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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam ala shuffelin be able marsali Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa he was the son of the slim and cathedra because sera from a Virgo. Today Shall I want to talk to you about to a hadith?

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The first one, we know the Hadees of switches in eBay ban and abora Dylon, who is the narrator of the Hadith, where as soon as I sell have asked, this was a way of teaching of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he used to ask a question and this is a good way to teach because you ask a question and people get alerted. So they are listening. So instead of simply saying something, he would ask a question and then he would answer the question. So he asked them, Who is a destitute person who is a poor and poor means not just normally for somebody who has, you know, very, very poor? I know you Who do you consider to be a person who is very poor, that's to do this. For

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somebody who has no Durham dinar, there's no money, they have no property, no wealth.

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So we consider that person to be poor, or soulless, SLM, said, the poor, the destitute of my ummah will be those and may Allah protect us from being those

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he said, by destitute or by OMA will be those who will come before Allah subhanho wa Taala on the Day of Judgment with Salat, and so and sadaqa and all kinds of good deeds, you name it, they've done it.

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So they will come with a mountain of good deeds.

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But there will be a line of people there waiting for them. And those people are the people who they backed by their who they slandered who they Callum Knight, who they cast aspersions on who they beat, who they insulted, who they killed, whose property they swallowed, who, whose honor, they played games with all kinds of things that these people did, all of those people will do it. And they will say, Give us justice.

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And also Ross said that on the Day of Judgment, the currency is not the US dollar the currency he didn't say US dollars, I'm saying the currency is not money, but the currency is deeds. So from these good deeds of this person who comes there with

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mouth mound of the goods, those deeds will be taken in proportion to what they did to each person and it will be distributed and it will be given until all the deed good deeds of this person are exhausted, but the line of people is still there.

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Allah subhanaw taala of course knows everything Allah will say now what do you want me to do? His deeds are gone. They will say Arabella mean he has no deeds now give our evil deeds to him and free us. And as soon as I said I'm said and this will be done. And this person who came with a mountain of good deeds will be thrown into the Hellfire carrying the evil deeds of somebody else.

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Now, when I remember I read this or this many, many years ago

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Hamdulillah we believe the word Russell Russell and there's no doubt about this.

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But a thought in my mind was how can anyone do so much evil?

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That amount of good deeds is extra exhausted still that evil remains and this person is then thrown into the Hellfire because of that evil? I mean, how you know there's a limit to how is it so much evil? Until I discovered social media?

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Social media answer that question for me.

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Think about this versus I'm not joking.

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us write something about somebody on social media, and I'm talking about critical stuff, right?

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You don't like me, for example.

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So you

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criticize me, you condemn me or whatever you want to do. And you do this on social media, you send it on some, you know, whatever, Snapchat or Allah knows what facebook,

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I may not even know.

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But you do this. And from there it goes from you. It goes to you, it goes to you. It goes to you it goes through and this circulates the world.

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In the financial world, we have what we call earning assets.

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This is earning liabilities, not assets.

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And believe me long after you have gone into your grave. That social media thing is the only eternal thing in the world. And that is earning stuff for you.

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And that will earn stuff for you as long as the circulates. May Allah protect us today we live in a world

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where somebody says something and does something and there will be there are people who actually make videos criticizing that cursing that person and so the whole video is already that cheerful and being full on set is Yasha you are aware that you have left Islam in law

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you know if you don't like my hacker, right Mr. Danny here mad but if you don't like it

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and you want me to change it? Who should you tell about destiny?

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Who I know it's dumb questions who answered me right? Why? Because this piece of real estate belongs to me that nobody's gonna write on this i There's no shared, you know, shared property here.

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When I will. Seriously there's not a shared property.

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So you don't like my haircut? Tell me about it.

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Now instead of telling me you tell them up by Barbara haggard, you tell it to Dr. Nari, you tell it to Dr. Hammer, you tell it to Dr. Salah Where is he somewhere? There you tell it to my brother,

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Mama and the whole world.

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If you don't like something about somebody would tell them directly. There are two benefits. Number one, there is a chance that the other person can improve because he's the only one who can improve it. I mean, if there's something wrong with me, only I can do that. So I'm delighted you are doing some good. Secondly, that action of your giving Naseeha to your brother will be written in your account as a good deed for you. Whether or not your brother texted us Yeah.

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Right. So if you don't like something, tell it right directly to the person go phone him stand in front of his face, whatever. Tell the person

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my brother who did this, please don't do this. This is the reason I did like it. This is the way this is the reason why it is wrong. So I'm gonna say directly to the person to benefits more than likely he or she will improve, they will change but even if they don't change even if they reject you on a car, no problem, the rasa is written for you as a good deed.

