The purpose of all Dhikr is to create the Khashiyat of Allah in our hearts

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In the lambda Lillah wa salatu salam ala Shia Colombia or Lady He was heavy woman, what about my dear brothers and sisters? Allah subhanaw taala

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mentioned as the purpose of His creation. And we began this series with

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talking about the purpose of creation. And

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today, the last of this series were illustrated, I said, Carl maltol had the will to work where you work and

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what was his love for Allah subhanaw taala said, we've created death and life, in order to examine in order to test you have Lukaku to test you, a yo Kumar, Hassan Amala, which of you will do the best of deeds.

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So I remind myself in you that Allah subhanaw taala created us for a purpose, which is to worship Him, and in that worship, in that living of our lives, in obedience to His commands, to see and test which one of us will do that which is the best.

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So the comparison that is being made here is not between haram and Allah, but between

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good deeds, but to see which one will do the best of those good deeds.

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So it's a higher level competition, it's a higher level test, not only between wrong and rights, but between the right things, which are the ones that have the greatest virtue and the greatest value for Allah Jalla Jalla.

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In order to help us understand that Allah subhanaw taala ended that particular was Moon he entered that particular topic by saying in the London I have shown Rob Bowman Havilah Houma Farah to be

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less at the very least.

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The people who get the maximum reward, the people who will have the greatest reward are those people who have the Hachette of the rub who fear the displeasure of their who fear the anger of the rub, who fear to displace the rub, rub bar humble hype. Who is in the hype?

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This topic this must warn this

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issue of the hotshot of Allah subhanaw taala who is not visible to us. He is a Muslim that Allah's Martel has mentioned in the Quran and other places as well. For sure horrible Viva la semana de Satan's Yacine.

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If you think about this, that Allah subhanaw taala mentioned his SIFAT of

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Rania, which is the peak and maximum of mercy and his favorite of robot which is his

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quality which is attribute by which he takes something which is worthless, useless, something which is knockouts, and takes it but at reach, it takes it state by state, stage by stage level by level to a state of perfection.

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So both of these if out of Allah subhanaw taala are pointing to the sun, pointing to the favor that Allah Jalla Jalla Lu has done on us in every conceivable and possible way. And among those favors, the greatest of His favors is that he allowed us to recognize him. He gave us a man he opened our hearts to his nor to his deen

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and by the bear set of Muhammad Rasul Allah, He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah subhanaw taala then taught us this way, which is called Islam, which is the way of pleasing Elijah, Elijah.

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And the ultimate

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objective of all of this is to develop discussion of Allah subhanaw taala in our hearts, so that our entire lives are spent only and only in pleasing our app delegate

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and your Latina and so he said in a Latina, I have shown her a bone Bill reavie Lahoma Farah to give it.

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So therefore, I remind myself when you

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that every one of our actions, we should try to measure it on this basis to say that given the choices that I have at that particular time, which is the best action that I could have done, and did I do it, for example, at this time, the best possible action that a person can perform at the time of a formula is the formula itself. And that for Salah to be performed in the masjid

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in Jamar so this is the best action at this point in time. If somebody spends his time reading Quran for example, it is not the best action if he's doing if it is not the best action. If he is bringing the fourth Salah in his house. The job is done. He has fulfilled what he was supposed to do, but it is not the best action. So at this particular

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then the best possible action that a person could have done that a man could have done is to go to the masjid, to do Serato. In Java. Similarly, for the rest of our lives, if we look at whatever options we have, and we have options, always we have options.

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Obviously, you stay away from sin. But as I said, this is a higher level test. It's not only about sin, it is about doing the best of the different options of good deeds that are built available to us at that particular point in time. So, at any given point in time, when we are doing something, the question to ask is,

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what is the best of the deeds that I could have done at this particular point in time you're driving a car, you have the option of using silence as a way of connecting to Allah subhanaw taala as reflection. So that's one option. Another option is listening to something good. And obviously, you've got several other options. So which one do you pick, which one is the best for you at the time. And that's the reason also why it is important to acquire knowledge because these decisions you cannot make unless you have knowledge. So therefore, it's important also to acquire knowledge so that we can make the decision and decide which is the best of actions for us at any given point in

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time. And then we choose that action.

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And of course, one of the best actions that a person can perform is the action of Toba is to ask Allah subhanaw taala geladeira loose forgiveness. The Toba of Allah subhanaw taala has no limit. The Toba of Allah subhanaw taala has no boundaries, Allah subhanaw taala can and will forgive every single sin that we can possibly do, provided we ask Allah subhanaw taala as mercy and we ask His forgiveness for it. Many things Allah forgives even without asking, but even the worst of sins, which are shell can go for Allah subhanaw taala will forgive if a person asks forgiveness. And the last minute that I mentioned that specifically in the Quran, where Allah subhanaw taala Surya, Eva

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da Latina, as sort of who Allah and fusi him la takana to me Rahmatullah

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in hola Hyeok frozen Oba Jamia in the whole world of him as he desires is beautiful is where Allah subhanaw taala is at the Kadima. He's saying, oh you people. Oh, you are my slaves by bad who have transgressed against yourselves. Do not despair of the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala Verily, Allah subhanho wa Taala forgives all sins. And then Allah subhanaw taala reiterates and reinforces that by saying in the whole world of Rahim Verily, He is the one who is the Most Forgiving and most Merciful. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to constantly do Toba MIG tau because we nobody but nobody is free from sin. We commit sins, deliberately, knowingly. They commit sins knowing that

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as far as watching,

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we are ashamed to commit those sins before the people but we are not ashamed to commit those sins before Allah subhanaw taala

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how terrible and how bad is that? And yet, ALLAH SubhanA data says if you ask forgiveness, I will forgive you. And therefore it's very important for us, let us make sure that we make our lots of Dawa lot of zeker of Allah subhanaw taala continuously, always remembering staying in a state of remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala never allowing a state of forgiveness or forgetfulness to come upon us even if it's for an incident and sending salatu salam ala Rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam which is his right which is our duty as his almighty to do this and there are so many benefits and virtues

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of the Latin Salam inshallah. Today we'll send you a list of that also from even though I will just book in sha Allah. So very important for us to keep this in mind and inshallah try to choose the best option that we have at any given point in time, which takes us closer to Allah subhanaw taala and which enables us to gain his pleasure in sha Allah Allah was to ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to do that which is pleasing to Him and to save us from doing that which displeases Him because it does not harm him, it harms us. Ask Allah subhanaw taala to be pleased with us and never to be displeased with us ask Allah subhanaw taala always to keep us in His mercy and to keep us in

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His protection from shaitan from the shadow of the insurgent from the shore of his mouth, look, ask Allah subhanaw taala della della lo to keep us in a state of Yvonne to increase our demand keep us and and make it into a state of your clean and to take us in that state in a state of soju in a state of the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala geladeira Lu, when it's our time to meet him, and to take us to him in a state where he is pleased with us, and he's pleased with meeting us, or Salalah Harada will carry while he was serving as may be referred to Governor Mara