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whatever Yeah Give me like five seconds

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you become the five

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okay sisters, you can come to the front room, if you'd like to the left side of the room

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all right salam ala craft Allah barakato Smilla Han Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Hill. I mean, while he was talking to his mind about

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we're doing the life of a tomato dilemma and who and basically five points from the life of a tomato villa on hold. And just to get it out there, we're not going to do the murder of Earth Mandevilla for a couple of reasons. Number one, every time we do it, it's actually very, very sad. His mother was very, very sad, very heartbreaking.

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He was very oppressed, it was just

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and usually when when we do the murder of Earth man, typically there will be people crying in the room and, and so one I didn't want that amount of sadness tonight. That's one, two.

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From my end, every time I talked about the thought of the law and who we ended up going through the murder, and and there was more to life than just the murder. See,

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people think people had a wonderful time during the reign of Abu Bakr for two years and then 10 years during the reign of Amara was wonderful. And then turmoil starts at the reign of Earthman and actually couldn't be further from the truth. So buckaroos Halima two years boobook Amara for 10 years, this man was the Khalifa for both their time periods put together. He was a policeman for 12 years. Now, the first 10 years there was not a single problem whatsoever. So the first 10 years of his Khilafah were equivalent to the love of Abu Bakr and Omar, in which there is no turmoil, no problems whatsoever. Then in the last two years, the turmoil starts and it starts with someone who

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saw the strength of Islam and recognize that we that he can only destroy it from the inside then pretended to be a Muslim, and then he would go to a Kufa to Al Basra to Egypt to different cities, trying to find some people who have hatred, hatred towards Tamara Delano. And who does he gather, who made Ignizio the lava tube and there were highway robbers there were people who with known criminal history and basically starts to fester. This attitude and hatred towards Earth model Delano. Muslim empire is huge at the time, you can easily see we're already talking about

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The fitna with Mr. Muslim empire is huge at the time, can you find 1000 people? Who that you can persuade to, against to rise up against Earth man and demand a new Khalifa? Yeah. So he, he brought people out from Egypt, from from Iraq from different parts of the Muslim empire, disguised as

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a judge who's had season, because if you have an army marching towards Medina, people are going to pay attention and prepare to counter them or to stop them. But if they're disguised as her judge, they can travel, you know, as Hajaj and no one would would be suspicious of them.

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Anyways, what we're trying to say is that it was towards the last towards the end of his of his time, that the fit and started so yeah, the first 10 years there were no problems. And and then all the accusations that were brought against them. They had a delegation that went out and investigated all of them, and came back and said, We don't find any of this stuff to be true.

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So he wasn't doing anything wrong. These are a bunch of troublemakers. What is sad is that

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for a lot of generations of like, our older Muslim generations, when they when they studied this portion of history in school, they studied it.

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Through this book written by a Coptic Christian, he we allowed this man to write the most sensitive part of Islamic history. And he basically framed the whole

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conflict amongst the Sahaba as nothing but a fight over the dunya fight over Khalifa over the seat of power and completely change the story. So you will find some older generations they they believe some bad things about if man they believe that he did show favoritism towards his family members that he was unfair a little bit and saying all kinds of nasty things about him, not realizing that he was the third best man after the profits awesome. It can't be he's the third best man after the problem. And it has all these bad things about him as well. Which bad things that you claim you don't have. So you will be better than him. This doesn't make any sense. And people went through

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different. This was not planned. But

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people went through different stages, the Muslim ummah went through some crazy stages concerning right after the fifth and the battles between the Muslims, the Companions, that in that early generation, people would always ask, Oh, who side? Were you on? Who was right? Or Alia, or IE, whose side were you on? And they would want you to take aside or want you to critique what happened. Even though this is not the attitude of the believers, we don't critique what happened. And the problem indicated to us that both groups were upon the truth, but one group was closer to the truth. This was really wonderful about the Hadith. Anyways, even until the time of Imam Abu Hanifa Rahim Allah,

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there used to be a man in in his city, who used to say the amount of the law and who was a Jew at that point. And at that point,

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people would come to you and say, What do you think of the two men and they mean Ali and Mao like that? It was that casual you have to pick sides and decide that. So this managed to say it was not at all and it was a Jew. So Imam Abu Hanifa hemella wanted to teach this man and listen. So when he got dressed up and everything and went to visit this man, the man opens the door. He's so amazed and surprised that the Mufti of the city is here to visit him personally. Someone that he doesn't know on a personal level and he's coming here to see him what a big shot. So he welcomes him and he's so pleased to have him. So emo Hannover tells him Touka however, I come to you, as a matchmaker, Yanni,

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someone I have someone for your daughter, to the man is so happy welcome. So obviously, the move is going to bring someone amazing for me. So he tells him, the man has this wealth and he knows this and he has good manners and he mentions all these qualities, but he has a flaw he has a so the man is so happy with the first description. He says Rabina b He will be IB we are we are pleased with him. We accept him with his fault. Ma Masekela bring him with his law. What you describe the wealth and the other bundle that we accept him he has a flaw, what could it be honey vetoes him? Well, this law is he's a Jew.

