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  • 14 centuries ago
  • The light comes in the depth of darkness
  • Ascendency
  • Small battle but huge impact
  • Paper revolution
  • World’s leading civilization
  • Rise of Europe
  • Printing press
  • Fall of islamic civilization
  • Today
  • What we learn from history
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We live in a*aka regime smilla manga Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was cinema shut off emotionally and satana Mohamed wala, and he also has mine, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam cinematic Morocco de la habana katsu

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Al Hamdulillah Hara bland amin or praise me into a last panel data and a shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa ala witness that nun has the right of worship besides our last panel data, we send our love greetings and salutations to beloved Nabina Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to spice in your family to his companions and all those who follow his soon till the end of time. May Allah subhana wa tada bless us to be steadfast in the tsunami Mohamed Salah Salam in this life. malware is Erectus in his companionship in the era moving into general rule for those along with him. I mean, yeah, but I mean Alhamdulillah we have part three of our series, the power of knowledge, part three of our series,

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the power of knowledge. And the first part we spoke to those who are doing well and those who are achieving and those on hamdulillah. Allah has blessed with the opportunity to learn the ability to learn, and we say that's a great manner and a great Namah Allah has blessed you, you need to use that. And you need to use that for the betterment of all of humanity. No, I mean, it's fine insha Allah to use your your skills and your talents to get rich, there's no problem to enjoy your holidays, it's fine. But if it's only for that, that's a very selfish thing, when Allah has given you perhaps the greatest blessing of the iemon of the human, and we explain the importance and the

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high level of knowledge in the sight of Allah, that often he man really after Allah has when Allah give someone the best he could give you is he Daya. That's the biggest thing. After that more important than money and wealth and power is knowledge. So Allah has blessed you with the ability to study and the opportunity to study.

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realize that this is a great karma, as Allah said that if I've given you those who have been given wisdom, Allah has given him a great, great blessing. Then we spoke to those who are struggling last week. And we said if you're struggling, Allah subhanho wa Taala. Judges, not by the results of the exam, but by the efforts you put in, and Allah subhanho wa Taala loves those who struggle more than the ones who succeed, because they are working hard, and they are trying very hard. And we spoke about that there is a place for everyone in this dunya. And everyone here is talented and gifted at something. Now, you know, we tell our kids, you can do whatever you want. But as they get older, we

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realize, look, he's never going to become a professional soccer player. In a fact table, you will never become an astronaut. But doesn't mean that you can't do those things. There are other things that you cannot do. And your job if and for all of us who are analysts, some of you in your 30s 40s 50s 60s, you still don't even know what good blessings Allah has given you. You don't know the talent that is inside you. And really the only way you realize this, the only thing that brings it out is through learning and struggling and trying. And every time you try, you're going to stumble, you're going to fail. But that is part of the learning process the child, when the child

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learns to walk, they have to stumble, sometimes that stumble hurts them, but this is how they learn to walk. And so the point was last week, we said do not give up and continue to work hard. Failure is part of success. Failure is one of the stepping stones to success. And no one even the MBA Avila did not achieve success, except that they reach some level of extreme failure in inverted commas. But the point was not to give up today Subhanallah we give a I'm doing a copy paste exercise, perhaps one of my favorite lectures on YouTube by shift up the recording

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in line with us, and it speaks about the rise and fall of Islamic civilization. Now you should know at least you should know that there was a time when we lead the world as Muslims in science and technology for a long period for many, many centuries for me 100 years, the world looked at us the way we look at the West. Today we look at the Western world as the pinnacle of human civilization, the smartest brains, the best technology, cutting edge inventions, we will that's in the West. There was a time when they look to our countries, our lands, but that Damascus, Cairo, and Volusia and these were the places of learning and universities. So we rose up and we lead the world in

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education. But then as quickly as our eyes had, we had a spectacular fall. And we we live in a time now where we are far behind the rest of the world. And we have gone backwards in many, many ways. How and why did this happen? Why did we rise up? And why did we fall? And what does that mean for us and I said this is this is a much longer lecture on this and it's actually about the printing press. You can find it on YouTube by shift up the quality and I'll relate this to you because part of our series and will lie I begin. When you look at history, you look at our 1400 years. You know Allah Subhana Allah Allah subhanaw taala always speaks the truth and what he says will come to pass when

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Allah says in this ayah he edify levina Amma know that Allah will raise up the meaning he will give them success.

