Taimiyyah Zubair – EP 27 – Surah Al Baqarah – AYAT 54 to 59

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Okay, let's continue with our lesson.

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What is called musar economici. And recall and remember, when musala Sallam said to his people who were his people who was his nation, the Bani Israel the word comb is from their letters cough well meme and this word is going to come many, many times in the Quran. The word comb is used for a group of people, a nation who have one feature or at least the unifies them, either they are of the same race or they are of the same religion or they live in the same city, the same country. So who is nation one people? When we started listening said to his people, he said to them that Yeah, co me. Oh my people owe me notice the word co mean, we're translating it as my people. Where did the

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meaning of mine come from? The kasra under the meme was actually a year over there, but that yeah has been eliminated, just as we learned earlier, but the coup knee for her boo knee. So similarly yakko me it means my people, all my people in accom indeed, you learn to enforcer calm, you have done learn on yourselves. You have committed injustice against yourselves. how big the hottie qumola agerola. By you're taking the calf by or taking the calf for worship, when you worship the calf? Who did you commit injustice against yourself? When a person commits a sin when a person does something wrong? In fact, who is he harming himself? So musala sin and Delta's people when you worship the God

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you in fact committed injustice against yourself in the Cumberland tomb and forsaken unforce is from the root letters no unforeseen and is the plural of the word. nuff snuffs a singular and emphasis plural. And let him you know, his little letters lol and meme, and behati come at heart is from the letters Hamza Ha. Then notice how the bunny Israel committed a great crime by worshipping the caf. It's a major sin. Committing ship is a major sin. But look at how musala Islam is addressing them. Yeah, call me all my people. Why does he address them in this way? Yeah, call me. This, first of all shows the love that he had for his people, the affection that he had for his people, that no matter

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what great crimes they committed, still, he was tender hearted towards them. Still, he was going towards them. And the fact is that unless and until we have this kind of love for people, we cannot help them. What happens is that if there is someone we know, someone from our family, or our friends, if they do something wrong, we develop a hatred for them. And we begin to dislike them. And we avoid them. We don't speak to them, we become very harsh with them. This is not the solution. If you want to correct someone, you have to show your love and care. Because if you don't show your love and care what's going to happen, they're going to become a verse from you. This is just like

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children when they do something wrong. If you yell at them, if you frightened them, are they going to listen to you? Not at all. But if you speak to them lovingly, kindly, are they going to listen to you? Yes, because they know that you care for them and that you don't hate them. So when you show to the other person you hate them, they will turn off their ears. But when you show that you love them, then they will listen to you. So musallam addressed them with a lot of love Jaco me. And secondly, he addressed them in this way to show the user wellwisher to show that he was sincere to them. And in fact, he was a well wisher to them. So he said, Oh my people, in fact, you have done wrong on

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yourselves. You have committed injustice against yourselves by worshipping the calf. Why is he telling them about their sin? He's making them realize about the wrongs that they have done. Typically, when somebody does something wrong, what do we do? We ignore them, or we become angry with them, and we don't speak to them. We just be quiet. This is not the solution. If you want to correct someone, tell them the mistake that they have made. Don't avoid them and give them a cold shoulder know, point out the mistake in a proper way so that they also know the wrongs that they have done. Yeah, call me in the complainant. infosec community Howdy, Camilla Angela. But then he

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doesn't just make them feel guilty and leave them or you're so horrible. You did something wrong. No, he gives them a solution as well. And what's the solution? For doable eleventy eco. All of you repent to your Creator. Turn back to your Lord turn in repentance to him. Sometimes we just make people feel guilty and we don't give them a solution musalla ceramics and realize their mistake and he tells them what to do. Do boo Dubois from the letters that well the W two. What does the word elbow mean? repentance. What is repentance that a person stops doing the

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wrong thing, and he becomes a good person. He leaves the wrong action and he becomes a better person. This is what we know what repentance is. But what's the literal meaning of the word tober to turn back that you going one way, but then you stop, and then you turn back. This is what the literally means. What is the OVA in our shittier? What does the word OVA mean? What does the concept of Toba include? The concept of Toba includes many, many things. First of all, the OVA includes realization, realization of what of the sin, the wrong action that a person is doing? realization. But then, is it enough to realize that a person is doing something wrong? Is that sufficient? No.

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Secondly, you have to feel regret in your heart, that I should not be doing this. I should stop it. I wish I had not done it. Why am I doing it? So after Realization comes regret remorse that you feel sorry about doing it. Thirdly, it means to leave the sin. The next step is that you leave this and you relinquish it, you stop it. Not that a person is you know, doing something wrong. This is Yeah, I know. I shouldn't be doing it. I feel very horrible about it, but I do it anyway. That's not the Oba though is that if you've promised, you're not gonna do something wrong. Again, you don't do it again. You realize you feel guilty, you feel horrible, and you stop it, you don't repeat it. And for

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that, you need determination, then after leaving the sin, after relinquishing the sin, the fourth step, the next step is to better oneself to improve oneself. For example, if a person makes up his mind that that's it after today, I'm not going to listen to music. First of all, realize this is wrong. Secondly, have regret. Thirdly, stop now that the music is blasting in your car innocent. Yeah, I shouldn't be listening to it. No, stop. And then you reform. How do you reform that you make yourself a better person, that the sin that was committed in the past, you seek forgiveness for it that Oh, Allah, forgive me for having done this before, forgive me Have mercy on me. And then a

