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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa salatu salam ala chirpin MVA with mousseline.

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Allah Allah He

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doesn't even cathedral.

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I have a question, which is really a question I asked myself, and I'm asking you the same question.

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And the question to all those who listen to this.

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And the question is, what is the meaning of education?

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What is the meaning of education? So what is the purpose? I mean, what does what is the meaning of education? Obviously, purpose also?

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So, anyway, you guys me, and I'm talking about school, I'm not talking about education means how to repair a car, or how to repair a heart. No, that's technology. That's technical stuff, right? I'm saying basic school education.

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You got a child who's now four years old, three years old, two years old, whatever. And you put the child in school, what's your MCSA? What is your current? What is your purpose? To do what?

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Okay, so read and write. And, okay, numerous numbers, right? Doesn't take more than two years minimum,

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does not take more than two years. Even to learn the Arabic language at an expert level takes you two years, two years of continuous learning Arabic is the most difficult language to learn these two years, English takes even less, who takes even less? So two years maximum. So why do you put your child in school for 14 years? To do it?

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Two years more than enough.

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In what

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what are they learning in the rest of that? After two years, which they cannot do at home?

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Once they know how to read and write, read you are the we're not talking about children who are our you are there. So why can't return study at home?

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Socializing go to go to go go to the park.

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I'm not saying don't send to school, I'm just asking a basic fundamental question. Because if you look at the if you do the numbers, it's a colossal figure.

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All the parents are in the world sending children to school for 14 years full time.

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The not just the fees, fees and books and you're driving them back and forth and whatnot. What are you talking about?

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The colossal amount of money is being spent colossal amount of energy is being spent? What are what are you getting for that?

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I'm not saying I'm getting it, I'm gonna say Are you conscious?

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Supposing you say no, I have this is my purpose. I'm fulfilling my purpose. I'm extremely satisfied. hamdulillah good for you. I've got no quarrel with anybody. But I'm asking a very simple question. What is the purpose of education? Think about it. Another another way of looking at it.

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If I ask you to name for me,

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three of the biggest problems that we face as human beings as the human race as humanity in the world,

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what are the problems?

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Is it that we don't have fancy cars?

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Is that a problem? Is it that we don't have enough? You know, medical knowledge to cure this that okay, maybe in some cases, you might say, right, it would be nice if if we had a cure for cancer, but other than that, is that is that an issue?

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What is the real issue?

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So one thing is global warming? Why is there global warming is because we don't know what to do? Or because we don't want to do what?

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Not willingness? Right? We know. We know. Absolutely. Well, we know 100% What is wrong and we know how to fix it. But like

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brothers are saying, we don't want to do it.

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Unwillingness we know very well this is going to be complete disaster. This is going to take us down and then there's no return from it. But we are not willing. So that not willingness Is it lack of within quotes, book learning or or technical knowledge or is it something else?

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And I can name for you in a number poverty.

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Elon Musk, he made the statement and this is a public statement. Elon Musk said I can feed all the hungry people in the world with 2% of my wealth.

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So why does he do it?

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Why are people still hungry?

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willingness, right, selfishness, willingness,

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capitalism, capitalism.

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I mean, I

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I can I can spend the rest of the night making? No need we know we know the stuff right?

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So what is really education? What must you do? Think about this, because end of the day, believe me, I mean, it's your kids, right? I don't have any children

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is your children

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you are spending their money.

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Even if you say, oh guy don't get out the money, it's not a question of you having the money. And the point is you're spending money to do something, is it assuming that?

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If he's not receiving that, what is the goal? Why'd you send them to school? Why do the why what was the school delivered to you, we have the Makita we are for example, we are running the after school.

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So I want you for example, to come to the principal or the MCSA. Or to me or to the details as a this is what we want our children to learn and we are going to be monitoring this and we will help you to achieve that because we are in this together. It's not as if you are on some you know

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what, are my children learning that or not? Or are they simply learning to read the Quran Quran it's either this is the this is live this is bad this is this is and so on. So on, so on the MaHA region and haram

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and then the child does not have the

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other to say salaam to an elder that the child does not have does not know it goes to the toilet and he does all kinds of things there and he has no other there and he has no you know, he talks to his mother in a funny way he talks to his father in a funny way. All of this happening. But the child can read Quran beautifully in this rewire and that rewire. Is this the purpose of education.

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If you ask me frankly, as long as I won't say, reading Quran correctly is not important. I won't obviously I'm not insane. It is important to read. But

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if that child has no other if the child has no respect for his own parents, just now what the ayat which we heard in southern Missouri, may Allah bless the chef.

