Mirza Yawar Baig – Focus on what we can do

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the impact of protests and the culture of fear and depression on people, especially those of Muslim countries. They emphasize the importance of raising one's voice against these issues and avoiding allowing anyone to prevent them. The success of working hard and building a foundation on the ground is also emphasized, along with the need for publicity and the message of Islam. Overall, the speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding overwhelming expectations and balancing work and personal life.
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Bismillah Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Viva mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the Sleeman, Kathira Mavado.

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My brothers and sisters,

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many people ask me this question

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with regard to

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protests that are happening

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in different parts of the world, including in America,

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whatever is happening in Gaza.

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sometimes people feel,

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you know, we are doing all this, we are protesting whatnot, but what's the result?

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We don't see anything happening.

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And similar statements.

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So, I thought, let me share with you my thought on this

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I want to share with you two

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of have my own principles in life.

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First principle is I say to myself, and I want to share that with you, I will not allow, I will not allow what is not in my control, to prevent me from doing what is in my control, I will not allow what is not in my control, to prevent me from doing what is in my control.

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this comes out of another thought,

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and another principle, another actual reality.

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And that reality is that when we stand before Allah, on the Day of Judgment,

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Allah will not ask us what happened.

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Allah will ask us, what did you do?

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Because Allah knows what happened. Allah does not need me to inform you about him.

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But Allah also knows what I did, but this is the shahada, I will have to be what did you do?

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So on the on the first time,

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I will not allow, because of this, I will be asked, What did I do so, therefore, I will not allow what is not in my control, to prevent me from doing what is my control.

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So, right now, it is not in my control, it is not in your control, at least the people we know,

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to stop what is happening, because it's not in our control. We don't have the authority, the means.

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But what is in our control is to raise our voice against it. Because the Hadees or which was ALLAH, he said, If you see something wrong,

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stop it with your hand, if you cannot stop it with your hand and speak out against it. And if you cannot even speak out against it, and hate it in your heart. And this last one is the sign of the weakness of your faith.

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So raising our voice against this, believe me, if the killing of children is not wrong, then nothing is wrong.

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The fact that we even need the fact that we even need

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millions of people in the world

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to come out in the streets and say stop killing children. The fact that we even need this shows that our moral compass is not only broken and smashed, but it is lost.

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Why should anyone say this? I mean, why? Why is it necessary for somebody to remain?

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And the fact that despite that reminder, nothing is happening shows where we are.

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So it is even more important to raise our voice against this third reason.

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In this whole atmosphere of sadness and depression and despair and hopelessness, everyone feeling you know what is the good I can't do anything. It is very invigorating and it is very

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strengthening, and it is very encouraging

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to see two things, one, that you are not alone because there are literally hundreds and 1000s of people who are standing there with you. And the second one is also to realize that in those hundreds and 1000s of people, all are not Muslim. But there is a huge number of people who are not Muslim. If you just look at the banners, in these, in these, you know the protests and so on. You got all kinds of banners,

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banners of

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Orthodox Jews of Hindus have Christians of all kinds of people

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who are standing

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with the Muslims standing together to protest against what is happening in Gaza.

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alhamdulillah let us remain with what we can do. And don't get discouraged. And don't stop doing it.

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Do that and do more. Because this is what we can do. This is this is in our control

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don't allow what is not in our control to prevent us from doing what is in our control.

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So very important for us to focus on this.

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I want to share with you as

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a true story

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happened to me.

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I was in a shop in India in my childhood,

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I went to buy some rice.

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So those of you who are you would have seen some version of this. When you go to the stores, there is this guy who was weighing that I saw you say I want particular grams of rice, because he was kilos not pounds, 20 kilos.

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So what he does is there is a skill, there's a benefit. So he takes that another ice is in a sack on the ground. This balance is on the countertop. So this guy takes a which 20 kilogram weight and he puts it on one side of the balance so that part of the balance now is on the countertop, it's sitting there, other pan is up in the air.

