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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam right I should be able to Mozillian Muhammad Rasul Allah is He right it was

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the Sleeman, Kathira and cathedra.

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My brothers and sisters Allah subhanho wa Taala geladeira who sent us meanings and the Muslim ummah into this world

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to be role models

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to be role models for the world

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to teach the world how to live

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and that is why I lost one data set quantum Hydra on machine

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or career to Linda's

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lumada for that role, I will my roofie with our house and I will when Carrie was una villa, Allah said you are the best of people and you have been extracted from selected from the people.

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For the people, right Allah did not say oxygen minuteness Allah said O Crescenzi leanness, you have been selected for the people to do what to enjoy and good to forbid evil and you have faith in Allah subhanaw taala so, we were sent with a game plan we were sent with a

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map a road map of life.

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So, how do you become a role model

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you become a role model by standing out

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not by blending in

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you stand out and you stand out by becoming extraordinary.

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If you do what everyone else does, then you are lost.

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One of the courses I teach is called the

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elevator pitch

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the elevator pitch seminar the way it is done is

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we say that imagine that you are in an elevator by yourself and then somebody calls and says please hold the row you hold the door and a person walks into the elevator who is that person you can name the person that person is the CEO of your company the person is the president of America you name it somebody who is powerful and somebody who is in a position to do something phenomenal for you. They have the power they can literally change your life

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now elevated Oh shots elevators going down

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and you know how fast the elevators move right. So supposing you got in at the 30/30 floor How long does it take to get come down to the ground floor to the to the to the first floor maybe 15 seconds 20 seconds 30 seconds? Not more than that

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in that 30 seconds what is it that you can say to that person

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which will make a difference to your life? Whether possible remember you and will do something for you what can you say you know where most people begin

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Good morning sir

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it's a good morning to second one

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citizen yet is not something good because you said Good morning

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I am midday our big

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so what

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if I say I'm busy our big two doctor by the way he understood if not use my my friend mashallah now for almost 30 years but I'm saying even if you're the stranger

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This is Saleem Bajwa from Pakistan from Punjab I Mirza our big he knows what is a visa he knows what is a big no explanation not required. But if I'm saying that to Elon Musk

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What is he never heard the name before in his life

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so another 10 seconds. You got like five seconds left.

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This is this is what most people do. They will start with their name your name is the most uninteresting thing for a stranger believe me.

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completely uninterested. He doesn't care.

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So what is interesting for him How will you stand out?

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Or I'm an IT engineer. Oh my god fabulous.

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India alone turns out maybe something like half a million a year. Every year.

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I'm an IT engineer.

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You get the mind I'm making.

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If you are like everybody else, you're lost you

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You have to stand out in a way which makes sense to that person.

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That is called differentiation.

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Why is differentiation important because differentiation creates brand brand creates brand enables or inspires loyalty and loyalty inspires and enables influence.

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Without brand,

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you are a grain of rice in the sack

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you still rise, but you are what grade insects nobody cares.

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No I extraordinary because it is in the nature of extraordinary goals to inspire extraordinary effort.

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People rise to high expectations, nobody falls to expectations.

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Now, as you work towards a great goal, it's very natural, you become restless you become irritable, you become impatient,

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and you are inclined to take shortcuts and cut corners.

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Because for the good for good reason, you want to you want this project to be up and running as quickly as possible.

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So, you do this,

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but in this urgency, there will be a tendency to compromise to accept compromises.

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Now, I want to warn you about this thing I call it the C word.

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The C word.

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And the the term c word is usually used for what a cancer

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is the cancer of dreams.

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You know why the body you know why cancer is fatal.

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Most things,

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most diseases and most not most all in all diseases.

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Treatment is good. But even if you don't treat if you have a just a good physical condition, and so on and so forth, the body will fight the disease, right?

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The white corpuscles will fight the disease the body will fight with the body the body does not fight cancer. Why?

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for cancer, the only option is external. So you're doing chemotherapy or doing radiation doing this by itself you will leave it

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Because it is your own cells.

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Cancer doesn't come from outside, it's your own cells. The body does not recognize the cancer cells as the enemy. So it does nothing.

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It allows you to grow until it kills it.

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That is what compromised us.

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That is what compromises us.

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So I say to you that those who have the courage to work for a great goal, they understand one very important thing.

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That possible and impossible are terms that define your standpoint. How you see yourself the point to who you are not to the goal.

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Soaring at 30,000 feet is possible for an eagle. Not difficult.

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The eagle does it every day. It's also possible for you if you're flying in a machine

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it's not impossible or possible itself.

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All it needs is for you to ask and listen carefully. What's the question? How can I do it?

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Don't ask Can it be done? No.

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How can I do it?

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That is the key. How can I do it

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and that's why I say to you that

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when you compromise

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you are buying this cancer

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you're sabotaging yourself.

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So no matter how tough it might seem to be, it is very important to stick to your principles, not dilute them

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never diluted.

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Because the reality is very is reality is that if something is worth doing, it is worth doing well.

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If you're not gonna do it, well. Don't do it.

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I say this about teaching but I'm saying it about anything.

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I say that if you are a teacher that

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You do not have a bumper sticker on your car, saying I would rather be golfing or I would rather be fishing you know the bumper stickers on biker, I would rather be fishing.

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If you are a teacher you would rather not be doing anything other than teasing usual you would rather be teaching

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unless you approach whatever I'm using teaching only as an example but whatever it is,

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unless you approach it with that sense of purpose

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you will not succeed

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you will do something but there's no excellence in that you will never stand out you won't be you won't be extraordinary you will not be a role model.

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And Allah sent us to be role models.

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More later inshallah ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to

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examine our lives and to live our lives in a way where we become the benchmarks for excellence for the whole world.

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And we stand out and we because of us, we give a presence and a platform to showcase Islam as the best way of life for everyone in the world. Was Allah Allah, Allah will Karim Allah He was a member of the karma