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salam ala Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam ala Showfield MBA Vermouths serene Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala and he was able to sell them this evening. Because

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okay honey

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Kulu j

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here 32 Will Quran use behold Azima

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everything that is connected with the Quran transforms into something great

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Nasrallah, Gibreel Alayhis Salam Al Quran

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for us.

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So you will Mala Iike

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lokibot Be Rohilla me

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Nasser Al Quran either Mohammadu Rasulullah sallallahu ala you only use seldom

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first for her so you will Ambia are mostly

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Al Quran Allah Almighty Mohamed Salah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for us but Sirois

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Nasrallah Al Quran V. Laila Tila Kadri for us Berhad Hydra Layali

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Nasser Al Quran V Sherry Ramadan as we say in the show

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and as I've been a fan of the Allah I know call abuse Allah Allah he will sell alcohol.

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hydrocodone men that I lemon Khurana or Aleppo

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well Allahu Allah de la isla viral

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either natural Khurana fi call Wilkinson

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for us, Baha, clearness.

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Everything that is associated with the Quran gets transformed into something which is great.

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Gibreel is Salam brought the Quran

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and he became the Savior, Mala Iike, the head of the Malayaka and he got the right love rule. I mean

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the Quran was revealed rasool Allah is Allah Ali Salam and he became this evil Ambia or Muslim.

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The Quran regime came for the mouth of Mohammed Salah Salem

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and we became the hirundo Overo Mateen Acharya Tina's Allah Tala, you are the best of people and you have been extracted for the beaver.

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The Quran Kareem was revealed in light of Okada,

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and let it recover became the most

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honored of all the knights in the year.

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The Quran was revealed in the month of Ramadan, and the month of Ramadan became the most honored of all the months.

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We know the Hadees also Allah is also loving Buhari.

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The region was born a fan of the land who said that also as SLM, said, the best of you is the one who teaches and learns and your underglaze the one who teaches or learns the Quran.

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And therefore, our scholars say that if the Quran enters your heart,

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it will make you the best of humanity

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either if either another al Khurana vehicle we call Williamson

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for us Baja, it will turn him

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the best of humanity.

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Ask Allah Subhana Allah to

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to make this true for us, for the Quran to enter our hearts and to transform us into the best of people.

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The question is, of course we know that the reason for this is because the Quran is a column of Allah subhanaw taala it is not a creative thing. And it has therefore a very special position.

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But other than that, what is it about the Quran that has this transformational power?

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And the short answer to your question

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Okay, okay hamdulillah so in the recitation of the Quran, the rhythm of the Quran is such that it affects the heart

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it affects the heart or this true hamdulillah I've seen this so many times in many places it affects the heart.

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I was in this course in Barrington

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RB course and one of the things we did there and tomorrow I will show that video clip

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we had what is called the Nadia Quran. So it was a club Quran club.

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And in this larger Quran, we had about 15 people, except for to me and one more student, all the others are not Muslim.

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And part of the natural Quran was to memorize some sources. So all of us, because I knew what all the others so the Fatiha and the three equals so to the class and the model thing.

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And it was an amazing sight. I mean, it's one lie we lie that is something that I like, for me, it was like seeing a bit of we are all all of these non Muslims were memorize these auras. And they were reciting.

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Right, to the extent that we had

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as part of the whole process we had at the end, there was a function where we had to recite all of the surahs before the entire

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RV program so all the all the all the classes, that's the couple of 100 people there.

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And all of these people they recited these should I the I recited so the fatty after they recited these threes was all of them except for one woman and that everybody else is not listening.

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And they decided well, you will see it tomorrow.

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And the message that was that I got from this whole thing was Allah subhanaw taala wanted to show me how easy it is for Allah to replace us.

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How easy it is for a lot of cases. We think I'm Muslim, I'm born Muslim for 1000 years my pairwise ancestors have been Muslim I'm Ira by Speaker It makes no difference.

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That whole bunch of people who are not Arab, they were not even Muslim that was not their language.

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And the beauty was the the respect with which they recited the Quran Al Karim Hadji.

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Here are these people who are not even Muslim they are reciting the essence of Tawheed which is the loveless

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hurry strange Salah

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and to me the message that I got again and again Allah Azza saying it is very easy for me to replace you

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Allah does not need us

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Allah does not need us. Allah does not need anybody but I'm saying from our perspective, Allah does not need us

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and if you see the lack of these people to Allah

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I mean that

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in terms of their behavior in terms of you know, how they treat each other, how they treat us how they

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they will our exams sitting there doing exams, books are there they will not touch it. You sitting next to them they can look in your in your in your shade, CWA will not look

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they can go out and you know, take a look at the forearm or check something on the never

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no need for any individually invigilators no no need for any people to check and see if they are cheating and know that

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they will not cheat they will not lie.

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And for them, it is not it's not that oh, I'm not lying. So it's a good thing. No.

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We don't do it. That's it.

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So analogy.

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So I remind myself and you that hamdulillah Allah subhanaw taala

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gave us Islam.

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Most of us were born Muslim, those who are not born with 700 Allah bless them with Islam.

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We need to value that.

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And the way to value the Quran and the way the way to value Islam is to practice it.

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The way to value the Quran has to read it,

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to read it to understand it and to live by it.

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Because the kalam of Allah is not simply for recitation for for, you know Java No, it's

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The purpose of the other of the organiser of the Quran is to

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to be as a as a roadmap for us.

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Remember Zhang Jia was I was here 35 years ago, we were sitting in his office, which was the other side there. And one of our brothers,

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he came, and he was going summers, we asked Russia,

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he said, you know, should I take my Quran with me? No. So

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it was a new girl at that time was a new convert.

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Dustin Dustin's father, he was a new convert at the time. So your grandfather was there also. So he said, Should I take my Musa with me?

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Chef asked him. When you drive when you go server, do you take the map with you the roadmap with those days? No GPS, we used to have those big roadmaps used to he said you take the roadmap video.

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He said Yes, I got the answer.

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So the kalam of Allah gave for us to read it to understand it and to live by

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whatever bit I mean, even if you are living by one thing in the Quran hamdulillah inshallah this will become a

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means of Shabbat Wallace.

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I'm not saying it's not necessary to understand though it is necessary but start somewhere.

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Start somewhere.

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We ask Allah Subhana Allah Jalla DeLallo to enable us to become people who love the color of Allah and will recite it every day will love it, who live by who practice it in our lives, and who will take it to others.

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was a lot of your goodie. While it was a weird name erotica.