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person strives to be better, that he stays away from that and does something good instead makes up for the wrong that was done with what good deeds that are performed. And reform sometimes also includes taking the legal punishment. For example, if a person has committed such a crime that requires a legal punishment, then it means the person takes the legal punishment as well. Or that if a person has to pay a fine for that he gives the fine for that. He has to make up for it in some way or the other he makes up for it doesn't mean that you stayed and then you say, Okay, I'm never going to do it again. But let me keep this. No, you're not keeping it, you're giving it back. You have to

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give it back. You're not going to keep it with yourself. And then after that, the fifth step is to have a firm resolve, meaning to never repeat the same again, that a person makes up his mind. He's firm, he is never ever going to go back to it again. This is what Obama means. So Musashi said I'm told his people for doable, repent, turn back to who is equal to your Creator, meaning leave the worship of the calf, feel guilty about a seek forgiveness and promise that you're never ever going to go back to it again. However, remember part of Toba is reformed, that if a punishment is required, that is taken, some legal action is required that is taken for tubu in a very equal. The

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word Barry is from the letters Bell Hamza, and Barry is one of the names of Allah subhanaw, taala, and Bara is to create something perfectly without any flaw. What does it mean to create something perfectly, but the same is the word Barry Barry is one who is innocent, meaning someone who is not guilty who was not committed anything wrong. Their criminal record is perfect, it is clean. So Barry is one who create something perfectly without any flaw. And Barry is also one who create something new for the first time innovator for tubo in a very calm, repent to your Creator. Question. Why doesn't musar ism simply say repent to Allah, for tubal in Allah, why bad Eco, what they worship was

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a calf. And who made that calf? They themselves. So the object that they had made themselves they were worshipping that isn't worthy of worship? No, because they had made it themselves and who is worthy of worship, the one who has made you, the one who has created you, he deserves your worship. So repent to your Creator, the one who made you, he deserves your worship, not the one that you have made yourself for to be in a very equal question that if a person does the woman who makes promises is never going to repeat that sin again. But then he does it.

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Then what doodlebug in your human being, it doesn't mean that have a weak resolve No, have a firm resolve be determined. But then if you slip afterwards, don't say, Oh yeah, since I've done this mistake once again, forget it. I'll do it again and again. No, do it over again. And do it over again and be sincere in your repentance and Allah subhanaw taala will make you firm on it.

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But this Toba required from the Bani Israel, not just that they should stop worshipping the calf, but they also had to take the legal punishment. And what was that punishment? to do and forsaken? So kill yourselves. Fuck to do after lamb cattle cattle is to kill, kill who and for emphasis, the plural of knifes. Kill yourself doesn't mean that each person had to commit suicide no unforce over here means your own people. Because a nation is like one body. Like for example, the Muslim Ummah, what do we learn that we are like one body, if one part hurts, the other also feels the pain. So faculty Lu enforcer calm This means kill those amongst you who have worship the calf. Because when

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musasa was gone, the bunny is right, you became divided, a group of people made the calf and worship the calf, and the rest of them did not worship the calf. They were the ones who listened to her own early Salaam and they did not worship the calf. So there was a divide amongst the many Australia, some who had committed the crime who are guilty, and others who were innocent. So those who were guilty, what was their punishment that they have to be killed? Imagine they had to be killed, and we'll start listening to them that valley come highroller combat is better for you doing Toba in this way, or in the very equal near your Creator. Why this punishment? Why is such a harsh

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punishment. The bunny is right you because they were the chosen people. They were the favorite people. When Allah subhanaw taala bestowed special favors on them when they did something wrong. That was also a very, very big deal. There is an expression in the Arabic language that has an adult abroad, Seattle Makarova being that the good deeds of righteous people are like the shortcomings of those who are very, very high up there. In other words, the greater the rank of a person, then the greater the expectations are from him. So if he makes a mistake, if he does something wrong, then what does that mean? The punishment is also going to be very, very severe. For example, if a person

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is I up in the government, and if he commits treachery, what's his punishment? Is he going to be forgiven, he just has to pay a fine like any other person of the country like any other citizen, no, he is going to suffer greater consequences. Similarly, if there are people who are in the government who are in the army, and they do something wrong, then the consequences are much more severe for them compared to the rest of the people much, much more severe. The higher your level, the greater the restrictions, the greater the expectations. So the bunny is a Lost Planet, Allah had bestowed many, many favors on the imagine the sea was parted for them, this side with their own eyes, for

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their own was killed right before them, just imagine huge favors were bestowed upon them. And then on top of that, they worship the calf. That was not a small crime on their part, it was a huge crime. And because it was a huge crime, the punishment was also very, very great. The bigger they are, the harder they fall, because great favors were bestowed on them. This is why the punishment was also very, very great. And also the religion. The law was very, very strict for the money Israel compared to the religion being strict for us. There are certain restrictions on us but for the money is fine, the religion was made harder. There were more restrictions on the why, for different

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reasons, a because they were given many special favors, and be because despite the many favors, they also committed many crimes and when they committed crimes, the religion became harder upon them

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to do and full circle nearly complete or local in a very equal. And when they did that, whatever they can then he turned in mercy on you know, just the word doba is also being used for most of panatela. Who does Toba? The servant does though but to Allah we do try to Allah, but Allah also test over to his servant, how that what is different doba on the verge of Allah subhanaw taala means journeying in mercy to his servant, accepting his repentance, forgiving him. So photogra Aleykum you turned in Toba? Allah also accepted your repentance. Why? Because in the who at the web Rahim? Indeed he he is the greatest acceptor of repentance and also the one who is repeatedly merciful. The

