Abu Bakr Zoud – Differences in Blood Money

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a message from a sister regarding a woman who died accidentally and is losing 50 camels because the woman gets 100 camels instead of 50. The woman dies accidentally because she doesn't have financial independence and is taking 50 camels instead of the man she worked with. The speaker believes that Islam is a misogynistic religion and that the solution is to make the woman aware of the issue.
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I had a message once from a sister who had come across a hadith, in which interview sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned that the blood money of a man who is killed accidentally is what? 100 camels and a woman that is killed accidentally, her blood money is 50 camels. So I have doubt how can a woman's blood be cheaper than man's blood? And so I have doubt in Islam, perhaps Islam is a misogynistic religion. This is what her doubt is, we say, sister, relax, there is nothing to be concerned of. In fact, I'll explain it to you. And you will find exactly how just Allah is. And you will love this explanation. And you will never have a doubt ever again concerning this matter. What

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is the solution? When the man dies, his blood money is 100 camels who doesn't go to to his family that 100 didn't go to him. He didn't benefit by his death, it went to the woman. So the woman gets 100 camels. But yep, the woman that dies accidentally, her blood money is worth 50 That 50 goes where it goes to the male. You see how just study is because a woman that perhaps is at home, looking after her children doesn't have financial independence. So as a result, she needs a lot more. But the man ideally is the one who's working in society. So he takes 50 camels Wallace the matter is done.

Why is the Man 100 Camels and the Women 50 Camels

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