ROC Your Ramadan 2016 – Day 19

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Day 19 – Importance of Having Good Manners – part I

ROC your Ramadan 2016, a daily video series covering the virtues of Ramadan by Shaykh Riad Ouarzazi.

June 23, 2016

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Sara Marie cosmopolite allover cattle This is Riyadh was as you were coming into another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2016 day 19 Dr. Michelle lo tada sofa to column and mobile Allah. Allah for Ramadan. Buffalo and Heather sharp. Lovely to have seen

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you Alan Kay hasn't had any and he has them Hello? They said that we had a

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bad day and if you could leave em hieratic hat that'll come back inshallah Tada.

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Nice to see them just a follow Canada

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Anisha de la subhanho wa Taala Nicola Kenobi, he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the macaque were in the UK Allah Allah, Allah, Allah in Wakanda hola como el and some of the low Alison can hook him shadow

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the Prophet Mohammed Ali Sosa then

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he had the best of memories and the best of manners and this is the month with by one should rectify that manners there there they are more conduct their moral Yani the luck.

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The Prophet Mohammed sauce on a lot of social testifies in the Quran that he was, he had the best of moral conduct, the best of manners Salama lucilla more in the Quran, Allah Allah can have a great moral conduct Salalah you said them and how she described the Prophet Mohammed Aslam cannot follow his prologue was that of the end meaning as if he's called and walking on earth some of the land uses them for kafer he

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talked about a

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hell and

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my nurse either bedside either state

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cafe How are you? Hello How are you? You know your manners? How do you deal with others? Because here's the Muslim oma we have this great problem. It's a big problem. You know that a lot of people in fact, even though sometimes will you think they are, you know, islamically inclined, but they're like, morals. They like manners. Sometimes Sometimes the way you speak to chef sometimes the way you speak to Ireland sometimes you do we use the speak to the parents. They're like manners of Panama. And

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you might find one the half an election there he doesn't have the whole cover.

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So what's the point?

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Here you're fasting and then you get angry?

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For the little things it's okay to get angry but how do you manage your anger? Does the problem if you don't know how to manage your anger so how do you unlock

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a vocal minimus listen Yamaha piano a hacer lo que la carrera salatu salam

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minimus GCM Oh pm. So come

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the closest amongst the who will be next to me and they have judgment the Prophet Mohammed he says are those who have the best of manners so having the best of manners will earn you the closeness to the Prophet Mohammed Salah law you said

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good manners with elders good manners with your spouse good manners with your kids good manners with your would your parents good manners with your friends you know showing the smiley face

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helping one another and whatnot just a whole lot.

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So inshallah tada would it how do you feel but we still need to carry on, you know, talking a little bit more about this amazing, you know, topic of heslin HELOC because this is something that will in fact put lots of weight in your deeds. Just puts lots of weight into deeds. I want to talk some more about it. Michelle lozada. And another episode of rocket Ramadan. 2016 I say so that mighty cosmic light either