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hamdulillah Hamdulillah holofil Would you the middle Adam was really not even a poem. Mostly just somebody made an Adam from October to add another finance guru who added masa AB commercial who had a neon console the other sulindac from the shell of Xiaomi will attempt but Kitab will come will come out in the beginner will hurt them so easy. What are the other under the bus Shalabi here a sub number was earlier 30 He brought him in Academy of color activated mojarra for Savola Marley he was very he heard illumine Latina BarakAllahu be him Kapha Tumnus an album in home Elijah, but hamdulillah Lottie Lomita says rather than the Akula who shall you can promote when we are global

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human capital,

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but hamdulillah under the umbrella of the Kitab or the major Allahu

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hamdulillah let the Navajo Minister You know who on a Sofitel when we wanted to work karate when I wrote below him in should OD and fusina woman say Dr. Molina when you are the healer who Fela mobila Woman yoga Lin fella had Jada when a shadow Allah Allah Allah Allah, who would actually color on a shadow anna Muhammad Abdullah he Rasulullah sallallahu Taala within the field Hara who Allah Dean equally he or Kapha Villa he Shahida for some Allahu alayhi wa seldom at the Sleeman if you want to and my bad in that are stuck on Hadith he Kabbalah for Halal Howdy, how do you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam well in a short morning to her inoculum justice Indira or collaborators and bada

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bada bada let me know. Allah azza wa jal to speak Tamil Karim Bahadur an Akula arugula Himanshu ecology with Guru is Jana Kampala for I mean by the adding of a word a conflict of the data is what I mean So who the hell Kosala with an 809 G Bella Bhutan firstcall LA, when attached selfie of the city.

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Allah azza wa jal mentions in the Quran, the stories of several nations that were destroyed, and one of those nations was the nation of the mood. And the mood was sent the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam. And there are this is one of the few Arab nations before the Prophet Muhammad was mentioned in the Quran where the messenger the other one being shaved, and these are actually descendants of each other art is the more ancient of them, and then the mood is descendants of the nation of art.

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And what I wanted to talk to you about is the way in which Salahuddin surrounded Dawa to them he tried to invite them back to Allah's Deen, he used a particular gift of Allah that Allah had given to these people. And he used it as an inspiration or motivation for them to be grateful to Allah, a special talent that these people had. So this is mentioned in several places in the Quran, and I'm going to go through some of them. So first, understand what is this gift that these people had, that they should be extra grateful for? He says, You were inheritors after you know, the people of God, which were a great empire. And after that you people took over. And that itself is a gift from

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Allah, because once a great nation collapses, then its descendants disperse. But the fact that you were able to, you know, gather yourselves and become yet another powerful civilization is a gift from Allah. On top of that, about what a criminal or the taboo in Arabic or to be in this case, is to be able to settle down wherever you want. Like if somebody decides to move into one area or the other, if you have nowadays if you had absolute job security, and it didn't matter which city you lived in, what state you lived in, what country you lived in, you get to pick wherever you want to go, this is you're doing double work. And this is actually a description of gender and the Quran,

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that believers will get to have the bow in Jannah, hopefully Yeshua, the person will get to live wherever they want in general, okay. Free Free Range, you consider all the factors that you want, you want the best weather, you want the best environment, you want the best air quality, you want the best schools, you take all those things into consideration, you make the best choice for yourself, that is the bow, Allah says that these people have to live with meaning they could they could settle down in any kind of environment and make it the best for themselves. And how did they do so, he says that we do not mean to Hooli help us run. But then he told LG Bala Bhutan, that you

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will take the easy manipulable parts of the soil meaning soil can be dug into soil can be you know, you can make canals in it. And you would take the parts of the soil that's soft, and you would build castles out of that soil. And even the mountains which are far more rigid, harder to access. You were able to carve homes out of mountains, but then he told me energy Valley Bhutan. So the gift that Allah is describing to these people is actually their ability to build their ability to develop, they can take the earth and turn it into castles. They can take mountains and carve homes out of them advanced homes and that's it