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minco one levina autoland muda Raja and he will raise up the people of knowledge many, many levels. It is true, you will find and this is really summarizes what we want to get to that if you have Eamon and you have knowledge you will be on the path of success in the dunya and the era. And if you betray those two things, then Allah subhanho wa Taala will not bring about success. This is the ingredient for success. In your business, in your family, in your deen in your dunya in everything, it comes through a man with knowledge in mind with knowledge, that's the answer, nothing. There's no greatest secret in that this is the promise of Allah subhanaw taala. So we begin 1400 years ago,

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1400 years ago, 14 centuries ago in Arabia, at the time of the birth of Nagisa Salaam, that was an age called jaha iya. And it's amazing. They didn't call it the age of of Kufa before Islam. Right obviously Islam came off the je Yeah, but what je Liam is ignorance, meaning the opposite of Islam is ignorance. The opposite of our Deen is his backwardness and darkness and not having knowledge. So this was a period p slam, the age of jatiya. And the Arabs that lived in the Arabian Peninsula in Saudi Arabia and Yemen, and particularly what we would call modern day Saudi Arabia will have the most backward people in the world at that time. They will between two great civilizations, the

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Persian Empire in Iran on the one side, long history of technology and science, the Roman Empire in the waist, which needs to sit here, the Christian Omen there were Christians. So between them, you'd find if you look at the map, and you should know how the geography the Middle East looks, you will see the Persians and the Romans were next to one another. And in the middle, you have the Arabs of Arabia, but neither of these powers wanted them. Now you have to be very backwards. When a colonizing power does not want to colonize you. It's not worth you're not worth conquering. That's how backwards the Arabs of Arabia were. And we said, to really understand the depth of the

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backwardness that they even kill their own children, we're either molded into that we either mean that you won't find parents killing their own children, no matter how backward you are, no matter how little knowledge you have, even an animal will not kill its own child, an animal usually does not kill his own child, these people are beating their own daughters alive. So you understand the ignorance that they were, they were in. So they don't not even talk about technology and learning and reading. This did not exist in a society. There was no law, no order, then Allah subhanho wa Taala would send the light of the Quran and would send the note of the prophets of Salaam to the

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society. In the depths of the darkness in the most backward of civilizations, he would send these Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and again, no scientist in the world and no historian that will can explain how quickly this backward nation would ascend. Within 23 years, the teachings of one man would come control, transform this entire little peninsula to become the leading civilization you can't understand how or why they had no, he had no armies he had no technology, it was purely based on the miracle of Allah subhana wa tada and the miracle of the Quran. So the prophets of Salaam comes to Makkah as we know. And for 23 years, he sera he's working and he's

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teaching from the grace levels up, converting one soul at a time speaking to the hearts of the people, and for the first time within reason passes away.

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he passes away, after 23 years, he leaves behind a new group of people, those same atoms that were killing each other and killing their families were now united and Islam. Still, they don't have technology, we still don't have much of the dounia knowledge in science and medicine. What they do have is a man now Allah has brought him a man. And they have that the same people will killing one another are now performing the Hydra that night fasting in the day looking after each other simple, basic people from a dunya perspective, but in terms of even the greatest generations, the age of the Sahaba, the absolute greatest of the people in terms of emang

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now that they have learned, and they are taught, and they now into the rest of the world, look how quickly Islam since the only thing that changed was Islam that came to them. So just some dates. It's amazing. The same people, as we said, that could not even build houses properly. They did not have running water, they did not have toilets, within a span of not even 100 years how quickly Islam spreads the promise of dies 632 in the Christian era,

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four years later, Damascus has conquered

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the Persian empire that same time the capital of Persia is also conquered discipline, Muncie, Luxor, Jerusalem. Six years later, 10 years later, we were in Egypt, we move into Africa, we conquered Egypt. 20 years after the death of the Prophet just 20 years now remember, the Sahaba had not even seen the ocean, many of them. They had not

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Seeing the sea or the ocean, let alone build the ship. 20 years later, we have a Navy that conquered Cyprus 20 years later. And what the story tells you this did not come with do, they might do it Allah sent down ships from Jana know this because what they emaan they understood, we also need to master the dunya they acquired the knowledge the technology, which took them on the sea, which took them on, on these great expeditions. So annaleigh eastwest in every direction was Vicki Stein now for in the east. They're moving into his Pakistan, 30 years of the different missiles. They reach consensus in opal. This is the capital of the Roman Empire, the most powerful city in the world. 40

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years after the death of Novi socialism, we reached consensus 40 years later, amazing.

