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Mr. Heyman hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa salam alaikum and Amina Mohammed water and he wants to convey Jimena my buck, Holly Masonic for a hammer hello to electric whatever here the others on a Hindi feed baby probably Nikki with her theory

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will have to lay your head and shoulder for no he says in his book entitled The Guardians of the righteous and the chapter of the virtue of Likud remembering Allah and calling people and encouraging others to do so. And what I've noticed been my authority Allah who I know under the Southern Lights of Allah and there was something I'll call it will be good he will call ye more eyes will lie in neat little hip book for all who seek a Yamaha led to the feed to be equally Salatin. undercooled Allahumma inni click our Shoukry kearsney by the tick

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the why them enjoyable narrative that the promise of Salam took hold. He said that the Prophet SAW Selim took hold of my hand and said, Oh my God, by Allah, I love you. So advise. So I advise you to never forget to recite after every prayer. Oh, Allah helped me remember.

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Oh, Allah helped me remember you to be grateful to you and to worship you in an excellent manner. This is a beautiful Hadith and it has a beautiful sequence to it. And it's sort of Benny it is Michela from Allah subhanaw taala ultimately, so my them and Gemma, firstly, remix mentioned that the promise of a lion it was salam took a hold of my hand. So this is a means and a way of teaching. We see the promise of Allahu alayhi wa sallam he told him and he grabbed him by his shoulders. And he told me to be in this world as though you are a stranger or Wayfarer. So the physical touch has an effect when trying to get a message across, particularly if the person that is touching that

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person to teach them is known to be beloved. So fathers mothers, when you want to get a message across, and you want it to be something that has a huge effect on them, touching them on their shoulder, or patting them on the chest or whatever is culturally known to express love, affection, importance of what is about to be said, should embark upon that the promise of some grabs him by his hands. And he said oh my life in neat little Hibou Verily, I love you. And in the English translation is not sufficient.

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Because in the Arabic the Polish all Salam said, Yeah, more I've Wallahi in the left, or hymnbook. In the Arabic language, there's different. There's different ways to express purity or emphasis or intensity of the moments or the emotion. So the first thing he did is he swore by Allah.

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He swore by Allah, he said, Oh my god, I swear by Allah.

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And they said, that really? Verily, I love you so much. I will say well answer in Al Insana, Laffy hoarser.

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Let the lamb here means very or surely it's a LeMat Toki they call it an Arabic the lamb of shorty. So Allah is saying in the chapter of answer by the time verily mankind will definitely lamp left field has definitely definitely is at a loss. So the puzzle is so in total, I really I love you so much. Oh, I swear by Allah I love you so much. Let's just stop here fathers particularly fathers. When's the last time we told our children that we love them? Now in certain cultures? We don't do that. Right? But I'm here to say that's not the Sunnah.

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A companion came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam he said Verily, I have 11 children, I don't kiss any of them. Where the process don't tell them.

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Malay or hum lay your hand

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whoever does not show mercy is not showing mercy to them. Subhanallah Well, I in my culture, this is eight or my culture this is we don't do this. You don't do it but the process of selling did it.

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And it may require us as older fathers grandfathers to dig deep inside of ourselves and see what do we really value the most the promise of Allahu Allah some of the said that therefore it being universal across the board for any culture. So when he did this, he said, Oh Allah, Oh my god, I love you so much. And then he gave him useful advice that many of us probably just said a couple of moments ago, and it has three things as follows. Oh, Allah helped me remember it helped me remember you Allahumma and knee either the Clinica wushu Kritika Well firstly by the tick just a small update for that I want to touch on it there's this particular it's so so much so many benefits in this the

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first thing you said oh Allah I didn't need

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right so I need is assisted me and helped me. So it's interesting is that everything that comes after it is a means of you remembering Allah and mentioning the greatness of Allah through different means and ways and manifestations, but you firstly need the help of Allah

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Praise Allah. Just think about that.

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You need Allah's help in order to praise Him.

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This is why in the event when you hear Hayato, Salah that Hola, whatever whatever the hell that means there is no transition from sitting to standing.

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And that requires schoolwear strength. There is no transition nor string except with Allah. So you coming to the masjid when you're come to the prayer. I can't come to the prayer unless I have strength to transition. But that's not accept with Billa Hola Hola, Quwata illa biLlah so here, he's asking me to assist me upon what being thankful Oh, Allah helped me and assisted me for being thankful to you Subhanallah just think of that just ponder over that.

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aroma and the other the kicker to be to remember you to be mindful of you was shook Kritika and to be thankful. Well, firstly, by the topic, I just wanted to touch on one point and then we'll finish it is the actual process

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of doing worship. You have to remember Allah,

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then be thankful to him of what you remember of him, whatever it may be.

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And from that, remember it, it pushes you to do something.

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They Kritika Tim, remember you shook Rica, to be thankful to you, how can I be thankful? How can I be thankful, personally better.

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And you say this right after the slides and as a matter of fact,

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right after I'm done with her stay bad or Allah make me between Lauren and also to to remember you and to be thankful to you. And when it comes to us or even before that to worship you and be in worship you in an excellent way hosting a by the tick. So that's a small tip for that we want to remember this beautiful Hadith of the Prophet saw some that he gave to my I'm in trouble. He grabbed him by his hands showing the method of teaching with contact and then also the expression with the physical and also with the verbal of saying that he loved them expressing his emotional intelligence. And then after that, the beautiful dua of asking Allah subhanaw taala to assist you in

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remembering him to therefore be thankful to ultimately end in good worship may last month Allah make us of those that worship him to sit on where Allah Allah may Allah Subhana Allah protect us from any of our shortcomings and not make that our final mile car tour he just pleased with us yatta yatta mean filling them in Luminova kufrin Anessa you actually know what so often a matter but oh Allah help that we can destitute all over the world have our brothers and sisters in Gaza and all over the world yada but I mean, what what in Jaya Homura bill I mean and feed those that are hungry and nourish those that are thirsty out of bed? I mean, but most importantly Yeah, but I mean nourish

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them with the nourishment of Eman. What sort of Allah was sitting my back then to being a Muhammad water out of he was