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Juma Khutba


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The speakers discuss the impact of COVID-19 on people's lives and emphasize the importance of living under fear and discomfort to become successful. They also emphasize the power of microbes to create success and bring power to our lives. The speakers stress the need to set clear paths for one's success and weaknesses to determine their success and weaknesses. They emphasize the importance of avoiding the garbage of the world and prioritizing one's net worth.

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Hola Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shanna freedom ba ba mousseline. mohammadu Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi, wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallam just even Kaziranga sera from Abbado, my dear brothers and sisters, I remind myself when you on this day of Jamaat, first and foremost to send salatu salam and Rosa is Li Selim as much as we can. Because this is a day when there is special benefit in selling in sending salatu salam and also Salah even more than normally. Also this is a day and also Lazarus Adam said that there is a side there is a time in this day when I last ran into accepts whatever da his slave asks and I asked vantara to grant you that particular

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SAR and to enable you to inspire you to make drawers which are full of current benefit for you and everybody else.

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My brother and sisters I this goodbyes in two parts. We will do the part one this week and part two next week and I I have titled it vision 2021

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I titled The fifth book of my Juma footballs which just got released just got published a couple of weeks ago and you've all received notice of that most welcome to read it. The title of that book is race towards forgiveness, race towards forgiveness, I deitel I gave it this title especially because in these days of COVID our mortality has been brought to our attention very graphically. As I write this as I speak this more than 282,000 people have died in America alone with COVID

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala for relief from this pandemic for all people everywhere. This shows us the need for Allah Serrano tell us forgiveness, which I'm not 100 Allah advised us to raise towards and that is why I titled My book race towards forgiveness.

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We must reward our attitudes and our behavior and our lives for this to happen. I remind myself when you that allows Rhino data in sort of the data

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and those around data reminded us and he said wasa and Taka Hua Hua hua hai rue lukou wasa and to hibou Shea and wahoo Sharon la ku, one La Jolla, Alamo, dome la tala moon, which means perhaps to hit something, and it is good for you and perhaps you love something, and it is bad for you and Allah knows and would not know, given the time to lay, he said, a calamity that makes you turn towards Allah subhanaw taala is better for you

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than a blessing, which makes you forget the vicar of Allah, the remembrance of Allah subhana wa COVID brought our lives to a root heart. Then it forced us to relook at ourselves. And to answer the question which Allah subhanaw taala asked us when he said for a NASA moon, what are you waiting? For many of us go it forced us to reset our priorities, to reorganize our lives, to learn new ways of working and relating to one another, new ways of behavior and reordering of our priorities. But for others, it's for each of us to decide where we are. Are we among those who did these things? Or are we among those who are still in a state of flux in a state of heedlessness.

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But there is still time. There's always time for anyone who wants to wake up and get out of bed. Simply lying in bed awake is worse than being asleep. We talk about awakening. But what's more important is what you do after you wake up.

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What will emerge from this, this whole COVID thing still remains to be seen. But we hope that we will become more responsible and hold ourselves more accountable, and learn to relate to each other with love and compassion and to the earth and its inhabitants with kindness. as trustees, ask Allah subhanaw taala for his guidance for all of us, in the path of his beloved messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, so that our lives become a means of goodness for all those who share our lives and spaces.

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This year, has been unique in many unbelievable ways. We have learned to live under a pall of fear and gloom to deal with it and still remain functional.

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and productive.

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We became stronger and more resilient. We were inundated with changes that we would never have imagined even in our nightmares. We thought who thought that we would be praying standing six feet apart, who thought that our time would come when our massage would be totally shut down locked, who thought that Ramadan would come and go without an IV without, without ethic avinashi who does that Amara would be suspended, who thought that even Hajj would be done on a minute scale, under strictly control safety regulations, who thought that planes would not fly that offices would shut down, that the daily commute would be from the bed to the desk, in the same house, or even in the same room,

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who thought that we would be able to reach on the other hand, who thought that we would be able to reach an unprecedented number of people without moving from our desks,

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who thought that international conferences and seminars with hundreds of people in attendance would be done without spending one single cent on travel or hotels? Who thought that children would go to school from home and that homeschooling, which had been something our curiosity would overnight metamorphose into becoming the norm.