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But it took many, many centuries after that many of you watching the conquest of Constantinople would only happen much, much later we got to the border, but we never even when unable to interpret.

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See, by the by the turn of the century, so 70 years, often abyssal solemn, the whole Middle East is under Islam, the whole North Africa, we are now reaching into India, we are now going into China 711. We crossed the Mediterranean, we are in Spain and Portugal. And that's just under lucea for 800 years, but Andalusia, the continent of the Iberian Peninsula is an Islamic State, we reach 100 kilometres outside Paris. That's how close we are in deep into Europe, 100 kilometres outside Paris. This is not even 100 years after different pieces of meaning one generation one or two generations, the same people who saw, you know, the, the, you know, the father's being goat herders and camel

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herders in the desert, would see the rise and ascendancy of this, this empire, it cannot be explained how or why, how this, this came about. And for the first time in human history, you had an empire, from the age of the waist from Spain, all the way to China, a massive long land of of prosperity, of governance of law and order.

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And in the midst of this, conquering an empire is easy. Building a civil civilization is much more difficult. Now the Arabs, as we see did not have a civilization like the Romans and the Persians. But they were quick, the Muslims now that we were quick to acquire the knowledge of all these regions, we conquered the Greek knowledge, the Persian knowledge, the Chinese knowledge, we took it, we assimilate it, we learnt it, we translated into Arabic, we made it our own, and then we built on that foundation, and took knowledge forward. And there was an interesting battle, the Battle of tell us, right small battle, not a big one between the Muslims and the Chinese 750 120 years of the

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demise of the problem, our Mujahideen for fighting the Chinese behind Allah. And in that battle, the Muslims won, and they captured prisoners of war. Amongst those prisoners were two people who belong to the paper Guild. Now, at this time, paper did not exist or was not widely used. Even the original Quran, the most half was not written on paper, it was written on liver and bones paper was not yet invented. The first people to invent it with the Chinese, but they never used it widely. It was a very secret matter, there was a guild of paper makers, they keep this a secret. And they only use paper in very, very specific ceremonial needs, they didn't widely spread it. So at this battle, we

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captured two of these paper makers, and we send them to the halifa, who would either get some technology or these guys have some advanced technology, and the price of freedom, we said, You teach us how to make paper, and you can go free. And so they taught us how to make paper. And immediately the halifa, the hollyford abasa califa. He said, From now on, we will no longer be using labor and material whatever it is to write, we will be using paper. This is the new government issue standard. We all have our bureaucracy. And so people begin to we begin to make paper ourselves. We spread throughout the Muslim Empire from Uzbekistan, all the way to Spain, we have paper manufacturing

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moles. And with this, what is people What does people mean? The more people you have, the more eating you need, the more people to write and learn. And so literacy starts to boom. So our, our, our understanding our learning grows and grows and grows. And then we go through a revolution of learning. We become so hungry to learn that all the ancient manuscripts and working on papayas and when it's not liver, we said we need to take this knowledge of the Greeks, Aristotle, Plato, Pythagoras, all these great learners of the past, we need to take all the knowledge translated into Arabic and put it on paper in books. The concept of a book comes from us, when you call a stack of

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papers a ream of paper. ream is an Arabic word. It's an Arabic word. And the cover that the hardcover you put on this all the whole concept of a book was the Muslims that invented this thing that began building as we see today, and

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So knowledge began to accumulate within the Muslim lands. And with that, we didn't only learn we of course took it forward. For the next 700 years now, we would lead the world in science and technology, every invention, all the major inventions, or the major discoveries were, were happening in the Arab lands. In fact, now, the lingua franca, what is what is lingua franca mean? means the language of the world, the language that if you want to like today, English is the language of the world. Basically, if you want to write some book, some invention, you need to write it in English, for it to be recognized. Now the lingua franca was Arabic, any scientists in the world you wanted to

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publish something? You wrote it in Arabic, because this is the language of the aroma, the language of science and technology.

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Even I mean, to understand how dominant we were in knowledge and civil, you know, can't explain in like these five minutes, something like chemistry, the word chemistry is Arabic, meaning the whole science belonged. We dominate that science so fully that the old science became Arabic algebra, all these things were invented and discovered in the time of the of the Muslims, the first hospital, real hospitals, how viruses spread, all these things were at the noun in the early centuries of this of this great civilization. This is a shocking statistic, you look at this, the first university in the world you should know was by Fatima theory. In Africa, first university in the world is in

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Africa in Morocco, by a Muslim lady five to infinity in in Cairo in Morocco. 859. She establishes the university first one in the world. 859 1010 years later, 1869 1000 years later, the First Lady attends Cambridge University.

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So we had 1000 year headstart in learning 1000 years we were hit. Where are we now? SubhanAllah. But we had 1000 year Head Start. And so paper many we already had paper manufacturing in 750. Already, right? The eighth century, Europeans only acquire the ability to manufacture paper five, 600 years later, without paper, which means they were still using papayas. They did not have books, the books they got from us, even the English numerals 123. It's basically Arabic letters, Arabic numbers that were used and changed around you. If you Google it, you'll see how they took in other two Arabic numbers and made it English numbers. So from the number system, from the basics of learning, this

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all came from our civilization, our learning. But then something happened within the oma.

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Our mentality changed. We stopped asking questions. We stopped discovering, we stopped learning, we became

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slow, we became more obsessed with fighting with each other. We became more introverted in terms of just living and resting on our laurels, not looking to discover new things. And so other civilizations slowly started to prosper. Europe now learns how to make paper they catch up, and they're able to make paper better than us. The Europeans now are able to learn and how to make paper better than us. And when we look at what happened, the decline, there's no one answer how we rose up, we know from a Muslim perspective, we rose up through our email, Allah subhana wa, tada, we took on Imam and Allah promised us you'd keep hold of Islam is going to take you forward. But at the same

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time, you must have the dunya will come only through learning and education and technology. This is how you go forward from the dunya perspective.

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The Europeans,

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they come up with an invention they beat after this invention. It's called the printing press. Now, back in the day, as I said, You wrote on a book, you wrote a book on paper, but it was all handwritten. So if your brother had such a body, enable you as a party, you want to copy a body? How do you get a copy, you can't photocopy it, you can't go to the shop and buy it, you need to take it and you have to hand write it. Right? You have to write it by hand. But that was how knowledge was spread. And it was, it's vital, as we said, Allah gives to whom He wills, a man in the middle of Europe, who did not have the kind of, you know, thriving center of learning like we did. He under he

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realized, why are we doing this? Why are we writing books by hand? why not create a template and we stamp it. And if you stamp it, you can produce mass produced books. It's called the printing press. yohannes Gutenberg, his name is Johannes Gutenberg. So he invented the printing press. And he realized we can produce a lot of books without handwriting it we just make one on a plate, and we stamp it and the colors we can produce 1000s millions of books. So they invented this new technology, Europe is now rising. And through that, you can now spread books to everybody. Everyone can own a book in the past, only people had books, even in the Muslim world, only really scholarly

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people had the ability to take a book and write it out. panel, only a few people could do that. Now you could actually be

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books on mass and give it to everybody.

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With this, the the European say with this when the Europeans came about the printing press, this is one of the reasons why they moved out of the dark ages and into the Renaissance. Now they could see, they could now have access for the first time, to all the knowledge of the world, that you could now produce books and teach children. And they could question what they were being forced so that the church, the Catholic Church, as we know, had dominated all kinds of thinking and knowledge was centralized to them. And if you control knowledge, you control the power. Understand this isn't like even today, the people who have the knowledge will control the world. And so knowledge was

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centralized in one group of people, the church. Now the people had them by him by the means of the printing press, everyone had access to knowledge. And so through this, the church was dismantled Europe went through an a science, and they developed within now look at this, within 50 years.

