Mohamad Baajour – Ash-Shama-il al-Muhammadiyya #11 The Ring of the Prophet

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The conversation covers various topics related to the Bible, including clothing and symbols, the use of rings made of silver, and the confusion between people and their actions. The speakers discuss various theories about the origin of the book's origin, including the use of a sun, the recommendation of the book for men, and the use of a ringer for summer. They also touch on the design of a ring, including the use of different writing and the potential confusion it creates. The importance of avoiding confusion and avoiding the use of a different name is emphasized. The transcript also touches on the proper way to hide a ring of wrestling from passengers in airport, and the importance of not reading the message of Islam and not writing your own names on the ring.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullahi on gonna get

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similar hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah

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Loma Linda main fauna on finally my LinkedIn or was it not Inman yet Hamra mean, alum of Atlanta if you jump

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on one Mahoma

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buddy to follow up on musoma, what Agile fina whatever in and Shakti and what I mean?

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Ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless this gathering Sharla Tara and I ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us from the people who would actually, one day would see us online and see all these things that we are studying live. I mean,

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today's chapter, that magia physical heart

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the chapter or the reports pertaining to the ring of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam the word cotton cotton ring. It could be set hard time with data and data and could be set ha Tim with the cursor on the on the tap. The more eloquent speech the closer to the novel is her time with the Fatah but they're both are they're both okay with the Fatah or with the castle on the top. They are both okay, because the original word is from Katana. Customer means seal. Like Allah said in the Quran Hashem Allahu Allah columbium so hartham was used to the past as we will see as a form of seal more than a form of Xena decoration and so

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the the CA term with the Fatah is more closer to the to the proper Arabic, but there are both they're both Okay.

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The first Hadith in Sahih Muslim

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had definite cultiva Catania, inside, whether you were hit and Abdullah hidden. And Jonas antimony Shahab, an acid pneumatic con.

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Can ha Tamil Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam min what Casa Allah min Warwick were can for so who had a chi and Burkina Faso Habashi and

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as the Allah and narrated that the ring of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was worried come in

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football, Silver was made of silver and the stone on top was from or was at the Cillian Habashi and Yanni was from Abyssinia because the heart could be

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two pieces the hartham itself and the

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stone on top or it could be all including the top part as one piece right? Okay, both of them are called kratom if there has nothing on it just like

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a small circle round circle until

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some more

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engagement ring it's called

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an Arabic it's

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just not Arabic as far as I

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could female or something I will get you the exact name

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the prophesy Salam

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in order the chef, the Imam tell with your hammer Allah, if you notice he made a chapter in the beginning.

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And he separated by many chapters and we came to this again. So the people want will not get confused between the seal on the back and the heart because they both Kolkata okay, there's a seal in the back and the heart, which is the ring, so I think separated them by many, many chapters. Okay, and now we get to the pattern, by the way, and we said that when we were studying the seal and the back, we said that there's nothing on it. There's no writing on it. Remember

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the prophesy centum had to see is that the reader of this book needs to distinguish the sin of the prophet hood which is the area of phrased skin between his two shoulders and the seal of the Prophet which has deceived us to stamp his his letters. Now what do we

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what do we conclude? Is it a sunnah to wear a ring? Is it Mr. hub to wear a ring? Or it's just you know, mobile?

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automatic said it is muda

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what does my back mean? Back mean led to John either and a bestow what

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either of them tell us

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if you wear it, you will not get a reward. If you don't, you will not be sinful when a tender

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millennial disobey and do not praise the one who's wearing it and do not mark the one who is not wearing it. Okay, this is one opinion. The other opinion said it is a sunnah since the solar system never took it off after you weren't in Medina.

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And the other

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opinion was, it's only muster hub. It's only permitted for people of authority. People have authority and they used Hadith that will come up later. Let me see if I can find it quickly. And that's how they came to this conclusion tal and ignore Omar. Radi Allahu makan it definitely Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam ha teman Mindworks worked for Ken if he had some McCain if he had Abby buckle where you had some McCain if he had us man had worker fi battery it is

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not true who Muhammadan rasul Allah. So this hadith said that an Abdullah Muhammad, he said that a sorcerer Salam had the ring made of silver that he wore it and then after his death, Abu Bakar took it after a burqa died. Omar took it after Omar died as men took it and then Earth man dropped it in a beer and a well that is called ARIS and it has on it Muhammad Rasul Allah. So from this hadith, they concluded that this is only for the people of authority. So the bottom line is, it's not any if you were to bring in hamdulillah if you do not wear a ring, it's not you're disobeying the Sunnah of Rasulullah cytodyn It's not it's not like that time.