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So the man was shocked and upset. He said, You want me to wet my daughter, my Muslim got to a Jewish man. And he said, why not? The prophets of salaam gave both of his daughters to a Jewish man, meaning with matter the law and marrying. So you see the indirect Dawa here or maybe quite direct and the man was quiet. And he apologized and he made us too far and never ever bad mouth or smart or the law until after that. And the last thing I'd like to add. So basically I'm trying to say why do

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Why do people have this almost a negative image of the color of Earth man. And we said one people focusing on the, on the turmoil part of it and not and very little focus on the good part of it the first 10 years. And the second thing because of how, depending on where you studied or grew up, the books of history were distorted

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or heard they were written by during this time period. And then the other thing

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is that also the, the, the, the period of history of the Omega dynasty was written during the time of the Abbasids, who hated the omegas who actually overthrew it and hated the Omate. So they used to put all kinds of blatant lies in the history books against the Omega. They said, I'll give you one example and this is the most extreme one, that on the way to the Battle of Safin. So Maori are the Allah on who is leading his army, to meet the army of ally, the Battle of Safin on the way to Safin. Now you're not alone and who led his army on June on Juma prayer on Wednesday.

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He led them on Juma prayer on a Wednesday morning. Of course, impossible, impossible complaining will actually forget a companion and you don't need to be anybody to not to go to church. On Sunday, on a Tuesday, any Muslim, non Muslim, nobody does that. But this is the kind of blatant lies are out there concerning this time period in history. And there are books that are specifically concerned with cleaning up this period of Hadith in this time period of history for those who are interested

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in the Imam Ibn Al Arabi, al Maliki, if nelarabine. Maliki, who has a book I'll ask him, and I'll cover some and which was also

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translated into English, you can find in English, it's called, I think in English, they call it defense against disaster. And basically the book is concerned with just authenticating the body during this dangerous time period. So the good news is the work has been done, it is cleaned up. And we're the only firm on the planet that can actually go through any part of their history and authenticate and narration or not. While other nations can't do that. They just tell you, you know, so and so said this, or this leader said that but okay, who was there with him and heard him say that and who heard it from that person who is the eyewitness, and so on. And so they don't have

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changed. They don't have narratives. They don't have ways of authenticating but we do with that looks stuck. So it was a bit long, but it's again, it's a story where there's a lot about it, so we got to clear it up. So his name is arithmetic, not a fan a fan. His father was a wealthy trader, but he died in Jahangir before Islam. His mother was, was Ottawa been to craze ignore Robbie Habib Abdi jumps in abdomen of just so we can go back to see where he meets with the prophets of Salaam. Her mother was known as ohm Hakeem bint Abdul Muttalib Ignatian.

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So that means her mother was the maternal aunt of the prophets, Allah salah, right? Because she's the daughter of elder mattala. So she's the sister of Sophia and Barbara, the other answer the Prophet SAW Salem. So is he his relationship to the Salem through both both ways going high up this way too, from his father, and not too far this way through his mother.

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His mother actually accepted Islam, and even given the beta pledge to the Prophet SAW Salem and made the hedgerow to Medina so she accepted Islam early and in Mecca, and even made the hedgerow to Medina and she remained there and, and lived there until she died in the Khilafah of his of her son, and she died during the color Horace Mann probably Allah on him. Before his time, he was known as Abu Ammar after Islam. He married little clay here, the daughter of the prophets, Allah Salam, they had a son, his name was Abdullah. They say he lived to the year of two or six, two or six years old. And then a rooster packed his eye and it became infected and it became worse until he died as a

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result of that injury.

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he went actually made the two hedgerows he made the first Hijra to Abyssinia and then returned and made the second hedgerow to Medina. So he was of those people who made the two hedgerows big deal. And

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when he came back, so So around the time of budder he is his wife fell ill and that's why he didn't take part in the Battle of butter, but the process alum gave him the portions because but there wasn't a battle initially as we know, and the porcelain gave him the spoils of someone who took part in the Battle of butter. So when they came back, they just finished burying raffia Rhodiola Anna had the daughter of the Prophet SAW said that in the process lamb gives him his other daughter unconfirmed, unconfirmed, and of course we know that well. You're not allowed to combine two dogs

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was at the same time. So it's at the Hareem. That cut it's it's temporary. If she dies, Yanni

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it's permissible to marry the other one. Now, I'm consumed and also. So now he marries now, two daughters of a prophet. And he was became known because of that as though no rain the bearer of the two lights, and the scholars say he is the only man in human history to marry two daughters of a prophet said we don't know if anyone else was married to daughters of a prophet before. And Uncle film later on also dies. And the pro Selim said in a narration, if I had $40 a daughter's if I had $4, if I had $40. And he says to us, man, I would have wanted them to you one after the other. Yeah. And if every time I give you one of my daughters, she passed away, I would still give you the second

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one and the next and the next until none of them are left. Today, imagine and imagine someone has three daughters. One guy marries the oldest one, then she dies, you give her the second one? Or do you think who would even get them? Forget him? He's a jinx. He Jinx this guy. Now. He you know, killed the first one. But the boss of them says, we don't you know, we don't have this stuff we don't have. We don't become optimistic for no reason. We don't become pessimistic for no obvious reason.

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So and then after that, later on, the posts are smarter than the one who married.

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He married nine total meaning at different intervals. And at the time he was killed, he had

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ramela and now elemental for officer and Benny, and fatica. And Oberlin. He actually divorced at the time he was being besieged in his home. That's another story. He had nine boys, six girls total, his appearance.

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I just, it's always interesting. In our minds, we always imagine how people look like right.