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Gutenberg invented the printing press 1440. By 15 100,000,050 60 years later, 300 cities around Europe all have printing presses, everyone is producing books, and 20 million books are produced in those years. What happens in in the Muslim land Subhan Allah, the califa and the Grand Mufti of the Ottoman Empire when they see this new technology,

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we are advanced, we are superior, we don't need the technology of the Europeans, printing presses haraam, and any book that is printed is haraam effect was passed. So the Europeans, you know, the students it's amazing.

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The same time, there was a change over one spot, a spot that brought Europe out of darkness, this printing press coincides with something which was the beginning of our decline, when we did not want to take on this technology. By remarkable coincidence, the same thing that helped to bring Europe out of darkness caused us as Muslims to freeze and to go into some kind of coma.

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So the Ottoman califa 1485 40 years of the printing press invented in Europe, he declared it is haram to use one and to print it and to print any books. And now, now you can see the political decline. Seven years later, Granada, we completely lose Spain, we get kicked out of Spain, all the Muslims and Jews of Spain have to leave come into North Africa as refugees, the situation becomes even more crazy the new califa of the Ottoman Empire. He says anyone who has a printing press is going to be punished by death. So if you murdered someone raped someone, have a printing press, you execute the treason spagnola and every single book that is printed is banned. No books are out.

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There are only handwritten books.

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It only happens 300 years later. 300 years later, the first printing press is allowed in a Muslim Muslim lands.

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A convert a reverse a man from hungry countries called hungry I know you feeling hungry but hungry. He becomes Muslim. And he migrates to the Ottoman Empire and he becomes a minister and he writes a book of course by hand because he can't print the book. Right? And he goes to the Mufti the Grand Mufti of the Ottoman Empire, this is the most, you know, highest level of Islamic authority says Yes, please. We need printing press. The children of Europe are being educated, they're reading their learning. Our people are stuck for the last 300 years. We need to bring this in, finally convinces the Grand Mufti and again, this is fine. We can have one, but no Arabic books, you can't

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print Arabic. And you cannot print Islamic books. Those are able hottie, no Quran, no printing of that. Only books we allow from the government is allowed. And so really, this thing is not even functioning properly. It only happens at the first real printing press that is used for the benefit of the whole oma aquas in Egypt. 400 years of the Europe. When Napoleon conquered Egypt, he conquered Egypt. He has working with printing press when he leaves he leaves it behind. And now the Egyptian scholars realize we can use this to print books. And so we went into a coma for 400 years. While the rest of Europe was reading Charles Dickens, we for the first time are able to print books

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and educate our children. The civilization that prides itself of acquiring technology, improving it building on it, and in leading the world. We went completely backwards. And immediately after the Renaissance, what happened when Europe became enlightened, when they ascended in technology, what did they do?

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as part of a campaign of colonialism, they conquered our lands, raped, our lands, raped our people, dominated us to have our borders, redistributed, our wealth will look this to themselves. Obviously, until today, we are living as a consequence of that. Why? Because we lost the plot somewhere along the line.

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And if we look at today how bad the situation is, look at today. So and then, of course, it became worse and worse, the caliphate eventually Ottoman Empire itself, abolished 1924. But 100 years ago, the last halifa was, us, us 100 years. We don't even have a Holly for anymore. Completely divided, scattered without the leader. So we look at the situation today where we are, from a people that lead the world in inventions for 700 years, you know, one scholar writes that even the Nobel prizes were held back in the day now, most of us only know about the Nobel Peace Prize, because that's what you know, Monday to one. But there are other Nobel prizes in technology in science and economics in

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literature. They honor the greatest scientists in the world. It's like the Olympics of the of the nerds, right? The nerd Olympics, right? The smartest people in the world, only two Muslims have won it. Besides, for the Peace Prize one, there's a few that won in terms of peace, only two in science, one final law now, but if we had the Nobel prizes, 1000 years ago, then for 700 years in every single field every single year, it would have been a Muslim, Arab scientist and one for a Muslim scientist who would have wanted to find all the inventions and discoveries that we had. It was mind boggling. You know, there's a Hadith of the prophets of Salaam says

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that this dunya is a prison for the believer, but its agenda for the disbelievers.

