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Rahim hamdulillah Hello beta alanine,

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salat wa salam ala sherfield a va with mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Steven cathedra.

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Neeraj, two very important matters to keep in mind and think about one is

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Allah subhanaw taala zero and laserLine in sunny la masa in zero the measurement loss manager said that for a human being or a person, there is nothing other than what he works for

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a laser Lillian zani Eliezer

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and then in the Hadees in Dinwiddie

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and Abdullah, even your boss or of your loved one whom I call going to hell for rasool Allah is Allah Allahu Allah He was a llama Yeoman

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for call ya Willem in knee all while Limerock kalimat in their father Allah ha yeah for look for the Allah ug who do jack

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either salad first hola hola. What either standard first time biller wylam And Mel uma the low each term are our two hola Yun verruca B che in LA Ambien for Olga Ellerbee Shane cuttable la hulak We're in each tomorrow Allah I do ruca che

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che in La mujer de roca, Ellerbee che Yun kata kata of Allah who are Lake roofie at a club where Jeff foot sort of

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on the authority of the local neighbors

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who said I was one day riding behind my Salem on the same month so he was on the same camel or horse behind also nicer Salah and Abdullah one was at that time when maybe nine years old or 10 years old. So it was a small boy. He was holding the reveal a Salah and sitting there and

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and as soon as I saw him said to him, whoa, young man. I will teach you some words of advice. Some words of wisdom.

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He said remember Allah be mindful of Allah and Allah will protect you.

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Remember Allah be mindful of Allah and you will find him in front of you.

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If you ask Allah, ask Allah only Allah, Allah or not make sherek with that.

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If you need help, seek help only from Allah, not from anybody's and know that if all the nations all the people of the world were to gather together to benefit you with anything, they would not benefit you with anything except what Allah has already written for you.

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And if they were all together together to dry to harm you with anything that will not be able to have you except with what Allah has already prescribed against you.

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The pens have been lifted and the pages have dried.

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And this is a say Hadees in the remedy. Now, question is

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I told you and I have the Quran

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also the last thing for a person is whatever he works for,

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and then there is Hadees in theory which is saying that nothing will happen except what.

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So, there is a tendency to believe that there is a contradiction that there is some extra laugh by in the lietaer Quran.

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Hadith another week has a hotter laser after

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al Hadees

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Hua tertiary whole idea, what have Cyril I gave.

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There is no it appears as if there is a difference between the eyes and the Hadees. Here is Allah is saying you can have whatever you like and the resource that you cannot have whatever you like whenever whatever, only a little while.

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So there seems to be a contradiction, but there's no contradiction.

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On the contrary, the Hadees is actually the tertiary the tafseer or the explanation of the eye. How

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in our Aqeedah in a fiddle to Islam, Takeda Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah

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cada Allahu Allah Allah syro general washer mineral Kedah know Elijah, we ability

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that both the good and the bad in the other are from Allah's Valtor these are rocky.

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Now we believe that the other we have that what Allah has given us FTR is not absolute FTR but it is limited control over our lives.

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There are things in which we have been given control and there are things in which there is no control. For example, Allah subhanaw taala gave us control over what we put into our mouths.

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If I want to eat something, I can eat it.

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Once it goes inside me, whether this thing will do benefit or harm, I have no control.

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Right? To give you a physical example, if I'm diabetic, and there is this fantastic you know, whatever you want to call cheesecake or for the this is this whole bowl of fabulous golden Gulag jamones with six inches of sugar syrup, imagine it the 14 drop down was a drink the shivers

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I actually have a friend who did that

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then what will happen

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then you go into shock and you are in hospital or you are in the

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Surgeon General's after that

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no going to once it goes on said so but it is there I mean if if I want to eat like nobody could Nobody can stop me.

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Similarly, spiritual benefits there is something which is haram. There is something which is doubtful may not be outright outright haram but there is some doubt but it is there in front of me if I want to eat I can eat it.

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But there what happens to my body? What happens to my dog after it that? For example, there is meat? I'm not sure that'd be here, North Korea.

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What would you do it?

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Make sure

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make sure somebody is yes hamdulillah no prorated?

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When if you are not sure or if it is not the via then

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hold it.

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But if I eat that meat, then what happens to Isola? What else do I do? Ah so Allah subhanaw taala gave some things in our control. And think about that Allah Subhana Allah gave us

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control over the most important things. For example, Allah subhanaw taala did not give us control over the extent of our duration of our life.

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Whether I will live for 70 years or 80 years or 50 years or 20 years, Allah did not give that in my control. Whatever Allah wrote,

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that is our that is how long I believe. But Allah gave me control over the quality of that life. Do I want to spend that life on my feet or do I want to spend their life in a wheelchair that is up to me?