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name of allah soprano Dada

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There is a shadow on the wall. When shut down, there is no meaning as well. When the word is intense, there is intensity in the meaning as well. So, the web is not just one who accepts repentance, but the one who accepts repentance again and again and again from the same person. For example, think about yourself, have you sought forgiveness only once in your entire life? How many times do you seek forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala again and again and again many times a day. Why? Because we make mistakes again and again. Now imagine, we make mistakes. We seek Allah's forgiveness, Allah forgives. If a person came and apologized to you once for something wrong, they

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did. You forgive them, you accept their apology, they do it again. Okay, give them a second chance they do it again, you give them a third chance. They come for the fifth or sixth time, what do you say? Forget it, man. I'm not going to accept this apology. You're not serious at all. But a loss of handle data he is a

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he accepts repentance from the same servant from the same person again and again and again. And he accepts repentance not just from one person, but from all those who turn in repentance to him. And how many are they? Allah Allah knows their number. We cannot even count the number of people who seek forgiveness from Allah. And Allah accepts the repentance of every single one of them. And on top of that, Allah accepts repentance for not just ordinary sins, but even the greatest sins. Imagine a person commits schicke ascribes partners with Allah subhanaw taala, the greatest crime, Allah also accepts his repentance. Do you remember the story of that person who had killed 99

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people? And then he went to a person who was very righteous, very pious, a lot him a worshiper, and he said, I've committed these crimes. Is there anything well for me? He said, Nope. So he killed him. He committed 100 murders. And then he went to another person. And he said, Is there any forgiveness for me? That was a knowledgeable man? And he said, yes, you just leave your people. Because when you're amongst them, you commit crimes, leave them and go somewhere else. And he was on his way, when the angel of death came. And then we know if there was an argument between the angels of mercy and the angels of punishment. So Allah subhanaw taala told the earth to expand so that the

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angels of mercy would take his soul, he was forgiven. Just imagine, Allah is the web. Remember that shit is the greatest sin and there is no forgiveness for it unless a person does Stober. Like, for example, a person was a non Muslim, they did check. But then they did tell where they became a Muslim. Is there no forgiveness for them? Of course there is. What it means is that other sins are luck and forgive even without a luck and forgive other sins. Even if a person does not repent, if Allah wants but should get something that Allah does not forgive unless a person repents. In the who, who at the level, Rahim Allah is the Greatest acceptor of repentance. And he's also a Rahim,

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the one who is repeatedly merciful. Again and again he shows mercy to his creatures. Earlier we learned that Allah soprano Dinah said that you took the guy for worship, and then he pardoned you, he forgave you. And now we learned that they had to take the punishment. Remember that forgiveness comes when a person does though but if you don't apologize, will you be forgiven? You have to offer some kind of apology. And part of repentance is what taking the punishment over here for Tabare lay come in now who, who at the web over him?

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What lessons do we learn in this verse? any mistake we made any sin that has been committed, no matter how big it may be, what do we need to do? Turn to Allah. Never, ever feel shy of saying sorry to your Lord. Never. Because Allah is very generous. He is very kind. We feel shy of saying sorry to people. Why? Because we're afraid they're not going to forgive us. We're afraid they're going to say something harsh to us. They're gonna say something mean to us, but Allah He is. So no matter what we have done, always turn back to Allah. Because Allah alone forgive sins will may have heard the Nova Illa Allah. What else do we learn in this verse? That when we do something wrong, in fact, we are

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harming ourselves. So if we care about ourselves, what do we need to do? prevent seek forgiveness, that if we see somebody doing something wrong, like Masada Sam saw his people doing something wrong, that how should we approach them in a nice way, point out their mistake and also tell them what to do? Masada Sam is the one who pointed out their mistake and he told them what to do, how to seek forgiveness.

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Let's continue where it goes. And when you said yeah, Musa Omarosa

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Nope minella never ever will we believe in you land not Mina laka when did the Bani Israel say this? Remember, all of these verses are coming in sequence that the Bani Israel were enslaved by for their own? Allah subhanaw taala save them. The sea was parted for them they crossed safely for round round with his people, the money Australia, we're in the desert. And then what happened before they continued with their lives Allah subhanaw taala called Musa Islam to mount to so that the book would be given to them for their guidance. While he was gone, they started worshiping the calf. Then what happened was Alison and returned, and he told him what you're doing is wrong. seek forgiveness from

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Allah. Turn in repentance, so they did the Toba they took the punishment. And then what happened? And will Silas Anam came, he pointed to them what their mistake was, the elbow was done. What did he bring with him? That

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when he gave him the Torah, the Bani Israel some of them those who had remained this ad we're never going to listen to you. We're never going to accept that this is from lala land no minella Nope. Mina Hamza me moon, Amen. And Amen. When the word is followed by Lee, no, Mina laka. When it is followed by lamb, then it means to listen to someone to accept what they're saying, to obey them. So they said we're never going to listen to you we're never going to accept that this book is from Allah, Hector until none aloha we see Allah Nara la Hamza, yeah, rah, rah Yoon is to see and from that narrow, we see the noon gives the meaning of we until we see a law how Jonathan openly Java

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jeem have raw Java is when something is said or done in such a way that it is seen or it is heard. If I whisper Can you hear me? If I talk about something in a closed room? Can you hear me? When can you hear me? When I say out loud in front of you, loudly. Similarly, if an action is done in a closed room, can you see it? No. But if it's done openly, publicly, can you come to know of it? Yes, you can. This is what Java is. There is a silly fella and Jenny Sala. So this is the format in which the Imam when he recites the Quran, how does he recite it silently, like Lauren?