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I think now after the Omar series, people now just are stuck with imagining Omar as that actors Omar, Abu Bakr is that actor who portrayed Abu Bakr

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but how would you imagine if mundo de la no to look, I suppose imagine to be very skinny, because it's shy, and everything is a very thin guy frail, you know, and you think it goes well with the personality of being the shy person. But he was actually neither tall nor short. He was handsome. And his color was like a wheatish complexion. So with a darker complexion,

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not a very white skinned person. And there are some of the Sahaba you would see they would describe them as being very white skinned. And then you will see later, you know, that's Arab Brown, if you want to call it or that wheatish or tan kind of look. And he had a, he had thick hair on his head and a thick beard. They described it as a healthy beard. So a thick beard, not a very thinning beard. Again, in my mind, I just imagine he had a long, thin beard like that, but no one had a thick beard. And he was big boned. There's not a skinny guy or a small frame, who is big boned. He had a big, big frame, and wide shoulders, you know, when you hear his description, being frail and so on.

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You have to be always when you see descriptions of companions, sometimes you're looking at a description at his old age. So you see the description of the man or the loved one who that was sitting reading the Quran and looking frail and, and this an old man that's later on. And here, this is what he looked like, for the most part. Are you here that this companion you know, was extremely bold, had no hair, but that's later on, he became bald like that. And later on, he would dye his hair yellow, he would dye it yellow, so wouldn't be old, white, fleshy white, but they the yellow, and he was of the most handsome of people lots of narrations from different companions talking about

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how he was the most handsome of people, or that how the President said to him confirm that your husband resembles your ancestor Ibrahim Ibrahim the father was married Iceland, Abraham, a prophet, and your father Muhammad more than anyone else. That was he resembled them in that sense. So

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and he of course was of the earliest to become Muslims. The Scholars say he was the fourth man to become Muslim. So after Abu Bakr, Ali invaded Haifa, with Marco de la, he was a friend of the pasilla even before even before Islam, he knew the problem problem knew him. He did not consume alcohol. He never bowed down to an idol. Now you You always hear when people talk about earlier or the Allahu Anhu they say Ali Karim Allah Hua Ali Allah honored his face, on his face from ever prostrating down to an idol. But the scholars say to say this about Ali specifically is not correct, because there are many examples of companions who never made to do to idols, including Abu Bakr

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radiallahu anhu, including arithmetic, not fun, they never made to do to an idol and Allah

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Did honor the faithful never prostrating to an idol? But we don't say that. So where did this come from Allah Who would you come in, in particularly, and in particular in relation to Ali? It's from the Yeah, it's from the influence of the Shia trying to always magnify Ali or the Allah Allah.

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So he never prostrate to an idol. He never consumed alcohol. He was honest, even before Islam. And that's why he he was one of those that were targeted early on. So early on Dawa was done in secret, and it was top secret people think that the arrow or that was in secret. You were calling people in public but conversing with them and teaching them secretly? No, it was top secret. Everything was top secret. No one was aware of the data that was happening in the city. They just knew in general that there was something called the slam happening, but no one was aware of public that was top secret. And

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I don't want to go off topic too much, but it's a really nice narration of a man by the name of Amber. Alba. Americana opposite of the Allahu Anhu came and met the pro Salam and he took his shot they became Muslim. Then he asked the Prophet Allah mark, who's with you. In this deen and the pro Salam said hello Ron robbed a free man and honestly if a free man would be above work, the slave would be below

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so sometimes you hear speakers say this shows you how early on I'm Ruben obviously became Muslim, there were only the pro Salam, Abu Bakr and Bilal who are Muslim. But when you think about it, there was never a time when it was just a book on beta true or false. And it before beta or the low on there was Z didn't hide. There was a live Nebuta lip there was Khadija the daughters of the Prophet Allah, what were they? So it wasn't that early on. But it was during the The Scholars say there were 60 Muslims at the time.

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But the proselyte didn't want to disclose his numbers. I'm looking obviously became Muslim, but I don't know who you are. I don't know if you talk too much. I don't know if you are not good at keeping secrets. I'm not going to tell you three years of my efforts I'm just going to let you know any expose all my I don't know cards I didn't want to game reference there but right. So

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yeah, so the process I'm answered another question. He said Who's with you? He means in this Dean. But the problem answered the other question Who's with you physically and physically who was with him? I will work on biller. So use that question to answer his other question. He's not going to expose his numbers. And the many lessons we take from that even in negotiating in sales. You never disclose how much money you have. Or right. You never show all your cards right? You go into to buy furniture and the guy tells you how much are you looking to spend, sir, if you told him 5000 Guess what he'll show you a set that was just reduced to 499 99

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one set below what you said you never expect disclosed. You say Well, let me see what you have. Anyways, the point is

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it when you when you examine the the earliest Muslims, you'll find a number of things. One, they had a relationship with the Prophet Salam or Abu Bakr, not just through blood, but they knew him before or after, or they knew before Islam, they liked each other, they had some kind of rapport. And they were people of good manners that the President said here, configure Helia or configure Islam the best of you and you really are the best of you in Islam, with exceptions of course. Okay.

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Yeah. And really lots and lots of Hadith on the excellence of tomorrow the Law No, but let me look to start our five points.

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Number one, one of the one of the moments that were smarter the last one who stood out was the preparation of the army have to book the Battle of the will comes at a time that's difficult.

