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filarmonica Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shapira MBA will move very Muhammad Rasul Allah it

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doesn't even cathedral Kathy Amago

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ancestor we are talking about

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some basic fundamental principles of

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understanding how to deal

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and yesterday

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on the topic I mentioned that the and this is not my opinion it's the hadith of Musa Salam where he said

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that our destiny what has been abortion for as well as raw data has been written

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and he said the pens have been lifted and the ink is dry

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now some of you so then why should we work?

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Right if what is mine is mine, it's going to come anywhere.

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Why should I? Why should I do anything? Also, some of you might say well I was Valterra Satan's Rosa Naja who Eliza Linson Isla masa.

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Therefore a man it was for a person is only that which he works for.

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So apparently we have two things which

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seem to be different seem to be contradictory. So we have a hadith which says that what is meant for you is written

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that matters or close.

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And on the other hand, you have the eyes of the Quran saying for you is that which you work for.

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Is very important understand, also from the principles of our religion that the Sahaba had is also salam. Where the hadith is Mastana which is it is authenticated. It never contradicts the Quran.

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So if there is a parent, if there is an apparent contradiction, then you have to see why does it look like that?

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It's very easy to understand if you understand the meaning of destiny.

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Right when the reserves talk to you about

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the destiny has been written, and the ink is dry pens are lifted. He's talking about the other philosophy.

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What is the color of Allah's Ramadan? What is the meaning of destiny? In Islam? We do not have the two extremes. There are some people

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the different names I won't use the Israelites but different names.

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But their understanding of destiny is that we are much more we are we have no control over anything. So if a thief is stealing his stealing because that was written for him, that he will steal.

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Right, that is the Jabari Ellis. That's the understanding.

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On the other side, other extreme we have people who believe that everything is in my control

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Obviously, both are

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false. We don't believe in either the first one is false because if you say that this thief is stealing, because this was written for him by Allah, then how do you punish the thief for what

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it is not just going to Allah forced him now the biller to steal, then you got his hand.

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So this is you're saying that Allah subhanaw taala is unjust, Allah is Allah knows villa. This is not true. Second thing is on the other side, that does not even need explanation. Because if anybody says everything is in my control, then you have to laugh. Because,

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as my chef used to say, if you think that then in the morning, tomorrow, don't go to the bathroom, let me see how long you can stay.

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He says even what is in your belly is not in your control, what do you mean, the rest of your life I will be your control. So

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how do you understand therefore what is in your control? And what is not in your control? It is important to know that right? I mean, because if I if I know what's in my control, I work on that. And if I know what is not in my control, I won't waste my time and energy worrying about that. How do you know what's the what is the formula? What is the way of knowing very simple

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look at what we will be questioned about

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the questions that we will be asked are the things that are in our control. Allah will not question us about things which Allah has written for us which are not in our control.

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So what are the questions that we will be asked? There are seven questions the three in the gray which have to do with belief. Who is Europe?

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What is your deen? And what do you say about this person? And that is also Salem, who was sent among you? All three relating with Aqeedah.

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Then there are four questions. And one of them is a double question on the Day of Judgment.

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The hodza Salah is at the feet of the abattoir and will not move from before was one older until he answer these four questions. What are those questions? What did you do with the time meaning your lifespan that was given to you?

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Now think about this carefully. Allah is not saying how many years did you live? Why did you not live to 100?

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The question is not about the number of years, it is about what did you do in those years? How did you spend that time, time was given to you this was not in your control whatever Allah gave Allah gave.

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And this is probably Machito Allah subhanaw taala. towards some Allah gave a short time for some Allah give a longer time. Right? So if if a child dies, we don't have we are sad, of course, our child, but we don't complain because this is the

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cover of Allah, Allah, Allah call the child back when he wanted

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somebody lives for a long time, this is Allah Hello.

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What did you do in that time?

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So if there is with regard to

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our actions in this life, what how did I live this life? Seven question.

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What did you do in your youth?

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Right? How did you spend your youth? So specific to youth? Because there is

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generally speaking, there is energy there is strength, there is desires, and so on. So, how did you control that? Third question, how did you? What did you do with the wealth? Meaning? How did you earn it? And where did you spend it? Again? Question is not on the quantum of wealth. Why did you not become a millionaire? No. Whatever Allah gived? Did you choose to earn it from Holland places? Did you choose to spend it in Hull base? But what how did you use that? And the fourth one, what did you do with a knowledge which Allah gave you, Allah is not going to ask you, why did you not memorize the Quran? Why did you not become a Mufti? Why did you not become a psychologist? Why did

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you not become an orthopedic surgeon? No.