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And Jerry, Sunnah is the one in which he recites the Quran loudly like fudger Muslim arratia. Why is it called journey? Because he's saying out loud that the rest of the people can hear him? So how can a law What does he mean by this until we see a law openly? Meaning we want to see a law clearly, when we see a lot with our own eyes, then we're going to believe that yes, this book is from Allah, and we will accept you. Seeing the sea fart before them wasn't enough of a miracle. Then the total that was given to them. It was in the form of tablets, it was pre written. It wasn't like musasa was reciting the verses to them. No, it was the physical book. It was written for them on tablets,

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seeing these great signs even was not enough for them out of their pride out of their stubbornness. They said we want to see Allah if we see a lot, then we will listen to you. What happened then, for a while that come then it sees you Hamza hada, it sees you what CDs Do you assign your car to the Thunderbolt. We have done the word of Solaris earlier, so they're in cough. So our Thunderbolt This is a singular form. Sorry, Thunderbolt. And what is the Thunderbolt? a bolt of lightning that falls from the sky along with a huge blasting sound. So the word cycle in the Quran is used for Thunderbolt and it's also used for punishment for a heretical Messiah to come down the road and you

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were looking meaning you saw the Thunderbolt falling from the sky on you. You saw it coming on you, you were punished for that demand. What do we learn over here, that when we make incorrect demands, then such demands are punishable some of our ethnical then we raised you bharatnet berrien. Sir Bertha is to raise to resurrect that a person has died and a loss of panel data gives them life again, birth is resurrection, so we resurrected you mimbar the multicam after your death mode, meanwhile, that death, you had died when the Thunderbolt struck you, you were finished, but Allah He gave you life again, learn the Quran so that you will be grateful, grateful for your life for

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another chance to live. What do we learn in these verses? We learn about the pride of Bani Israel, the foolishness of Bani Israel. They knew that masala Salaam was in fact the messenger. They knew that Allah subhanaw taala had saved them yet they demanded to see Allah. When a person makes such a demand. I will not believe in God unless I see him. This is not good.

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intellectual, because Allah has given us many, many signs that prove to us about his existence about His Majesty about his love and concern and care that He has for us. And if a person says I want to see Allah only then I'll believe this his pride and pride does not fit those people who walk on the earth, because their status is lowly. They walk on the earth, they're not up in the skies. Where are they on the earth and pride does not fit us. musasa had also requested to see Allah subhanaw taala he requested Allah He said, I'll be adding any under a lake, Allah show me yourself, I want to see you. When he made that request that was out of love. That was out of he man. But when the bunny is

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like you made the same request, it was out of doubt and pride. This is why they were punished for that. We have to be very careful. Then we also seen this verse, that bond being forgiven or upon being saved from the consequences of one's actions. A person must be grateful. Allah subhanaw taala says over here some Abarth Nachman bardi multicam la la casa de Sharon, so be grateful. You see how the Bani Israel were just finishing or reducing in their numbers since they were saved from federal? A whole lot of them got killed? Why? Because of their worship of the calf. Then what happened? They were killed because of their demand. But then Allah subhanaw taala give them life again. Why was

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this happening? Why are they making such demands? Why were they making such huge errors? Because their minds were still enslaved. They had lived in slavery for a very, very long time. And when a person lives as a slave, then what is his concern? work, so that you can make whatever food or little enjoyment that you're going to get work, money, work money, that is all that his life revolves around. There's nothing beyond that. He doesn't think about improving his health. He doesn't think about traveling or learning, experiencing different things. He's just bound to a certain life pattern. And when a person becomes like that, then he stops growing spiritually and

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mentally, he stops using his mind. And unfortunately, this is a state of many, many people today. Our lives they revolve around what? Studying so that you can work so that you can make money so that you can pay your bills so that you can be happy. But then what about tomorrow? What about the hereafter? What about everything else? What about the family, and we see that when people get lost in the cycle, then they ignore themselves. They ignore their families, they ignore the community. They ignore many, many important things and people because it becomes selfish. They stop using their minds. It's amazing how in this modern slavery, we have become so used to gadgets and certain things

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that we cannot survive without them. And we don't care about the consequences it is having on the planet, that people are so concerned about only fulfilling their desires, buying one thing after the other, moving on from one gadget to another that we forget about its consequences on this planet, that we become heedless creatures, heedless, careless, Allah subhanaw taala says, will voluntarily come and we shed it upon you well, Allah, from the root lamb lamb from the word will. Little means shadow. We shed it upon you or they come. Aloha, Mama, the clouds are moments from the letters Lamy mean, and a woman was used for clouds. Some say it's a generic word use for clouds just as an

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English language we say the word cloud for which kind of cloud, any cloud, whether big or small rain cloud or hail cloud, gray or white, any color, any type, what do we use the word cloud. Similarly in the Arabic language as well the word home is used for that. Others say that Aloma is a specific kind of a cloud, the one that is white, that seems very light, not a heavy rain cloud, but white and very bright and also appears to be very light. So we shaded on you the cloud. We're under net alaikum and we sent down upon you and man the man was solver and a solver. What is unmanned men is a proper name and Salwa is also a proper name. It is said that man, if you look at the Arabic word man, it's from