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little money, it's about the time of harvest, they're just about to harvest the dates Medina, Ian's are farmers. So you know that you have your supply, you have your wealth from your harvest, and then it starts to decrease until the next harvest. So this is almost the time of the next harvest. So you can see people's money funds decreased, but I had a difficult time. One. The second difficult thing is that if I leave and to book is two months, if I leave now, when my dates are just getting ripe, they're going to get ripe and stay up on the trees while I'm gone. And they're going to drop on the ground and birds are going to pick at them and eat them. So I'm also going to lose my wealth for

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maybe the majority of the next year or a big amount of the season. So that's another another thing that was a lot of pressure for for the the army for the people to go out. And it was also a very hot time and they were also supposed to meet the Eastern Byzantine Byzantine empire that assassin so the Christian Arabs at the time who were had a hell of had to say to Hello

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Nam, a juggler who are aligned with the the Eastern Roman Empire. So it's severely outnumbered, severely outnumbered something like over 10 to one you know. So it was difficult to go out at this time. And now the porcelain needs to build up this army for the battle the army of taboo and and that's why the prophet in the Quran is referred to as the army of distress beside a time of difficulty and distress. So the process of love now, just like we do fundraising is now you can always imagine this was a fundraiser at the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

00:25:37--> 00:25:45

This is not event where a robot could have bought or bought half of everything that he had, and his wife Jani, and this is where

00:25:47--> 00:26:29

everything that he had remember all his wealth, and others would come? Some would bring just a little bit. That's all they had, they would bring it and the hypocrites would make fun of them, and then others would bring Allah and the hypocrites would say, Look, they're just showing off. Even when you gave these people were critiquing what you were doing. So the person stood up and he said, Me you J is J Shula Austro with a whole Jana who will prepare the army of an extra distress difficulty, and for him will be L Jana. So it's maravilla on who got up. And he said, I will donate 100 camels be tarbiyah were halacha and 100. Camels ready to go. 100%, camels, range ropes,

00:26:29--> 00:27:12

everything you need. You just have to get on and go. Not like just camels and you find your own saddle and your own reins and ropes and all that 100% ready to go. So who will prepare the army of Lhasa and for him will be Elgin. Northman donated 100 Ready to go that down? Fundraising we need more Rustoleum said who will prepare the army of Ultra with a whole Jana and then Earth Mara Golan got up and he said what Allah Yeah, me. I will give another 100 Be octopi Hawa Allah say 100% ready to go. Then he sat down then the prostate lung needed more than a full Army Major. He's just a whole Jana with Mario Brown got up again and another 100. And it is narrated that he got up seven times

00:27:12--> 00:28:01

when narration says he got up 10 times. So like he bought a Jana seven times over or 10 times over by preparing for the Army overdose. And it wasn't even it didn't even end there. He also goes to the prophets of salaam with so it has said that not one also says 950 camels 50 and 50 horses, and then brings 1000 dinars and puts them into the garment of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And on top of that 1000 gold coins and he dumps it all into the lap of the prospect is garment like this. And the problem is sitting there. And he's looking at and he's sticking the coins in his hand like this. And he's just saying Ma, ma ma i mela Bedelia so nothing that man does after today will harm him.

00:28:02--> 00:28:03

He bought Jana for himself.

00:28:05--> 00:28:25

So what is what is beautiful is you see how he was constantly constantly using his wealth to get an agenda constantly. And we always use Earth Mandevilla and who have their 100 No Abubaker robola When we talk about using your wealth for the sake of Allah or being a successful businessman, so a quick lesson reminder here.

00:28:27--> 00:28:30

Let me start with a true story. A guy came to me

00:28:31--> 00:28:47

in one of the states he said I deal with this Muslim businessman, multimillionaire May Allah bless his wealth. He says the man just canceled a $35 million contract he was going to buy a chain of grocery stores. He said I just cancelled the whole deal.

00:28:48--> 00:29:07

Why is it because every time I go to the masjid, I hear the Imams talking about if you have wealth, you should be ashamed of yourself. If you are rich, not in those words, but to always make you feel ashamed if you have money. And then he said, The Imam said if you have a lot of money, you should not be working hard to gain more money. So the men cancelled the business deal.

00:29:08--> 00:29:16

And then ironically, at the same time when there's a fundraising event, and this millionaire walks in, the Imam is happy Hamdulillah He came

00:29:17--> 00:29:25

I'd make up your mind. Is his money good or dirty? Which one is it? The attitude we have towards wealth is very strange. And he secretly will all want it.

00:29:26--> 00:30:00

But publicly or only Billa money for Allah dollars or they will make although again, we behave like it's a dirty thing. There's one speaker is to always say two things. He says two things Muslims always misunderstand fun and money. If we have fun if you don't remember the ACA and if you have money out of the biller, and you we should leave this materialism of the dunya. And so the nice thing is the scholar says someone can be extremely wealthy and he can be Nottawasaga he can be humble also, and very wealthy. Be

00:30:00--> 00:30:41

Being humble doesn't mean living in the street, you can be a multimillionaire and humble. And we know people like that they still drive a moderate, good, good decent car, have a decent home, they don't come in with gold and diamonds everywhere. And they just take it easy on. And I always give the example of I don't know if he's the second richest man in the world, or the richest is always fluctuating. But Warren Buffett, if you just go home and Google his home, with his house, what it looks like, he's just a regular house down a regular street. And he's got a regular car, and he's a billionaire. So can a billionaire or a millionaire Be humble? Yeah, there's nothing wrong with with

00:30:41--> 00:31:18

the wealth eonni in and of itself. What is wrong is when it gets to you, and you're arrogant, and you're condescending, and that's the issue. But we always have this misunderstanding, you will find especially when people turn religious, have a bad attitude towards money. I want to um, I had to give a lecture and then the announcer is this young man. And he this was in the UK. And he was talking about how people who are running after business and wealth, and in studies in degrees, and look basically everything is useless now. But we were bad mouthing degrees, a young man to an audience of young men. So my whole lecture had to be correcting the introduction Yanni. So here's a

00:31:18--> 00:31:35

man who's wealthy, and he used his wealth to gain and Jana, and you can take anything with you to agenda to the next world. But you have to convert it into a currency that works in the next world through money. If I'm going to Pakistan, I'm going to change my dollars to rupees because it works. They work there.

