Mirza Yawar Baig – Purpose of learning Deen

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of education in Islamic school, including the use of dark rooms and the lack of alcohol. They emphasize the need for a focus on sharia principles and avoiding drinking alcohol. The history and use of drugs and alcohol in driving desire for sex is also discussed, along with the difficulty of learning the language and finding the joy of sex. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a tour of a Islam studio.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala sherfield MBA were mousseline Muhammad Rasool Allah is Allah Allah Allah He he he was of you seldom to Steven because because Hera

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from Abu my dependents sister let me ask you a question

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on hamdulillah May Allah bless all of you, you are all studying and reading the Quran Allah Kareem

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you are memorizing the Quran or Hamdulillah you are doing in the Jamia you're doing

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Islamic Studies and so on. What is the purpose of this what is the what is the MCSA? Anybody

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Why are you doing this? Yes.

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As best as best education Okay, Abdullah Good Good question. good as anybody

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to have a better

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introduction with Allah knowledge and connection with Allah hamdulillah yes

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to the be closer to the camera hamdulillah Marcela, Venus and the Rio you are all on the right track myself very good. Yes. Have the answers are all good Mashallah.

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But the real answer would you give hamdulillah is to build our connection with Allah subhana wa.

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The MCSA the gunners the purpose of all of this of learning Quran of recitation of Quran, the Quran and Haendel Quran

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obado V elumen Quran in Islamic study all of this, the purpose is not to

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recite nicely or purpose is not to accumulate some knowledge, purpose is not to get this information that is the purpose is to connect with Allah subhanahu wa. Right. The purpose of all education of all Islamic education is to get the Kibriya is to get the greatness and the awe and the majesty and the glory of Allah subhanho wa Taala into our hearts.

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So imagine if you come into this room and this lights are off completely dark room, what is the first thing you will do?

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Coming to the masjid, Maybe nobody's a first person here. But it is dark, what is the first thing you will do?

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Turn the lights on. Right? Exactly. Everything else comes off. Even Even if you have to first turn the lights on, then you will go and make widow, other whatever.

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If the lights are off, if a place is dark, you see the same place you're still losing money, they didn't become a discourse on the no say Masjid. But if the lights are off, the first thing anybody will do, switch on the lights.

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This is the nature of our heart, our hearts without the Dhikr of Allah are dark, still our heart Hamdulillah we have not become we have not left his love or something No, but there is no light. And what is the light inside the heart is the knower of the Kibriya the glory and majesty of Allah.

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The reason this is important and this is where it has to start and that is what happened if you see the Syrah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam you will see that all the makan surahs.

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Right Do you know you know the Quran is as Surah as which were revealed in Makkah and Surah rebuildable you know, so you have the Mecca and Medina suppose what is the what is the quality and what is the characteristic and what is the sign of a Moroccan surah

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he talks about the glory of Allah. He talks about the Day of Judgment, he talks about the Majesty of Allah. Right. Malcolm Surahs don't have a come they do not have OSU. For example,

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the surah of the surah of inheritance right if somebody dies, who will get how much not in Arkansas in Medina surah and someone has a hijab and way to dress and including for example, alcohol and gambling and all that. All all the ACA all the orders all the soul or the all the principles of the Sharia of Islam. They are in the Medina and Surah not in them because why? Because the makansutra are like turning on the light. Once the light is on then there is no problem Hamdulillah we simply assume we can somebody find me most of us sure we can go find those of somebody give me some other book yes go find me a chair when everything is possible if the light is on.

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Right. If the light is off, you can get anything.

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And that is why the famous cold the famous quote and the famous thing that say that I shall see the garden Anna she's heard that Allah subhanaw taala

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He prohibited alcohol. Allah did it in three stages.

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And he said if he had done it in the first stage right away if Allah subhanaw taala had said that alcohol is prohibited, people would not have done it. Why? Because the hearts were not lighted yet lights were not off right let's we're still off.