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the letters meme, no noon, and mana is to show favoritism. What a huge favor. Man was food that was given to the Bani Israel as a huge favor on them. When the bunny is trying to cross the sea, on their way to Palestine, where did they end up in the desert in the plane of Sinai? What food grows there in a desert? Are there any rest houses? Are there any hotels that you could check in for sometime and beta builds later? Were there any restaurants? No, were there any gas stations? They were in the desert, out in the open and when you're traveling through a desert, especially at that time,

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You won't have any access to food or water unless you brought some supplies with you. And how long can those supplies last? They had no source of food or water or even any shelter. They were out in the desert. If you're going through a forest, okay, there are trees. Okay? There are mountains. They're huge rocks, but they were in the desert. And if you're in the desert, tell me what are you going to take shade under? You have nothing. So a loss of panel data out of his mercy. What did he do? He caused the clouds to shade them. He caused the clouds to be right above them to provide them shade to protect them from the heat and the sun. And secondly, he also sent upon them food heavenly

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food from the skies, man and Salwa it is at that man is a honey like substance that is sweet. And it has said that it was like honey, like do you know in the morning when you ever go outside, the grass is wet, even though it hasn't rained? Why? Because it's due. So it was due that was very sweet. It would descend early morning, early morning mist. It was like a desert, something very sweet that they could enjoy. Then, somewhere somewhere it is said that it's some kind of a bird. So bird meat is what they were provided to eat. And this food, they wouldn't have to go somewhere form lines wait in the queue for a very long time and then eventually it would be given to them. No, it was sent

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upon them from the sky. They had to undergo no difficulty, no hardship in order to get this food. They didn't have to spend money. They didn't have to put in any effort. Allah Subhana Allah sent this food on them voluntarily Camilla what enzinger aleikum women Noah sanwa and Alyssa kulu eat kulu from their electorates, Hamza, cataflam. Aquila, to eat. We have done the word cooler in the story of Adam Arneson and cooler you to eat kulu all of you eat. So all of you eat, men play ghiberti of the good things, like you bet florala for yeva but you guys went through that restore? Yeah. And is that which is clean, pure, but also good. For example, food, how is it good? When it is

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clean? Then it's healthy, it's nutritious, when it's delicious. Don't forget the taste, and the looks and the fragrance all of that is included coloman for you at the eat of the good things that models have an outcome which we have provided you with a subpoena Raja for what did they do the eight of it, but they were ungrateful. So Allah says, Allah Allah Muna with their in gratitude, they did not wrong us, la la, la la mean. They could not cause us any harm by their ingratitude when I can but can do their work and full circle meals anymore. They wronged themselves. They committed injustice against themselves when they were ungrateful, who were they harming themselves? They could

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not cause any harm to Allah subhanaw taala at all. What do we learn in this verse? First of all, we learn that shade is a blessing of Allah Subhana Allah cause clouds to shade the Bani Israel. We enjoy shadow all the time, even right now. But do we ever look at it as a blessing? Hardly ever. Imagine if we had to be exposed to the heat of the sun all of the time. Yes, we love the sun. We love it when it's sunny. We love it when it's warm. But when the sun is directly on you, it gets a bit too much to handle. It is out of the favorites of Allah subhana wa tada out of his mercy that he has bestowed this blessing on us this blessing of shade. Allah says and sort of the natural eye at

00:33:42 --> 00:34:03

one will law who jaren Alico Mima, Hanako Lila Allah, that Allah has made for you from that which He has created shadows. Allah has created shadows from what from what he has created. So the tree provides shade. Buildings provide shade, mountains provide shade, clouds provide shade, this is a blessing of Allah soprano.

00:34:04 --> 00:34:49

Secondly, we also learn clouds they move at the command of Allah subhanaw taala. If you see a cloud up in the sky, or you don't see this is at whose command Allah Subhana turn, this is not just happening at random. Someone is giving the command and who's giving the command. Allah subhana wa Tada. So the clouds move, they go from one place to the other at whose command Allah subhanaw taala. Then we also learn that food is a blessing, especially that which comes easily. Man and Salwa. What were the blessings for the Bani Israel, especially because it came very easy for them. For us also Alhamdulillah food comes very easily. We go home and the food is prepared for many of us. For many

00:34:49 --> 00:35:00

of us, we have to go and cook but for many of us, we go home and find the food already prepared. If it comes easily appreciate that blessing before it's taken.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:37

Going away from you have young girls be grateful? Because sometimes what happens to us is we get bored. Again, you made rice. Mom, come on, when are you going to make that lasagna? And how about that Chinese food or that so on and so forth, we have a huge list. And if the same thing is prepared once or twice, we're like, I have to have the same thing for lunch. I just had it last night for dinner. We complained too much. But we should be grateful, especially when food comes easily, and we don't have to undergo any hardship. Then we also learned this worse than when Allah subhanaw taala gives a blessing to a servant than he should benefit from it and should not deprive himself from it.