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And same way I can take anything I want. I can take my car with me I can take my if I wanted, but I would convert it to a jury, which is the currency that works in that next slide. Right? So

00:31:48--> 00:32:29

we see someone who is a wealthy businessman, very smart, business minded. And he is using that wealth for the sake of Allah azza wa jal and the Prophet Musa appreciate when the wealthy companions supported the deen of Allah azza wa jal in one Hadith he said, and he basically he said when he was mentioning the the virtues of Obamacare, he said, No one's wealth has benefited me like the wealth of a worker, or workers wealthy, up to 112 was a millionaire by our standards. And he was using his wealth for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and no narration ever that a companion gave him a dirty look upside down like this because he had money or anyone you know, moved away from him because he

00:32:29--> 00:32:53

had money. But just now mashallah guy has walked out with a biller, but secretly I wish I had. So anyways, so that was the first thing that he was a wealthy man a good businessman, and he's still used his wealth to buy in Jannah on many occasions, one of them will use as our second point for today is when he bought the will of Roma

00:32:55--> 00:33:34

different narrations but 111 says that that this there was a man from bunny defar who owned this Well, other say was a Jewish man his name was Roma and he owned the well and he used to charge people a lot of money so if you want to get some water from his well, you would give him a mud two handfuls of days of barley of wheat just to dip in his well once he was charging people a lot of money but he had the water in the area he controlled the water. So let's not rely on hope and you will find narrations with with different amounts of money and they could be converted them to dinars. Versus

00:33:35--> 00:34:16

I mean, Durham's dinar has 12 one gold dinar has 12 Silver drums anyways, so as one goes to buy the world from the guy the guy says I'll sell you the world's for 50,000 gold dinars 50,000 Gold dinar for this man said, How about this I don't want to buy the whole thing. I'll buy half of it. How do you buy half of a well easy you use it on one day I use it the other day that's how you buy half a well you use it on your day and I use it on my day you cannot use it on my day I own it this that's how you break it in half you don't like separate the water anything. So the man agreed to how much we will sell me half the well they agreed for 12,000 So he wanted 50,000 Now by half for 12 Now what

00:34:16--> 00:34:47

happens now when Earthman owns this well and the person who said Who by the well of Roma and well the whole agenda and he will have an agenda by the way sometimes also referred to as aroma if you want to look it up. So this man goes to buy it he buys half of it. Now the guy now he used to overcharge people how much do you think he's going to charge people on his day? Nothing because it was man said on my days free see what happened? So now nobody is coming to him on his day. So now he comes to us manglik now so you the other

00:34:49--> 00:35:00

all right what do you want to sell me the other half of your worthless well I don't really need it I've got half of it. Which means I use it what however I want on my day. What do I need the other half for? But so they get the guy ends up selling

00:35:00--> 00:35:29

Get for 8000 Durham's. It's 1000, silver Durham's, and maybe maybe I messed up it was Durham's, not dinars. But from 50,000 He paid 12 And now he comes back says okay, just give me 1000 dirhams silver and Iceman gives it to him so he got it for 20 The whole thing the guy wanted 50 initially smart businessman, but agenda again for the second time, did something with his wealth for the Muslim ummah. There's a narration where the man tells him that he the man wanted 100,000

00:35:30--> 00:36:14

Silver Durham's and it was man paid it to him and he said, What is more beloved to you? The guy thought he tricked him like what is more beloved 200,000, silver Durham's are the weld and Earthman immediately said the well I'm getting this, then women children, my brothers, the prophets will drink from this world, and I'm buying a Jana with it, what's 100,000 anything if I'm buying a Jana with it? Alright, so that was our second story. The third is something very, something popular that or someone is popular for and that is his hire. He was very money and hire is doesn't have a direct English word. It's a combination of being shy, modest, bashful, and it has self respect in it also,

00:36:14--> 00:36:25

that's why there is no word for it in English, because he has self respect. Because we have higher in front of in front of Allah than in front of people and in front of yourself also, even when you're alone.

00:36:26--> 00:36:26


00:36:28--> 00:37:06

the the famous story is that the prostate limb was sitting and with a boubakeur, or who was sitting in his thigh was uncovered so they could see part of his thought. Now well, Booker entered the prostate and remain seated in the same position. And then Omar entered and porcelain was seated in the same way. And then when this man came to enter the prostate lung, pulled the garment over his thigh like that. So he was asked, Why did you do that with this man and not with Obachan. And he said, Should I not be shy, it should not have high up in front of a man that the angels have higher in front of. So he had so much higher that the angel used to have higher in front of him and

00:37:10--> 00:37:14

from his higher is that he would not completely remove his clothing to bathe at home.

