Shield #15 Duaa to open 8 GATES of Jannah

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AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the huddle and the DUA, emphasizing the importance of worship, performing the act of worship, not washing one's face, and not opening the water all the way. The Hadith and the DUA are also mentioned, along with the importance of sharing good news and benefiting from it. The use of "backfires" in media and "haste to put" on people's houses is emphasized, along with the risk of health and the need for a "haste to put."
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This allowed hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah the respected beloved brothers and sisters May Allah protect you wherever you are May Allah subhanaw taala increase you and Iman I mean your blood I mean one of the main a Baghdad that we perform on a daily basis as a matter of fact to say better is so important that Salah is not valid without it and that a bad is the bad the act of worship of Moodle

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tonight in sha Allah Tada

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we will learn the dyes that are valid to be said

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after all,

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and of course as usual there meaning

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many people know only one dua, but in sha Allah Tala, we will share two more Inshallah, that you will learn today.

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Before we get to the DUA, I just want to mention few things about todo so we can all take them into consideration. Number one, please when you are performing the huddle, do not open the water all the way gushing. It's from the sunnah to have just a little bit of water while you are performing the huddle. Another common mistake in the huddle is that we when we are washing our face, we leave this area here but this area is included in the face. So we wash like this and we miss this area. Make sure please that you are washing the whole face when you are performing the load. Another mistake is when we are washing our hands, the washing starts from the top of the finger and all the way to the

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elbow. Many people when they are rolling their sleeves they missed the area of the elbow we have to pass the elbow here. Cover the elbow This is considered all considered as arm. Similarly when we wash our feet, make sure that the water get and cover the whole foot including the ankle.

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Before we do

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there's only one that we all know which is Bismillah that's it Bismillah during whoodle There is nothing authentic from Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam you hear people when they wash their right hand they say yeah Allah give me the my book in my right hand and when they wash their face ya Allah make my face white when when the face is dark, in all these doors, there is nothing from the Sunnah. Authentic to say them while we are performing we do this before we do which is Bismillah and the DUA is after which we will learn today in sha Allah Tala. The first dua is narrated by none, but on top of the Allahu Anhu Allah. He heard Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saying that

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whomsoever complete perfect as barrel will do, and this is something very important. That's why I gave that little bit brief introduction. Take your time performing the will do, the will do is a bad it's an act of worship, take your time performing it, please. So many, so many Hadith about the reward of perfecting the widow. The senses will drop from every part of the body every time. If you make wudu and you go to the masjid, every step will erase an evil deed. And we'll add a good deed and elevate you in status with Allah many, many rewards about perfecting the model. Similarly here the Hadith started by an S Bugaloo. Or he completed the widow and then he said or she said, and the

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DUA is on the screen. La ilaha illa shadow Allah Allah illallah wa de la sharika were a shadow n number Hamedan are they do who what are pseudo Subhanallah a shadow Allah Allah illallah wa the hula Sharika whereas shadow inner Mohammedan Abdullah who are solo? This is the Shahada. We all know it by heart, and then I add to it, this addition is in

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the book of Tirmidhi Allahumma Shalini Minato bien was Shalini Meenal moto Taha hearing. Now the shahada we all know and we are

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confirming the shahada, they have to heed the Kalama of Tawheed the word of Tawheed. Right after every single year Allah I bear witness that is none worthy of worship except you. There's naturally color, a shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa de who la sharika he has no partners. What a shadow under Mohammed Abdullah who are solo, and I bear witness that Muhammad peace be upon him is his slave and finally messenger. And then I make the DUA, Allahu majali. Mina Tobin was the only mineral Mutata here in your Allah, make me from the people from the Toibin that are being are the ones who constantly repent, the ones who constantly repent, remember in circle Bacara Allah and Allah him

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buta Webb in your head with our bill Allah loves the people who constantly repent while Matata hurry and the people who purify themselves Yeah, Allah make me from the people who are constantly repenting, which is the cleansing of the inner and constantly purifying themselves, which is the cleansing of the outer Subhanallah so the exterior and interior cleansing is in this dua, the Toba clean a clean a cleanse us from all the sins and taharah cleanse us from all the dirt outside Subhanallah So one more time on the screen, a shadow Allah Allah illallah wa Nasha he can wear a shadow under Mohammed bin Abdullah who are a pseudo Allah Masha Allah nee Minato bien was Shalini

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Minal Matata, hearin please, brothers and sisters, please, if you do not know this, by heart already, memorize it. Teach it to your children, because the reward is as the Hadith and all eight doors of Jannah are open, Allahu Akbar. The eight doors of Jannah will open to whomsoever say this to after wudu Allahu Akbar. Allah I ask you for everyone who memorizes and everyone who's watching us in sha Allah Allah Allah to make him from the people of Jana, neither Bellamy, so these two are inshallah very common. A lot of people know it and know the reward of it that it will lead us to join and sha Allah Tala. Now the second dua not too many people know that this can be said after

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And this is you know, cathartically Mejlis that when we are sitting in a gathering, and at the end of the gathering for solos SLM told us to say this dua Subhana Allah whomever we handpick a shadow, Allah ilaha illa and a stamp felucca to booty like this to her. After any gathering that we're sitting at home, we had a dinner over people for dinner, we had, we're sitting in, outside the masjid and we're talking to our brothers sisters are talking to each other. And then before they leave, they say subhanallah Lama said Allah Allahu Allah and Mr. Furukawa tabula and if you notice, I always repeat it at the end of every class. Why? Because, as I said, I've said that this is Cafaro