00:35:37 --> 00:36:19

The bunny is started were given man and salvo What did the last panel data say fast? What did he say? kulu. Eat it. Allah subhanaw taala didn't tell them that don't eat it to be more righteous? No, he told them eat this food. So when Allah gives us blessings, then bharucha righteousnesses What? using those blessings, enjoying those blessings? We think righteousnesses depriving yourself. We think righteousness is staying away from good things from enjoyable things. No good omen for you bottom out is economical. And especially when something is permissible for us to use, use it and not deprive ourselves. Even taymiyah. He said that whoever deprives himself from eating good things,

00:36:19 --> 00:36:50

without any shutter he cause then in fact, he is blameworthy. Meaning a person is only allowed to deprive himself of using good things for a religious reason. And what is that religious reason, for example, you don't eat because you're fasting, or you don't eat a particular food because it doesn't suit you, it harms your body. This is also part of the religion because Allah has told us to take care of ourselves. So if some food doesn't suit you, you're allergic to it, or you have a sensitivity to it. If you avoid it, that's not wrong.

00:36:51 --> 00:37:31

And then thirdly, we are also allowed to not eat something that is permissible for us out of courtesy for other people. Like for example, there's only one piece of cheesecake left on the table, and you have your eyes on it. But you know that the person sitting next to you is also looking at you like ticket before she gets it. And you said no good things are handled for us. Why should I deprive myself know, out of courtesy for her? What should you do? Give it up? What are the cases in which we are allowed to deprive ourselves from using good things? religious reason, shutter equals, and that includes, for example, if you're fasting, and secondly, if something does not suit your

00:37:31 --> 00:38:12

body, another reason when we are allowed to deprive ourselves out of courtesy for others, but it doesn't mean that at every occasion, you become courteous, and even at a wedding. You're like Oh, I know there's so much food but look so many people's they should be eating it out. Stay hungry. No, there's plenty of food. Help yourself. Allah subhanaw taala says over here coolamon the you bet for you better what good things, food that is healthy, that is nutritious, that is beneficial, not harmful for your body. For example, if a person avoids unhealthy food, extremely greasy food, or junk food, then there's no harm in that. But the person shouldn't say that. You know what Coke is?

00:38:12 --> 00:38:45

How long he shouldn't have it? No, you can't make even unhealthy food How long? If it's not on then it's not on but just because it's unhealthy. Don't go on saying it's held on. And if somebody else is having to take it from them and dump it, it's your choice. You don't want to have it don't have it. If other people are having it. Maybe this is the only time they're having it once in a while it's okay, but if you overdo it, definitely it's harmful for your body and we have been told to take care of ourselves. In this aisle. We also learned that when a person is ungrateful then Who does he harm himself or mela Muna well I can cancel and for some years Lee Moon

00:38:47 --> 00:39:41

well it can lead to Hulu had Hill Korea to wave and also remember this favor when cool now we said who said a loss of hunter said to who to the Bani Israel meaning he gave them a command that will do Hulu all of you enter all the Hulu is from del ha Lam the holla yet Hulu is to enter to go in what's the opposite of the Holla Holla Raja Raja is to come out and the holla to go in. Order Hello enter heavy this and Korea the city enter this city. The word for the year is from the letters are for a year and 30 means at the gym more to gather to collect. And Korea is a place where people have gathered together and they're living together. In other words, audio is what a population of people

00:39:41 --> 00:39:59

typically the word Korea in the Arabic language is used for a town and a town what do we know it's a smaller place than a city. But the literal meaning of the word Korea does not mean town What does it mean a population whether small or big, it doesn't matter. Because the last point articles the city of McAllen

00:40:00 --> 00:40:40

So in Korea, and we know the time the profits are a lot isn't it wasn't a small city, it was a big city. And today it's huge. How the hill Korea, the money, so we're told to enter a particular city. When was this? Remember when they cross the sea? They were in the desert, and they were there for a very long time. And during that time, Allah subhanaw taala calls the shade on them. And you also gave the man and Silva and then eventually they were told now enter the city. Which city is this? where they're supposed to go? They were supposed to go back home to Palestine. The city is referring to Jerusalem in throttlenet. Number 21. Also we learn Yeah, comida Hello, herbal maka de la de casa

00:40:40 --> 00:41:18

Bella Hola, como sorry, Sam told his people that oh my people enter the city that Allah subhanaw taala has written for you decreed for you. So Allah told him to enter the city. And then when you enter the city, then for kulu minha, then eat from it, how you to shake them wherever you are, will run freely, without any restrictions. We have done all of these words before in the story of Adam really center. In other words, they were told when you enter the city, then you're allowed to use anything of that city, meaning it's helpful for you. Nothing is restricted for you. Everything is handled for you. Unless obviously, something has been specifically made wrong. But other words, you

00:41:18 --> 00:42:04

are free. And you see the bunny is trying to where were they before in Egypt? It was as though as slaves everything was forbidden for them, that you look at certain things, but you're not allowed to use them. You're not allowed to benefit from them. You're not allowed to enjoy them. So Allah told them, enter the city and you're free. You are the owners. You are the owners. You're not slaves here but your owners. You're free. Oh, hello, hello, Korea for coloman. Hi, I'm Robin. And they were told that when you enter where the Hulu, but you all should enter Alibaba the door. Bab bat Welbeck. It's used for the gate, or the door of a building of a city before people used to have gates walls around

00:42:04 --> 00:42:45

the cities. Why? for protection to protect them from external attacks? When you're entering the gates of the city, how should you enter the gates? So Java, so Java is the plural of the word sajit sagittis who one who does such them. So in other words, when you enter as soon as you enter fall in frustration, and remember over here says that does not mean bowing down. Because the word such that we know is used for putting your head on the ground. bowing down is what ruku and Allah subhanaw taala has differentiated between the core and such that it doesn't mean that go into such depth and crawl into the city. What it means is, as soon as you enter then fall in frustration, why out of

00:42:45 --> 00:43:36

gratitude to our last panel, Darla for bringing you back home. When you come back home, be grateful when you're safe and secure and when you're free. Be grateful to Allah while the whole vibe so Jada. And as you enter will kulu and all of you say HIPAA tune hefa What does this word mean? HIPAA is from the debtors health law and health is to fall from a height. What is it? It is to fall from a height It is also set this word is not actually Arabic. It's originally Hebrew. It doesn't really have a root then, but hatha What does it need to fall down from a height and HIPAA, it is the abbreviation of honor lubaina that make our sins fall down from us, meaning remove our sins for us.

