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Sofia Gimeno bad bird the data from Java data and I'll be able to move out sending a few headaches out I'm gonna select Yeah, let's see eudaemonia Rasulillah one early you're so happy when I'm clear when you're solid the night of Jomar I suppose at night there's much baraka and this night, the sun has to increase your saliva and the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and all good deeds. Yahweh Imam ognuno Murgia will inamoto Barani you beside your Sohan and Abdullah Hibiya Amrinder Astro the Allahu Anhu man, but by rasool Allah He said Allah Allah Allah said I'm the Hadith and a collection of both Imam Ibn merger and Baba Ronnie has a authentic generation right to us by Abdullah had been

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hammered on us.

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And the theme is the usage of the Prophet alayhi salam word of Halo com, or Yahoo comm or high aloneness, the best of you.

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Amongst the best of you are the best people. And he used that term a number of times out of your slot to us and I'm in his tradition, and you're at maybe seven to eight hotties and then I'll summarize them for you probably early next week.

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And in this hadith, this is a very this is actually quite a famous one. Maybe it's not, maybe not in general realms, but in the knowledge seeking realms, it's used a lot, because he he gives a really interesting descriptions out of his Serato ceramah what he thinks is the best of people, and I'm gonna share it with you I think i think i think I'm narrating this hadith once before months, many months ago, but I love it and I'm happy to narrate it again. So he set out your sights on was a firefighter here on Nursey. There will probably be an MK moon when the sun is solid 10. But the rest of the people are the ones who have a column that is maximum heart that is much more. And in a sound

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startup, which is a truthful and honest talk. You're probably asking the question. So how about Carl Barlow?

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Very well, Pebble Mom, what is what is the maximum heart

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and the word in my mom comes from the rule of thumb. And that's when when when it's

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when it's been cleansed so many times or it's

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liquid has been circulating in something so many times that there's really nothing left in it. mean there's no there's no obstacles left. It's been it's been so much friction has happened. That there's really no there's not there's no movement like there's not it there's no edges left, right if you have like a surface and there's like ups and downs and and my homie there's so many times that this has been there's movement on it that there's really no edges left. It's not it's nice and, and shiny and, and smooth. And that's what kind of what the idea of the word is. So he used that term on a slot or someone just not a no in terms of the room was not. And my mom is not actually a

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term that's out of every use of the asset. What do you mean, the father, who will be able to pay you nothing, EULA dilla is Murphy, he will tell you our acid, instead of the club that is pure and pious, and there is no sin, or hatred, or oppression or envy in it. It's a heart that just doesn't have any of these bad things in it. There's not a heart that's envious. So in a heart that hopes or wishes or longs for sin. It's not a heart that finds joy in oppressing others is a heart that is pure, that is filled with piety and fearfulness of its lord, that's what he's talking about. But that's the heart that what, because he used the word Maamoun. You understood, you have to understand

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that this it didn't arrive that way. It wasn't delivered that way. No, a lot of work went into purifying it and smoothing and surface it didn't come smooth, is my mom had to be smooth and over time so that he doesn't have all of these sharp edges that make it difficult for hire to go through it. So he's pointing out to us source and the best two people are those who actually take interest in the Status into the status of their own hearts. And they purify those hearts from any sense of impurity or from any lack of piety or any sinfulness or hatred, or oppression or arrogance or the willingness to follow it or to deviate. It doesn't exist or envied it doesn't exist in it. The best

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of people are those who have made sure that their hearts have arrived at a position or a point or where they're pure, where their mom and their tongues are truthful. They speak only the truth on for men Allah 30 But who's next in line because that's if they're saying that's impossible. So it's not impossible. But it's hard. What's next by lithiation Dhonielle your head Bula the person who has who looks away from Dhoni and focuses and loves us and I mean they're just always trying to see what is it that you can do to increase their their their amount of reward that they have judgment and they're not taken or distracted by doing you *wad woman I think this is again Yeah, give us

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something that's called overpower me known famous Niccolo. I believe or has a little bit of a good character as a class and just good good character. Cheese people will

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An honest, trustworthy, kind, easygoing, loving just someone who's has good character you deal with them you walk away feeling that way that was a good man good man. I can trust that person doesn't rip us off doesn't mean he doesn't talk me. My back does not come to me with two faces is someone that can I can deal with as a husband. Because Sahaba as you felt that those two first two are a little bit a little bit challenging, a little bit challenging, and they are.