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Once the glory and majesty of Allah settles in the heart, then the akhom of Allah the orders of Allah are very easy to follow and not as easy to follow people look for that. Now what should I do? What should I do?

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Now if you take the, the Ayat of, of the prohibition of alcohol when this they had this of our mother, he said when this ayat was revealed,

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he said, I was in my house and I was I had some guests and in that hadith, he has even mentioned the people. And he said they were sitting and I was pouring wine into their, into their glasses. And the munadi the person who called out he called out and he said, This is what Allah subhanaw taala has revealed. On camera were my zero valenza who was love original minimally shaytani first and evil.

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So he said, When we heard this idea, he said, I was pouring like this. I moved my hand means it gives floor it gets poured onto the ground. Then he said what was in the hand? We threw it in the ground. He said, there were people, they were sitting with the cup, they threw it on the ground. He said somebody even had taken a sip. It was in his mouth. He didn't say okay, no problem. This is the last one No, right. He spat it out. Then see that see the effect of the glory of Allah. Then what they did was all of them and deliver winemaking was an industry

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especially in Medina it was in there because they used to grow grapes they used to grow date so this was an industry. Almost everybody had it. They used to make wine in big vats, big big pots.

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He says that people first of all, they poured out all the wine he said wine was running in this in the drains of Medina like a river. There was so much he said then they broke the pots. Now think about this. What is the need to break the pot? Let's say don't drink it, so don't drink it right away. Why? Because the word

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Rasul rasa ask them this question because they came somebody went into potency as one of their they have done this they're also breaking the policies he called him so he called him

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and he said Why did you break the pot? You could have used the same pot you could have cleaned it washed it and you can use it there's a jasola so we don't even want to have anything there which reminds us that we use to disobey Allah

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made it the issue is not to say

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look for this and that issue is to say how can I please Allah more

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so there are different stages there are people who will say okay, we'll do this is it haram

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is in Nakuru who is not going to no problem. I will do it if it haram okay, I messed up.

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The other people who say haram mcru What is McGrew means Cara, who is who? Cara, who? Allah subhanaw taala

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So now do you want to go into this fine tuning of it? Or do you will say look, if Allah does not like something, I will not do it. Period class. Because when I meet Allah subhanaw taala I don't want Allah subhanho wa Taala to look at my deeds with this granularity of detail, you know, exactly. Okay, so you bring that up to Maghrib What was your crucial

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then what do we do?

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So Gloria Philosoraptor once the glory of Allah comes into our hearts, believe me, obeying Allah will be very easy.

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Today our problem is this problem is even those who are studying who study Islam, usually the focus is, is still at getting the the technical terms learning this piece learning that is learning this hadith that are the swans on without looking at what is it doing to my heart is anything happening inside me or not? Because if nothing is happening inside me, doesn't matter. You can be having Quran, you can be having of the of all the

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data you can be anything makes no difference, you will still do the same wrong things you will have the same bad luck will still have the same thing because the glory and majesty of Allah is not in art.

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Whereas people who have this go to my show as well. There are only 10 reminders hamdulillah they are doing they are working for the pleasure of Allah.

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So I remind myself when you let us focus with the Hamdulillah you people are bringing myself Allah bless you. May Allah bless your hips, hips, hips, glass, may Allah bless your

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Stop May Allah bless all of you may Allah fill your hearts with a knower of his Cara melasma Televic all of your father Quran and one day inshallah we will see you will have a long line of you and visit with Ravi 20 raga we cannot give what have is, so we will have to to to to regard right Tenova inshallah a third won't get in South South Africa, they reserved the first to serve for the homeless in some massages to surf only office. So inshallah one day we want to see that here insha Allah right May Allah bless you, long line of affairs inshallah writer give Touriga twitch and then we see inshAllah 2010 Who father Jana insha Allah make it easy for you. May Allah fill your lives with the

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newer of his Kalam inshallah was Allah Allah Allah Allah will carry wa he was named Radhika

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