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There was a time when the Muslims were so far advanced that the kofod even asked even a few great scholars. How is this? How do you feel because you people are living in a Jana year already? Your cities are so developed, it's like you in Jannah. And we're not in Jannah. Right. That's how we compete we compete the lens.

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Today, if you look at literacy rates, the 25 most illiterate countries, vast majority Muslim countries, top the bottom team this you know, the Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, Niger, Mali, Chad, Somalia, Eritrea, Subhan, Allah is all Muslim countries. 40% of our oma cannot read or write 40% about Panama.

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You look at Israel 50% of its people have a tertiary education, have a university education half its people about people can't even read what I've never owned a book, we are completely dependent on the waste on China, for our food, our technology, our information, our medical key, completely dependent upon, the only thing we can offer is some resources that they take and send it back to us at a much higher surplus. And if it wasn't for certain countries having oil, it would be even worse. A lead gifted some countries with oil, and that's what pushes us push them forward is a physicist, but it is Pakistani nuclear physicist, he wrote a book and he said to explain how bad we are, I'll set

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these as a Muslim Ummah, but in the Muslim Ummah, for every 1000 people, we only have nine, only nine out of that 1000 becomes an engineer or scientist, whereas in the rest of the world, the average is what you want.

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Four times as much thinkers, philosophers, we are 20% of the world's population, yet we only produce 1% of the knowledge of the world. Today.

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46 countries combined is the one it was the there was a study done, they said if you combine all the Muslim countries together, and each year you look at what they contribute in terms of books and learning. When Spain alone in Spain is a powerhouse of learning. Spain is a, you know, a major, you know, academic country, but Spain produces more than all 40 Muslim countries together in terms of learning and thinking.

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America alone in one year, produced as produce 10,000 academic journals, the homeless thing was produced for

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1989. So there's something very wrong with Alma, something that really went sideways. Why did the califa ban it could be it could be that we had a split between dunia sciences and academic sciences. There was a time when the most pious of our scholars the most pious people abubaker and Omar Sahaba. They realize we need new technology. When the Sahaba reach the Mediterranean and then alternate. They say no, we see that these people know how to build ships, we need ships. So you know, I'm gonna say I'm not so sure. And he said no, we're not going to build ships. When he passed away say North man had the courage when he became qualified. He said, I see the benefit in this thing is build the

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Navy. Whenever buckled up, the Alon became the halifa and he saw so many hopefuls dying, he realized we need to put the Quran in a book, I must have some jobs, how can you do this? I wouldn't be at the profits and didn't do this. And so he said How will we answer if the Quran becomes forgotten? So we add the owner Ma and yes, the intention is always to keep the knowledge pure and not to bring today's Viola is like saying a country singing scholar saying I look at computers. It's worth it comes some evil things this harmonic that might happen. So to say for for our country computers or haraam? We will not have computers or cell phones or electricity and there was a time when I went

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them are banned electricity, they banned the microphone can't be in the budget haraam. Television is haram. And so what happens to your country, you stagnate and you go backwards while the rest of the world moves forward at an exponential rate.

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This is a sad example one example of how we as an EMA lost our focus. And to summarize, so what do we do going forward? What is the besides have an interesting history lesson, we live in a new time. This is our time now. And the mistakes of the pasta for them. Sometimes you you romanticize, you think you're alive, which I loved, you know, 1000 years ago, the time of the, you know, even better in the council Harbor, we live in a time when we were, you know, thriving. But remember, it is out of these difficult times in the last since the beast of people, it is these difficult times that he does come up. And even if they themselves don't see the results, they they plant the seeds for the

00:30:52--> 00:31:34

next generation. So that's where we are now. We need to catch up. We need to acquire what what made us great in the past, he man with knowledge, we don't see a distinction between doing Islamic knowledge and secure knowledge. All of it is from Allah subhanho wa Taala. The same one that says worship Me alone says do you not get the Wi Fi call killer? Do you not think about the creation of the heavens and the earth? The same one that says you make sujood says look at the sun and the moon Bakula is the same one the same Quran. There was no there was no split between that that part of your Eman is to become successful in the dunya. And we see the truth of Allah when he said that if

00:31:34--> 00:31:36

you have human and knowledge you will rise up.