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They're supposed to be the things that I bring with you. And these Hadith over these nights are supposed to be a little bit hard, because he didn't say this is the generic Muslim. He said, This is the best, the best of the best. This is the creme de la creme like this is the cream of the crop. This is the best. You want to be amongst those listen to the SSA Alia Sato sound. There's a little bit of work they're done. But those who have ambition and aspire to greatness, listen to him, it is still up to us to them. I don't know why it is that we have no ambition when it comes to you know to die it into Alkalyn everyone I speak into all throughout my life I have spoken to everyone I speak

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to about Indonesia, they want to they want to you know, they want the five star home and the nice car and the the vacation the yearly vacations in the Bahamas and Akira I just want to be pushed into agenda. I just want to just just don't just maybe just rolled in to do

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of course we want to. But why why this? Why this dexterity? Well, it's

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it's a problem with mentality and attitude of where the ambition lies in dunya your ambition shouldn't be that just getting good Goodbye, goodbye. He took our eyes upon the so high value salatu salam he would shake their hands, Mr. Musa

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Musa rockin take with you all only with the provision of his traveller, take from dunya just what you need to get it to get to the finish line, just what you need to take anything more, he would, he would shake their hands on that. And then their focus their ambition was to make it far on the day of judgment to not just take care of themselves, but take care of their loved ones. Take care of as many people from their family as possible, even those who are far away did that that's why they had to be told you can't Ebrahim your father, no. Sula, your uncle who used to give he was given certain things that the person who was Muslim who was who was fighting you, you have to you have to step

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back. Because their ambition was I'm going to take care of everybody. If I walked away from his father saying, Don't worry, I take care of you. So tell us to be I'll take care of you. I'll do I'll do enough for the both of us. Subhan Allah alayhi wa Salatu was Salam Ah, man, it's a beautiful thing. Say I love you enough that I'll do enough for the both of us. I'll take care of you. You're milking them. And some of them they had to be told you have to roll back a little bit because you can't overstep Allah subhanaw taala is lying he may say this is too much and they'll say no, but everyone else's that was their ambition that they were they had aspirations so when you hit the

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Prophet Allah your sauce in there hi, Rocco mariotta como Heron has listened to it. Listen to do it, hold aspire to that. Go go for that go? Why not? Why not yesterday? What else are you doing? What else is worth living for? Believe what I told me was more what's more valuable than trying to be with the Prophet Allah you saw some thought was the best of us. And imagine if you did, you don't think the Prophet Allah is something you're welcome is looking for the best of you.

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You don't think you'll melt down on his health? He's looking to see where the best of us are. You don't think you'll call out the best of us first? Of course he will. But he defined the best of us so we have to go by his definition not by mine or yours or anyone else for that matter, is his definition. And that's why I think these Hadith are beneficial and beautiful. Alright, one more time here with emammal Dr. Bharani you will even move no matter how you set it aside and Abdullah Hibiya Amma lived in a household the Allahu Anhu ma kala Nabil Allahu Allahu early you also have you seldom clear on nursing.

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The Colombian Mamma Mia. Well listen, you saw the follow miracle boom, boom powder. We'll call it the key you know key you know the law is MFI well above the hour acid for men is 30 Allah, Allah the yesh net would duniya or your head bone pod for 9

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million for your host Nicola Salah Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Allah. Allah Allah Allah Allah. Allah Allah wa salam O Allah cannon