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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shara Philomena even mursaleen Mohamed Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to see him because

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from Abbado my brothers and sisters Elders first of all let me begin today by requesting you to make dua for our dear friend and our elder

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will start Mustafa tahune wahama

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala Phil is covered with Nora and may Allah subhanaw taala give him gelato for those who rather we have to be lonely, sad, very sad.

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May Allah subhanaw taala give summer to his family mashallah was a beautiful man and he lost rattler gave him a beautiful ending in his family with his children and grandchildren surrounding him. And I met

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his son, Dr. Summer just the day before, and asked him How's your father He said, Every time I asked him, he says Al Hamdulillah.

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This is the these are all ishara mingulay data

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where Allah subhanaw taala is showing us and these are means of comfort for our for ourselves to say the hungry Allah. Here is a man who is connected to his rock geladeira Lu, and he met his rock the restaurant for a Muslim, the time or the day of dying is not a day of sadness. We are sad because of the party, of course, but it's not a demo day. It's a day of the greatest happiness because this is the day for which he has been waiting all his life.

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But all his life he was working forward for the Riddler follows van over there. And he was waiting for the day when he can meet his rock Gela general who and receive the reward.

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So for him, this is the day of the

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meeting with his rock geladeira so it is a day of the greatest happiness and we ask Allah subhanaw taala that for our brother as well to be pleased with him and never be displeased the mela show His pleasure

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May Allah show him his pleasure inshallah.

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I want to remind myself when you in the same context

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about two things let me give you two examples.

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All of us travel and we have all traveled you know many times now imagine this the you are on the plane and you are you know you have a nice bunch of companions travel companions with you maybe people who know maybe people who make friends with on the playa it's a long long flight and you're chatting and stories this or that. And then when you get off and now you are heading into the airport of the country say you landed in Boston in

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the airport in Boston and you are now walking towards the the the immigration Hall what happens to those friendships?

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I was still chit chatting and saying hi how are you? How's everything's gone? There's only one thing in your mind and you have what's on your mind what will happen to me with the immigration officer nothing else

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really we've all been through this Ella protect us travel is a is a stressful thing for that reason. You have a visa everything else

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thought in the mind what will happen to me with the immigration officer Will he stop and say welcome to America or will there be issues we ask Allah to save us from this right

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now what about if the person who is going to the immigration counter has no visa

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don't get too nerdy with this he was a we had no visa How did he get on the door my birthday that he got on somehow now he landed he has no visas

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now what

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I'm saying

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that is exactly our situation of this life.

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While we are in this lie we have all these friends and this and that and we are having a good time or whatnot zone zone zone zone until

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we land

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and then there is only one question that is will I be let in or not?

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And the hungry love for those who die with the man who live with the amount of dry with the matter hamdulillah there is Bashara min Allah Allah, Allah subhanaw taala zillions of unis

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Allah in our area Allah He la joven Allah him wala homea has

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Unknown Lavina Armano work on Oh, taco Lahoma Bushra Phil hired to dunya will ask Allah

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Allah Subhana Allah said that there is no fear and there is no huzzle there is no sadness for the Olia of Allah.

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And the audio of Allah is not not only my Muhammad Ali Muhammad Shafi and Jacob DeLuca Gilani is no no, no, they are all there. Insha Allah Allah Allah Allah knows is only Allah is not mentioned any earlier. Please understand is it many of you will make this year but also in such a great value of Allah? How do you know?

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How do you know? We do not speak about Allah without knowledge.

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So always say insha Allah

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Ambia you know, Musa alayhis salam you know, because Allah told us,

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he says Allah we know we are not robots, but But

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remember, we're Hanifa radula Imam Moussa de la he was a great one you have allowed you know, to always say Allah Insha Allah, he was a great video of Allah. Right? Now Allah subhanho wa Taala see the mercy of Allah. Allah did not restrict the definition or the unless you want to like give us a definition. What is the definition?

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Allah Xena Armano O'Connor. The Who?

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The one who was even there they are those who have Iman and Taqwa.

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Now you might say how much humor?

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How much humor? How much Taqwa how much?

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Does the person really have a beard? Did you have an AMA on his head? Did Allah say all this? No. Mr. Taqwa. This is the Mercy of Allah Imagine if Allah subhanaw taala had put some er if some Allah had put some kind of standard and said this much of women must at least pray five times Allah in the masjid or at least one Salah in the masjid by Gemma supposing Allah had made some you know, loss of $100 Well, but we can do whatever he wants.

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He did not do this is the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala as EMA rota for how much Allah knows

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he has one grain of him and he's got one Mustard Seed Wautoma hamdulillah Jana insha Allah

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and to make it more Allah Subhana Allah Who will you Lavina Amaru Allah is the worry of the people who have Iman.

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You carried your home Mina Zulu Battilana and he takes them out of darkness into light.

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So we have the best of Zhan husband isn't with Allah subhanaw taala

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that Allah subhanaw taala will give us Jana Inshallah, only condition is in Manitoba as much as possible

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what is the basic minimum no shake

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no shake no go for there is no beyond that there is no guarantees, no shake no go

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how much more as much more as possible hundreds of you make up you make the effort whatever.

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So, you ask Allah for the this is the

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Bashara Mina laitanan

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Second thing I want to example I want to give you this

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imagine this person in the bank is a teller right is sitting there giving out cash so you come with a check for $10,000 he cashes out and Domino's recovered a check for $5,000 in cash right? Now the whole day this person is giving out cash.