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Architecture, this is an ability that they had and enact is actually an illustration of, you know, artistic carving. So they weren't just holes like caves, they were beautiful designed homes, that they were carving artistically inside of mountains. Similarly, other places in the Quran Allah mentions within he tuna mineralogy Valley Bhutan fatty fairy hymn, that you carve homes out of mountains, and then the height of this this verb is Fabien, or the height of the sight of these people, fighting actually means that you carve with precision, but you cut with precision. So you're really, really good at what you do you have exact measurements, and you build exactly the kind of

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home you envision, you know, like, nowadays we have when you're building something, there's architectural plans, and then there's research into the geology of the land, can can they can just kind of land hold this kind of weight, you know, what kind of beams and columns are going to be needed? What's the material? What's the weight? What's the pound per square inch kind of thing? How much weight can this floor handle, how many floors are we going to build, this is what we consider standard practice and construction in modern modern architecture, and cities get involved and they check whether or not all these plans are according to city code, and all of that before you can

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build and these are ancient peoples that has an understanding of precise measurement and architecture when they were cutting into a mountain because they would know the difference between if we dig into this part of the mountain, the whole thing is going to collapse. And this part of the mountain is stable like a column right they had that know how and their profits it calls upon that know how and invokes that you're you're inspired to have the skill This is not your own. You were given this talent from Allah and this is one of the reasons you should become grateful now. The next step this is actually the Hotbird that this cookbook is about this next time we're in our third

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Moodle AHA home Solea to the moon we sent their message their their brother saw on a pulmonary medulla my dokumen Illa hinder you know this he said to them my people worship Allah there's no one no other god or entity worthy of worship and obedience except he who are inshallah criminal or the he brought you out from the soil from the earth, meaning were made of dirt. So he brought you out from the earth. Was that mana comfy, huh? And this is going to be the part that's hard to translate because there's lots of commentary on it. But he one way you can look at it as he inspired you to build on it. One way to think about was that a lot of comfy Ha is he brought to you from the earth

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and He inspired you to build on it was there another country her? First out fugu Matobo Alayhi So seek his forgiveness and repent back to him in Nairobi. Kalibo Majeed, my master certainly is near and answers prayer. He's, he responds. So in this ayah, he inspired you to build it fascinated them of a city and people that were studying the Quran and contemplating the Quran, What is Allah mean that he inspired these kuffaar, to build and from it, they extracted something very universal human beings, unlike other creatures, have been given this special gift of creativity and building. We have a builder's mindset, right, we have a creative, imaginative mindset. We are not like any other

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species on this planet, when it comes to this. Right birds, for millions of years are building a nest the same exact way they don't say I should color coordinate the sticks. You know, Allah created, you know, different species that survive in different habitats on this earth. And they are not going out of their way to advance their habitat in any way. It is, what the way they're programmed is the way they're programmed. And they do it. But human beings say yeah, you know what this, we could make this better. This could be this could be cooler, or we can be when it comes to food, we can make this taste better. Or these colors, I wonder if we can produce more colors or this

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scent, I maybe it could produce a different kind of set. We have this quest for making things better, more advanced, more beautiful, and constantly developing and developing and developing. It's part of what Allah put inside the human being. It's manifest all around us. You know, it's not like when human beings figured out how to engage in transportation and put a cart before a bowl, or a cart, you know, card behind a bowl or a horse. They're like, well, now we don't need to further advance any any no further advancements in transportation are needed. Right? Or when we first figured out how to farm early human civilization, that there's no more need to advance anything.

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Look, in every part that human beings get involved in, there's advancement. Every part every every venture that human beings get involved in, there's more development, more creativity, more advancement, and this is something inspired by Allah azza wa jal himself. So some of them are receiving these comments that I'm taking what the room are they that Allah made them capable to build more and more and to advance more and more. What in hell Okay. Fatima, Cameroon. And Allah in fact, inspired them. How can they be like the idea comes in somebody that you know what, I think I have a revolutionary idea. I think we can build a canal. I think we can build an underwater bridge.

