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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam ALA, mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam just leaving the theater because, yeah,

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I'm avato

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versus this

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there are some things which are

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so fundamental, but very simple.

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And if we understand them,

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then like because they're easy.

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And if you don't understand that, then you struggle and struggle and struggle for nothing.

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And one of the most fundamental, which I'm sure you must have heard a million times,

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and that is

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that the only person you can change is yourself.

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Nobody is.

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The only person you can change is yourself.

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You cannot change anybody else. You can't change your wife, you can't change your children, you can't change your students, you can't change your bosses, you can't change anybody else.

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You can only change yourself.

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So whatever, you know, I said something, somebody they changed so I changed the new retainer. They decided to change

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based on what you said and what they are what they decided to change, you cannot change anybody's.

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I'm sure you must have heard this many times.

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I tell you, because sometimes, some things come to you in a form which is very, very impactful and I want to share that with you. One of the great

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Shara words you know,

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his name is Abu Bakr he wrote his beautiful NASM which is 100 which is in praise of Allah subhanaw taala

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and three of the Ashara from this hamlet I'm not narrating to the whole thing, but just three and I will translate them. He says Jinsei by goes or xiao qian semi boozer Xiao WADA recall the module.

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Never like Amelia kolonie Mooji manda

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Jin ceva Gusa Xiao Werther Col de MoodGYM. A hood apne. Here a sticky made you are Humala

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could apply here a sticky my diva Mala

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by hurricane la Mooji Chiara has high Barco gyro Bucha Chiara Sudha under K and hero may get a star Humala

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America they don't get a star

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to marry Iman Gautama and I attacker period over period period to mirror image go to an eye attacker bar so now he's the OC diva

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verse on is Joseph B Marvel

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he says he they can do that Allah subhanaw taala

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he says open inside me in my heart

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those doors through which I need to pass

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to get to a loss of another open inside me those doors through which I need to be not say open doors for me noisy open inside me because that is the problem I'm the problem. He's open inside me those doors through which I need to pass because I am the wall I am the block in my own road

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up near a sticky diva member.

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He says I am the block

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in my own path to reach Allah. I am the wall which is blocked but for myself. Then he says how can the light outside me guide me?

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Banco Jalla

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Barbuda Cara to them with

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my light outside me how can it guide me? Because I am imprisoned by the darkness inside me.

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I am imprisoned Good afternoon

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Good afternoon hasna or good afternoon alexan. Pakistan we could

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have he is a pastor good after two years of school Jacob Donna Gasco do no good you are the lambda guy was to parliament.

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The difference between getting stuck and being arrested and being imprisoned. You might get stuck in

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a slush.

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or in mud or something. But when you are in prison it means what it means, somebody has power over you and they put you in a prison, right. So, he says the darkness inside me,

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what is the darkness in the heart darkness of shirk that because of fear of the look

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that has of House of greed, of love of this dunya

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alga al hobo dunya Okara here to vote as a co loser

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So, these are imprison me. So, the outside light cannot cannot help me you have to help me. He's asking Allah and then he says Allah,

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rekindle and cure and again give the world a means to give a new life to give a new life to my Iman because I have been sick. He says not for years, but for centuries I have been six solid persons and so they also be one of

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my Eman has is very sick. So help me with my man.

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See this beautiful though he is not talking about me. He's not saying Jetta is you're not even sure you're not even sure that you're not not even saying Shatta Wale is was guiding me or the society is bad or this is the

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root of all goodness and root of all problems.

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Now this is a tremendously empowering thought and reality because

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it's a simple thing. If I make it I can create I can I can remake it right? If I made it, I can remake it. So if I have the power to change anything, no matter what I've been doing till now, if I decide to change, I can change there is no doubt about this. The condition is I have to decide to change

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I pledge

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if I don't decide to change nothing will happen. Still

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very good friends and also by teacher

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avala Russian that we Nagato you know I used to give us a I want to learn Arabic I want to RVC that so will will tell you you never say anything. Then when I decided to go for this course I told him I today as I'm seriously I made an intention. Okay, my

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body's Sanjeev Giza Madras hotel by RBC hoga is above SQL.

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So, as I read a serious intention that I will run he said now you will look I said why is it now making intention in all this one is to say, we are going to run out to be gone. So if you think about for example, I think practically every Muslim you ask him Do you want to become a half is of the Quran? Yes of course about

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but how many of us seriously, sit down and say every day I will memorize three I had not bought three let it let me take 100 years to memorize or

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at least start somewhere No. Three is everyday live law means the legal data will arrive a few colors that for today. So three

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but do we do this that is the three key thing is to consciously decide to create change within ourselves.

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But that's the only place there is no other place where change can happen week I can't change you can't change it it has to be inside ourselves.

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And that's why when myself this is something which is so so critical time in my life I've seen in many times Hamdulillah

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you decide you start working on it, you see the effect

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so very very important for us to

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you know keep this in mind and and make sure that we consciously make the intention or the thing to do that the proof of that is don't just make a statement for yourself say I want to change myself that doesn't mean anything change what so I first of all identify which will change myself means what you will turn into an elephant or something No. What is the meaning of David Jane myself meaning I want to change this thing in myself. So for example, if you say I want to make sure that I pray tahajjud every day, this is one that I think as I'm working on only one day, I'm going to wake up early enough to breathe.

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Now if you want to wake up to breath agile you have to sleep early enough you can't sleep at two o'clock and wake up at zero blood whatever.

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So automatically because of one near something else, also in

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one condition, so I will pray tahajjud everyday

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It hamdulillah once you do that, the next step every day I will read one use of Quran

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so today how I do I read nothing. So what am I do? study how much what I'll do is 59 one page two page, whatever, right? Go up to the ready take some time doesn't matter

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until at least the one juice one uses in those manuscripts 15 lines it is 21 pages 2021 pages roughly.

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So, one juice of Quran once Yuvaraj

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similarly, whatever else in your work in your education wherever make an effort to say this is what I want to achieve clear one and then start working on that.

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Ask yourself I want to achieve this What must I do? Make a list start doing

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Believe me,

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your entire life will change for the better.

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You will become more powerful, you will feel better, you will look better, you will walk and talk but everything is provided you decide and that decision nobody can nobody in the world can make only you can make that decision.

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You ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to make these decisions and to give us these the power and the persistence to stay on them and to give us success or Salalah victory rather USIP name erotica