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Now supposing this person says you know I'm such a wealthy person.

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I am so rich.

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So useless you know your rich why How come

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he's I gave him 10,000 I gave him 5000 I gave him 25,000 is yellow Excuse me?

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You didn't give anything that his money

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you only give it out

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you are not rich. How rich are you? You are rich according to how much is there in your pocket? Not how much is there

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in the bank box? Yes or no?

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Now take the example to ourselves.

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I say I'm very wealthy Okay, so let's do that. Let's do some subs.

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What is his wealth

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no I have so much money in the bank Okay very good.

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I dropped dead now. What happens is the money stays in the bank goes to our sir

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I just bought a car for a million dollars. They'll give fantastic you just proved that you are stupid person in the world because you buy a depreciating asset

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Have a million dollars, but apart from that,

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so 1 million your 1 million was meant for the car dealer, it went the 1 million car dealer

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they drive the car $1 million car off the lot 30% Depreciation on the spot. So now,

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I love this thing all people with expensive cars.

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So, now the car is worth only 7000.

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So, I will take this 30% depreciated car to Costco to fill in gas

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you pay their sum of money you go to the gas, you drive somewhere go to the gas, I want to travel somewhere I buy a plane ticket, gone to the plane, you know to the to the airline company and so on and so on and so on our whole life. What are we doing?

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We are bank tellers. We are doling out money money to the wife money to the children money to this one money to that one money to the cabinet to the gasmate

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end of the day what is yours? Only the transactions

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I take the money I build a margin. When I die the money stays here. What goes with me? The action, the hammer and of course in the case of the masjid all the women in the masjid they come to me sadaqa jariya I take the same money I buy I take a loan from the bank on interest which Allah made haram but I borrow this money and I build a house I dropped dead where's the house? Right here? What goes with me my transaction my deal?

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And what I'm gonna do that deal

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what did I do actually with that deal? My name was where

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i Hola Inna, how will ya hola my name and your name and your name and your name by default. As soon as you say La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasool Allah. By default your name is in the list of the Alia of Allah. We did not do anything, just accepted Islam and we have say we Allah I have your taqwa to whatever extent even to the extent of a mustard seed an atom. Your name is in the list of the Olia of Allah.

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Now I go to the bank, I borrow money on interest, to build myself a house or to buy a car or whatever God knows. What did I do?

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I took out my name from this list, rabbit out and I write that name in the list of the other Allah, the enemies of Allah.

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What is my daddy Allah subhanho data is it

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in so another Baqarah Allah Allah is there way lambda Fido if you do not give back and do not leave this then as Amin Allah who are also ready

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for what Horeb Allah subhanaw taala is announcing war against you on his behalf and on behalf of His Rasul Allah Isa.

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So what do you call somebody? You are at war with a friend or enemy

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enemy? No.

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So I take out my name from this list of odia and I put it in the in the list of enemies of Allah. And then in this life, I have some problem yeah, Allah Allah y'all who are you asking your enemy? How will you get

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which enemy gives you anything?

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And then on the day of judgment, now what happens? I die houses here. This goes with me.

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And when I resurrected him the Ibis hotel anima he said on the Day of Judgment, they will be brought before Allah and they were like I will give them swords and they will say here is the one you accepted the declaration about go fight.

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Here is a weapon.

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Please let us understand this. Nothing Nothing, nothing goes with us. Nothing goes with us. If you don't believe me ask.

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The brothers was sitting there they begged their father to ask them what was with him. What went with him? We went to embarrass him what went with it?

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We all know this right? Is not rocket science. We all know this.

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The only thing will go with us and the US there is also this Jarocin of what is our result? there as well as our SLM said what you eat, what you wear, not what's in your cupboard, what you wear,

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and what you send ahead of you. Because Allah subhanaw taala as in my Indigo Yan vado well mind Allah He back. Whatever is we do will finish will perish will will tell us what is with

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Allah will remain,

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the smart guy is the one who takes what is with him and transfers it to Allah.

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I take my wealth I transfer it all it is by now it can't go anywhere, nobody can bother, nobody can tamper with it

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I keep it here I do, especially if I do something which Allah has prohibited

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very, very, very happy.

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So, I remind myself when you the day that we saw today

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with our brother, most of our home will come for me will come for you,

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for all of us

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if I die in this community, then I will be brought to this masjid and if you guys are here, you will pray my journals

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and some of you will take me and put me in the hole in the ground.

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And you will put mud over me and you will make the and you will come but in there alone

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alone, nobody would need

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today you might say oh you know, we love you very much You can love me as much as you want you cannot you're not going in the hole with me.

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Even if you went I'll still be alone

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So, let us be very clear, let us not spoil that for the sake of this dunya which no matter what it is no matter how big it is, it remains here.

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So let us

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focus on that. And say what am I sending ahead of me?

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Because now they know these people you're talking about insha Allah they are seeing the truth of that.

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For all of you, you for you for me. I'm talking about something I don't know why you have Eman because rasa is also a salaam told us. You don't know you are listening to me. But a day will come when we will see.

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make that day the most beautiful day of our lives. And we please with us never to be displeased and to enable us to live this life in a way that He is pleased with us are some of the Hala will carry Murali he was named after Corolla.