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Instead of that, instead of telling the person you tell the whole world and his wife

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what is the result? Number one there is no result because the cup the person who's supposed to correct it and doesn't even know and secondly, now this is River.

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Now what is a beautiful thing? Because it earns a lot of good deeds for that person. When they have done nothing for it free.

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is wonderful. So if somebody asked me I say we're hungry Allah, may Allah create more grammar lazy man, I don't do much stuff. So people are talking about me Oh beautiful.

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Somebody said give him a shout out to so and so said this bad thing about you. So Imam Shafi sent him some fruits. He said what is this? He said no, because since you are giving me your good deeds, I thought let me reciprocate send me send me some fruits.

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So this riba now the Rebbe problem with the Rebbe is first of all, it is a sin. So that is it in your account. Secondly, your good deeds now get transferred to this person's account. So this person is getting all your good deeds for free.

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And you are getting sins. And the thing that you really, probably you are right even about that, but that never gets corrected.

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So please, the reason I'm saying the Hadees does not refer to this alone, we refer to many things, but this is the unfortunately our whole social life is based on this.

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And to the extent one of one of my younger brother, I've got a lot of these, you know, school and college, boys and girls who come to me for various Halaqaat and stuff. And one day I was talking about Reba and one of the reserves one of their goals by social life.

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That's a social life talking about people.

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Please don't do this.

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You don't like something go talk to that person. You don't talk to that person standing right in the hedgerows and cry before Allah Subhanallah please, you're my friend.

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If you can't take if you don't have if you cannot take the driver do that then believe me you're not even interested in why we're talking about let him Let him do what he wants.

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But don't give away your good deeds for nothing. It's not worth it. Right? It is definitely not worth it. Even that giving it to somebody you don't even like because you're criticizing the person. Even Buddha Rahula said if I want to make Riba i will make riba about my mother. They said what is that? He said because at least then My Good Deed good grandmother.

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Why would you want to give it to somebody you don't even like? Second Hadith. Of no reserves are specific to Ramadan al Karim. We all know this hadith we have already made time but hamdulillah in Africa time for Bobigny Rasulillah Salam ascended the member on the first picture, I mean, the second step is that I mean, the third step is that I mean,

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after he finished the whatever he was advised he was giving on the body. The word on the member when he gave brown this I was ADRs Salah Celebi.

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saw you doing something today we have not done before. You said I mean three times what was it? He said when I stood on the first step of the member Gibreel esalaam came to me and gibril said Ya Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi salam,

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the person who gets Ramadan and is unable to get the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala will be in the hellfire and Allah will cast him far away, see, I mean,

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and then we sort of set himself I mean,

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he's one of the second step gibril came to me again and he said Ya Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, the person who finds his parents in old age one or both of them, and does not serve them and does not take their dua will be thrown in the hellfire and Allah will cast him far away and say I mean, and also Rossella Salam said, I mean, and on the third step, he said, Yes, what allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when your name is mentioned before a person and he does not send salat and salam on you, he will be thrown in the hellfire and Allah will cast him far away, see, I mean,

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and he said, I mean sallallahu alayhi wa sallam imagine this dua to have the greatest prophets and messengers and Rasul of Allah Serrano dalla are seeing I mean gibril And Muhammad Mustafa sallallahu alayhi wa ala he was I was LM and obviously you will SLM is coming and say this, so this is where he from Allah subhanaw taala.

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The point I want to make for you is

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finding Ramadan and not getting Forgiveness means we do not seek forgiveness of Allah Subhana Allah because Allah Subhana Allah gave us rather than to forgive us. The DUA that Rasulillah Salam taught our mother says Aisha said these are the Allah knows what

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Allah my nigga for one, two himbo laugh of our funny Oh Allah, you are the Forgiver

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you love to forgive so forgive me.

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let us seek the forgiveness of Allah Subhana Allah you make lots and lots and lots of history one of them

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we are towards the end now. Maybe two, three days left. Let us not lose that. Second thing is as far as parents are concerned.

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Please, I see so many cases. The father doesn't talk to the sons or does talk to the father all kinds of the get all this stuff out of your heart. It's not worth it my brothers and sisters not worth it. Your parents or your parents.

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One of the

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one of the problems of young people coming to Islam and hamdulillah it's a beautiful thing. I love to see it and melas protect your mela make you stronger Hamdulillah you people are May Allah make count you among is only inshallah.

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In the in your youth you are close to Allah subhanaw taala but one of the downsides of this I've seen is children becoming critical of parents.

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My father doesn't have a beard. My mother does not wear a hijab. My father does not pray on time. My father's businesses. My father is selling stuff gas stations, haram business.

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But you don't you don't hesitate when the ham was getting your car. You don't hesitate when the Haram versus paying for your phone.

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You don't hesitate eating and drinking from the same haram business. But you want to curse your father.