00:37:16--> 00:37:52

Because he's always aware that Allah is watching him. So when it was time to shower, he couldn't completely remove its clothing so he would pour water over himself when he's still wearing some kind of clothing couldn't be completely uncovered in front of Allah Zoja and that's being God conscious aware that Allah azza wa jal is watching also will Musa luxury villa and you would keep bending his back like this and to cover himself when he is bathing, aware that Allah azza wa jal is watching. So a number of interesting things, the prostate limb is sitting and his thigh is uncovered. And the prostate limb said In another Hadith, that what is between the navel, the belly button,

00:37:53--> 00:38:35

between the navel and the knees is a our, our need to cover it like a private part. And we're not going to go in depth for sure because Jacqueline's about to do this soon. And shallow it is, on the Wednesday class, he's going to break it down in detail is the new part of the hour or not, and so on. But the Malik is gave a nice breakdown, they said, it can't be that the thigh is part of the IRA, the private parts, and yet the porcelain uncovered his thigh. So they came up with a nice explanation, they broke the private parts into two parts, and our animal lover will our al Maga and our mother Mother would be the serious one or the major one. I don't know what the direct official

00:38:35--> 00:39:15

translation would be, but like the major and we know which one that is, right. So that's the major one. And then the other one has to be of lesser seriousness, otherwise, why would the problem uncover it? And a lot of acceptance explanation that it is something that should be covered, but if it if it's uncovered is not as serious. And then of course, there are five different things on the knees, are they part of it or not? And some go into linguistics and this what the show is going to do is going to go into it linguistically. When either in a rock button until the knees does that either include the knees or not. And, and there are some scholars who believe the knees are not part

00:39:15--> 00:39:53

of the hour. So the navel the private parts are bordered between the navel and the knees, does not include the knees, and they say it doesn't include the navel either. And if your belly button shows, it's not the outer what's below it is our if your knees show is not our what's above your knees. You don't pray with that. So somebody comes to the masjid and his knees show. What happens? And by the way, feel free to disagree. It's filthy and it's not up to them. Feel free to disagree. Okay, but yeah, I'm very much on if the knees show, hollows the knees show, let the guy pray. What happens? They kick him out of the Masjid. It just happened here and click the other day. There was a guy

00:39:53--> 00:40:00

talking in the office then when it was time for a time I couldn't find them asked the guy where is he though because he's wearing shorts. T shirts were fine. He's

00:40:00--> 00:40:06

His knees were showing not his thigh. Now here's the thing when someone comes in his knees are showing in the message what do we do?

00:40:07--> 00:40:16

We start giving him looks and and your knees and we pointed his knees so much that what does he do? He pulls down to cover his knees

00:40:17--> 00:40:22

and covering what? The full moon any more more

00:40:23--> 00:40:33

more serious bursaries just to let people pray. I don't know him. Like I said, I don't want to I don't want to overstep. Let's check Willie the, let's just call it break it down.

00:40:34--> 00:40:38

Now, we're not going to be long. I'm going to do the last two quickly. Okay.

00:40:40--> 00:41:20

Stay stay, we're staying on the on the higher one. It's so powerful. And the President said, and higher layer t level higher, meaning higher only brings that which is good. Only good comes out of hire. Always remember this, no matter what the situation is always remember, hire only brings good. Nothing bad's gonna come out of hire. Hire, by the way has nothing to do with being timid, allowing people to trample over your rights we're not talking about that has nothing to do with it. Being modest, and self respecting, and shy and bashful, has nothing to do with not taking the initiative, grabbing the life by the horns, all this stuff people say has nothing to do with that.

00:41:21--> 00:41:27

So hire only brings good doesn't bring any bad, only good. Now, here, look at this now,

00:41:28--> 00:41:56

the issue of the law. And this is a famous story of the height of Ayesha, when she said that when the person was buried in her room, because it was her room. She said I would be relaxed about what I would wear. And I would say it's my husband. Then I will Volker was buried in there. And I would say my husband and my father. So I was relaxed about what I wore. And then when Omar was buried in there a bit of Elon, he said I couldn't be comfortable with what I work. And I would always be covered up out of high up from Alma,

00:41:57--> 00:42:25

out of high up from Oman. Now what if one of these, you know new people come and they tell you, I don't like this narration. This doesn't make any sense to me. And Roma are low on who number one, he's not even alive. Okay, so he's passed away. Number two, even if you were alive, he's under the ground. So he's passed away, and he's under the ground. He cannot see her. And we know that for a fact. And yet she has hired from someone who can't even see. So I have issues with that based on logic. But

00:42:26--> 00:43:06

the Arlindo logic lets you forgetting what the problem said. And higher layer in higher only brings good. So how can we defend this position? One of the beautiful things is that higher is a quality you want to have here. All right. So suppose I have my best friend, and he has a higher, that doesn't make logical sense. All right, let's, for lack of a better term, let's say something similar to this situation. This doesn't make any sense. Why do you have higher here, he can see you, he's not even alive. And so I argue with my friend until I remove that higher from his heart. And He does whatever he does, what I really did is I removed something very valuable, and something that only

00:43:06--> 00:43:43

brings good and ejected out of his heart. You see what I'm trying to say? Like even even if I have hired that doesn't make sense. When it's mixed with hire, that makes sense. That's the amount of hair I have in my heart. If you remove the hair, that doesn't make sense, because it doesn't make sense to you. You've still decreased higher and my what I'm trying to say is don't argue with people leave that good quality in their heart. It's a it's now even a rarity. Even so right. And right now having high it's so rare now anyways, let alone I'm going to try to remove it because I don't like the logic behind your hire. Leave it because it only brings good keeping that heart who will use it

00:43:43--> 00:43:49

for when it's logical. Makes sense. Yeah. Long night, let me let me move on faster.

