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Allah (SWT) Allowed Me to Reach Another Ramadan

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Bilal Philips

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Salam aleikum, my dear brothers and sisters.

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Allah is so merciful, that he has allowed us to reach another Ramadan. Over a year ago Allah cured me of the major effects of severe COVID-19 And Alhamdulillah. He permitted me to continue giving Dawa and spreading the dean, the deen of Islam through the medium of higher education at the International Open University, I owe you. Many of our friends and family didn't make it to this Ramadan will we live to see another Ramadan? Only Allah knows. So we need to strive today to carry out significant acts of worship in order to acquire the countless rewards which accumulate on our scales of good deeds while we're alive. And while we are in our graves, waiting for your milk, the

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the International Open University IOU has been changing 1000s and 1000s of lives for the better for over a decade. And we invite the Ummah to share in our barakah in our blessings. We welcome your assistance by helping us open and run new learning centers for poor scholarship students in Africa, as well as other developing countries around the world such as Fiji, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Papua New Guinea. This Ramadan, we are hoping to raise $200,000 To cover the setup and operational costs for new and existing centers for a year. So we're now offering a golden opportunity to 2000 special people chosen by Allah to earn along with us the great rewards of sadaqa jariya by giving only $100

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each. Remember that in this blessed month, rewards for our donations our good deeds will be multiplied 70 times, even 700 times and even 7000 times Subhan Allah, Allah will decide which multiple based on our intentions who can afford to miss out on such rewards. Certainly not us.

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Give today and change the lives of 1000s while earning beautiful, continuous charitable rewards desire como la Hara was Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh