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Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us to whoever builds a mosque for Allah, Allah were built in a similar house in Jannah. And we know the great reward that will not only be gained but rather will fill your grave after your death. Whenever someone prays that whenever someone gives shahada in the masjid whenever someone learns something in the masjid, yes, that will be something that you will have on your scale.

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Salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah. What I care too. How are you guys doing? I'm joined with a man who really does need an introduction. You know what, we're gonna scrap this right now because this video is and needs to be going in a totally different direction. Okay, you're not going to be calling the shots. Okay? Because this video is where you're going to be reacting to the people. To the people. Yeah, we're gonna we're gonna let the people talk. Let them decide. And you're going to be reacting to the hate comments. Tell me okay. They've had enough. They frankly, they've had enough. Yeah, and this. Probably if we start doing this, we can turn this into a series series. Yeah, yeah. Series of,

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you know, with multiple iterations in like Spider Man's for many generations.

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We'll call it.

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So what we're doing, we're reacting to hate comments, and we're reacting to hate comments. Okay, let's do this thing. And we're gonna see a serious thing here. We're gonna see what these people really think. Let's see what this was like. This is a small proportion of people. Let's be honest. The vast majority of comments are overwhelmingly positive because they see him as a hero. No comment. No doubt one of the heroes though they should make a museum about me bro. That is gonna be very crap. Yeah, I should. I should throw something give you something they could put in the Museum of Muhammad hijab goes up. You see what cleans up from time to time.

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You are a disgusting person. Amen.

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But don't worry.

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Right. Hey, yes

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all right, enough. jibber jabber Hey, Joe. Okay, let's get focused. We're gonna start off easy so

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Quan, devious tingle bottom qui 1203 says, God saves turn to Jesus. Before it's too late.

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What have you got to say to this guy? Say

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I Say this and this is this is very typical of, you know, this kind of preaching, Christian preaching bow. You make the assertion you don't bring evidence. I'm not interested when people read that you think people will say you know, what? Do you think people gonna say yeah, I'm gonna become a Christian. Is that what you think? I can guarantee you that's not what happens. Okay? So I'm not interested in you or that comment. And you can leave these comments because I don't see them as threatening to me or to the Muslim community.

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Comment number two

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You're a disgusting liar.

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This is Mike. This is my Garrett. volleys. Very cool.

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That was from my wife okay.

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Is that garrets volley is very cool.

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I mean, obviously they're triggered by my presence. But I'll give him a ticket to the museum

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maybe that will be you can get the ally dollar discount ally five. If I present this girl. Okay. Ally you verify that discount?

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He didn't hear okay, next comment.

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Zara's 575 to CS

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you are devil

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you should take that seriously. Okay. The devil

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your shape on

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all of the millennials shape

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your direction

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I mean, so in Ramadan, you're going to be locked up

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how's it gonna feel?

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It's gonna feel probably how you live your life on a day to day basis. Oh, absolutely shackled up and chained up.

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Absolutely, but my desires don't need

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Luciferian Yes, the only thing Luciferian is this man's ability to write English right language in a grammatically coherent way.

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Looking devilish is his grammar. Oh, okay. You've gone there. Yes. Okay. All right. JD a power week. says to the sports.

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Snap this one j d I p or WNYC. AIPAC? Probably. Okay, so he goes, Wow, yes. Imagine living life by a man wrote a book.

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Are you sure was a man that wrote that comment in a boy? Because it seems like it's

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elementary level. Did you ask his pronouns? I think you should apologize. This. This is the problem. This is why we're making this video. You're stealing people's pronouns. Talk to me like that. Yeah.

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You apologize. Apologize to it.

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So imagine living life by a man who wrote a book. So he's referring to the Quran, he's mocking the fact that we as Muslims live by the book, okay. Oh, the thing is, you're making an assertion. So we obviously don't believe it's manmade. But we believe this is a book from God. That's what we believe, right? We believe that Muhammad wa sallam was giving a revelation by Allah, the Creator of the heavens and the earth. He was given evidences, and he's also given revelation, we're convinced with the evidences, we are convinced with the fact that he was a messenger, you're living your life by manmade precepts, because if I were to guess and estimate, okay, this person is probably living

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with some kind of manmade political ideology or otherwise so most people are living by the ideas of other people. In fact, the Quran makes mention of this.

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For example,

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this mentioned the Quran, you know,

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when that when you said to them come and believe this is they say, No, we're going to believe what were our forefathers believed?

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You know, and then and Abraham in the Quran, he said, What can be done with a tamale Abba

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Carlo in nebbia. Also to be careful rune, Fanta come NEMA, non fungible, caffeic anarchism, because they've been. So what Abraham said is, okay, well, what if I come to you with something which is more in guidance than what your parents came with?

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So in other words, there has to be an arbiter, because all of us are going to follow our parents or our societies whoever, and the arbiter has to be the truth. In other words, we have to care more about the truth than we do about following our tribal instincts of parents culture sites, etc. There you go. JD AI. Powered, kui. Love it Daniel 3815 says Muhammad after you'd be more mature, you disappoint me.

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You are really childish. That was for me.

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Look, I mean, a lot of people do when they realize I've got this image will streak. They can be disappointed

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but I'm not here to please you I'm here to live my life and enjoy my life.

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you know, maybe I do need to take your advice. Maybe I do need to be withdrawn what sometimes? Maybe that's true.

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That's right.

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a reflect on that. Yes. My tea thirsty says says yeah, that's different for the champ he says the Quran re citation. This was the Quran recitation. You did. Yes. It's so cringe. Really? Laugh Emoji. Oh my god.

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I'm gonna do that again. There isn't.

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He's caught me now. You know, I mean, he's got me now. Is that at the end of the Quran we citations now. I see I have to retire. Is he said enough after you've had enough? Mighty thirsties but that would be you thirsty, is trying to use. Yeah, he that's the level he's on.

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See? You've done you've done the job, mate. This keyboard warrior has finally got through. He's a real life for you. It switches me.

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All right.

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Matthew Rodney 563 says, this is amazingly dumb. He job if you don't know basic philosophy, don't debate the existence of God.

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He makes a good point.

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Yes, if I don't know I shouldn't Yes, yes. I mean, what qualifications do you have you doing a PhD?

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Let's put that to the side. He's right, exactly. You're not doing a PhD.

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Um nothing Oh, nothing but this 12 year old this but that comment. He's 11 and a half actually had you know,

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this guy's nothing Yeah, this guy's nothing if you come to me and speak to me like that

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put you and your place. I'll put you in your place

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and before he addresses you should be. I don't know why he referred to you like that he should have referred to you as the Oxford graduate

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Cody Hinkle. 7622 says, Hey job is the biggest bully and deceiver out there.

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At least I can succeed in something

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from the biggest one that means I'm the top top guy in the industry. Really, isn't it? That's it in the industry of deception and bullying. Why are you the top guy in hillbilly?

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What are you What are you the top guy in red neck? Wherever you are making out with family members.

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It was inbred. That's

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in red hillbilly. Thomas got so much bread Mobistar bakery make

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one more last one. Then the home poor 7777 sees Hey job got cooked and starts acting like a little child

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even though he's talking about

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I think he's talking about the David Baldwin. Oh, really? Yeah.

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Let me tell you something. Tell tell us on and this is something they can put on the hijab Museum. Yes. David Wood has engaged with many people. You asked David, what? What was your most memorable moment? There's no doubt he's gonna mention the hammer hammering his father.

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He's gonna mention the champ.

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Piers Morgan has engaged with many people. I'm not gonna say the most memorable.

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But you asked that boy, who was one of your most memorable moments is going to mention the champ

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you ask, for example, was the sky cosmic or anybody who's engaged with me a post all these ones they wanted or they have group therapy sessions. It's public. And the reason why is because

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when I land, the one touch the intellectual one touch on them.

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They can't help. But

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actually, it becomes a PTSD for them. They have to remember forever. This is the reality of the situation. This is the reality of why this guy, whatever his name is, is the one who's commenting on my videos, and I'm not commenting on his.

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And with that, I will conclude

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anything else you want to just let the people know you've heard these hate comments. Has this deterred you has this slowed you down? Has this weekend you for those people who do take hate comments seriously. I'll be honest with you guys, I don't I barely even read the comments. And that's

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I don't actually read all the comments. Sometimes I flicked through and the hate comments if it's constructive criticism, and if it's any well placed. I will. I will listen to that. And I'll read that No, feedback is important. But if it's stuff like this, I mean, definitely it's like water off a duck's back.

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It makes me realize the importance of being controversial.

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And with that, guys, we'll see you next time. Salaam aleikum, your brothers and sisters in Islam net from Norway are establishing a masjid a Dawa Center. This center this Masjid this educational institution will act like a beacon of light calling the Muslims in Norway back to the essence of the slum. So give generously and Allah azza wa jal give you even more