00:31:37--> 00:32:19

And if you leave these two things, you will fall down very, very quickly. We've lost our way. But of course, it doesn't mean we stay lost. Like Europe, one invention helped him catch up one invention. Maybe someone amongst us Subhan Allah, some child out V in some desert, some Wayne's oma will come up with the next great invention that will bring technology and AI survives us. Somehow, there's so much more to discover that is unknown. We only know a small fraction. And what is unknown is so much more. So much more vast out there. We also learned some heinola. But if you deprive a people of knowledge, the entire you know you the halifa himself what happened, the caliphate got abolished

00:32:19--> 00:32:58

when a group of people try to use knowledge to oppress the rest, ultimately will be the detriment to all. We live in a country. We live in a city way the best schools, the best universities, our elite group, still is a legacy of that you need like 5 million Rand to get a house close to school to get into the best school. So our kids are stuck with inferior education. But Subhan Allah, we try our best and we make the best of what we have. You know, I'm going a bit over time. You know, too many of you have kids, you're going through the stationery run right? covering books, not recovered books this week. Right. It should not be that those the mommies are covering the books, so much books to

00:32:58--> 00:33:30

cover so much stationery complaint, you know, Sheffield, Milan, very, very poor, could not afford fees to interviews often right? Only his mom, only the fact that he was an innovator that he was a descendant of the Imams of the Harlem said how can we deprive the grandson great grandson of the visa salam to learn? So he came to school? No stationery, you will take the we would go to the market, whatever people threw away, you know the appeals of fruit that will be stationaries panel law. Shafi Rahim Allah, obviously, he would Excel because he's not give up.

00:33:31--> 00:34:09

We also see some analog we learn. For us, Alma, to reform, we need to go back to our Dean, there is this concept that it was the most what happened, the academics of the past, those who are enlightened, they said, Look, it was because of the ships, the mo liners, they did not allow us to open our technology. And so we became backwards and we collapse. Therefore the problem is the dean and the Ola, you can maybe blame the alumni. Yes, you can never blame the dean. The Dean is the thing that really caused us to go forward. In the beginning, this was the spark, it got me up, because that's what made us go forward. So I will learn Allah and scholars, they need to be part of

00:34:09--> 00:34:44

that change. We cannot say everything is wrong, because we don't understand it. Everything because it's simple haram stay away knows it's our responsibility to be part of that change and to be the means of change like the Sahaba. And then of course, for intellectually to move forward. Doesn't matter how much do our Salah you make if you want success in the dunya you also need to be part of this dunya and you need to work hard and have a high ambition. And that means all of us are kids in primary school. Their job is to learn and to be the best out kids in high school to be the best our kids in university to come up with new inventions technology for us that have stopped reading since

00:34:44--> 00:34:59

high school to go back to learn to learning. Many of these inventions were not done in the university. It was people on the side projects, they had a job but on the side they had some kind of hobby, learning that they invented and discovered something new. If you search for it, Allah subhanaw taala

00:35:00--> 00:35:17

will reward you for that search either through this dunya something amazing or even better in the era of Allah grant us to live to see the image strength again, military and power string but to lead the world in goodness in everywhere is good hygroma Allah transform us to that once again, I mean just one announcement.

00:35:19--> 00:35:56

I wanna nursery school, which is a pre primary or pre pre nursery school brand, Islam with seats available, and it's a very good opportunity. So many of you don't live in town, you can bring your kids and for those who want the full day up and lapaz five, it's a combination of secular and religious knowledge, the Islamic ethos of Islamic nursery school, you will learn, you know, everything in that regard. Also, if you want to keep kids for off to gain, some of you, your kids come out primary school, one o'clock, two o'clock, we have optical facilities, and madressa food meals, all of it available as well. So please, if you're in the area, you know, someone that doesn't

00:35:56--> 00:36:03

know I was not here for class on Tuesday, I had to go to a parent teachers meeting, but inshallah this Tuesday I'll be back to Santa Monica Monica.