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SolarMovie re Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shara Phil MBA will mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi. Right It will save you seldom at the Sleeman, Kathira and cathedra.

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Sisters, first of all on that green for all of you, that Mobarak May Allah subhanaw taala give us this month,

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which has started already made May Allah give us this month in Bitcoin and Baraka with the best of both worlds dunya and akhira I remind myself and you that this month is a month of opportunity,

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of tremendous opportunity,

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opportunity to literally rewrite our destiny, an opportunity to reboot our lives, to make them obedient, and in line with

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what Allah subhanaw taala Gela Diller who wants from us, quite literally make our lives Sharia compliant

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and put them on the path that leads to the river to the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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I remind myself, I knew that the only thing which matters, the absolutely the only thing that matters is the river of Allah, the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala nothing else has any importance compared to the importance of the pleasure of Allah subhana hotel, I remind myself in you that a human being has every human being has only to laureate, what is the Rudy in Arabic, is it means something which, without which you would perish. So the Euro is a state where if you don't deal with that state, if you do not do what that state requires, then you would perish for example, if the euro, in terms of food would be that situation in life, where you have been deprived of food for so

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long, for so many days. Because food, you can live without food for a long time. If you were to reach a stage where now if you do not eat something almost immediately, then you are going to perish. And if that if at that time, the only option you have is to eat something which is haram, then that haram becomes halal for you. Or miserable for you. For that moment only. It doesn't mean it now becomes permissible for you forever. No. But just to get yourself out from that terrible situation

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where there's something which

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was normally haram, you are allowed to eat because it saves your life.

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Looking at it, looking at what I'm saying in that context, there are only two things which are the Rura for a human being in this life or not. It's not food, it's not water.

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It's not even air. The only two things which are absolutely the wrong. One is Hidayah in our lives, and two is mcfa After we die, one is guidance, right guidance while we live. And the second one is forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala when we die, these are the only two requirements. Because if a person dies with guidance, if a person is on the syrup and was stuck even on the path of steadfastness, the path of righteousness the straight path and dies on that path, then this person is going to Jannah no matter what his state was or her state was in this life. On the contrary, if a person was on the path of mercy, it's on the path of sin on the path of disobedience of Allah

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subhanaw taala on the path of ignoring the akhom the orders of Allah subhanaw taala and the Sunnah, and the way of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam if a person was on that path, and that path, and that person dies, without making a foreign Toba without repenting to Allah subhanaw taala without turning to Allah subhanaw taala he or she is insistent on that path. And they die in that state, which means effectively that they die on Cofer. They die without Islam, then this person is in the hellfire, no matter how wealthy or powerful that person may have been in this life.

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May Allah protect us from ourselves? There are many, many examples of the latter. And I don't know how many of the former

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but there are. So the key is not to count those examples. Key is to ask ourselves, where am I? Am I on the path of the first people I described?

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Are the second Ramadan Kareem comes to put this into perspective by ordering us to leave that which otherwise is halal. Not only that halal, Allah subhanho dialyser Kulu wash, caribou wala two three full, eat and drink and do not do not waste Alhamdulillah not only is eating and drinking, meaning obviously we don't have to even clarify that.

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Eating and drinking, what Allah subhanaw taala has permitted is not only permitted but if a person does that with the consciousness that this is the norm of observational data and the person does that without wastage without going overboard with it. If a person does that, and thanks Allah subhanaw taala then he is eating and drinking is a bad, he is going to get rewarded for that. So here is a beautiful meal of Halal from a huddle source from Halal earnings and the meat itself is halal. The meal itself is halal hamdulillah and I'm eating that not only am I enjoying this beautiful dinner that I'm eating, but I will also get reward in the akhira on the day of judgment

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for eating this food. This is the beauty of Islam SubhanAllah. So, in this month, Allah subhanho wa Taala what he normally as I mentioned not only permitted but what he rewards for Allah subhanaw taala says between