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Right, you lavage alarmism, you can get some other problems. Generally speaking for most people, most old age, geriatric illnesses are a result of lifestyle choices. They're not they're not illnesses, they know the germs and what it is because of too much of eating too much of sedentary life, not enough exercise, you don't move. You eat all the wrong stuff you max out on carbs and sugars, there is a ending to that.

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The opposite there is another integration in our control. Allah subhanaw taala did not give in your control whether you will get married or not. The spouse is when the lie that Allah will give you if that is if that is your color, Allah will give you a wife will give you as well for the women. But how you make that marriage? Is it is that marriage going to be Jana in this world or Johanna in this world is up to

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Allah did not give children your control. When you have children not have children. Allah will you and Allah subhanaw taala mentioned that in the Quran.

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You have Olivia Jo Inasa where you have already Masha or Zuko Allah said to whom to whom we want we will give girls daughters to whom we want we will give sons to whom we want we will give both and do what we want we will give nothing so from Allah Samantha, but once you have children,

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will you raise them as people who will be under the shade of the shade of Allah subhanho wa Taala on the day when there is no shade? Will you raise them in a way where they will make dua for you day and night after you die that you should be in the in Jannah whether you will whether you raise them as chill

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to know who will be southern Nigeria or whether you will raise them in a way where they become bandits and their armor will come to you as a cover is up to

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you it's up to

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you of choice both.

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wealth Allah did not give that quantum of wealth whether you will earn a million dollars whether you will earn $50 million, whether you will earn a billion dollars or this Allah did not give in you are going to this Allah will decide quantity but whether you will earn it in honorable ways and spend it in honorable places and do good for yourself

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that wealth whether you will use the wealth to earn Jana or Jana in your control

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Allah gave it into our control to write Jana or Jana both places the salsa Allison said when he went in Mirage he may deploy militia army rivalries and I'm say to him Jana tell you aroma he said tell you aroma yeah Mohamed salah, hurry salah. The agenda is like a flat plane like land, very fertile land. Everything will grow beautiful land, but there is nothing there.

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There is nothing there. You have to plant till you aroma plant your gardens.

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In general, what is that? What are the trees is Jana Subhanallah is a tree in Jana Alhamdulillah is a tree in Jannah Allahu Akbar is a tree in Jana La ilaha illallah is a tree engine.

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So when we sit for example after after for Salah and also in the morning and in the night the does we fatty me which we read 33 times one another design calendar Allah 33 times Allahu Akbar think about that and say these are 33 trees in Jana I'm planting do it with SS do it with with knowledge do it with the awareness not just Bryce Wallace will

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pronounce probably Soham Allah Subhan Allah Subhana Allah No need to hurry where is the hurry? If there is no sukoon if there is no chain if there is no you know Sabbath and peace even in the Zeger of Allah way will it be with Allah Subhana Allah What did you say? Hola, Abby, Zicree la heeta to my indoor colo, he said that in the rigor of online remembrance of Allah there is it when our local, so if our pullovers noise were not even in the Zeger of La then where to find it.

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So, this peaceful Sahara Allah Subhanallah Subhanallah Subhanallah Subhanallah Subhanallah that is six trees in Jannah in sha Allah

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and what is the size of a tree in general there is a lesser object the tree in Gemorah will be so big that a person on a race horse galloping if he gala for 70 years he will not be able to cover the shade from one end to the other. Imagine the shade of the circumference he is going the diameter he's not talking about circumference said supposing is a circular shade is going across the diameter which is less than a second press the diameter a person galloping on a fast horse will not be able to cover that diameter in 70 years.

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How big is the tree we just planted six okay. So easy in our control.

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So let us understand focus on that which is our control which Allah has given us. So when Allah is saying therefore what is the theory of this is this hadith the meaning while I lay Sally Lindsay Lavasa manga Yanni

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fee war in which Allah has given us control in those for you is only what you work for.

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It is not absolute

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the things in your control

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in that Illamasqua

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but thing which are not in our control not arrogant so I don't have control over the extent of my life but what is in my control how do I manage my health in this I will have as much as I do.

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So if I exercise if I if I watch my diet and if I don't abuse your I don't drink and I don't smoke and I don't do drugs and I don't always know Hyundai like good for me.

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This will show benefit because in Laguna

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so a laser for what laserLine insanely Lamaze

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refers to the things which are in our control in those things, I will have as much as I work for. We ask the last rider to help us to

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work hard because remember the thing which ALLAH given our control is by the purpose of our existence in our control.

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What more can you ask right now control?

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How much you want to worship? What is the level of Osho? What is the level of dedication? What is the level of awareness of Allah's right and everything in our control? We ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to do that which is pleasing to Him and to save us from that which is not pleasing, or salaallah Ananda we'll get him on and he was a member of Tikka