00:43:36 --> 00:44:22

In other words, forgive us. So we'll call your help button. Say hello. When you enter, beg Allah for forgiveness and as soon as you enter fall in frustration and when you will do that now Fiddler calm nothing rain fell over on forgiveness. So no Fiddler calm we will forgive for you. What will we forgive for you? How do I overcome your sins? Haha is a plural of huddly. Yeah, it is a plural of hopefully Yeah, from the letters hottel Hamza anhedonia is a deliberate sin, a sin that happens not accidentally, not unintentionally, but a person consciously deliberately does that you forget and you say something wrong. And later on, you realize what did I say? What was I thinking? And the

00:44:22 --> 00:44:59

other is that a person's thinking okay, what swear words can I say to them? That's deliberate. So this is what hopefully is deliberate, conscious sin. Nothing kataya calm. You enter in this way you beg a love of forgiveness. Allah will forgive you all of your sins. Imagine the worship that God did it so many wrong things. They said so many wrong things. Allah says I'll forgive everything for you. So that when you enter, you have a fresh start. You start clean, a new life, a clean life, no filler can call Biocon. And Allah further encouraged them. That wasn't as

00:45:00 --> 00:45:46

And soon we shall increase for who l morsani nezzie dou z z added to increase to multiply, so we will increase for who? merci Nein, what will we increase for them? They reward meaning not only will we forgive them, but on top of that we will also give them their reward. you beg Allah for forgiveness, yes, you will wipe off your mistakes, but those who excel Allah will also give them additional reward on top of that, but who are those people and Marcin, who are more sinning? or sitting or those who do your assignments? The plural of the word Marsan? Have you heard of the name Morrison? Morrison is one who does your son has seen noon person who also means beauty and your son

00:45:46 --> 00:46:26

is to make what you're doing very beautiful. How do you make your action beautiful? How do you do something in a beautiful manner? For example, you're serving food How can you do that in a beautiful manner. by smiling, smiling is not mandatory on you with love doing more than the requirement doing more than what was required of you. For example, you're serving the food to someone when is that you just take the whole dish in which you cook the food and you take a paper plate and you say hear it Okay, you gave the food but is that your son? Your son is what did you do it in a beautiful manner that you take the food out in a serving dish and you take it nicely before the person and you take

00:46:26 --> 00:46:47

the proper cutlery and a proper plate so that they can serve themselves and they can also eat the food easily. Is there a difference in the action? One action is just very complete and the other is beautiful. So air sign includes doing something the proper way completely and then doing extra as well doing extra good. That is what brings beauty

00:46:48 --> 00:47:30

remember that your son is of two types one is your son in Riba in worshipping Allah soprano. Darla, for example, when we're praying Sunnah. One is that a person just performs the obligation performs a photocopy and done, he's over with it. But the other is that a person performs his Salah beautifully. It takes time out. He concentrates, he is conscious about what he's saying what he's asking a lot for. Is there a difference in the Salah? Yes, there is. So exam, first of all, isn't Riba and secondly, your son is also in baramulla. In dealing dealing with who, with people, and this includes talking to people, so when you're talking to them, giving proper answers in the right way,

00:47:30 --> 00:48:10

having a good conversation, using polite words, using kind words, having good expressions on your face, as well as and also is about how you treat other people, how you give them their rights. One person comes and asks for something, let's say you're selling something, they come and ask you for it. You say, What do you want? rudely? Is that your son? No. And the other is How may I help you? Is there a difference? Yes, a huge difference. Sometimes you go by something and you feel as though the other person is just trying to get rid of anything else. Anything else anything else that you'd like I'm not done yet and you're barely able to place your order. Your son is in more Almanac as well in

00:48:10 --> 00:48:25

how you deal with other people. It includes the way you sit with them. It includes how you walk with somebody, how you give something how you take something wasn't as either merci Allah subhanaw taala says that we will increase the reward for who? For those who do

00:48:27 --> 00:49:10

that tell me something is there any limit to your son? So it's up to you how much ever extra you will do extra work you will get as well. You want more reward, do it more beautifully. Your reward will be according to your son wasn't as either more 17 so Allah subhanaw taala encouraged the Bani Israel to perform good deeds. But what did they do? Ferber della della, he changed that lamp. But dolla dolla bill is to change something to alter something, but remember that changing something is done in two ways. First of all, altering it slightly. For example, there was a piece of writing, you edit it, this is what changing it and the other kind of the bill is replacing one thing with the

00:49:10 --> 00:49:55

other. When you say I change the sheets do mean that you altered them. What does it mean? You remove them and you put others in their place. If you went and drew lines over them painted the sheets, that's worse than leaving them as they were. So anyway, the bill is of two types first of all alteration and secondly, substitution replacement. What did these people do? They altered the word and when they altered it, they replaced the original with something else. sofabed della Latina wala mo those people who did lose them, they change they altered colon a statement they replaced a statement a word later other than unready which peed on a home that was set to them. What were they