00:43:50--> 00:44:31

And then the last thing would hire is a beautiful, powerful, powerful, where the porcelain said what has come down to us what has been preserved from the sayings of all the prophets before either limb test the heat first nah, nah, *. If you have no higher than do as you please. One explanation of the hadith is that it's saying, If being ashamed, if ashamed in front of Allah will not stop you. And if being ashamed in front of people that won't stop you, and you're not ashamed in front of yourself, then do as you please, nothing can stop you. And isn't that what we see today around us? Someone has no hair in front of Allah and no hair in front of people. What can stop this individual?

00:44:32--> 00:44:59

What can stop them? They talk about whatever they want. They say all kinds of embarrassing things in front of people because they have no hair. Nothing will stop. That's one explanation of the Hadith. The other explanation some scholars said this hadith is a threat. It's saying, Do as you please if you're going to Hell do as you please. And you will pay for it. The threat actually think first not my *, do what you want. But you'll pay for it with Allah Zulu. It's reminding you that you will have to pay you have to meet Allah azza wa jal with it

00:45:00--> 00:45:11

And it's really, really powerful. But it also shows you how higher we'll stop all that. And last thing I promise, but it's so powerful also, problem described that Eman is 70 Odd branches. How long have we been speaking?

00:45:13--> 00:45:53

Oh, so we went over an hour. Okay. All right, so 70 Odd branches, the highest of them the branches of ima, oh Lu La ilaha illallah, the lowest amount of thought and authority to remove an obstruction or something harmful from the road. So we've got the lowest we've got the highest, and it's 70 Odd there and in many branches, then the porcelain just gives one example of the branches will hear when higher sort of an EMA and higher is one of the branches of EMA, to so many branches. And it just gives one example it's also law and that's higher. Why not give me other? Why just higher, why is higher to give us an example, the scholar said because it's the one quality that if you have it, you

00:45:53--> 00:45:54

will have all the rest.

00:45:55--> 00:46:15

If you have higher, you will have Taqwa of Allah. If you have higher you will have certain because you will don't want to lie. If you have higher you will have this you will have all of them. That's why the problem, just use that one. And it gets you to think about when the person uses an example how carefully thought out it is, isn't it? Not just as an example he gave, he gave a perfect example. Make sense?

00:46:16--> 00:46:45

190 Allah let's finish up number four. And this is the first one the people of fitna these highway robbers, these misfits, they came and they besieged the city of Medina, they've got their swords out, they don't allow anyone to carry a sword so far be it from the Sahaba to put together an army quickly. They're already watched, and they're not allowed to carry a sword. Are they gonna gather an army while they're in the midst of these people? So they're completely in control of Medina.

00:46:46--> 00:47:04

And what do they do while they're in control of the city, they lead the Salah, usually, the Emir of the Khalifa leads the Salah, but now he's besieged in his home, they're not letting him out. And they're leading the Salah, and you know, these are highway robbers. They know who they are, you know, this guy was whipped for stealing, and this guy was for that. And so

00:47:06--> 00:47:43

you don't want to pray behind these people, for the companions went to Earth man in his home. And he said, These people were an integral control of the city. They're also leading us in Salah, should we pray behind them or not? And what is it, it's not of the law and Jose, he says, As long as the people are doing good, then follow them in that good. Of course, he didn't want to create Fitton. And he didn't want the Sahaba to be killed. He didn't want bloodshed in his name in the city, because he was told by the President specifically that he's going to be killed. He's going to be assassinated on a day. Well, he's where he's fasting. And he told him, the tribe of the person who's

00:47:43--> 00:48:19

going to do it, he knew everything about it. So he doesn't want unnecessary bloodshed in his name, he's gonna get killed anyway. But he's so fair that he says, Yeah, as long as you're doing good, follow them and that good, you're not following them and everything else in the revolts, but they're just leading salah, and you can follow them within the scope of that good. Today, when we disagree with someone, there is no good in them. Right? We disagree with someone, there's no good in them at all. And their Salah is invalid, and their children are ugly, and his dog is Everything about him is zero. Now, we don't give people any value anymore. Whereas before they can take the argument just as

00:48:19--> 00:48:57

far as it needs to go. I disagree with you on this issue. That's the only problem I have with you. Otherwise, I think you're an excellent person. You're a great believer, if you want to my my my sister, I will give her to immediately. They took it only as far as it needs to go. So I'll end this example with the Battle of Safin the most unique battle in human history. There will never be another one like it. During the day people are sincerely trying to kill each other. The battle is over. They go into each other's camps, and they have dinner and they talk and they pray. And they chit chat and they laugh. And then when it's time to go to sleep. Okay, see you tomorrow in the

00:48:57--> 00:48:58

battlefield. And

00:48:59--> 00:49:37

tomorrow, I'm trying to kill you again. Why? Because they could so clearly separate between the issue they had with you and all the other non issues. I only have one problem with you. You're on that side. You want to deal with the assessments of Earth man in this particular way. And I want to deal with them in this particular way. That's the only place where me and you differ. Besides that, I love you. You're my brother. I think you're a believer in Allah, Allah and His Messenger, salsa, love. I think you're righteous. I would want you to my daughter to my my sister. I don't have a problem with you. I only have one issue. And that's as far as it goes. Today. If I have one issue

00:49:37--> 00:49:54

with someone, I have a million issues with that person. I'm not fair to them. And no. community doesn't like one thing the Imam did. I never liked him from day one. And I never looked his hotel and just what do you have to take it so far? We're going to pass in the history in the future.