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Allah subhanaw taala is going into detail about this.

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If your parents are there, if they are all don't even say off for Allah, Allah has revealed Quran for this but Allah revealed which means that thing is so important.

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So really, I want to ask all of you please think about this.

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And say what is education supposed to deliver?

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And when I see my children

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how are my children supposed to be? If

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not, because you are going to beat them as you know, this was internally

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and I won't go into you know, when my when I was a child for at all that that same i emitted today they will cover those baloney. So today, what do we want our children? What do we want from them? Right? There are people here Abdullah, may Allah bless you, some of you, Inshallah, in a couple of years you will get married, you will have children. What kind of children do you want? Little animals in pants?

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Or do you want human beings? I mean, seriously?

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Because, to me, what's the difference? If your child does not understand the difference between an elder person or the other person if they don't understand that? They have no other? If they have no Tanzeem? If they have no you know, concern for four people if there is no God, then they are mammals, mammals and pants. So

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putting on pants doesn't make you civilized, civil, it's being civilized comes from that comes from the mind.

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So seriously, please give this some thought.

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Because Allah subhanaw taala if we just think about this, you know, Allah began this his his book with with what?

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what is the only thing that Allah subhanaw taala brought his name is another reason to ask for increase. Only thing when one thing called rugby. Zinni ailment. Oh Allah say, Allah give Allah is instructing called, say this prayer is make this call Rob be say my Rob z the near ailment. Increase me in knowledge, what knowledge that he's getting, he's getting away with one last round. What more you're talking about the understanding of that the farm of that the you know the design of that the thing being in your own life, you're being able to apply it being able to teach it.

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And then Allah says, In nama Yaksha Allah

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we never had he.

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ago, Mara.

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I'll move No, I'll avoid

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well the denial I alone

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alleging truly among the slaves of Allah, the Orlova are the people who have the crusherthe of Allah

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and Allah here this doesn't mean somebody with a PhD in something no

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other way, only the one who has Sasha is an alum.

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The way to understand desire the only the one who what is the sign of an ally, what is the sine of somebody who has knowledge of Islam, that person must have ushered in that

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unit my Yaksha allah how many buddy Allah Allah

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has your doula is the sign of

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Imam Muhammad been humbled how to Lolly he was very very famous beam had this Cybil is I will

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tell you, our mother we will also the hottie when Imam of budgets who are different so on, and many, many stories hamdulillah Allah's rather used him to establish the position of the Quran. And literally he was beaten he was he was tortured, he was imprisoned all of this for this. Now he had a standard of what he considered to be sufficient knowledge that's and that standard of sufficient knowledge was 250,000. I had these

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to be memorized by by heart with all these that

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Quarter of a million right? So somebody asked him he had a friend who's also an animal is a term called Visual haffi.

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So somebody said to him You say to you say about bisher he's my chef. And you show him so much it's so much respect and so on. But Bucha does not know 250,000 houses and this is your standard. He said besure has the also LaVale he said he has the essence of knowledge isn't what is that is a crusher Tala

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is a crusher in his heart there is a treasure the world so that is why I respect him I call him as a number of others. This is a question you asking me? How much should how many how many others should somebody know before he can do is tomato can before he can extract the Hohokam

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Ray today you read two translations and you start extracting and Hakka This is right this is a haram this Allah la hora hotel level.

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Think about this. hymns of the Quran was something which was standard every primary school child was the happiest when we say half is even the hedger or Kalani, we are not saying Harvard was the one that was after the all the all the books or ads of the day.

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When they said habits they meant this they didn't they didn't mean have a look, I haven't I him so the car was standard. I mean, you if you did not do, which was the Quran, and you didn't never you couldn't go further that was that was the required curriculum.

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It began with that.

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So please give this some thought. And let us share some thoughts on this. What is it that we want? When we say education? What is it we want? Because remember, children are your sadaqa jariya.

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So if you want this thing, there's other criteria, when you are going in your grave, and you want these children to to do things which will cause you to get damaged Jana, then you have to

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put some brainpower behind this thing.

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Give them time, give yourself time and think about this and say what is it that I want my children to?

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Write, we ask Allah Samantha the literal who to make it easy for us to use the understanding to use the time to give us children who will also share with us because that's the other thing is to talk to the children and get them to buy into this. It's not just a matter of shoving it down.

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So we ask Allah to give us children who will also understand and for us, to give us the understanding of the essential

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quality he was having