00:49:55 --> 00:50:00

told to say as they enter the city, however, but they alter

00:50:00 --> 00:50:04

It how instead of saying he thought they said him,

00:50:05 --> 00:50:58

why did they say him? Because hinfo means wheat grain, it means headbanger a grain. So in other words, they were saying, We want grain, we want grain. Why were they doing that? They were mocking at the words of Allah. They were mocking at the one who saved them. They were mocking at the one who bless them, who brought them back home. They were mocking at him, mocking at Allah, they change the word, they substituted it, instead of saying forgiveness. They said, We want green. What does this show their greed, their selfishness, the lack of respect, that they had a very non serious attitude, very non serious attitude, extremely selfish and greedy, people who always want and they do nothing

00:50:58 --> 00:51:42

in return. They keep taking, and they don't obey, they don't give anything back. And we have to check ourselves over here, that when we learn about what we have to do, do we perform our obligations properly? Or do we make a mockery of the religion of Allah subhanaw taala they changed the word. So what happened? For unzila? So we sent down a loss of panel data sent down Arlen Latina vellamo upon those people who had done zone, what did he sent down upon them? ridges on a filthy, vile punishment, Minnesota from the sky religious is from the first raw Jean Zay and Raja is to shiver. And rich is something that is filthy, you can say, when you see something filthy, what

00:51:42 --> 00:52:32

happens? Do you shudder? That happens right? When you see something gross, something disgusting, what happens? you shiver like your body shakes. And ridges is also used for a punishment. So it was a punishment that was extremely severe, that cause their bodies to shake and sugar. And it is said that it was plague. Because in plague when it spreads into people, it's like a kind of infection or whatever it is, it causes fever, extremely high fever, extremely high fever means you're going to have chills so for unzila Island lilina lado reaches them in a summer, a filthy punishment was sent upon them. Why be McCann we have sukoon because of their crossing limits because of their sins. You

00:52:32 --> 00:53:15

have sukoon first and for Fiske to cross limits, to disobey to sin. We McCann we have so on and notice be mad can know you have spoken this word can do when it comes to for a verb it gives meaning of habitually doing something again and again. Did they repeatedly cross limits? Did they repeatedly disobey Allah yesterday? This is why Allah subhanaw taala sent down a very severe punishment on them. A very, very severe punishment. What do we learn in this verse? First of all, we learned that upon acquiring something special upon receiving a blessing, instead of becoming arrogant, what should we do? We should bow down in humility before a lot. We should prostrate before Allah out of

00:53:15 --> 00:53:58

gratitude, out of submissiveness. We should not become arrogant at that time, but rather we should become humble and grateful. Remember, when the Prophet salallahu salam, when he was victorious at Fatima? At the conquest of Makkah, how did he enter the city? arrogantly? No, he was bending to the point that his beard was touching the camel. Just imagine this is how humble he was. Allah says in the Quran, Elijah and also la he will fit for at NASA, the Haruna feed in La Jolla. When you gain this victory, then faseb behind the rock because they seek forgiveness glorify your Lord. At that time, don't become arrogant, but the Bani Israel they did the exact opposite. Then we also learn

00:53:58 --> 00:54:44

that whenever we accomplish something, whenever Allah subhanaw taala gives us victory gives us a blessing, then what should we do? Thank Allah and seek forgiveness because they were told to prostrate and also Baku hectorton. Then we also have learned in this verse about the great crime of changing, altering the words of Allah. This is a great crime. Sometimes people change the words of Allah, they alter them, Why? To interpret them in a way that would suit their desires, or they will change them just to make fun just to have a good laugh. Remember, this is something prohibited. The words of Allah are not like anybody else's words. Allah is horrible. I mean, you cannot compare the

00:54:44 --> 00:54:59

greatness the status of Allah subhanaw taala with the status of any other Willem yokoo coupon ahead. He is Anwar had had no one is like him. So just as he deserves great respect, this means that we'd never ever play around with his words.

00:55:00 --> 00:55:43

Because if a person does that, then the consequences are very, very severe. Imagine Allah subhanaw taala told them wasn't as evil, more sinning, you do good, Allah will give you more reward. Instead of doing good, what did they do? You have so called the cross limits. Instead of being more obedient, they became even more disobedient. Why did the Bani Israel become like this? Because of pride, because of their feeling of that we deserve all of this. They're taking the blessings of Allah for granted. When we take the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala for granted and what happens? It leads to pride. It leads to this thinking that I'm fine No matter what I do, then a person does

00:55:43 --> 00:56:28

not stop at any limit. Then he even goes on to disrespect our last panel data, forget about people, he even disrespects Allah. So we have to become very, very careful. We must realize that everything we have is what a favor of Allah, not our own achievement, not something that we deserve, but it's a favor of Allah. This is what keeps a person humble. And this is what leads to gratitude. And this is what leads to submission and ingratitude. Pride, what does that lead to? sinfulness, crossing limits, disobedience. So it all begins from where thinking. It begins from your thinking, the way you think, the image that you have of yourself. So we have to correct the image that we have of

00:56:28 --> 00:56:47

ourselves, look at ourselves as human beings as servants of Allah, and keep our feet on the ground. Sometimes we take pride in just being Muslim hunter lights, a huge blessing, but don't become arrogant about it. Keep your feet on the ground. So proud of Allah who will be humbly Ganesha de la ilaha illa Anta Mustapha Luca wanna to be like,

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