Friday Jumuah Khutbah – December 11, 2020

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The speakers discuss the importance of allocating money in redeeming something and avoiding distraction. They also mention a crisis code and the need for people to be patient with others. The history of the American public, including the first event, is discussed, as well as the crisis code and the need for legal environments to avoid loss of courage and isolation. The speakers encourage people to be generous and use their donations to help their neighbors, while also highlighting upcoming events and a deadline for donations.

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Sunday morning come to one of our capital

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guerrilla number one is standing in the water so

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whenever we'll be learning should be unforeseen I won't say PLT Anna Lena mania de la. Tara, one more you really

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want to

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know more

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so some along the way he was

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just feel right or the mall. We want to see the Taco Bell come

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to shame on our team is seen.

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Yeah This in turn

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will determine

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what type of

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income was of a Canon airily Akiva, my brothers and sisters, today we look at the names of a wall suckerpunch Allah, Allah Karim and accom. And you can even come both come in.

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And most of cannabinoids, Allah we know very well is generous. So if we were to simply translate how you can redeem, we are going to translate it as the one who is generous, but also kind of want to Allah says that he is the most generous as well. And so to begin with allocating lots of kind of water either says in the plan

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In Santa Monica.

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He asks the human beings Well, what is it that takes you away? What blinds you? What is it that distracts you away from your Lord, who is so generous? Who has provided every single thing for every single one of us every single human? And you'll notice that I'm also candidate Anna doesn't say, yeah.

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He says, Yeah, you have insana, every single one of the humans believing and non believing. Why? Why are we so distracted from a monster kind of want to add up the one who's been so generous to every single one of us. So um, Kevin is the one who gives everything to everyone. He gives everything to everyone. And he is not expecting anything in return. You'll notice for us when we give something we expect something in return, it may not be something we give to someone else. But when we give for the sake of a law, we expect a lot to give us something in return, which is the promise of a loss of ham and winter, that when we give a sadhaka, we will get something in return. When we are patient

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with others, we will get something in return. And the beautiful example is what happened right before the sauna right before the

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one of the brothers came in, sat down. And there was like a gathering of what beanie people who were ready to call the event. And one of the first brother was ready to call it and another brother was getting up just to say the man. And I was like No, the two of you have a debate which one of you are is going to be is going to call the other. And so the first one says it's okay, he can call me. And then even though I dream about it, right, even though I dream about it about calling the event for tomorrow, but he gave up. He showed that Khanum, that generosity, which is something we learned from a law Academy, he gave it up for the sake of the second one, not expecting anything from that

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brother, but possibly expecting the rewards to still come from a hostile counterbore. And then a third of them comes forward. And that one of them is asking, and the other two are sitting there thinking, Hey, we were just debating who's gonna call the event. And the second one is looking at the first one. And the first one says to the third one, it's okay, you can call the other. And so the three of them now share in a reward, each of them had the intention of what kind of return is carrying, he blesses all of them with having called the event even though they didn't do it, the first two didn't do it. And the third one, did it.

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In a trauma code, Maryland, don't walk with us.

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And we'll take that explanation at the end of the football and shall walk.

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And so Kareem is the one who gives everything and doesn't expect anything in return.

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an aquarium loves to be asked

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along and carrying, he loves to be asked. He loves when we asked him for things. And the prophet SAW The longer I may use some of them teaches us when we ask from a boss who can ask for the best of things. When you ask for gentlemen paradise, don't ask for the lowest level the profits from along wherever you go, some of the teachers asked for the highest level everything else in Arizona. And so when we asked for more, so kind of went to either ask for more. Why? Because Allah is so generous, he gives and he doesn't need anything in return. As opposed to us, when someone comes and asks us for something, we usually think to ourselves, I needed first a mother.

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And you can even doesn't need what he gives us. And he can give us as much as we want and more

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and more.

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Even more than that. And it doesn't take away from any of his

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So people will be number one.

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Come to the level of the law, the need for

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some legal environment, the legal arena. I mean, of course I

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know that my brothers and sisters, almost kind of Montana is the most as he says in the Quran in surah. Allah Allah in the third verse that was ever revealed to the Prophet Solomon where it was hidden. In column one of

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our most accountability either shows us that he is so generous, that he is the most generous than anyone who gives up anything for the sake of one

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And this was at a time when revelation is first coming

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on board will not leave you stranded alone will not abandon you, or will never let you go far in the sense of poverty or in the sense of loneliness or in the sense of isolation in this world, except that He will bless you with more. And we see the example of profits or you profit or you add a reseller, he gave everything for us. And he let go of everything, his health, he let go of his family, he let go of his property, he let go of all of his everything he had, and his wife even said, you know, when is this going to stop and be let go? as well you're free to go

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and be gay for the sake of a law and back because he is.

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Let's set up with more than what he had previously. Do his struggles in my brothers and sisters remember in America

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because no one stops and heroes kind of attitude. This word to show nobility. Kadeem, calm right or Kalam to show your ability Wow. Take small example. If you had a neighbor was super famous neighbor who every single week brings you something it could be bread every single week he brings you bread he brings you a loaf of bread every single week without fail he brings you bread bring some bread years go by and you think to yourself look at the amount of work that this brother has achieved. And think of your feelings and sentiments towards that person who has given you nothing more than bread

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but has been consistent in giving the bread

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you see that person is so

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on a status someone who who is sincere and genuine even though their sex is bread. And that's exactly how we need to look at this for ourselves almost accountability wants us to be generous towards others and not expect anything in return a lot more Sony was sending mobile LSAT, they don't have enough

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a lot of them I see

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a lot more.

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A lot more value. In our opinion.

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We also got some kind of analogy shower discussions have mercy upon us. They ask a lot to make us from once those that are most generous in our society as colossal counterintuitive in our hearts for the house of a loss of courage and in the sake of His Deen of Islam. To spread this Deen far and wide to whatever means a loss of Canada to Allah has blessed us with the loss of cattle Italia to protect us and protect us and after about two presses on the Day of Judgment, ease and patience. We asked the law some kind of only to have to make it easy for our children in this world and easy for us to be with them in the year after and keep them upon them and enough always we ask the law some

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kind of law to either to remove this pandemic fall upon us and to make it easy for us to stand regrow by road shoulder to shoulder once again and to be able to see our family and friends and loved ones in unity

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in the body

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intact within Korba ranheim in fracture

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some young

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send me out

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sent in Waianae

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said and where they are

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for your patience and help in around the masjid. Please do not stick around to bring up some extra space to let the next congregation in. I want to remind everyone to be as generous as possible we learned about today as generous as possible in your donations.

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We need to finish up this parking lot of people to see them by next Friday.

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