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Hello, my little haven

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Rhino chirping of Gabriel mousseline,

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Mohammad Rasool Allah salAllahu, Alaihe, right only he was over Salam, the Steven with

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my brother, my brothers and sisters

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remind myself when you that

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whatever happens in the world is by the will of Allah by the permission of Allah,

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nothing happens outside the permission of Allah,

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whether it is good or bad, according to ours, above point our thinking because a lot of tele, whatever he does, big inside, everything is quiet.

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But some kinds of higher seem to eventful for us. It's like an operation for example. So, if the if the doctor is operating, then there is some blood will flow there to cut the tissues,

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and so on and so on. So it's traumatic for the individual but without the operation, maybe you will die because unless they removed the tumor, if it's a cancer

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Similarly, other treatments are painful in themselves, but you

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you accept the treatment because you know, this will save you a life.

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So similarly, Allah subhanaw taala as some treatments that are lost, or others are painful, but they are meant for our good.

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good thing therefore, when we are seeing something happening, either it's happening to us or it's happening somebody else and it's still a source of pain for us because we love those people and we don't want that to happen to them. The question we ask ourselves is What is it that I can do to change that?

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So it's happening because there is something wrong and what is this wrong? How can I change that? The first and foremost thing is to come back to Allah subhana wa Smartasset for call to stop rubber comb we know kind of Allah in Surah to know they want to know a salah they have difficulty they will be so careless manner that Allah will send some punishment on them then they would run into him and say what should I do? What should what can we do? And no one would tell them no results it was very sad I said to them proposto iStockphoto Roebuck make is too far to Europe in Okinawa, he kind of afar is the one who is the most forgiving. So the first and foremost thing for us to do is to return

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to our last one out there and Nick is the one and you might say well you know just now we are talking about what is happening for Oct you might say well if I do something wrong, why does it affect Philistine so if you say that I was making stuff up Why should I make a second view people who are dying or will invest in May maybe they are the one who did they did something wrong? Sod me but that's not true because

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Philistine is a symptom

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of what is wrong with all OMA

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and it's like for example sometimes there are some ailments in the body where you might get a boil

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right you might get a tumor somewhere you might get a boy somewhere

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so when that boy is painting and a friend of mine is very interesting, a friend of mine had a problem he certainly couldn't walk his one to one leg almost got paralyzed he had severe pain in his leg and so on.

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They were trying to treat that he couldn't they couldn't get anywhere he almost became bedridden. Then he developed an abscess in his tooth so he went to the dentist there it is that is pulled out the truth and if we can

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if we can find just like that like put a switch it pull the truth out and he's like was fine so obviously there was a connection some neurological connection between the nerve and the truth and the and the like so many times in our body you might find you might you might get a headache, you might have a fever, but that is not an infection the fever is sigh is a sign of something seriously wrong with the body. So the sign which is what you are seeing is a boil on the on the hand but the problem is not there the problem is in the body

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right you have a small wound does not heal

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what is the most usual reason for that diabetes?

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So you have diabetes and there is a problem with healing of the wounds so why is this wound not healing you know something is wrong I'm I was put this habit is that you can put any medicine you still want here because the actual problem is sugar. So you have to take diabetic anti diabetic diabetes medicine control your sugar then the world will heal

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So also the issue of Philistine or any of these places.

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The problem is not it's not necessarily the people there are doing something wrong. In this case, I don't think the before what is there to do wrong there? They're suffering, but it is the general ailment of the OMA. We have become a Roma today who our default setting is we eat halal haram and we earn haram or at least doubtful stuff.

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If it's not outright haram, it is definitely not for now, these two are the major third one is we do not fulfill for it. Like I said, with my dua today, even with all this Philistine thing happening, and people are protesting here protesting there, all of this is good, visual protests. But how many what has happened in the Messiah have the Messiah is filled up with people, no series of seven people will come forward for whichever Salah and this is true. I actually have many friends of mine, as in the water in your country, same thing, no change. So where is this? Where is our desire? That just by the our job to say let me turn to Allah and turning to Allah the fundamental thing is to

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come for the fourth Salah and pray by Jabba

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the Surah Surah Surah

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Salah Allah vaakya is the salah at its correct time. This is the deal which is the most beloved to Allah subhanaw taala

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we become we become people or events you know, somebody will say why don't we have today or Friday night? Why don't we have a

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tahajud all nighter right? So we will pray that you then we will sit and have a Holika then maybe we'll eat some food or something and whatnot and so why for me pray for poor firstly. Okay, so do it. Then what happened next day, what about Saturday? You can't do it every day sure that there's a problem. The problem with all these events and all these, you know, fancy things is there is no

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Takara there is no repetition of that there's it cannot be sustained.

