Omar Suleiman – Meeting Muhammad PBUH #16 – When You Thought He Cursed You

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of parenting and not letting people down when facing criticism. They share a story about a teenage girl who was supposed to be killed by a drug addict, but was later found to be a victim of the addict's crime. The speaker emphasizes the importance of not letting people grow up in a negative way and not letting people down in a serious way.
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Generally speaking to be criticized or to feel like you let down the person you love most, is really tough. And so if your parents, you know that there's usually the one parent that less frequently disciplines the child, and when that parent gets mad, it's different. Or you have the teacher or the friend that you really, really admire, and you don't want to let them down and then you upset them for the very first time. Now, this is going to be really hard when it comes to terms. Imagine being cursed by the profit slice of them or thinking that you were cursed by the profit slice of them. And I'm not talking about someone that was an enemy of the profit slice of them that became Muslim later

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on. I'm talking about your Muslim living in Medina and you did something that upset the Prophet slice Allah and the Prophet slice Allah apparently made darat against you. How do you even recover from something like that?

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Now when it comes to the enemies of Islam, the prophet SAW Selim, generally speaking even with them, he sets a little lahardee with some lamb over I've learned when the mob works to Rama, I was not sent to curse people, but instead I was sent as a mercy. So it wasn't the habit of the prophets, I send them to even curse the enemies. And when he did, that, Allah how it was set up specifically, they all ended up in the same ditch in the Battle of bed. Because the prophets lie Selim would rarely do that. Instead, even when people came to the Prophet slice them said make dua against our people, the prophet, slice them instead, would supplicate for them to be guided. Now I want to share

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a few stories because these are different now because you're in the community. And this one is particularly near and dear to my heart, and it's not well known. And it's symptomatic of the alonside I know he said that there was an orphan girl with unsustainable the Allahu italiana. And the prophets lie some saw her and the prophets lie Some said to her Wow. And to hear Are you her meaning he hadn't seen her for a long time. So the lahardee was lm. So he said, Are you her? He said lockout capability. You've gotten so much older, lack Kavita sin Nuki. May you not get older, and that was an expression, right? It's like if you see a young girl and you say to a young girl, you

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know, your friend's daughter, whatever it may be, you say, Wow, you've gotten so big, you need to stop growing on me. Right? It's an expression of amazement. And a lot of these expressions of course, have different meanings in the way that they're used and in the formal sense. So this poor young girl thought that the prophet SAW Allah how it was said I'm just really may draw against her. So she goes home weeping, and Amsterdam or the allowance her and her sees this young orphan girl. And she says to her molokhia buena Yeti What's wrong with you? Oh, my daughter, and she says daddy Anna viola, the prophet of Allah may do against me, he supplicated against me, I'm never going to

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grow again. I'm never going to get older. And she thought that because of the profits license, do one of two things was going to happen either she was going to die, or she was going to stay her age and not get any older. Now I'm saying well, the Allah knows something is wrong here. Right? She is very close to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam she knows that the prophets lie some loves the orphan she knows that the prophets lie some plays with the children. So um, so they know the alonside Anna said I need to go figure out what happened. So she throws on her hijab. And she goes rushing to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and she's coming to the prophets lie Selim. With

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such urgency that the prophets lie some seeds are coming in, he says Maliki on saline. What is it? homestudy What's wrong with you? And she said he had also Allah you invoke the curse upon my orphan girl. And the Prophet slicin says I'm saying What are you talking about? She says, You cursed her and so now she says she's never gonna grow up. So the Prophet sallallahu wasallam started to laugh and he said yeah, I'm so they don't you know that between me and my Lord, is that anytime I say something that couldn't be occurs to anyone amongst my oma that doesn't deserve it. Allah subhana wa tada will actually make it a source of Zach Hatton will quarterback, Yeoman Kiana, a source of

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purification for them, and a source of coming close on the Day of Judgment. So even if it was just an expression, and even if it was to be taken at its formal meaning, the profit slice of them is saying, Look, a lot. So a gel has granted me this with my own mind that if I say something towards someone, in my own mind, one of the believers and it doesn't apply that it's going to actually be a source of reward for them. But what about when he actually curses you saw Allah Hardy was set up. So this is another story that probably most people have not heard. And it's one where the Prophet slicin actually invokes a curse or seemingly invokes a curse in a very serious situation. And it

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involves, he shall be allowed to Anna Anna, he shall not be allowed to her and her says that after one of the battles, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam had one of the prisoners and he brought the prisoner home, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told me to watch that prisoner. And he said, Be careful and don't lose sight of him. So this is very serious, right? This is post battle, and you have the prisoners of war. People are very dangerous. It's in a war time. And I used to love the law and has been told don't lose sight of this prisoner. The prophets lie some leaves. I saw the law

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Try to answer some of my friends came over. And we started to talk. And as we were socializing, she said that I completely forgot about the prisoner. By the time I went back to the other room and it's not a big house, he was gone. So the prophet SAW Allah how it was to them comes back and he looks in the in the room and the Prophet slicin notices that the prisoners gone, he says, he said, What happened? She said, the oddest little law my friends came over, and I lost sight of him. And so I couldn't hold on to him. The prophets license says kata Allah,

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may Allah cut off your hand. And that was an expression once again. And the Prophet slice them immediately leaves out of the house going to look for the prisoner. Now, this is a serious situation, right? This is a man that's on the loose, that literally was just in battle with the Muslims and produce something. Now you saw the Allahu taala on her, she's at home and she's heard the Prophet slicin and say, may Allah cut off your hand. And again, even though it's an expression, she knows her husband, she has witnessed his miracle sallallahu wasallam. So she is in complete fright, that something bad is going to happen to her. So the prophets lie Selim, he comes home, and

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he sees he saw the Allahu tada and in the living room, and she's looking at her hands, and she's turning her hands over and she's watching them. And as to kalibo they had the narration says she's looking at her hands and she's watching them turning them over. prophets. I saw them says, What are you doing? Yeah, she said the other little not I'm looking at my hands to see which one of them is gonna fall off. Because of your darat against me when you said about Allah, and the Prophet sallallahu it was seldom, he said, Yeah, he said, Don't you know that if I say something like that to someone in my own, that Allah subhanaw taala will make it a source of purification for them. You

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don't have to worry about one of your hands falling off. And the Prophet slice of them actually made you out. He said, Allah for you, man, what meaning so back to hufa adekola hora button aka on piano he said, Oh Allah. If there is any movement, any believer that I curse in the midst of anger or in the midst of an expression fauja adekola hilcorp attend la keyamo piano make that a means of them coming close to you on the Day of Judgment. So even in the profits license anger with you if he used one of those expressions, even that was a mercy from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. So

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