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The preference that the preference of the process and then to wear rings made of silver made some of the renowned chef as colors deduce that it is disliked to wear, an earring made of iron or copper. They said from this hadith and other Hadith that that

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implied that the ring was made of silver that they said that anything other than silver is not recommended. So they only spoke about the permission of silver and of course, the prohibition complete prohibition of of gold

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the second Hadith

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and it's also narrated the Hadith called can hurt them am Rasulillah his son Allah and He will send a manifest the first Soo Min

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he said that the

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ringer for summer Sasana was made of silver, and it's stone also from silver. So it was all one piece. And if you look forgot my iPad would have been bigger picture. If you look and you type ring of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, you will see what does that mean

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see both

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both the ring now don't look at the design and all that stuff. That stuff is all new. I'm just showing you the design. It's all one one piece. One piece together all together is in the ring, not something bulging on top and has Muhammad was all as one piece. Okay, now

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the writing on it. If you look everywhere, you're gonna see the writing like this.

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And the Hadith said

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let me read the Hadith about the writing

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and analysis

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numeric or the Alon said Can anak Shewhart me Rasulullah Salallahu Salam Mohammed on subtle

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Rasul sutra, wala sutra

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okay. And this hadith is in Al Bukhari

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Anderson narrated are the Allah Han that the inscription engraved on the ringer for Salah Salem was Mohammed on one line, messenger Rasul on the next line and Allah on the third line Now, which way it's supposed to be because everywhere you look now, it says Allah Rasool Muhammad,

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because obviously, on the ring, you cannot have it this way, it will be too long. So it has to be on top of each other. So even though everywhere I look today, when I was preparing, I saw that they have Allah Rasool Muhammad, okay.

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But there's nothing that really indicate that it came that way. Even if Nahusha Rahim Allah said, No, it was Muhammad Rasool Allah, because when he makes the scene, it comes out if it was sideways, right? Then you're right, Muhammad Rasul Allah, because when you make the print, it comes out proper Muhammad Rasulullah. Right. But when you when you're just making the print like this with the ring, it's gonna exactly come out like it's under ring. You stamping it only. So it has to be Muhammad Rasool Allah. They said no, because

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you cannot have the name Muhammad on top of the name Allah out of respect. So Allah Rasool Muhammad,

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I don't want to make a big deal out of it, but there's nothing that indicate that that was the way that we see it all the time. Allah Rasool Muhammad. As a matter of fact, it makes more sense to be Muhammad Rasul Allah, because it was not used as a source I seldom will not do it in a way to degrade or to put the name of Allah subhanaw taala in any dismay, or any demeaning manner. So how will it look like to what I did the study today it was Muhammad Rasool Allah, but I never saw any of the pictures. It says Muhammad, so all of them say Allah Rasool Muhammad, even though when I did the study, it says it's supposed to be Muhammad Rasulullah now

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are we allowed to wear a ring that said Muhammad Rasul Allah on it. I checked on that also, the Hadith of the Hadith and the telemovie rahamallah. He said that Ross was hustler so and then wedding ring like that, and he told him to take it off.

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Some of them I said, because of this hadith, you're not allowed to wear a ring that says Muhammad Rasul Allah on it. Some other said no, he told he told him to take it off because the so there won't be any confusion who's making the stamp? Because at that time, he was the only one officially only allowed to make the stamp in order not to have any confusion. He said, to take it off, but in general, some automat said no, yes. And some again said no, no, this is not for anybody else except Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a

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couple of months Hadith and an awesome domanick And if you notice all that hadith about the hartham was from a Saudi Allah Han and then it's an American Navy so I sent him can either Daffodil holla NASA ha tema

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this hadith some automat said that there is there's weakness in it.

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It says that said that Allah Sosa seldom entered the place where he relieved himself he would remove the ring he would remove the ring. So

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are we allowed to enter what we call right now the restaurant with something that says hola on it? Absolutely no, you can't enter the bathroom was something that is obviously has the name of Allah on it.

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If it's clearly obvious for example, a ring, a necklace that says Masha Allah or AYATUL kursi okay.

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Let me just explain.

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It is preferred not to enter the bathroom with it if you can avoid it. But let's assume a woman a sister was in a public place and she had to go to the restroom.