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to the Mejlis any sins that we have committed during this gathering, they will be erased in sha Allah Tala, if we say this, at the end of the message of the gathering, and just a side note, my brothers and sisters, unfortunately, many of our gatherings many of our gatherings are involving things that are not permitted. We start talking about this and about that, the backbiting may be slandering people you know, spreading rumors, please be very careful because we will be questioned about every single word we say. So this also also is one of the to be said after we'll resource I sell them said that um, so ever say this, after you do, it will be put in an envelope and sealed

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that means that the reward will be sealed till the Day of Judgment preserved for him or for her till the Day of Judgment, nobody will touch it, nothing will erase it. Allahu Akbar. So after I finished do I can say that we said before and I add to it Subhana Allah humma behandelt let me put it one more time on the screen Subhana Allah humma will be handed a shadow Allah ilaha illa and esta Heruka wa to Bulik what does it mean Subhana Colombo behind ya Allah I glorify You, I admit that you are perfect in every attribute attribute and free from any deficiency and I'm living being grateful to you a shadow Allah, Allah, Allah and I bear witness that none is worthy of worship except you a

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stone felucca a tube like I seek your forgiveness ya allah and I repent to you from any sin. Allahu Akbar. Imagine repeating this every single time I make wudu

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Allahu Akbar Subhan Allah in sha Allah, Allah that will, will will clean us from all the sins that we committed between one salaat and the other. Now the third dua Subhan Allah, rarely anybody knows that this dua can be said after would.

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This to her Subhan Allah some scholars have said that this hadith is naive, the soloists I started saying it after ODU but Imam and never were Hamo law, and Imam Abdul Karim, both of them said that it is Sai. That it is sorry. Now, what does the diet say? Look at the screenshot Allah. Beautiful. When I learned that I Subhanallah I couldn't wait to say it every single time. And I'm so happy. You know, that's why I always remind myself and remind you, when you see something like this, please forward it to others. Let them benefit from this because this knowledge, if we do not share it, there's no use for it. We apply it ourselves first. And then we share it with others so they could

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benefit. One time a person sent this to me on WhatsApp. And I said Wow, I've never heard this before. And when I investigated and they said that it is okay to say it from that day. I've been saying it so that brother who sent it to me he's been getting the Azure because he taught it to me Subhanallah and now I'm teaching it to you, Allah Huma thoroughly then be but we're certainly if he daddy were equally fearlessly yeah Allah. Allah forgive my sins. Yeah Allah make my house spacious.

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Some automat said here, maybe Daddy, my my house here could mean the grave. Ya Allah make my grave spacious because this is the DAR. This is the house in the dunya that we are going to live longer than the house that we live in right now. Or make my house

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any not so tight, and make it in a way that is comfortable for me, make it

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make me look forward to come home because as soon as I saw them, he said that are that there are four things from the sad four things that make happiness and one of them to have a spacious house. To have a spacious house is from happiness in this dunya is from happiness in in this dunya so I'm asking Allah Allah, expand my house, make it a house full of happiness and joy Subhanallah barbarically fearlessly and ya Allah put Baraka put blessing in everything that you provide for me, you know, you know when we make the DUA in winter, Allah madonie FEMA and HUD aid why FEMA, FEMA and our faith, whatever lending FEMA into a lake where they're equally FEMA, our fight without the

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baraka without the baraka and Baraka is the the easiest word to translate it is Ziad is increase is a blessing to put the blessing in whatever Allah subhanaw taala have given us. Allah when I sang with radically fearlessly yeah Allah put blessing in all my livelihood in everything that you blessed me with ya allah progressing in my health, yeah, Allah blessing in my wealth, you know, because sometimes people make tons of money somebody makes maybe 10 $15,000 a week, and there's no blessing in it. There's no baraka and he keeps saying, where's the money going? Well, we just got to test it. It's all gone. And somebody who had only makes maybe $500,000 and you'll see so happy Allah

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to Barack any, somebody who maybe has seven eight children, and then none of them is obedient, they are all maybe neglectful. Maybe they are not listening to them to their parents. Maybe they're not successful in life or in successful in their in their Deen nothing at all. And subhanAllah Maybe Allah took the bulk out of those children. So we ask Allah to put Baraka in the health in the world directly theoretically you Allah directly if he Dini there is the deen is risk also from Allah, when you are guided, that's the risk from Allah azza wa jal. So I am asking Allah subhanaw taala to put Baraka also in everything that he blessed me with Subhan Allah, so Allah Allah, let me put it one

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more time on the screen. Allah homophily then be well we're serially fee Daddy will directly fee recipe. Allah how not fiddly them be. What was surly if he died, daddy, we're Baddeck li fi risky Subhanallah so

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can I say them all after you do? Absolutely nothing wrong with that. A Chateau La ilaha illallah wa la sharika were shadow anna Muhammad and Abdullah who are a surah Allah Allah for Allah homage. Anima Tobin was anemia, multiple hearing Subhanallah Hama? Ashwagandha Illa hayleigh and istok Furukawa to Bulik llama for leedham B or Salafi daddy

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barbarically he recently Subhanallah all three amazing beautiful dogs taught to us by our beloved Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah gather us with him on the day of judgment, me noblemen, may Allah accept all our ADA that mean May Allah subhanaw taala bring us back to our massagin Please you have not subscribed to our channel please go ahead and subscribe and help and support epic during this pandemic May Allah reward you and may Allah subhanaw taala keep us alive to witness from Allah Subhana Allah Allah behind the national Allah Allah in the stuff when I told me like a

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WADA he wants to label this NEMA

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in Medina you know Allah wants to

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do Nia or laughing or auntie

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mother Molina will levena You will do me Nina Mina TV a while at MCC decibel found God the

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