00:49:55--> 00:50:00

I don't like this color. Why? Don't take anything from him. Don't take anything for

00:50:00--> 00:50:16

Mmm, I'm talking about someone with good Aveda. And there's a famous scholar he gave to fatwas. People don't like very famous two photos. People really dislike these two photos. But they say, don't take anything from him. Why don't you say don't take these two photos from him? Because he says good things besides that.

00:50:17--> 00:51:07

But just being fair like that, if man was able to tell them, yeah, the salah they do, that's the only good thing they do. Follow them in the one good thing, don't follow them anything else? And just so nobody misunderstands. We're not saying pick a deviant guy and follow Him. In this aspect, no, these are the wise there was no issue. All right. And then the last one is just a very short, but it's strong. It's his farewell Hapa. All right, his farewell hope. So he comes up to the people of, of Medina, he and this is the last time he sees them last time they see him and he addresses them in a short speech. And it's just really nice. And the meanings are powerful in it. He tells

00:51:07--> 00:51:13

them that in Allah azza wa jal in nama are talking about dunya. He taught global Ashira

00:51:14--> 00:52:00

he says, Indeed, Allah has given you this dunya so that you can seek with it, the hereafter, the next slide, is not the case. And Allah azza wa jal gave us this dunya. So we can use it, everything in it, and our actions in it in our time in it, so we can win the next life, our wealth, he gave it to us. So we can do something with the next for the next life, or time, or health or worship, who can do something for the next life for Allah subhanaw taala Indeed, Allah has given you the dunya. So you can seek with it, the ACA or seek the ACA with it, and he did not give it to you so you can be attached to it. Indeed, the dunya fades away and the remains. And that's exactly how it is right.

00:52:00--> 00:52:08

So do not fool be fooled by that, which fades away, and don't let it divert you from that which remains.

00:52:10--> 00:52:15

So nice. So then he says, So prefer that which remains over that which fades away.

00:52:16--> 00:52:19

prefer that which you

00:52:20--> 00:53:07

prefer that which remains. And that's why Allah subhanaw taala says we're in the dark LAHIA doll Cara, the place of permanent abode, this world temporary, but the Accra is the place of permanent abode. And, and it wouldn't make sense to switch this temporary one at the expense of the permanent one doesn't make any sense. And that's why the prostate lamb very nicely said confit dunya can occur very soon our Iberostar will be in this world as if you're a stranger or a traveler. And the example is very nice and very accurate. Because why the traveler and I promise will go off to this, the traveler only takes what he needs for the journey. If I'm driving from from Euston to New York City,

00:53:07--> 00:53:48

I only take what I need for the journey. I take food, gas, right? I can even take the journey on a comfortable car. It doesn't have to. I don't have to go on Donkey back on a donkey. I can go on a luxury car. There's nothing wrong with that. I take what I need for the journey. But I don't take things that I don't need. And if I'm driving on the way and I stop at Tennessee, and there's a big sale on appliances for $1 What can I do with that brand new appliances? For $1? What can I do with this great sale? Absolutely nothing? I have a small car and as a traveler I don't need this for the journey. So what do I take an example so precise, the traveler takes what he needs. I see next exit

00:53:48--> 00:54:33

free food. Does that help me on my journey? Sure. I pull over. I see next exit free gas full tank. Does that help on the journey? Sure I stop and take that and so on a free upgrade next dealership stop and you upgrade your car to a brand new one. What do I do? I do it because it helps my journey. But free sofas. $1. Brand new set. I can't do anything. But if so, you can do the journey in luxury in a nice car. Like people think because of this hadith you have to live under a bridge somewhere No, live in a nice mansion. But you only take what you need for the journey. So this is part of the journey. The vehicle, you know the house anyways. So he's saying prefer that which remains or that

00:54:33--> 00:54:37

which fades for the dunya ends and the journey is to Allah.

00:54:38--> 00:55:00

Fear Allah. For Taqwa of him is a protection from his punishment, Taqwa of Allah as a protection from his punishment, and a way to him and beware of Allah was the era Yanni don't approach Allah sanctified place. Allah subhanaw taala said Don't come near this. Beware of that don't come near the sanctified places and stay with the GEMA stick with the gem

00:55:00--> 00:55:38

And don't become a sub groups and men and this is advice. We're so in need of and he's saying it to the ummah. And from that moment on until today it's turmoil true or false, true or false? turmoil. Yeah, well, there were some breaks. Few years here there but then turmoil again. So he says, Stay with the Jamal and don't become groups and mentioned the blessings of Allah upon you, as your enemy. So, so he united you from the verse from the Quran, he knows who united your hearts and you became through his blessings, brothers, and then he tells him to go out and to not offer any protection. And then he says, oh people of Medina, I bid you farewell.

00:55:39--> 00:56:09

And I asked Allah azza wa jal to give you a good Khalifa after me, and Allah will and He says, Well, Allah will not let anyone enter upon me after this day. Until Allah decrease his judgment. Nobody protect me. No one come to my defense. Not a single drop of blood will be shed because of me. So I'm going to my house and I'm going to stay there until I'm killed. That was the last hop but that was the last reminder with not with Elon who. I apologize for going so long for your staying and for your attentive listening. So Aloha, Baraka Hamid, Hassan Malik.