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I'm not saying he's what he's doing is right. I'm just saying don't sit on a high horse.

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Your point is right because haram what must you do? Take the minimum or take nothing and cry in the night and weaboo for Allah subhanaw taala Yeah, let's say my father tried to help your father get out of that business. Not sit in judgment on your own father, not criticize your father. Not be disrespectful, disrespectful to your father.

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I will Soufiane now the alarm before he became the alarm before they accepted Islam was the worst and the biggest enemy of Rasulullah Salah he tried everything on on it in his power to kill me sir. He led three wars.

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Brother are that and

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I have all three were the I was a when was the was the cause for this.

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He came to meet Rasul salaam after Saudi Arabia they broke the truce. So he came Medina to try to patch it up. And he came to his daughter's house our mother or maybe brother Lara, his daughter,

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the wife of ressourcer Salah.

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So when he entered the house and now he says bed was there

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whomever the Alana folded the bed up

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so I was even jokingly said to her Oh, you folded the bed up because it is not fit for me is it?

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She said I folded the bed up because you are not fit for the bed. That is the bed of the Rasul Allah is around.

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Right now think about it.

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that whole incident I'm not going into the details of that whatever happened happened after that. She wrote the Alana set Rosa Rosa lam jasola. My father came, and this is what I did.

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Now put yourself in this position, here is your wife, her has her father is your worst enemy.

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And your wife stood up for you. And she

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said this to her father, what would you say?

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What would you say? Anybody, anybody who's a fantastic you know, this, that's the kind of Wi Fi wasn't very good used for me, even against your father.

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You know what I was? That's what Salah salem said you did wrong.

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He said you should not disrespect your father.

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What you did was wrong.

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This is gonna be a Salem, who is saying that to,

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to a man who's who's not just a disbeliever is his worst enemy.

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He says that has nothing to do with your relation with your parents, with your father.

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He's a good man or a bad man. Good one bad one is not your problem. That's your father. It's your mother.

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treat them with respect.

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Be good to them, be kind to them. Be respectful to them.

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If Allah gave you, the Dean Alhamdulillah, don't make that don't lose that the by using that Dean to feel superior or to criticize your own parents. That is tragic.

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And the third thing, sending salatu salam ala Rasulillah Salam again, I'm not going into the fake of whether you should say it every time his name is mentioned or saying once is enough and so on. One of the problems of knowledge is because that knowledge then becomes a problem for the person who has the knowledge.

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Don't use the fic to deprive yourself of the value of knowledge, because you will find the you will find the the the opinion to say that in the Bible is saying salAllahu alayhi salam one time is enough.

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But on the other hand, Rasulullah sallallahu sallam said any one who sends a Latin Salah on me one time, Allah will send Salah about that person 10 times. So saying salah, Salah was maybe enough, but if you have an objection to saying it a million times and getting 10 million salam from Allah.

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Then ask yourself this knowledge of that fatwa is this good for you or bad for you?

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Do not allow Fick to come in the way of earning Hazara and benefits

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I was traveling to South Africa South Africa is like my second home from India. That flight leaves Emirates leaves Hyderabad at 10pm So 10pm I finished my Asia everything

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I reached the way in the lounge I went straight to the sleeping place and I decided I had some three four hours good sleep those nicely and then I got the flight to South Africa.

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So it came to be what about the huddle?

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So instantly, there's the problem of knowledge instantly

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the booty tells me

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what that is even for this cursor

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anyway you finish your Isha.

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Now only is tomorrow's is other weather sleep.

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So what is that that this photo of animals is getting right?

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Even further the cutter is aware that this stuff invites you to break

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and Hamdulillah I replied to the Hopefully I said

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the Agile for the traveler to make dua in Zulu

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says, Let me go

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and the rice masala then go and pray. Please understand this. Send as much syrup and salam ala Rasulillah Salam as you possibly can there is no limit to this. This is the most beautiful of the UScar because this is the only zikr in which Allah subhanaw taala promises one is to turn Allah will send Salam 10 times imagine what can happen to you you're sitting there and this waterfall of the Rama of Allah subhanaw taala on you. I mean you know who can touch you, right? Ask Allah Subhana Allah Jalla did Allah who to bless all of you and to accept all of you in his service to fill your heart with his know to fill your life with baraka from him? geladeira to ask Allah to protect you

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from every evil every harm that you know and you don't know. Ask Allah subhanaw taala to open your hearts to his Deen ask Allah subhanaw taala to fill your hearts with love for Allah subhana wa

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Dollar and love for Muhammad Rasool Allah is Allah Allah is seller and make all your and my lives beacons of guidance for ourselves and for all those who come into contact with us person on Ohana we'll carry while Ali he was able to go on holiday