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SolarMovie Rahim

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala inophyllum be able mousseline Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Allah He won't only us I will sell them to Steven Kathira oh my god who my brothers and sisters

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let me

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remind myself I knew that we are all slaves. Every human being is a slave, whether he likes it or not, whether he accepts it or not, every human being is a slave.

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He's either a slave of Allah or he or she is a slave of their desires. We are

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about Allah or we are about enough's

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every single one of us.

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key thing is

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how do we differentiate?

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And we differentiate by seeing what do we give precedence to?

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Right? What do we give precedence to?

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Doing a proceedings to the deed or do we give precedence to the dunya

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now in Okay, well Josie rattler late, he said, the meaning of which

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he said Islam is not a buffet. Now I don't think he used the word warfare but you understand what I'm saying? He's an Islamic or a buffet where you pick and choose what suits you what you like, what you don't like. Islam is the name of

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Allah subhanaw taala told us how we should approach Islam and loss Rhonda said we know the ayat of the Quran, where Allah Delgado he said Yeah, well as you know, I'm an old Hello facilement cough Allah said all you believe enter into Islam completely, completely and fully not partially.

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Not in a way where you know you like you take what you like and leave what you don't like.

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That is not Islam. This is something which comes from shaytan which is a sign of the fact that our hearts are not enslaved

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to Allah, but it is enslaved to our knifes

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saying Have a good day we'll do that actually. He said,

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imprisoned is he whose heart is imprisoned from Allah. Right as he says, not by but from Allah captured is he who is captured by his desires.

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So, we look at you know, being imprisoned, being in jail, what is being injured with we think that if I have a life where I can do exactly what I want, you know completely

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my my desires hold me, then maybe I think that this is beautiful, this is life, this is happiness, this is freedom. But, you know, having said this is not freedom, this is this means that you are chained

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because you are giving procedures to Dounia or the what you should be doing is the opposite, which is giving procedures to Dean over dunya. But we have this, you know the we have this

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this, this if the laugh, this conflict in our hearts will be niad autologic he was asked what do you find the strangest of all things.

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And he said the strangest of all things is that the heart knows Allah, yet still disobeyed.

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He's talking about the Muslim, when we

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say that we need to be worshipped only Allah subhanaw taala and we do not worship anyone other than Allah subhanaw taala then

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how is it that we are able to

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disobey Allah Smeralda? If you know Allah, that how do you disobey Allah?

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I remember myself and you that the symbol of

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piety, the symbol of faithfulness, the symbol of being true to Allah subhanaw taala alone

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is Salah. Right there is nothing that supersedes that.

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Then other than Allah

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Allah subhanaw taala mentioned.

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Now why do we miss Salah for many of us, we miss Arabic

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because we are so engrossed and so,

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you know, what do I say so embroiled with our friends, with our friends, now, who are these friends of ours? And how are they what are they? Of what use are they to us?

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And what use will they be to us? On the Day of Judgment? This is the thing to remember and remind ourselves in

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sort of Allah subhanaw taala told us, Allah said, Allah Who Yo Ma even Bardot whom the burden.

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Ill Motoki, Allah's, rather than saying that on this day, on the Day of Judgment, the Aquila think about this there are in the Arabic language, there are different levels that have been given different, you know, terminal terminology that is used for friends. So not all friends are equal. You have friends who are just friends, really almost, you know,

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almost like acquaintances more than friends

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and the others who are

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who are much closer to you than

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the other the others, right? So these are people who know you very well and who are close to you. So different levels of friendship. Now, the Khalil is the one who is the closest of friends. That's why Allah subhanaw taala use this word for his Ambia, who he loved more than others. So if we

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think about those friends. So who would be a close friend, you know, many times this is this was friend of mine, he would give his life for me, right? This person is so dear to me. So maybe true. But Allah said, on the Day of Judgment, these people who in this world was so close to you, and all you thought they were so close to you, they will not just ignore you, they will not just walk away from you. They will be your enemies by the home, the burden or do now what is the difference between somebody who walks away from you and an enemy, somebody walks away from you is walking away from you. He's ignoring you. Right? The worst is doing is ignoring, but the enemy is actually bent on

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your destruction.

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Allah saying that on the Day of Judgment, those people of this world who you thought were your closest friends, and who you treated as your closest friends,

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these are the people who are going to not just ignore you, but they are going to be your enemies, they are going to look to harm you, they're going to try to to sell you in exchange for their own deliverance. Not that they can do it, but this is what they will try to do. Right? So we need to look at our friends and say, this friend of mine, so and so who is a friend of mine? Is this really a friend that I should have? Or is it somebody who is on the Day of Judgment, this person is going to be my enemy?

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So if that is the case, then the thing to do is to ask her ask yourself, What sense does it make, to being friends with and to following somebody who on the Day of Judgment is going to be is going to be my enemy? What is the good of that?

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Think about this, think about this and say why should I be friend with somebody who on the Day of Judgment is going to be an enemy of mine?

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And who are those people, those who are disobedient to Allah subhanaw taala in this life, on the Day of Judgment, they will become our enemies. And in other plays Allah subhanaw taala mentioned Allah said that the people themselves those who followed these friends in this life, and who disobeyed Allah subhanaw taala. Despite the fact that the MBR had come, the Kitab had come, guidance had come but this they chose to ignore the MBR they chose to ignore guidance, and they chose to follow their friends. Allah subhanaw taala said that in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala said that on the Day of Judgment, these people who followed them, they are going to say, Oh Allah, these are the people who

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led us astray, double their punishments, double your punishment on these people.

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So this is a great warning, both for the leaders and the followers

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to ensure that

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stick to the straight and narrow

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that they don't really mislead people, and that they don't

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that they don't

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you know, follow people who are

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who are not following

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the this is a very important, you know, demand for us. If we have to be, as I said, you know, we are we are slaves, we are

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that who we are. And if we want to be slaves, that makes not a question of what we are slaves, let us make sure that we are slaves

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of the right one

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and the only one who used to be the slave of whom is right is Allah subhanaw taala

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slavery of anyone other than Allah is haram. It is rabid, it is wrong, it is bad it is harmful and only a person who's completely

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either completely devoid devoid of sense or completely Hatfield and you know, dead from Allah subhanaw taala

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can follow their desires instead of following the

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avoid following the the diet that Allah subhanaw taala centers, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to keep us ensure that we are always his slaves alone, and not the slaves of our knifes and not the slaves of our desires are not the slave of others, the shattered mirror ins virgin, the Shaytards, the the Miss guiders and the people who whose guide from the humans and the jinn was Allah Allah will carry Mali he was a member of the Armada.