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What that means for the travel, tourism and hotel industries and all those who worked, there is another story.

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But what that meant for zoom communication, for example, and those who invested in that stock is something else, who thought that the means of getting as close would become the means of creating more distance in the hearts, who thought that loneliness would become a killer competing with COVID

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who thought that mental illness would become a parallel pandemic, who thought that all the symbols and gestures of closeness and brotherhood and equality and mutual love and respect

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would become taboo. And if done, set off alarms of suspicion and deal with the word negative and positive took on new meanings, being responsible and became important and included others like never before. I can go on, but I will leave you to add to this list. What is true is that every single one of us got vision 2020 very badly wrong.

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Not a single fortune teller, not a single Seon specialist, not a single Vastu or feng shui guru. No scenario planner, no strategic thinker, no playing simple garden variety, lizard or person could predict what every one of us experienced from September 2019 to now December 2020. And we don't know when it will end. Not our data projections, not our time maps, not our visioning sessions. I do that as part of our corporate consulting work. Not even worst case analysis could help us to anticipate and prepare for COVID

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Allah subhanaw taala wanted to show us exactly how powerful we are. And I think he made his point rather than what remains is for us to use this as an opportunity to map a road to success ahead.

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I want to point out that all this happened, thanks to a microbe which is so tiny, that it can only be seen under a microscope.

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Something which is neither man or beast.

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It's not strictly speaking, even a microbe.

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Is it a living thing or not? We are not even agreed on that. What we are agreed on is that it kills

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This is the power of our creators

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who can create anything he wishes and can bring all our arrogance and power and prestige to the ground using something that is so tiny, but hugely significant, not insignificant at all.

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If there is one message that COVID-19 came with, loud and clear, it is I too can die.

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I say this to myself, and I want you to stand in front of the mirror and say to yourself, I too can die.

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It may sound like a no brainer, but I'm sure we will all agree that too many of us had gotten used to living as if we were immortal and unquestionable. Well, that fog has

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Now been cleared. There are over a million people in the world who would agree

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with what I'm saying, if they would speak,

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my brothers and sisters, one day, we will meet Allah.

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It doesn't matter whether we choose to believe that or not, it will happen. And when that happens, we will be questioned about what we did. And what we chose not to do. On those answers will depend our eternal lives, which we will live without any

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death will die this word in the Ashura there is no death.

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That is why it is essential that we make sure that we reach the ophira in a state where we will be entitled to the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala. And will be granted entry into JAMA, Jama

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COVID came as an eye opener as a wanna. As a reminder, if we remain engrossed in the deception of this world, and the toxic culture that has become the global norm, then we will be losers before a loss.

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If I asked you to name the top three most successful people in the world, I can bet you that every single one of you will name three billionaires.

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That is the standard that we have become used to. Money is our single criteria of success. We don't care how we make it. We don't care where we spend it. We don't care about anything other than how much money a person has.

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When we say net worth, we will only money. While we admit that things are real value are not for sale, and no amount of money can buy them. That is hypocrisy.

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Just ask a question. Let me ask you this question. What do you value in your spouse or your friend? money or kindness, compassion, truthfulness, integrity, morality, Harmony honor, not one of them can be bought for any amount of money. But we don't think of any of these. When we assess the net worth of a person who is more intelligent, someone who sells things he can never buy, to get what is essentially garbage in its first stage. Or someone who refuses to compromise the priceless, who is one intelligent,

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go to a garden, go to a car dump yard and reflect on the fact that every one of those cars, which is rusting to nothing, just not in front of your eyes, was someone's dream car one day.

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That is what I mean by garbage in its first stage.

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The single fundamental change that Rasul Allah is also brought about was in the definition of networks, from the person with the most money to the person to the most character.

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That is how he and I are in Makkah changed from our lab, to our backup of the alarm on

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as the person with the highest net worth. Nobody understood this better than the finish, that Islam means it total priority change. That's why they fought it. And that's why those who embraced it were so true to it.

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I remind you of myself, that no matter how fast or slow we move, we can only reach the destination that we make our goal.

