signs of allies origin was

00:24:52--> 00:25:00

a shock to a bar and the punishment of the aka happens to be even more severe and it happens.

00:25:00--> 00:25:43

To be even more serious and even more greater. So the punishments that you see within this life are serious, they can be very serious. I missed those punishments happened to be the punishment that a law gave, to fiddle around. And people may think that that's a very serious punishment that the entire entourage of Iran ended up coming in the middle of this particular Gulf. And as they are in the middle of this, Allah subhana wa tada took those two water bodies that are separated from Musa and his people to walk through, they ended up literally enveloping these people and they all drowned and Allah made them a sign till the Day of Judgment right? Now, a law said that you think that that

00:25:43--> 00:25:44

is serious? What are

00:25:46--> 00:26:27

the punishment of Allah azza wa jal in the Hereafter is even more serious. And Allah had made for our own Pharaoh a sign for people till the Day of Judgment. Allah says, We will save you by your body, so that you become a sign for people till the Day of Judgment. Allah said the Azov of the day of judgment and the Hereafter is more serious than that we Allah had done to the people around the people, the first one, the Coptic people, and those who follow them and so on and so forth. It will be more serious than this and it will last longer as well. You thought from the time of Pharaoh till the Day of Judgment is a big punishment. Well, then, be aware that on the Day of Judgment, that

00:26:27--> 00:27:07

punishment is going to be even more serious, and lasts even longer. I ask Allah Subhana Allah to protect us from the seriousness of the affairs of the day of judgment and ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to grant us the ability to be missed the people who are within the shades of Allah azza wa jal on the Day of Judgment, Yeoman, Allah in Villa on that day, in which there happens to be no shade except a shade that allografts I mean, not a bit I mean, just below head and for listening, and join us for the next episode in sha Allah Allah. As we conclude the surah of Baja the sudo to Moosa or similar to Kadima, sallAllahu, ala Sayyidina Muhammad or other early he was so happy here.