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I think we could do this I can I have an idea for, you know, new genetics research. And Allah is actually describing this idea that sometimes those ideas are inspired into the minds and hearts of human beings. And they are a form of income and they come to all human beings. One of these to learn from this is Allah gives this gift, not just to Muslims, or, you know, to one group of people, all human beings, any human being a Hindu can have the most revolutionary idea, and atheists could have an idea. And they're inspired by Allah Zoja, to have these creative, remarkable ideas to build something incredible, okay. Others went further, I'm not be remodeled the metal jewelry lady. He in

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according to this idea, it's as if Allah commanded human beings, because it's the amount of oil can have an expectation also. So he expected you to develop on the earth, He expected you to improve and enhance and build further and further. Now from that notion, what I wanted to, to put before all of you is that, you know, if someone is constantly thinking about the problems they have, right, in a business, for example, let me give you a business example. So you can understand the point I'm trying to make, somebody runs a business, they opened up a store, right, and the door is making noise, or the cash register stopped working, or the fridges malfunctioning in the back, or you know,

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the truck, or the tire went flat, or the one employee quit, or this lights gone out, you know, or the delivery never came, or the payment didn't come through, or the taxes or Oh my God, so many problems all all the time problem, problem problem. And when you're constantly thinking about fixing problems, and that's all you're doing, you're never going to grow your business. Right, because all of your energy, it's like, if you have a ship, all your energy is spent patching up the holes, right? You can't even think about enhancing the ship or building any better, you're just keeping it from sinking. Right. And this can become the mindset, this can actually become the mindset of people

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as a whole, as a whole. So what happens to entire nations of people, entire cultures of people, and many Muslim cultures are affected by this, but not only with some cultures, all you want is for your son or your daughter to get a degree so they can get a job so they can pay the bills. That's it, let's just keep maintain, just maintain. So you can have this job, and it will have stability, that just make sure nothing falls apart, at least. And that's a good idea. It's a good idea. But you know, what, if everybody's inspired to become an employee, to make your boss rich, right, that's what you're inspired to do, I want to become an accountant. So I can do accounting, count all the

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money that those people make. Right? I want to become an engineer, so I can work for the actual engineering firm, you know, what we're doing, we're teaching, we're developing entire generations of young people that are learning to become bricks, but not learning to become builders. We're not getting them to develop and take further steps. And that's one of the inspirations Allah gave us is that we should be the ones that are thinking creatively, thinking out of the box thinking big. And when you think big in the world of business, in the world of science and the world of entrepreneurship, whatever field when Muslims start thinking big, it makes a different impact. And

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when a non believer starts thinking big,

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why? Because you know, today, if you are if you're even slightly attuned to what is happening in the world, to the kinds of corruption, the kinds of chaos, the kinds of war atrocity, you know, in crime that takes place in the world, behind so much of it is big businesses, behind so much of the corruption in the world, behind even the corrupt politician, or rich people that are pushing the politician, and they're their fuel. And those rich people are rich, because they run and control large business enterprises, right? And what happens in the world is, governments come and go, elections come and go, presidents come and go, parties come and go, but that business stays. And the

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business only gets stronger and stronger and stronger. That's an institution. It's kind of like behind the scenes. But it only becomes more and more powerful and more and more institutions more and more entrenched. Why? Because they understand something about what development you can hate them all you want. You don't have to agree with their worldview, their entire worldview is the bottom line. How do we make more? Right and if what the human cost is for making more, what the Justice cost is for making more they don't care, so long as they make more, so long as they hit the next the next milestone, but when, when a believer develops the idea of what the Quranic term is, the amount

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not the modern Arabic term is the amount by the way, interestingly, the word is there might have been a tragedy in the Arabic language nowadays in modern Arabic, the stemmata is used for colonization, right to colonize a different country, and to rob it of its resources. And the Quran uses this word in a completely different in a very beautiful way.

