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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala tropaeolum Havenwood sorry, Muhammad Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi, WA Marathi he was I will sell them to Steven because he and

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my brothers and sisters

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what happens when a when a believer dies, I think this is very important for us to know this. And

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it's a matter of therapy. It's a matter of

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something that encourages us as Muslims to ensure that we die this way. And it is also a

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it's something important for us to think about. And no, because the journey

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that starts with death

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is a journey that

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is much longer and much more significant and important

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than the life that we lived in.

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Having said that, I will say that the life we live in is also extremely significant and important

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in terms of the fact that it has the potential to impact the journey.

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The journey ahead is important because that is the journey of reward the journey of

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but this journey is important because the jazz that we get in the journey ahead depends on what we do now.

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That's the reason why it's very important to

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ensure that we live our lives in a state of obedience to Allah subhanaw taala

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on the method that are sold,

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in the way that this relies on Salem taught us

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by Muhammad Ali in his Muslim

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and narrated from Al Bara, even as it probably Allah one who who said

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that Rasul Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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very Lee, when the believing slave is about to depart this world and into the Hereafter. This is right at the moment of,

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of death, by the person who's dying.

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Very early, when the believing slave is about to depart this world and enter the Hereafter they come down to him angels from the hub

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with white faces as if their faces were the sun.

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They bring with them one of the shrouds of Jana,

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they bring with them a cough. I'm from Ghana, and some of the perfume of Jana does it with him as far as the eye can see this around the board, the the person who's dying, the man or woman in the seat, as far as the eye can see, then the Angel of Death, Monica mouth, comes to him and sits by his head, and says, all of your soul, come out to the forgiveness and pleasure of Allah. Then his soul comes flowing out like a drop of water flowing from a cup, then he takes the soul molecule mold takes the soul and no sooner does he sees it, but they take it and place it in that shroud and perfume, then out of it comes the most excellent fragrance of must be found on the face of the

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Then they are sent with it and they do not pass by any group of angels but the angel our angels ask, Who is this pure soul, and they reply, it is also the son of so and so using the best names by which he was known on earth, then they bring it to the lowest heaven and ask for the door to be open. And it is open for those who are of high rank in each heaven accompanied until they approach the next heaven and so it goes until it reaches the seventh heaven. Then Allah subhanaw taala May he be glorified and exalted SubhanaHu wata Allah Jalla Jalla who says, regard the book of Islay in Leone, which is the highest heaven and take him back to the earth for I created them from it, and I shall

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return them to it and then I shall take them out of it again. Then his soul is returned to his body and two angels come and make him sit up and they asked him

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the questions of the grave. There is a whole series of lectures that I did

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called death and hereafter

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I'm going to ask them where to put the link of that in this so please watch them listen to them inshallah we ask Allah to make this a means of hi

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had American guidance for us. Now,

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a couple of important questions. First and foremost is

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people ask what remember all of this is happening

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before the body is buried, so it's you know, short very short time in which all this happens.

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People ask what can we do to benefit those who passed away? So, first of all, can we do anything? And second thing is what can we do?

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The answer to can we do something is yes, of course, you can do something. The however, we have to know what to do.

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So, let me start with what not to do.

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We have we seem to have these customs, especially in the subcontinent, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, where we gather on the third day after a person dies before it Ziraat or some other such name. And people sit and

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they pass out to them, they give out to them individual

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separate individual Jews of the Quran, and they recite or they read

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that Quran and then somebody makes collective dua

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is divided or nowadays, thanks to the misuse of social media.

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They send out a message saying

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so died so please read this use aqua and that is a Quran. Please tell us which one you are reading. So I will read something else. Please don't take with understand this. Eva and Islam. Worship in Islam is only and only water so Eliza Salam did or he asked us to do. If anyone invents something in that something that the VLE Salam did not do and did not ask anyone else to do and there is no difference between the two. He always only taught people to do what he used to do. So he is a, he's the manifester of the action.

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So if we do or if we invent anything in the products

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of Islam, then we have committed a major form of Buddha and shirk.

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And may Allah protect us this can take us out of Islam. So please don't invent there is no need to invent. To read Quran is a personal good deed. It does not directly benefit anybody. However, dua is accepted after we read Quran more than without that. So therefore

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read some Quran, any part of the Quran

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as much as you want to make the number one number two DWIs accepted after any good deed so give some sadhaka perineural koto Sarah, after you prove your normal salah, make dua

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fast and make dua at the time of Iftar and during the fast all of these, go and make Amara Hajj whatnot, right and make dua hamdulillah

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there is a brother itself. Eduardo, who elevada, adorable Maha Oliva Akuma kala Lisa to set up the salsa Sanam said dua itself is your brother in other places. $1 is the brain is the essence of evil. And therefore make lots of dua

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for the person who passed away, but don't invent methods and days and events. Third days era, then some 40th Day ceremony and then some jehlen and then some Barsi at the end of one year and all of these are Bidda all of these are prohibited please don't fall into that trap.

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So what can help the person who passed away number one is door.

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Number one also, especially for the children of the person who passed away, please understand the chill among the Hadith. He said when a person passes away all his deeds and

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all these deeds

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except three

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and those three the first of them is

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hola Sally.

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Children who are good, who are pure who are

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who are on the side of hate who are among the righteous. So righteous children meaning children who

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are Muslim children who pray

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Hello obey Allah subhanho data, children who live their lives according to the sunnah of our solar system that is called righteous cheat. So righteous children benefit somebody who dies.

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Second thing which

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second thing which benefits.

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The person who dies is sadaqa jariya, which is any act of goodness, any act of ongoing benefit. So,

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a person builds a school or build a hospital or builds a bridge or leaves a well or any action of ongoing benefit that a person does.

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This will continue to benefit that person, as long as that action remains, and along with Allah subhanaw taala enable that action to be there, this will continue to benefit the person sadaqa jariya. And the third one is any knowledge that this person knew and communicated and taught anything beneficial, because the first and foremost of that is religious knowledge. But also this refers to any beneficial knowledge that the person knew and communicated and passed on. All of this are sadaqa jariya. So understand that the first and foremost of that is a righteous child. So

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for the person who died, if one of you, if you're, if you're if your parent passed away, then please understand that your actions will affect the parent. So come back online. If you didn't pray, start praying if you did anything wrong. If you are in the habit of doing something wrong, get up that this is high time, because the death of your parents should be a wake up call for yourself, because you could be next. And number two is your parents raised you they sacrificed for you, they stood they they stayed awake in the night when you were not well, they may draw for you, they did everything for you. You will not even be alive. If your parents had not taken care of you, he would

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have died as a child as an infant. But hamdulillah your parents took care of you and they brought you up. Now,

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do not be a traitor to the parents, by being evil. by disobeying Allah by not praying by not fasting by not, you know, living your life, according to the Sunnah of Mohamed Salah. So, I would remind you of myself that no matter what we do in the world, there's nothing original everything is imitating somebody. So why not imitate the best of them which is also nice.

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So please do that which is beneficial to you, yourself and your parents, and especially those whose parents have died, this is the time to wake up.

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If you don't wake up now, may Allah protect you from yourself when

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so please be a source of benefit for your parents. So people ask what can I do, this is what you can do which is stick to the right thing. Stay away from all with that don't do any inventions, the

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be righteous, be a pure person.

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Make sure that your prayers are on time that you avoid all haram

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that will give charity or charity you give also goes to the parents. So this is something which is beneficial also to do inshallah was Allah Allah Allah will carry Murali he was Soviet member Article One I