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Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a conversation between a man and his partner about forgiveness and a woman who talks about her work. The man tells her that she needs to stop her work and that she will receive money. He also talks about a woman who is scared and worried about a virus, but eventually gets her job.
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This means you

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ask Allah for forgiveness because he said it on sortal outside Walmart comma Home Depot interview him on my kind of lowly like stuffy room. He said the total Swati sought to sit and he will not punish them

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he will not punish them and you are with them.

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What about us?

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He is not the one that can allow you as diba whom he will never in the future you will never punish them as long as they are

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stuck in a constant state of istikhara ask Allah for forgiveness make it part of your day, morning and evening if you normally do attend in these days I need to do 1000 I do 1000 that we make million I really mean this instead of what's going on check my WhatsApp all these all these uses that one more I didn't learn much him second is to hold to asking Allah for forgiveness and they still hold to stuff euro robber come in who can have sorrow your see some odd equal madora wounded combi unwinding war Bernina wage I look on Jan nergens wage I look on horror, ma la comme la original labor are this is also a no he was talking to his people. He says we're all too stuffy rohrabacher,

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I'm telling you how sweet he is talking to them. I'm telling you ask Allah for forgiveness. Or to stop the robber come in now who cannot offer He will forgive you. He will forgive you. Not only he will forgive you, your city sir ma de comida rora He will send you a rain plenty and rain usually is a sign of goodness.

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Exactly sign off Rama. sign off loving Mercy of Allah, your city, sama and eco mudra when did come be a Malinois Bunny and give you a lot of wealth and children. Welcome john Larkin and He will give you a lot of Jannat gardens higher and higher and river then look what he said. This is what I want all of you, man accumulator to know

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what's wrong with you. You do not glorify a law, the way he should be.

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This is how we are these days. This is how we are these days. We're so scared from a virus and we don't even see it. But Allahu la vain

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the Almighty, the all powerful, the all knowing the or hearing.

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So this is what I need in these days. Bring back this to me who is Allah and I say to him, You are the only one who protects me. You are the only ones who are who will protect you

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