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To actually from Allah Jalla Khun Amit in America and tomorrow, like he commanded you, he inspired you, He made you builders, developers. So what has to happen? What we have to develop is big thinking, big ideas. And you can't just have big ideas and say, I got this great idea. I've got this million dollar idea. No, no, no, you've got to have the work ethic to back that up. You've got to have the grit to back that up, and to put to ready yourself to exhaust yourself, if a job cost you 40 hours a week, then the if you really want to build something powerful than 100 hours a week feels like a vacation. That's the kind of work ethic a person has to develop to really, truly build

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something in any field, in any space. And that's the kind of mentality that is needed to bring about real change. Why? Because when we read the Quran, sometimes we have a simplistic view, we look at something we don't look at what's going on behind it. When Allah azza wa jal says to the believers and futile models of Narco spend from what We have provided you the prophets mission sallallahu alayhi wa sallam needed people to spend money

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or what needed finances, but needed finances, right? Even the hedgehog from micarta Medina needed, what finances and those finances came from believers who were successful in business, they were able to do something with what Allah had given them and they were able to use it for good. This is not a this is not a TED talk about you need to become a millionaire and think about the next million you're gonna make. That's not what this is. But the OMA when we when we look at the chaos around the OMA, it's actually the chaos around everywhere in the world. It's not just limited to the OMA, it actually has to do with those that have been given the inspiration, the talent to build business,

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when they become corrupt, the world becomes corrupt. In fact, their corruption becomes the world's corruption. And what we need to do is undo that. We need to have people inspired by Allah's word inspired by the character of their Prophet sallallahu sallam, to own hospitals, to run entire universities. We need them to have multi billion dollar businesses, we need that and they're not doing it because they want to make more and more they want to be an agent of positive change. They want to bring about they want to bring education to places that have never seen education. Some recent times I've been talking about local Nina lot. What does Allah say abajo could name that Allah

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gave him all kinds of resources, and what do you do with his resources? He went to places that nobody's ever gone to. He discovered people, whether they're in Doha, Coleman, like he didn't even expect there's going to be a home there. And there's people there. And then he goes to a place people don't even speak a language that anybody has army recognizes, like I do know of Kahuna Cola, they can almost kind of understand anything you say, what does that telling you, when Allah gives you recent resources, you become an agent of global change. You start going places nobody's ever gone before you start serving people that have never been served before. So this is the mindset that

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Allah inspired inside and what what Sonia was telling his people is that you people have been given such a talent to build such a talent in advanced architecture is what you've been inspired with. And you know what Allah inspired you to build let's start on our comfy, huh? So now worship Allah using that talent, wasting your talent away, wasting your potential away, wasting away that the vision that you may have had, because you know, when you have a big idea, if you talk to any, any people that have been pioneers in their field, any people that have become, you know, benchmarks of success, most of them are not anybody, you will see you'll have you'll have one thing in common all

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around them people thought their ideas crazy. And the amount of work they're putting in is useless. Because they had this this thing in their head, they knew it works. And they put themselves to work and all around there were people who did not believe in their cause or in their work. And down the road. They're like Oh, I'm so I'm so proud. I know him. You were the you and they did not let other people's negativity others people's, you know, they're inspiring them with lack of confidence. They didn't allow that to get through to them. They developed a thick skin. So what I what I really want from young people around the world, especially the OMA you know, the majority of the OMA today,

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statistically is between the ages of 18 and 35 are under 35 year old 35 year olds are the majority of the Muslim world, which means we're just an entirely young OMA almost entirely a young Oma. And if we don't learn to think big, if we don't think about how to transform the world around us, and to really put ourselves to work identify the talents Allah has given us. Even a prophet is conceived as people. This is the talent Allah has inspired in you. And here you are Muslim Muslim youth saying, I don't know what I'm good at. I'm not sure what I should do. How are you not sure have you not tried anything? Maybe that's why you're not sure