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What did she do? She takes the $5,000 necklace. Excuse me. Can you hold it for me? Just for five minutes I'll be right back. No, she would take it out. Put it somewhere in a pocket and in a bag or anything. What's meant is Do not be in a place that the name is exposed and it just like the ring of wrestlers excellent the name

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was exposed. But if you can avoid it, it's better if you cannot avoid it and you're in a situation in the airport or somewhere and you have a ring, you have a necklace, you have a whatever, that has the name of Allah on it, try to hide it somewhere

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that is hidden.

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Now, one time, a person asked the chef, he said Yes, chef, can I enter with my cell phone?

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To the bathroom? He said, Yeah, of course. He said but the bathroom but the cell phone has the Quran in it.

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He said no problem, Charlotte, how you can get it. Cynthia chef?

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In the Quran, the whole Quran is on the phone. It's Yes, it's okay. No problem, you can go ahead and tell the guy in the show because now we're getting annoyed because three times already he told him is permitted. Then the Sheikh said

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where is the Quran? And the phone? He said in the memory,

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the memory of the phone? He said, Okay, do you know any Quran by heart? The guy said, Yeah, okay, so, before you enter the bathroom, take clips from your memory, then.

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When you get when when the ship gives you a fatwa, don't keep asking 100 times in order to get whatever you want to hear.

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On the phone in the in the memory of the phone cannot sell you're not reading Quran inside the restaurant. That is of course, not not permitted.

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Even though the chef made this special chapter about which hand was the ring, I'm going to do it quickly in sha Allah Tada.

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Now, let me summarize it to you.

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Then, yeah, Hadith indicated that it's on the right hand, and believe it or not, other Hadees said it's in the left hand. And the unimat said,

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especially the high Nebula, they said, you put it?

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No, no, let me just correct myself. It's not the 100 it was Imam Malik Rahim, Allah, he said, you can wear it on your right hand and he told the person tell them Malik gave you this fatwa.

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Now, other said no, no, it has to be on the left hand. Because of some Hadith, we couldn't read them shut on next week. And others said no, it should be in the left hand. Because you know,

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you shouldn't be in the right hand because you use the left hand for cleaning yourself from the USA. Even though the ring which ring? Which finger is supposed to be in?

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Which finger?

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This one? This one? This one? This one, this one?

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This one. This one.

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Anybody knows what's the name of it an Arabic

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concert. So this one is the one that you put the ring in. And in the last Halacha, the last ring any here. Last part on the bottom. This is where the ring is. It's not new. Of course, we just said the whole ring is not a it's not a problem. But it's not supposed to be here. Neither here and obviously not here in here. So it was here and there in the hands of a similar size. So they said some of that said it's the right hand some set in the left hand, it's not really a big deal. Which hand that he were the different every month has a different opinion. So obviously the whole idea is just to see that the solar cell wallet and one of the main reasons you want it let me just narrate this last

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Friday, he said okay, Asuna Malecon lemma, Raja rasool Allah Islam and he act to the Elijah McLean Allah in the Lasham Lake Bellona al Kitab and

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for sterner cotterman for Kenny Ongarue Ilario. The understory, and this hadith in Bukhari unnecessarily Allah narrated, when the messenger of allah sallallahu Sallam intended to write letters to the leaders of the non Arabs to invite them to Islam, he was advised that they do not accept letters without a seal

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without a stamp on them, for that reason, he had a ring made for himself, it is as as if the brightness of the ring, which was on his hand is still before my before my eyes from this hottie, we conclude that you can

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follow the culture of a non Muslim if it is not harmful to or it has nothing in the deen against it. So he said that if this is going to help me get the message through and there's nothing against it against our deen. So this is the way they understand the message they need to see it will make a seal. He does not say no, we don't make sales because you know, there's nothing wrong with that. And he is the one that is Mushara he's the one who's making sure yeah.

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Okay, so he permitted that

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If you can only you're allowed to make to make the hartham in order to be able to invite the people to Islam here there's something I don't know if anybody noticed

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Faraj and he Aktobe

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what does that mean?

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Does he right?

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Now so does that mean

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exactly I just want to even though for someone, but I just want to make it clear. Somebody say oh where is this person does not write his own me or he does not read okay. Here he told me he wanted somebody or a new tab Yanni for a letter to be written to the kings, but he does not write it himself. Ali Salatu was Salam Alaikum locker welcome Luffy calm Sahara mama. Mashallah. iStockphoto Corona taco like, let me tell you what is the title of the next chapter

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is the sword safe? Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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