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And Allah the best deed and other legs is something which is small but which is the event which is which continues.

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It's not not a one time thing. There was a lady who came to see our mother oversized garage as Alana, say deja vu Alana introduced hurt Rosa Salem. And she said yes, this is my friend zone so and she praised the hedges all night every night. That Rasulillah salam from his face, says Aisha made out that he was not happy with this. She said he also does anything wrong. He said Allah subhanaw taala likes the deed which may be small but which is done continuously his business offering that is all night you got paid every day

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and your body has the right to argue you need to sleep you need to have some rest also and so on. So instead of that breath 100 Every rep you know maybe for one hour maybe for for half an hour or something to regard forgot a trigger instead of spraying the whole night. So pray the whole night. Okay, one day you do it but after that,

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so I reward myself and you let us return to almost

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the main and most important thing by all means go protest and march Street and all that all good, but none of that will have any effect none of that will change the situation unless Allah subhanaw taala orders that to happen Allah subhanaw taala as orders are for the people who have Taqwa. You just heard the recitation in the in Monterey.

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And sort of the Nahal last I had where Allah said in Allah Allah Xena taco. Well, as you know, Hamas, you know, really Allah is with the people of Taqwa. And the people of Assam, which is even one step more than Taqwa. Somebody who's doing good for the sake of pleasing Allah alone is not even really not even a question is the truth what is I don't want to dismiss Allah and say I want to please Allah. So Joe, our display is important that's the basic minimum. So at least I will not do something which is wrong, but even if I'm doing everything right now, I want to do even more. That is the level of asset I want out of level illustrata

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You're not just doing the full fulfilling the, of filling the ticking all the boxes, I did all you do pray a separate, did you do this deal because I got here, but more than that,

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to please Allah, may Allah pleases me. So I make a lot of effort I was make a lot of effort to please the last one, this is the whole meaning of Elisa and Allah

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Akbar you here in the law horrible ugly Walesa. So other is the other is Justice Justice is the body light. If you are not doing other than you are assertive, you are doing solo. So we don't do we do

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Other we make sure that we do justice will not do injustice. But one Hassan Allah said and then on top of that, he has served as an associate and said, If you are weighing something and giving somebody give more, don't give less, giving equal, of course, you have to give if you give us your, your asylum, you are you are deceiving somebody were cheating somebody, but equal, and then more.

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There were some of our scholars and so our teacher was so particular, they would carry two pens in those days, right, you know, by hand, no more processes. So they would carry two pairs of one pen for a visual work one pen for personal works, even for personal work, write a letter the ink, they will that will be with you, but with his own salary. He does not, you know, doesn't belong to the organization that he's working for that to that extent, they were particular about,

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about things, you know, whatever, Abdullah Lee loads of money to somebody, and then he was going past this man's garden. And

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some people are sitting under the shade of the trees, he refuse. He said, Yeah, man, please come and say,

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Sir, why? Because I gave I loaned money to this man. Now, if I sit under his tree, that means I'm getting some benefit from it, which is not part of the deed. So I will not say I will not sit even in the shade of that band Street.

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Masala in fact, with regard to,

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of law, giving a loan and so on, which is, but this is a story with it. So the point I'm saying is that this is the level to which our servers are at work particular about justice and about doing something right. So we have to be very, very clear and make sure we're never doing injustice to anybody. And remember that in a global scale, whatever is happening somewhere we become responsible for that is because of what what it was, you know, Minella will Adina do the lava will actually I love you and you and Allah says We give you a small punishment, reward the big punishment, so it will turn towards us.

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And that's why I remind myself when you let us not get there, it is not wait for the punishment registered what was going on? We ask Allah subhanaw taala to be to help us and to be pleased with us and to protect us. Most of all from sins. The sins are a bigger problem than anything has. So like we seek protection from our enemies even more than that. We need to see protection from sins was a little scary while he was

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