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salam ala Rahim hamdulillah who believe in

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Santa Ana should be with Selena, her mother of some advice and Allah who sent him to sleep when considering the Sierra Nevada.

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This is

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our brother, he just got married and he bought his

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his wedding certificate, I think.

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Now, what is this? What does it mean?

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What does it mean to say he got married?

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It means that he has made an awkward

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with his wife. What is this promise?

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It is an agreement. It's a promise it's a covenant. It's a

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witch, what is the nature of Islam? What does it mean?

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It means that

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he is saying to her from the moment he is asked, Do you have you accept this is our COBOL Do you accept this you just accept it, she accepts it.

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It means that from that minute onwards

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her welfare her NaPCA her food, her shelter, housing, all our needs clothing, if she's sick medicines and so on, are his responsibility.

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He has to answer to Allah for that, if he is not feeding her, if he is not treating her properly, with respect with love, if he is abusing her, if he does not give her a place to stay properly, if he does not take care of her needs, he is answerable to Allah subhanho wa taala.

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For her, what is the

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the the other part of the Earth, her side for her side? One, she should be faithful to him, she was not entered in anybody. She was not allow anybody into the house who he does not like. And she will be faithful to Him just as He is faithful to her.

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And she must serve him she must obey him.

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Just as he is serving her by taking care of her, she must obey him. And she must take care of his needs. Just like he's taking care of her knees right

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For her, it is not necessary. For some reason, the wife says, Okay, I'm taking care of your needs. But what about my foods, I let me go and

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get a job so I can earn some money to pay for my food.

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Now in Islam, it is permitted for the Obama to warn workers it's not a it's not hard. But if she's saying I should I need to do that to pay for myself. What does it mean? It means that he's not taking care of it. So what we receive is, you know, I met with you,

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it is my responsibility to provide the food, if you engage in addition to that, if there is time you are free at home and so and you want to go and do some work, you are qualified, no problem, please go ahead.

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But you don't have to do that in order to feed yourself. Because Islam it is very, very clear the husband is responsible for the woman even if she is more wealthy than him. Supposing she comes from a big, wealthy family and she has property and this is that still the responsibility of the husband remains the same the husband is not free from responsibility he deserved it is his job to take care of it. Now the reason I'm saying this is not only because of marriage the reason I'm saying this is this is exactly the situation with us with respect to loss manager not as a marriage, but as the as the Covenant as the promise that we make to last marathon. What is the promise? I shall do it later.

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Hey, Lola, or sugar no Hamels will lay the hill Allahu Mohammad Rasool Allah, our promise to Allah subhanho wa jal our occurred without as far as there is there is no unworthy of worship except to Europe. I will not worship anyone other than you. And I will not obey anyone other than you. And I will follow your messenger your Rasul Ali salatu salam, exactly in whatever he did. So when I say I will obey Allah, how will I obey Allah in the way of resources? For example, analysts writer Musa was Hamdulillah I have said Lila and Allah I think we Salah is applicable to me it is binding on me I'm ready to pray. How should I pray? What is the matter of Salah?

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The various off Muhammad Rasul Allah Hey, Salah Harrison.

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I pray salah. Like also Rosana is depression.

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When I do this when I obey Allah

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subhanaw taala who in the way of Rasulillah Salam, then what does Allah take upon himself? I don't say Allah responsible because Allah to wait upon himself and you start for us to say what am I responsible for? Allah Himself said this. So what did Allah say? Allah says, Allah to Jenna Linsay La Jolla first and last round of data describing one end of the or one side of the agreement, what is your view, but you will worship no one other than me. You have been created only to worship me of Allah Ilaria will not I have not created the insaan and the genuine beings and gene for anything other than my worship.

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And worship is not only ritual worship salah, but worship means

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Abba is to do everything according to what Allah subhanaw taala told us, so to work in the ways in which Allah subhanaw taala permitted is worship, to earn through the means which Allah permitted is worship, because the opposite is sin. Right? They asked him there was a son of the sorcerer I sort of said if you do, whatever you do, if you do it the way Allah subhanaw taala ordered a level reward you including when you are with your wives, when you are you know the physical relationship that Allah will reward you for that this happens. This is for our pleasure and our need, Allah will reward us he said yes because if you did it with somebody you are not married to if you're doing

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haram Zina, Allah will punish you. So naturally when you are not doing Zerah when you have married the woman, she has married you and you

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fulfilling your needs and desires according to how Allah subhanaw taala prescribed Allah will reward you so this is your brother.

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So this is the beauty of this Deen that every single thing in our life, whatever it is, how we eat our food, what we eat, the way we eat, right?

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What we drink, the way we drink, how we live our lives, how we have our relationship with our families, how where we work, how we work, every single thing how we run if I if you are the ruler of a country, how do you run the country, everything as long as it is done if it is done according to the will of Allah subhanaw taala on the method of Rasulullah Salam This is a better this is worship and you and I will be rewarded for this because the opposite we will be punished so this is one side of the bargain. Now if you do that of Allah to Linda and incidentally I would own my already domain domain main COMM The reason over already though, I knew the Avon and let's say I do not repeat or

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ask you to feed us and we do not do not ask you to feed our creatures. And then what is the other side of the road? In the law who are reserved for the who what is what is very Allah subhanaw taala he or Razak is not only Razak he is or was that the covert inverted and he will feed you He will provide you every single thing you need by His power.

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So one side of the story be truthful and faithful Allah subhanho data worship no one other than Allah er can have World War II I can say don't ask help from anyone other than Allah. Only worship Allah ask help only from Allah. Allah subhanaw taala said my responsibilities I will feed you, I will give you results. Now feeding is I'm just using the word feeding is not only feeding this is everything we need our knowledge, our health, our wealth, our children, our families, our political power, economic power, every single thing is part of safety and security more than anything else, everything is part of the risk of a human be. So Allah subhanaw taala said, very Allah subhanho wa

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Taala who are Rosa holder, Haworth is

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in Allah who are reservable dole coverted Medina, Allah subhanaw taala repeated and he reiterated his power with which he provides us and Allah provides from sources that we cannot even imagine.

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So I remind myself and you let us focus on ourselves and our lives. Today as we see this daily

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history unfolding before our eyes in Philistine we are engaged with that we are constantly focused on what is happening there, what's happening there. But please understand this, whatever is happening there is not in our control. No matter how many videos you see nothing is going to change. No matter how many videos you forward, nothing will change. What will change is when we change ourselves. So we need to focus on ourselves and say, whatever is happening there is a is a sign of something which is wrong with me. Because if I'm obedient to Allah, Allah promised to help. So if the help of Allah is not coming at me, I'm not obeying Allah's Mercy

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Let me correct myself let me change my look at my Aqeedah let me look at my eyeball. What do I believe and what do I do and inshallah Allah subhanaw taala will bring about changes in my life as well as the world. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us obedient to Him, to help us to obey and to support us in that was Allah Allah Allah will carry while he was a Vietnam erotica, Allah