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Let us ask what that goal should be. We will talk about the steps for life goal planning next job genre, but for now, I want you to reflect on your life goal.

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And ask yourself two questions to first define your life goal and with respect to that line goal, ask yourself two questions. Number one, what will I get if I achieve this lightboard

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What will I get if I achieve this line? And the second question is what will I have to give up to get the score?

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First question, what will I achieve?

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If I get this like goal?

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What second question What will I have to give up to get this goal? because believe me, nothing is free. To get something we have to give something.

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What did I say about the single minded pursuit of profit to the exclusion of everything else? Someone asked in our shop around to lolly how it is

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People who deny Allah subhanho wa Taala or even those who accept him Muslims, but deny his orders and go against the tsunami so seldom, they seem to have everything going for them in this life. The asking how is this possible? On the one hand, they deny allow or they deny his orders, right? It's another seller, but everything in life is falling into place and they've got money they've got intros, got friends, they've got all kinds of things.

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They become more and more wealthy and powerful. How's that? Mama jabber Allah he recited this I follow Amara Suma gouki Ruby Fatah wa Cooney Jane had Isa for your whole Bhima Oh to a certain

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data for Buddhism.

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Rama Shafi recited this ayah

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valamar asuma dukey Roby Fatah Anna Allah him Ababa Felicia Yin Hata is a furry who Bhima o to our server now home Baba Totten for Isa whom hopefully soon, Allah Subhana Allah says in Surah Khurana, when they had forgotten all that they had been told, to take to heart

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meaning that they had been warned, and they had been told to do some things, but they continued to ignore them.

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When they did that, last rantala What did you do? Did you punish them? No, Allah said, We threw open to them the gates of all things.

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Until even as they were rejoicing in what they had been granted.

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We took them to task, death came to them, and lo, they were broken in spirit.

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And then my job is, when you see this,

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when you see this, you know, that the Azov of Allah subhanho wa Taala has started for these people. May Allah protect us from being among such people?

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My brothers sisters, I remind myself I knew that if you find yourself in a situation where you are disobeying Allah subhanaw taala but you are getting more and more of dunya

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while you continue to commit serious while you continue to find justifications for your actions, remember that may be May Allah protect you, perhaps the love of Allah has already started and the doors have been shut. That is why I said that we need to examine our standard of determining success and failure. How can people borrowing money on interest on whom unless ran atella declared war because successful? How can people who lie and cheat and deceive because successful? How can people who are ostentatious in their lifestyles, when unless rantala called ostentatious people want to share it? The brothers are shattered, how can they be successful?

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Please understand, I'm not against worldly progress, or the acquisition of wealth and power. The famous Halley's with our hora Bella reported Rasulullah Salim said the strong believer is more beloved to Allah subhanho wa Taala then the weak believer, but there is goodness in both of them. be eager for what benefits you seek help from Allah subhanaw taala and do not be frustrated. If something be valjoux if something happens to you then do not say if only I had done something else.

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In something before you do not say if only I had done something else.

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rather say Allah subhanaw taala has decreed what He wills are hungry law Cooley had Verily, the phrase, if only opens the day, the phrase, if only opens the way for the work of shatta and this isn't so Muslim. My strength is meant every kind of strength strengthen Mr and European strength our calls knowledge strength in science, technology, political power, authority, wealth, physical progress, every kind of goodness in life. We must aim for that. We must excel in all of these things. There is nothing romantic about poverty and weakness. But to acquire these, at the expense of our our era is a very bad bargain. That is the reason why we must be clear about our goal and the

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means of achieving my brothers and sisters in Islam. The End does not justify the means and the means do not justify the end. Both must simultaneously meet Allah subhanho wa Taala as criterion of judgment that is the son of Bahamas

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with acquiring the right way, made automatic nafa and Abdurahman of your love and humor.

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People have General Power acquired in the right way made Baccarat city for the alano and Omar exam satara vellano people object.

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question to ask is, what do we want for ourselves?

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Who do we want to be with?

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And that is a question for us to answer. Before we are called to answer it.

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That is the reason why I'm saying that is create a vision 2021 which takes us close to Allah subhanho

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wa salam ala

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alihi wa sahbihi.

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wa salam aleikum, wa warahmatullahi over