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just before dawn and after sunset, in that period of time, do not eat and do not drink and do not have physical relations with your spouse. Even though all three are permitted even though all three are rewarded. Normally, during this month,

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I assume whoever finds and reaches Ramadan let him fast. Now, and hamdulillah when we do that, what is the message that is being reinforced here the message that is being reinforced here is eating and drinking and so on, were good for the body. But in Ramadan, you are being focused on what is good for the soul. What is good for your roar. Because remember, my brothers and sisters, no matter how strong your body is, one day, the worms will eat it. One day it will bite the dust. One day it will be put six feet under, and tons of dirt what the Americans called Dirt. That's why they do nothing to save the world. Because this is not dirt, this is earth,

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tons of the earth will be dumped on top of you.

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On top of the most beautiful face, on top of the most handsome face, on the top of the most beautiful body on the top of the strongest body, that is the end of every body that exists on the face of the planet, no matter how long that person lived, no matter who that person was. King or commoner. They all go into the ground in one form or the other.

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And Allah subhanaw taala is reiterating and reinforcing this, for us to understand and say what am I going to give precedence to my body or my soul and in other, this is the opportunity give precedence to your soul by fasting, by fasting, with what comes, goes into the mouth, as well as fasting in terms of what goes out of the mouth, which is to stop lying to stop cheating to stop to stop slandering, to stop profanity to stop the unbridled expression of anger,

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to hear to stop yelling and screaming to stop quarterly to stop all kinds of negative stuff, which goes out of the mouth. So it's fasting with what comes into the mouth and it's fasting with what comes out of the mouth. Both. This is the opportunity that along with Allah, Allah subhanaw taala gave us my brothers and sisters, let us make the most of this let us not waste even a second of this opportunity that is make sure that we truly and truly benefit from this whole thing in ways that we cannot imagine because we have whatever we do, the reward of this is from Allah Subhan Allah and Allah subhanaw taala said us so Molly, we're gonna add Zb the fastest from me and I will reward it.

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And when Allah says He will reward something, obviously it means he will reward in keeping with his majesty and grace. It does not reward as we think it is rewarded, Allah knows and we cannot even contemplate that and that

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is the reward not for the whole of Ramadan is the reward for one fast one Fest and Hamdulillah we ask Allah to give us the entire month. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us especially the last 10 nights of Ramadan and we ask Allah for especially especially for Laila to cover, and when we get later to cover again, it reinforces my point of what is the most critically important thing. When I say the eyes are the Alana mother asked Rasulullah Salem, Ya Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, if I get Laila to recover, what do I should I make? What did he tell him? He said, always ask Allah subhanaw taala and say, Allah my nigga 412 Hibbeler 454 Honey, Oh Allah, you are the Forgiver you

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love to forgive, so forgive me. So forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala This is the ultimate reward of our channel carry, ask ALLAH SubhanA data to accept all our rabada all our worship our sadaqa that give a lot of South Africa and Ramadan handle and give also other times but definitely know that because Allah subhanaw taala multiplies the rewards in this month Allah subhanaw taala multiplies the rewards. Allah has changed the Shanthi Allah has opened the doors of Jana let us make sure that for us they never close Allah has opened the door has shut the doors of Johanna make sure that for us they are never opened. And I'm not saying these words. These are the words on the hotbar

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fossa. Allah is Allah Azza wa sallam, which he did on the last

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last Friday of Shabbat

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concerning Ramadan, if you go to my last goodbye which was which was the last Friday of Shabbat and I did the same color, you can listen to those words. But these are the words that salami said Allah has opened the doors of Jannah make sure they never shut for you. He didn't say only now that throughout our lives, he said Allah has shut the doors of Johanna make sure that they never open for you. We ask Allah subhanaw taala for this inshallah and coulomb on the mcare May Allah subhanaw taala give you this whole month in beautiful in a beautiful state. And may Allah grant you April 5 are in good spirits and in a state where he is pleased with you and may insha Allah SallAllahu ala

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Anna will carry while he was avid member of Africa Hi