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Now the man takes the rice with the scoop, he takes it and he pours it into this pan which is on top. This pan is like a bucket. He takes it and pauses and pours it and pours it so he's now putting one kilo two kilo five zero 10 kilo 15 kilos, right. What do you see how what happens to these two pans this

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this position of the two pans what happens? Nothing happens.

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Nothing happens this 20 kilos is sitting there. The other one is on top. This man is boring and boring and boring. Nothing happens. It's just like it's 15 kilos. 17 kilos. 18 kilos. 19 kilos, nothing happens. Does he stop doing it?

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he does. Have you ever seen a situation where the man says he tells us uh you know, I'm sorry. Nothing is happening right? Go to some other stuff.

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I can give it ridiculous All right, because usually I'm working so hard. I put so much on right nothing happens. So go go somewhere else. Does it happen? No. Why? Because he knows what is going to happen.

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He knows what's gonna You also know what's gonna happen what's gonna happen now when he puts 19 kilos now it was 19 and a half you see there is some slight movement then he puts more than there is some more movement. And finally he puts it with his hand little bit like this until the balance pans are equal. And then maybe just to make to please you he puts a little bit more than this can podcaster this better. It gives you 20 kilos and maybe a little bit both right.

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Now that is an important thing to remember which is that

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two very important principles from this number one until 19 and a half kilos nothing will happen.

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And at 20 kilos the balance will Tip two very critical principles until 19 and a half kilos I think enough so if I say I'm working hard nothing is happening because it is still not bad enough.

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So what does that do keep putting here don't worry about this. Don't worry about nothing is happening or not seeing it or not. Our job is to put the rice

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just think about the ZAP of resources.

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Think about people like bossa nova Ravi Allah knows things like somebody like Abdullah bin Raja Halabi Allah know

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Abdullah bin bin Joshua Delano, right? Think about people like this. These are people take about Hamza bin Abdullah Botha river the Allahu

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people who died before Fatah Makkah so people who died in Burma people who died in Ohio people who died in the in Canada and so on.

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Did they see victory

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They did not see any victory I mean bother yes but in what they saw defeat

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in Honduras

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only one person or one or two people passed away that sad Ben Weidman Golan who was one of the but the point I'm making is that those have

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who died who became che before Fatah vaca? They did not see success. But did they stop their effort?

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It is a lie you know we have been working so hard nothing's happening I think you should change this whole thing right? Did you say that No.

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After Mathematica then you add on and then you add other things and then in the Aquila for Russia you are with this but the people who died before that but think about this every single thing which happened after that

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the reward of that goes to those people because all the victories which came they came on the shoulders of those people on people I was out of nowhere other Alonso and others are the Elon was right. They are the people who carried that on their shoulders

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if you want a big a huge fantastic beautiful building to stand you have to have a very big massive foundation in the ground. Right

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So what goes into the foundation rocks how many rocks as many as required

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the bigger the foundation, the murderer rocks. Now if you are a rock if I'm a rock

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say you are grenade or something I am going on it and if I say I want to be used in this building because that will give me value is because a building worth something I want to use here but I will not go into the foundation. I want to be on the face of the building polished right on the face of the building. And every rock says I want to be on the face of the building. Will this building ever happen?

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Is that a building without a foundation? No.

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So some of the rocks have to say I want this building badly enough to go into the foundation and be buried and nobody knows except the construction of the building.

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But the whole building will stand on me. I know this and my Arab noses overuse

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it doesn't matter if I'm not on the face of the building no problem I'm in the foundation on me the whole building is stunning. But I will not be known. Nobody will even know existed because I've gone into the ground buried

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until the rocks are ready do that building what Stan? If every rock wants to be on the face of the building?

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I want publicity I want name I want fame. I want my picture somewhere I want you to

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work for the Avanos van Alterra unknown. No noise no no name, no fame, no money just work for the reader of Allah subhanaw taala then see how Allah subhanaw taala opens doors. I remind myself and you this is how we should look at what is happening in life inshallah was Allah and Allah will Karim Allah He was named erotica.

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