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Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a variety of unrelated and unrelated statements and conversations between various speakers, with no clear context or topic provided. A woman named Hannah lost her sense of smell and everyone wakes up to her message, prayed a night prayer in her home. The prayer is not recognized until later in the transcript, but it is prayed in the home of a man who lost his health and health is the center of the night.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Riyadh results he will come in to another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2013 they 13

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as in what masses Ramadan yeah

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I was super lucky to hoonah engender a loss of Hannah Tyler and

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Jen and yeah ticker carbon m&r before they heard the story and Mubarak shadow Ramadan shadow Oprah. So mothers and sisters the receive talking about the pathways that will lead us to Jenna and today's pathway. One of the ways that will lead us to gender in Sharla hota Hana is something called the night prayer pmla

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a stability sofa to kendama and William B mushy Attila Hua Allah de so in sha Allah Tada. So any minister would also committee to cuddle agenda ohnaka farrakhan jennylyn satin animus a Holla Holla Holla Allahu wa

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barakato pmla A sabato believe

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me I have this solid in a lesson Anahata Hana come up. So to start from then

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I have to select illallah wa Salatu ln A pm only then my own Abdul and in a similar unit

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that's it to Jeff federal boom and in my budget.

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I mean, sila hain yeah and had definitely leaned in on working for Baba. Yeah. And you know, me and Oshima Island, and basically, that's what we do now and Yakumo Allah subhana wa tada from no loss of Hannah bosasa name Hina million Zulu Allah subhanho wa Taala we are cut into a condition in Kamakura salatu salam, we'll have to say yes or no subtle loss of Hannah who would either either simmer it down yet we still have a minute late for your kudos Han Min mustafina

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helped me in there in StG Buddha. And mean sir alien. Yeah.

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You know, and and Isla

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And it was awesome.

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Sarah, in a subtle loss of Hannah, who was estimated dunya

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Helman sir even

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helped me in there in a study Bula Hellman was suffering

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pmld Salatin, nice novelists and sisters, one of the most beloved Salah

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to Allah subhanho wa Taala after the obligatory prayer is the night prayer

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when everybody's asleep

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and you leave your beds, warm, nice, but you wake up and you perform you will do well as everybody else is asleep

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or some others may be indulgent Haram in the midst of the night, but you you wake up and you go and you

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standing for Allah Subhana Allah tada in your Salah, asking Allah subhanho wa Taala pray to Allah subhana wa tada as the Prophet Mohammed is of Selim says, the most good of prayer in the set of Allah after the the obligatory prayer is the night prayer. The night prayer did many I had it with regard to the night prayer

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anything after the Isha is considered night prayer, but the most actually the best night prayer is the last third of the night.

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That is the in fact the most beloved prayer and the best now I'm everything after the Asia is considered nice family. But the best pm is the last of the night. cola silhouette Asia

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to adamantium Elaine, we're lacking some of them to come

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with to the

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animal most of

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the solo and different baits man

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can I had the tab in the cellar?

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Who was oh Jetta who what were

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your common students? What's a common almost sort of way a chromosome

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for a solid fill with

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such rubbish at the hostel totally alone at the account service for miles

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when the coma must

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to suddenly

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find a common

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name for the one victory left behind and wait, prudently.

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There's this man from the past, but the assessors were by his in his wife and his son, his son used to wake up the first third of the night. And then he would go back to sleep. And then the mother would come in the middle of the night, and then she would pray. And then she would go back to sleep and then the father will come in the middle of the night, and pray until until I think they will all wake up to three questions. throughout the night. There's somebody prayer in the home of this man.

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Allah will bless this home, what by the name of Allah, and the decree of Allah is constantly been mentioned especially throughout the night.

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The icing of the cake is really is the night prayer. If your heart you feel like your heart is so reckoned and you will have enough difficulty praying, and you're having difficulty stuffing your heart, try the Emily's the night prayer.

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He used to wake up and pray in the first night of the of the night, the first you know, half of the night. I used to do you know in the last half of the night, everybody has his own ways and they're all good because the Prophet did it in the beginning of the night in the middle of the night and he also did it in the last third of the night. As long as you wake up and you pray whatever you can even half an hour one hour a day come to Korea Malaysia, for inner who for in the huddle, Bousada Hina Min publikum

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had a come to pmla for in the who, who saw the minimum publikum A Yeah. And he saw the hint cabling that can be torn up

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either in the midst of loss of Hannah with allergies and the loss of health as you've looked at maternal commonly commonly.

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This was

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my son Nicole katene

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somebody loves a panda within a few

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and coluna wanted to know

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that the Jeff had you know boom and in my budget.

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Cinema budget Well no. We do not. And you know, the likes of Hannah with either my unforeseen Allah Subhana Hosanna Yellowstone online Hannah was the Haida you know doing Allah Subhana Allah Allah Allah, Allah Subhana hota hai

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have been

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have the sort of

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those that Allah subhanaw taala describing the Kaka in the hall and they turn the sides, you know, from right and left at night as they're sleeping. They're just awaiting to wake up and pray that prayer that night prayer

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Well, my head is the most beautiful in fact will lie it is. As the Prophet house awesome says

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the night prayer.

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It softens the heart and it is something that gets you so close to Allah. And not only that, instead of they used to know the people who used to wake up at night and pray we used to know them from the faces. Why? Because their faces become so bright so Pamela, the night prayer brightens the face can sell a few items a man can you add a foreigner

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homeowner link or in some case? Can we afford to have a month usually unless you're some more fuel levena Luna belay

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unless apparently the floor fusion

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pmla Silicon Valley workers Erica productive

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man is RC RC

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also Fatah. So fatawa Habibullah.

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As I said the people have a cellar. They used to know people who used to wake up at night and pray through the blackness of their faces. Allah brightens the faces of those wake up at night. And

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so try inshallah to Allah in this Ramadan ik school

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trying to wake up and pray to me

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until another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2013 I say a salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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