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You haven't tried anything, you haven't done any work. You haven't done anything. And then you're like, I'm not sure what you're you're pretty sure at saying you're not sure that's what you're good at. So

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how about you go get a job. If you if you can't find a fancy job, go do some work, do something, learn something, learn a skill. There's no reason a 16 year old 16 Seven year old should be sitting at home, there's no reason to go after school, get a job, I don't care if you have to change tires, or work at a donut shop, or a pizza place or sell shoes. I don't care, do it. You know what you'll learn something, you'll learn how a business works, you'll learn how management works, you'll learn what it means to respect time. And if you don't develop that work ethic at a young age, and the only free time you have is going into the the next trophy are going to win on a video game, a digital

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token of accomplishment, then your life will be a virtual sense of accomplishment, you'll never have any real accomplishment in your life. Step out of your comfort zone, push yourself work. And you nobody becomes a business person or successful in any entrepreneurial venture and hits the millions without actually going through the grind and learning what it means to do hard work first. And that's part of what Allah inspired you, when you have the talent to do it. You have the ability to do it, you have the mind to do it. You're just not doing it. Because for some reason, you've convinced yourself that sitting back and being comfortable is a good thing. Maybe you're the reason

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corruption is winning.

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You're the reason that the world isn't changing the way it is. Because if you stood up if enough of us stood up, if enough of you tried to bring about a change, an entire culture changes. There's one last piece of thought that I want you to think about. We keep complaining about governments being corrupt. We complain about politicians being corrupt. policies being corrupt, the rich and powerful being corrupt, societies being corrupt. Family systems being corrupt, cultures being corrupt. We see corruption everywhere. But you know what, when you start creating your own environment, when when when a gentleman here runs his own mechanic shop, when somebody runs their own store, when somebody

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starts their own clinic, you know what they're governing it. They're governing inside of that place, the principles of Allah's book, the principles of justice, are being applied. And as they grow, the influence of what Allah has inspired is growing, isn't it? You're not just sitting in your living room saying this is corrupt, and that is corrupt, and others corrupt, you created a small circle in which there is no corruption. And as you grow, that circle is growing. It's inspiring, a larger circle of influence where there's no corruption, instead of saying, Oh, the medical industry is corrupt, well, then you know what, compete with the medical industry, develop a non corrupt medical

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Who's stopping you what's stopping you? The only thing that's stopping you and me is the limitation we put in our heads. So develop this big thinking and remember these words that Allah has given to sada had a salam to even talk to his people and say, what's that Mara comfy, huh? And shall I come in and are the was the American fear I genuinely pray that we get inspired young people that take up powerful ideas that learn that study that work hard from an early age and become models of what it means to develop and bring about real change in the world and to bring inspirational change in the world. Allah only knows what ideas Allah has inspired you with only you and you only you've gotten

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them. Right because there's an income that comes from Allah to everybody about what they can do and accomplish. So don't underestimate yourself, and let's accomplish incredible things. BarakAllahu li Walakum feel for it picking on the fact that you can be 100 reliable Katha or salatu salam ala everybody in the dino Safa Asada Ali Mohammed Ibrahim Mohamed El Amin rather early he was a huge melting pot Allah azza wa jal fika mentoring brother and arugula ministry Condor chain in Allah homolytic otaku saloon Allah and even Latina Amman solo Allah He was Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad Masada Allah for him. Are there any Brahim item in the Camino? Majid Allahumma barik

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ala Muhammad, Muhammad Kabarak Tada are he rather early for him of anatomy in Mudgee, about Allah, Allah, Allah in Allah azza wa jal Korba when Han is fresher you will want to follow the crow by Allah Yeah, let me let us know and consider in the Salah that kind of