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Whatever knowledge you acquired, what did you do with that? Did you practice it? And did you pass it forward? Did you teach others or you did not practice it? You had the knowledge, but you did the opposite. Or maybe you had the knowledge, maybe you practice but you never told anybody anything, you never taught anybody anything, right? Maybe you put a price I will teach you only if you lose all your money.

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What you sow for questions, these give us an idea of what is in our control. So with respect to color. Now, as I mentioned, this is important to understand because one of the

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mistaken ideas that people have with regard to interest based banking, is they say that the progress of Muslims is being curtailed and is being stopped because we are not allowed to borrow money on interest.

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Right. Now, this is false for a number of reasons. Because first of all, if you look at it, there are many ways of acquiring capital borrowing on interest is not the only way.

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One of the best ways to acquire capital is through venture capital is through shares. Some of the some of the biggest success stories in the world are of companies which are which have zero best deal today, they have no bank worries,

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right? And I give you the names and whatnot, whatnot. So it's not a not a secret.

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Second thing is in terms of ideas, what we require is ideas, not money. There are many people I am in my consulting practice. I know so many people who are, you know, from family, businesses, and so on. So they have money.

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They have far more money than then you know, most people have, but they don't have ideas. So they don't know what money they have the money. It's sitting somewhere at the at the at the most they will buy this building, they will buy that land. That's it. That's where the idea that it was parking, your money is away, that's it.

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Whereas you've got some people with brilliant ideas and go watch Shark Tank for example, on a nice program to watch.

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You will see what how people come up with all kinds of very innovative ideas.

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So that is one second thing is

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when we say progress is being curtailed, we have to define what is progress in the history.

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am a context.

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The choice is between

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success in this world and success in the era. Now Islam doesn't say this or that Islam says, live in a way where you will be successful in the dunya well accurate and accurate.

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But if at some point in time you have to make that sometimes there is a actual choice you have to make, do I take this or this? What do you choose?

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Right, we don't answer of course.

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But do we do that? That is the question.

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Because if I'm going to sacrifice my akhira for the sake of this dunya, then I have to question my EMR itself. Where did you have you are in the Accra do I really believe that I will stand before Allah subhanaw taala

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because on the one hand, I have a situation where I'm borrowing money on interest, and as a result, I'm the one who borrows money on interest. Allah has declared war on that person, this is the Quran itself, to 75 which are reserved yesterday. And he said on the Day of Judgment, the Malika will give that man or that woman a weapon in his hand, they give a sword as a go fight.

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You accepted a declaration of war from Allah there is a Lego fight.

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My point is, is this how we want to be

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greeted on the Day of Judgment Swadharma

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I will whatever we do this world we ask Allah to forgive us We ask Allah to have mercy on us. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to over cover our faults not sure to the world not sure anybody yeah love please forgive me whatever I did I did well you know please

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you want to go there and be called the enemy of Allah

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enemy our sources we want the we want the the shahada is reality Eros what Allah says I'm I am your ummah, you know, please make dua for me.

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Instead of that you are his enemy now, because you accepted this declaration of war.

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So, if that is a choice, then we have to choose very clearly, I will not do this.

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So this is a very, very important thing for us to always keep in mind. And the

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key is, remember that, like what I was saying yesterday, and it was really about that I say all believe it remind myself, right, but anyone who listens or not in the middle, every single thing that I have today will be left here, every stitch of clothing on my body will be left here.

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Right when they when they watch me, they'll put me in a piece of block and then we'll discuss everything everything is.

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So when I'm going to leave it here anyway.

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What is the sense in sacrificing what I'm going to take? For the sake of what I'm going to leave?

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Makes no sense right? You must take what works there. If I'm coming from there. I mean, you guys are for boys. And if you come from Pakistan to America, and you come here with Pakistani rupees, what what's the point of that?

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You need US dollars, right? So convert the thing come with US dollar then you can spend it here. But if you don't have that, right, if there is nothing there's no way of exchanging and so on. And you say whatever you land with that's it nothing else then you all you have is paper with this paper doesn't even work here.

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So that's what that is the situation what the currency of the Day of Judgment is what deeds Amen.

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So somebody land on the day of judgment and is am Allah zero or is Mr.

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Midas? Then what was the good he can't say no, no Hola. But you know, back then,

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in the dunya, I was king I was so and so. This is something else.

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So ask Allah Subhana Allah to keep our eyes open and focused on his reader on his pleasure, because that's the only thing which matters nothing else was allowed and will carry Murali he was able to go